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    1. They had eaten all they could of the trap mix over vedn toast by the time Venna finally stirred

    2. The best way to do this that I have found is through use of a natural snail bait and using snail trap that attracts ‘em

    3. "If the yellow-stipe is good I'll have it diddle," Ava said, "otherwise whatever's in the trap diddle

    4. The bait which comes with each trap is made of food material and releases an odor slugs/snails like and find attractive

    5. The bait gets them into the trap and once they enter the water to feed, the soap in the water prevents them from being able to leave

    6. • Cinch Gopher Trap has a metal plate with a cinch lasso which catches the gophers

    7. • Guardian Gopher Trap is a box type trap with a spring trap that kills them

    8. • Cinch Mole Trap is the same as the cinch trap for gophers but smaller which kills too

    9. •Out of Sight Mole Trap is a scissors jaw and spring type of trap that has been in use for a long time and kills em fast

    10. Fly trap, see fly chapter

    11. Use Tangle-trap a brush on sticky substance for above trap

    12. She started some trap mix with what they still had in the jar from the day before

    13. Another excellent roach trap is actually a flea trap (see flea chapter page)

    14. This flea trap also catches roaches on its sticky mat

    15. An environmental safe aluminum trap that sits on the ground where flies dwell the most

    16. I wondered whether the trap door into the building above these cells had been left open

    17. I was a wretched ghoul held in a pit, a wraith, a rat in a trap

    18. Later that day, later that night, at some point in the expanse of black time, I heard the trap door swing open and then the familiar scrape of boots on the rungs of the ladder

    19. "They already left to lay their trap ahead of Hardway and the battlegroup

    20. Bahkmar always thought he could be open and honest with Jaseem about anything that didn't violate the technician's oath, but since falling into that trap he had been a lot more careful with what he said to anyone

    21. Thongga turn the least pasture into the most meat, but their flavor is no better than that of the garden pests that the peasants trap themselves

    22. ‘It was an old building, thatch on the roof and lots of old wood in the construction … a bit of a fire trap all round

    23. Alan had just started on his supper, a leshin and trap with breaded mooliuk as the trap

    24. About a half hour later, as they headed east to catch up with Jake, the sky above was suddenly filled with the lost 300; they had laid a trap and now sprung it

    25. Ash chuckled, Let us set up a trap for this beast

    26. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that since this is an online thing that you can lose this respect through anonymity

    27. "I think I would know where to start, but I would have to suspend the encapsulee while I step into the context switch once I trap the grant line

    28. “These signals are the state changes in the anti He4 in that trap over there

    29. "Best be careful my Lord, else she trap you with her strange earthly ways

    30. They were still setting up the instruments to tune into the atoms in the mini veron store that were entangled with the fourth order condensate in his largest antimatter trap to date

    31. I’ll take a backup and trap back into the main store at the first sign of trouble

    32. "Then if you could answer one question, could Yellelle run over the link thru Thom's antimatter trap, or would she have to be copied in?"

    33. Since all Thom’s discoveries were likely part of Alan’s new hack, and Kelvin had asked her to work on those also, he was afraid he had lead his Systems Administrator straight into Alan’s trap

    34. She had never seen such a convincing replica of ancient Earth, complete with the smells and sounds of the livestock, the limited but vibrant palette of colors and an aroma that told her that the drain trap had not yet been invented

    35. She wondered if she had fallen into some cultural trap like maybe if she asked him to bathe, it was her duty to bathe him

    36. The whole center island was restored as a museum and tourist trap

    37. “He is on the run First Altera, he set a trap for you up ahead, but we removed its fangs

    38. He couldn’t make it the monetary success he dreamed of with only himself to work it, but he had enough to get by, and his expedition salary allowed him to buy whatever he wanted that this three-d reality trap could provide

    39. “Anyway, your trap and bait is set up in the trees, but not too far

    40. He’d not liked to tell Angie about his worries, it didn’t seem right – he was the man of the house – so he’d kept his trap shut about the rumours going around and worried about what he would do if the job folded

    41. Suspecting a trap, she hesitated

    42. There was even a secret trap

    43. Kemberra hesitated just a fraction of a second, but did not stumble into the trap, “From when she was Ava I would imagine? But she was already O

    44. ” Now he wondered if he had proved Tahlmute knew Tdeshi, or proved that Kemberra was too agile under questioning to be caught in a simple change-of-subject trap

    45. There was a time when a keda and trap paralleled their course and he pulled ahead of it at the speed of a walk

    46. ‘The only choice seems to be to trap him into

    47. ‘The difficult part is luring Thomas to the trap – the

    48. The Heseans had discovered this place many moons ago, and when they learnt of its power, they had used it to trap what they called ‘The Beast’, and now they protected it generation after generation after generation

    49. “But they have to trap him inside The Singularity, and the only way to do that will be for the Heseans to sacrifice themselves; the release of Abel Energy so close to The Singularity will create an unbreakable force-field that can't be opened by any living thing for at least a thousand years!

