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    1. A good suggestion would be to flush the earth of snails in your area

    2. This technique is called that because you flush out the snails from any particular area and remove them

    3. Fertilizer burns can be helped with lots of watering to flush away chemicals

    4. ‘Want a glass of water?’ he offered ‘Might flush away some of the taste

    5. He could feel his own cheeks flush red with shame and anger

    6. each flush of the moth’s wings, catching the feather spikes

    7. At the block level he saw it was one fiftieth of the main store, which was currently pretty flush

    8. But with the flush from the toilet and a voice yelling, 'Finished!', the festival could be declared under way

    9. all hot flush and chronic stomach cramps after which I had to dash to a loo pretty smartish

    10. actually flush the negative non-‐truth away

    1. Start off by watering the area you want flushed

    2. Ricci burst in, breathless and flushed

    3. A toilet flushed in the room next to mine

    4. Kara turned to see the young - twenty-something? - woman standing there, her pleasant face flushed as if the owner was uncertain about approaching strangers

    5. Flushed and rushed along with the thrill of it all

    6. bank notes, flushed in light, are stuffed out of sight,

    7. She waved her hand at the figure, desperate to shoo the person away, and continued to spill bitter tears upon her red flushed cheeks, but the figure came towards her, knelt at her feet and held her hands

    8. Brutus and Cesar are running around with Tabs; they flushed out a couple of rabbits, but that was all

    9. One or two monsters fluttered by, maybe bats, but I kept going up and up until at last I reached the oracle and sat on a rock, quite flushed with my achievement

    10. The farmers lived in small groups of stuccoed stone houses of several rooms each, with toilets that flushed with a bucket and little stone gutters that brought water from streams in the hills

    1. He grins at me with that special look in his eyes and I find myself flushing at the thought

    2. Flushing at the reference to her former faux pas, she answered, “I wanted to apologize for my presumptive behavior at the outset of this meeting

    3. Let's try to focus on flushing our guy out before running off to tell Reus

    4. Oh yes, we all want progress, don't we, but what happens to our heritage? So, thank you but you can keep your fancy new flushing toilets - we'll just keep crapping in the yard

    5. Flushing this out into space has got to be the best course of action

    6. who start the day without a bed or a flushing

    7. Used by horses and cattle as a means of flushing the system after the winter months

    8. Then she heard the noise of a toilet flushing from behind a door in the far wall

    9. Kay looked at the stone, and then rocked back, flushing even more deeply

    10. Five minutes later found me standing on the roof, flushing water down the chimney as fast as I could, dodging the steam, soot and odd curses that puffed up out of the chimney-pot

    1. ’ He flushes at this reference to the fact that we’ve been talking about him, ‘That’s a firm foundation for anything, Jake

    2. She flushes but goes on to tell me that they’ve got it all sorted out now

    3. Hot and cold flushes ran through her as the lift slowly descended

    4. Water flushes out toxins and other metabolic waste products

    5. Jean felt hot flushes in her cheeks! It was sometimes embarrassing to share your thoughts with another woman

    6. This tea flushes toxins and

    7. What water does is it flushes out all the waste in your body

    8. Beatrice opposite to her temperament, had remained without speech, her generally white complexion had turned scarlet, with the flushes of the anger crowding in the cheeks

    9. Water flushes out fats and toxins

    10. Dippa flushes with pride and with renewed confidence stands and walks into the lounge

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    blush flush gush outpouring bang boot charge kick rush thrill bloom rosiness hot flash blossom efflorescence flower heyday peak prime crimson redden sluice purge scour even even out level affluent loaded moneyed substantial wealthy remove rid clear empty drain