heyday sätze

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Heyday sätze (in englisch)

  1. Kansas during the heyday of the great.
  2. It had been a motel back in its heyday.
  3. The heyday of natural history: 1820-1870.
  4. During the 1942–45 Nazi heyday, there were.
  5. Pulp fiction was in its heyday and 30 million readers.
  6. It was a look Danny saw even when the band was in its heyday.
  7. The Mother Road, Route 66 sliced through Amarillo during its heyday.
  8. Why? Because back in the exploring heyday there were no women involved.
  9. The local news media had relished the heyday of charges and countercharges.
  10. I remember Dad spending a weeknight every few weeks in the city during the heyday.
  11. She grew up in Liverpool, and I asked if she was there during the Beatles’ heyday.
  12. Take Egypt 7,000 years ago, in its heyday: the greediest, most covetous Kingdom of all.
  13. Then came the heyday years to 1967 and 1968, in which sales again grew twentyfold to $2.
  14. It was a real hour of triumph for ninjas, so to say, their heyday and decline at the same time.
  15. Today we have thousands more cities… all of them, bigger than Rome ever was during its heyday.
  16. Now, in the heyday of his highest glory, his fullest flower, he would have to be a liar or a scoffer.
  17. Well, maybe in its heyday, but now it looks like a theater, at least that’s what I’m calling it.
  18. I’m sure in its heyday this engine would have been slick, polished steel; but now it was tarnished and dirty.
  19. Most of your prospective customers—even those born during the heyday of radio and television—are surfing the Internet.
  20. During the last heyday of English Piracy: Captain Kidd was finally brought to justice as an outlaw privateer gone turned pirate.
  21. Pulp fiction was in its heyday and 30 million readers were regularly riveted by the larger-than-life tales of master storyteller L.
  22. They approached a badly faded red barn, a low building that looked as if it had sunk a couple of feet into the ground since its heyday.
  23. The heyday of LED and VFD would last until the early 80s, when LCD technology became cheap and durable enough to be a viable alternative.
  24. Reuter’s Matthew Lewis mentioned that Nyro was shamefully overlooked as a solo artist, especially during her creative heyday from 1966 to 1972.
  25. The whitewashing of Chicago when it became the butchering capital of America: the blackest hell-hole of a city in the throes of greed in the entire world… in its heyday.
  26. Even in the heyday of her beauty she would talk wistfully of cosiness, she seemed to long to be just cosy, to curl up, to be taken care of, not to have to respond to any violence of love.
  27. I was prevented, however, from making her an offer at the time by my selfishness, I was loath to part with the allurements of my free and licentious bachelor life in the heyday of my youth, and with my pockets full of money.
  28. Major department stores enjoyed their heyday for over 50 years with an ancient sales force and a loyal clientele, but they failed to update their marketing programs and modernize their stores; and now higher overhead and advertising rates put a dent in their cash flow.
  29. Beneficent Disseminator of blessings to all Thy creatures, how great and universal must be that sweetest of Thy tyrannies which can hold in thrall the free and the bond, the simple swain and the polished coxcomb, the lover in the heyday of reckless passion and the husband of maturer years.
  30. And Molly won seven shillings on a three year old named Nevertell and coming home along by Foxrock in that old fiveseater shanderadan of a waggonette you were in your heyday then and you had on that new hat of white velours with a surround of molefur that Mrs Hayes advised you to buy because it was marked down to nineteen and eleven, a bit of wire and an old rag of velveteen, and I'll lay you what you like she did it on purpose.
  31. Great slab stairways from the town’s heyday zigzag crazily down the steep sides, forming what had once been a riverside promenade leading to the old square, (where Swithin Bell & Candle once operated) lined with the expected shoppes: an ice cream parlor, an antique store, a florist, the old bank where the local historical society is housed, a quilt shop, and even an old drug store that still has a soda fountain and still sells penny candy.
  32. Using the World’s Fair to Whitewash its stink of the millions of animals penned waiting for slaughter, its black evil of the most inhuman human souls ever to be assembled in every vice and crime known, its black grime, the dirtiest most polluted city on earth in its heyday, famous for its black crime, its black pollution, its blackened death, as the worlds largest mass slaughterhouses: killing millions of animals a year… Holding a an entirely white, whitewashed World’s Fair.
  33. After this he lives on, spending his money and labour and time on unnecessary pleasures quite as much as on necessary ones; but if he be fortunate, and is not too much disordered in his wits, when years have elapsed, and the heyday of passion is over--supposing that he then re-admits into the city some part of the exiled virtues, and does not wholly give himself up to their successors--in that case he balances his pleasures and lives in a sort of equilibrium, putting the government of himself into the hands of the one which comes first and wins the turn; and when he has had enough of that, then into the hands of another; he despises none of them but encourages them all equally.
  34. In its heyday our Mafia was regional,.

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