    50. We can only assume they set up some sort of trap for Dan as he was accessing the database

    1. She shamelessly watched the creature trapped in a maze of metal wrinkled like crumpled paper

    2. Scar and all the guards in the room had Silence trapped against the wall

    3. Flies are attracted by the bait, by pass it and move up the cone where they are trapped in the chamber and die in the sun

    4. Today only a couple little salt lakes, one hundred and two hundred miles in length, marked the bottom of the sea that had been trapped in the highlands a thousand Earth years ago

    5. It had a line of blue, instead of red, liquid trapped inside a see-through tube

    6. I was literally trapped

    7. It is an illusion and you are trapped in

    8. Catching the wizards unawares and trapped within their compound where they can physically be brought to justice

    9. He would be trapped in this personification until it died of dehydration at the end of this rope and he would not be restarted

    10. The possibility he didn't want to entertain was that he wasn't trapped in a virtuality horizon, but was in the hands of God himself

    11. Perhaps it was because of that, that he had irrational thoughts, like what if he was trapped by someone who was not a technician?

    12. He had his grounds completely trapped these days, he was not about to let himself be distracted to the point where any uppity mundane could pseudo-encapsulate him again

    13. The average native family had between one and three acres in this society and planted most of it with most of their diet, most of the remainder of their diet being varmints trapped while trying to eat it

    14. …is that their attention is trapped by a

    15. I was trapped by my

    16. In fact, much of humanity is trapped by this life-‐negating

    17. People who are trapped deep in the addiction of negative

    18. feel trapped, stuck in a cycle of struggling, working hard… this

    19. as much fun in life as you are having… but they are trapped in

    20. "Well I do love this, I'll be trapped here until you let go

    21. His flesh wanted to respond but his soul is trapped

    22. It was born with an instinct to save and protect this flesh that the soul is trapped in

    23. There are at least 30 of them on me; they have us trapped in the Riders Hall, I cannot get out or get to… No! …

    24. Those monsters had us trapped in here

    25. If the handle were to come off we'd be trapped in there forever and no one would ever know

    26. They were homesick but helpless; trapped on the treadmill of capitalism and had to return to it if they wanted to send money home

    27. No, this was not a good place to twist an ankle or to find yourself trapped

    28. He felt sorry for his friend, trapped in that shrinking and doomed universe

    29. trapped feeling which comes

    30. I tested her to see if there was a trapped emotion

    31. her case, the trapped emotion was discouragement

    32. which had become trapped in her body

    33. situation, with the pressure on, the trapped emotion of

    34. released the trapped discouragement, and she sailed

    35. rather than seen, trapped emotions are invisible, yet

    36. insidious and subtle forces that trapped emotions are

    37. The Damage Trapped Emotions Cause

    38. Trapped emotions can cause you to make the

    39. may be, the invisible energy of trapped emotions will

    40. your own trapped emotions before they cause more

    41. This book proclaims the truth, that trapped emotions

    42. of lightness upon the release of a trapped emotion

    43. Trapped Emotions and Physical Pain

    44. Many times there are unseen trapped emotional

    45. The next example illustrates how trapped emotions

    46. were being caused by a trapped emotion

    47. that the trapped emotion was heartache

    48. testing revealed that this emotion had become trapped

    49. How could a single trapped emotion cause such

    50. trapped emotions can affect us physically, and how

    1. Attracting and trapping snails is one of the most effective natural snail controls

    2. He marched off but not before he bound the latch securely with the string, trapping me firmly inside

    3. "Or she could be trapping you in grounds for divorce, you said she was just looking for an excuse

    4. The side of the road literally exploded with flame trapping the Belmarsh boys in the depression

    5. In that moment, he solidified the ground, trapping the giant’s feet

    6. "I would guess that you need to figure out what your parents did to him, other than trapping him

