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    1. A farmer purchases an old, run down, abandoned farm with plans to turn it into a thriving enterprise

    2. This castle was a clan home no doubt, everyone related by blood and enterprise, many of these clans had patriarchs older than Christ who still sat at the heads of tables in their great and echoing crystal halls

    3. Besides, when you are poor -that is away from powerful networks- you lack knowledge for a truly profitable enterprise

    4. The enterprise integration

    5. ‘You just want me to carry the can for any wrong decisions!’ But it is a half-hearted attempt at lightness … Simon’s as struck as I am by the awesomeness of the whole enterprise

    6. Yet they were faced with a conundrum: how to sabotage the upstart's enterprise without soliciting collateral damage upon the stability of the village's good reputation as a welcoming and pleasant retreat, as it was still viewed by the flocks of visitors for whom they yearly played host

    7. 'He put this whole enterprise at risk with his stupid

    8. 'You may thank the Bailli for both his enterprise in

    9. This responsibility assisted both the village which needed the service, and Jameson who would receive all profits from the continued enterprise as an investment in his future, wherever that might lead him

    10. Connor's tragic passing she felt at liberty, at last, to compensate Jameson properly for the actual benefit he was to her enterprise

    11. Harold's position required the extensive employment of international connections and contacts, the very sphere of enterprise Lawrence had so recently vacated

    12. so the enterprise wasn’t a complete waste of time!)

    13. enterprise, the bungie jumper had thought it would be a

    14. ‘But the most ridiculous enterprise was at a town

    15. As I started at the list, a fruitless enterprise, I saw the designs

    16. One driven by mutual aspirations and love of success, of finely tuned approaches to enterprise

    17. necessary poverty, but of their unnecessary and excessive enterprise

    18. In transacting their domestic business, they would be obliged to employ a costly, instead of a cheap instrument of commerce; and the expense of purchasing this costly instrument might damp somewhat the vivacity and ardour of their excessive enterprise in the improvement of land

    19. When I was stationed aboard USS Enterprise, I would not have appreciated, nor would have I condoned, a butt to butt encounter with any Chief of a homosexual persuasion on my way to the shower

    20. That"s because for the last 30 years as president of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, he has not spent time organizing the poor around ineffective government programs and other addictions; he has been helping them become self-sufficient

    21. with new oil multimillionaires in a country that a few years before allowed practically no private enterprise

    22. Fysto, who was up to his neck in this illegal enterprise

    23. I’ve used similar technique before—for example, whenever we kidnapped children for our little enterprise, I’d dose Rufus and plant some article of a child’s clothing in his burrow

    24. I can‘t help wondering whether free enterprise isn‘t better suited for the demands of energetically robust societies rather than thoroughly exhausted ones content on living off their remaining capital; expending what little energy is left on meeting the custodial requirements of its aging populations rather than the urgent requirements of its younger citizens

    25. A society that has grown comfortable with largess may consider private enterprise a threat to popular dependence

    26. They consist of an array of portable resources commonly referred to as ―Human Capital‖ that includes, but are not limited to Industry, Enterprise, Ambition, Discipline, Motivation and Endurance

    27. Unhappy is the fate of one who tries to win his battles and succeed in his attacks without cultivating the spirit of enterprise; for the result is waste of time and general stagnation

    28. The enterprise proved to be a financial success, a whoppingly huge financial success

    29. With a successful sale behind them, Sylvia gave the green light to repeat the process when animals became available and with that La Hacienda became a horse-trading enterprise, apart from the hotel

    30. Mason had been sceptical at first, but all the whispers he’d tracked down regarding the enterprise had convinced him about the authenticity of their claims

    31. The coke was his own enterprise

    32. What once helped them to find their way is in fact the Achilles heel of the whole enterprise

    33. In the couple of years since electricity supply had been handed over to private enterprise, electricity prices rose by fifty percent, with suppliers making further submissions for increases

    34. The reason given for selling the electricity asset was that there would be fewer increases in power bills and a more efficient supply system delivered by private enterprise

    35. They must still communicate electronically with someone, some commercial banking enterprise within the boundaries of civilization

    36. If there’s a moral to be gleaned from this scientific rendition of the Cain and Abel story, in short, it might be that envy in any form is the destroyer of cooperative enterprise

    37. Ian Murray, VP of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, reports on April 12, 2010 that the EPA has

    38. Unlike many developing economies Thailand is attractive to foreign investors because it encourages free enterprise and has a good infrastructure

    39. enterprise system with small governments and if it wasn"t for us they could tell their people that their

    40. It appears to me that these were given in this instance to qualify possibly unrepentant sinners for engagement in a holy enterprise

    41. Chile has been slowly repudiating the free enterprise system they adopted but now

    42. Even the animal world offers examples of complex hierarchical structure, as some species appear to have learned the benefits of cooperative enterprise, which concurrently brought elevated levels of individual safety

    43. It must be, would be, and now has been made in as good a manner as I have been able to bring to such an all-encompassing enterprise

    44. Research the cadaster with the people that received the XUSING Project’s copy, Map of the Third Sector, Association of Retirants, Foundations, service Cooperatives, universities (Junior Enterprise) and other to aid in the formation of this team

    45. Free Enterprise‖ Leftist attacks on free enterprise have to be seen in the same light as their attacks on Religion and debate

    46. Private enterprise was the only one which could, financially and through leadership

    47. For instance: Global Ecovillage Network, Solidary Economy Network, Network of Familiar Production, Subsistence Economy Network, Red de Trueque Solidario, Network of Junior Enterprise, Community Farm, Cooperative, Kibbutz and Social Movements (landless, unhoused, jobless) are groupings of corporations that already have resources for its social and economic sustainability

    48. 12 He disappoints the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise

    49. enterprise that sold more than $25,000,000

    50. enterprise was planned by the Lord, from beginning to end

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    endeavor endeavour enterprise enterprisingness go-ahead initiative boldness pluck industry readiness spirit plan performance project scheme undertaking affair firm business concern