    7. Masses of Falmer had emerged from each of the four paths, trapping the two Bretons in the center of the crossroads

    8. city with all the trapping of an Earthly

    9. “She’s too fat, and her skin is folding over and trapping pieces of … you know

    10. “Nobody leaves!” Sespian blocked the exit with his body, trapping them inside

    11. He pinned her with his body, trapping her arms

    12. The car-wash rumbled into life and so too, for some unexplainable reason, did the car window, suddenly snapping shut again, trapping me half way out of the car

    13. “What’s the point in trapping us all in a cave, you bloody moron,” Troy shouted

    14. He has the look of someone who is trapping terror inside

    15. into the barn without asking and knocked over a cupboard, trapping herself under it

    16. the ceiling caved in, trapping them

    17. The hills surrounding it acted like a sink, trapping the water

    18. Trapping me in the biggest traffic jam I had ever been in

    19. Three are unaccounted for, and it’s assumed that they died while out hunting or trapping in more remote environs

    20. Moshe was immediately upon him, grabbing the spear shaft, shoving it up under the struggling officer’s chin, trapping his other arm in the process

    21. the spear shaft, shoving it up under the struggling officer's chin, trapping his other arm in the

    22. worse by trapping you in a repetitive cycle of anxiety that

    23. This collapses the wave-function trapping the locus of awareness of observers in this or that universe

    24. In the jungle this meant being able to identify edible plants and the fruits of several native trees as well as silently trapping any small animals that were edible

    25. These clouds reflect sunlight in addition to trapping heat

    26. The children stayed alert and kept watch; when suddenly a huge spider, red in color, with a silver stripe down its back, sprayed webbing from its mouth, trapping some of the children

    27. “I am not he who has built this bridge,” croaked the frog forcefully, like he was trapping flies with his words

    28. I had visions of you trapping me for revenge

    29. How could they even contemplate trapping Lance? They hadn’t the faintest idea what he was planning

    30. The shoals of mackerel had just started their spring runs into the bay, chasing and trapping the whitebait in the shallow water just off the shore

    31. His hands on opposite sides of the tub trapping her if she wanted to escape

    32. The fire stayed where it was as the ground solidified, trapping him within it

    33. The second explosion closed the pass behind them trapping the three trucks and their men inside a twenty foot high wall of rocks in front and behind them

    34. It skirted the perimeter fence that stated it was Parkland and not open to hunting or trapping

    35. Gomes sat back and told them about trapping Ricardo then shooting him in the feet

    36. It occurred to Chica that if anyone should be afraid of animals in revolt, it would be James, who had been cruelly trapping them for years

    37. He knew that Big‘un wouldn‘t tolerate another significant boar in his territory and his removal would ensure many months, even years, of routine pig trapping

    38. Trapping a piece of ice with his tongue the surgeon swished it around his mouth before dropping it back into the glass

    39. Not able to keep a job, the wiry Cajun had taken to fishing, trapping, poaching—whatever—hauling fish, gator meat, frog legs, turtle meat, ‗possum, ‗coon and an occasional wild cow or hog carcass to Miami for quick sale in the populous Little Cuba section

    40. I could imagine them closing the door on me, trapping me in this God forsaking place

    41. The more he thought about trapping the dog the more he smirked

    42. The killing of livestock results in herders trapping,

    43. overhunting, poaching, trapping, skin trade, loss of habitat,

    44. Trapping, hunting (with or without a bounty),

    45. on where the trapping is done; it could be your dog or cat

    46. Glue traps are a common method of trapping rodents and

    47. cruel capture, farming, and killing methods by the fur trapping

    48. addition, trapping of animals is an old tradition

    49. Historically, bald eagles had to endure poisoning, trapping

    50. carcasses, trapping, and global warming have had an adverse

    1. •Only use these traps as a last resort

    2. Traps: Japanese Beetle Traps are a pheromone (a natural insect attractant) that attracts females and traps them for disposal

    3. Apple maggot Traps, apple sized red spheres coated with a sticky substance

    4. Homemade traps are easy to make that catch any type of insect

    5. Sticky Traps, comes in either yellow or white

    6. Attracts and traps them

    7. There are many Light Traps, pheromone traps and sticky traps available for many different types of insects

    8. A good source of these traps is ARBICO, or Gardener’s Supply

    9. Traps can be made more effective by using the various fermented products on the market such as apple cider beer (fermented apples), vinegar, wines, whisky, etc

    10. She'd let Jorma and Venna check today's traps when they got up here

    11. Traps should be placed where they concentrate most, but not in the way of foot traffic

    12. I realise Athens too has its unfair share of insidious tourist traps just like Cornwall and no doubt the traffic is nightmare and yes, it's a sprawling jumble of concrete and marble, of ancient and modern, of the implausible and the miraculous, but then they say Athens teems with spectacular sights, superb cafes, and much more that you just won't find in any modern city

    13. There were antimatter traps, nondestructive quantum-state sensors, particle sources and a magneto-cancellation chiller, all aimed at a vacuum chamber no bigger than a pea

    14. You still have only three particle traps, you need ten or twenty billion to make any sense out of first order

    15. She told me I was getting nowhere because I still had only three particle traps and was plotting on the first order

    16. "No sir, other than what was at the first meeting, we only know she came in thru the data connection to Thom's antimatter traps

    17. "Somebody put me, I couldn’t have gotten thru the traps I set if they were still there

    18. What if there really is nothing happening in the cold realms between the stars? What if it is all a hack introduced at this end? Last time she caught him using the nanoamp accounting traps

    19. None of the traps she had left were tripped and she didn’t want Alan to get suspicious of what she was doing in here

    20. Her nose told her their drains still didn’t have traps, but they weren’t open ditches either

    21. Signaling two of her squadron with hand motions, she ordered them to rise up another twenty feet and recheck for traps

    22. I remember going over the house with her … we surprised a nest of mice in one of the top floor rooms … Bunty didn’t turn a hair but calmly said she’d get a couple of cats and some mouse traps

    23. practically covered in concrete tank traps and barbed wire

    24. death the woman whose heart is snares and traps, whose hands are chains

    25. They checked all their traps and reviewed quite a bit of stats

    26. The second wave tripped over the fallen first wave and, as they crawled forward they too became victims of the deadly sharpened steel traps

    27. They checked a few traps along the way, and were able to

    28. to examine the traps in the nearby forest

    29. It was one of the traps she'd set for the entity, something was stealing neural cycles

    30. It clearly had the ability to foil her traps if it was vigilant

    31. He had ventured into Dwemer ruins before in search of precious loot and always, every time, he had faced deadly traps

    32. It is a maze of thoughts and emotions that most of the time traps the attention, and prevents it from escaping to find happiness

    33. A good golf course needs to have rolling hills, preferably a pond or two, or three, or four, or five, trees, an area that can be used as a fairway, an area for a rough, and enough room for sand traps

    34. However, there are a lot of so-called golfers who don’t think a course should have any sand traps at all

    35. Sand traps can

    36. I will discuss this with Tobin, and we shall set our traps for these Darkservants

    37. She crawled under the lizards and watched for more traps as she moved into the suite

    38. Avoiding the known and suspected traps, she hustled out of the room

    39. and all the day before, springing his traps along the streams and

    40. men of this world have lain, set up traps, spread forth snares and dug many pits, by which many are held captive

    41. “And along the creek, that’s Bear Creek, you could follow it for miles, and put in traps anywhere someone else doesn’t have one

    42. And speaking about earthquakes, can you imagine what kind of an earthquake a mountain-size asteroid would have caused? Halfway around the earth from Chixalub is a formation in India called the Deccan Traps

    43. This is the most dangerous breed because they get some of it right, and that makes you believe all of what they say, which often pushes people into dangerous traps

    44. Negotiating the truck over open country, I needed to maneuver the vehicle out of dry sand traps

    45. A year after moving into the house, everything was in order: the house, the garden; my child was settled with her friends around her; I’d worked out a routine and made some friends without getting caught in the social traps of ladies’ tea parties and club meetings

    46. · Not confusing honest admission of error with guilt, which is traps one in the past and creates an identity of being a "bad" person

    47. watchful eyes, women were bustling about their household tasks, and men were testing their weapons, bringing in fish from the river or game from their traps or, mostly, standing around talking to each other

    48. The next morning, Kiskap went out early to check his traps and Atot’ain went back to the smithy

    49. “No, he is still out checking his traps

    50. There were nets, traps, fish spears, baskets, cedar bowls, and even snowshoes for my use as well as some blankets, in the sleeping area

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