enterprise sätze

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Enterprise sätze (in englisch)

  1. The Pa Nun and Enterprise.
  2. Enterprise, the old man said.
  3. The coke was his own enterprise.
  4. Adequate Size of the Enterprise.
  5. She belongs on the Enterprise.
  6. The Enterprise dropped out of warp.
  7. He was speaking of some enterprise.
  8. Our fighting enterprise is illegal.
  9. It was an enterprise of inthralment.
  10. I’ll have the Enterprise send.
  11. The Orbs are still on the Enterprise.
  12. The Enterprise didn’t adjust course.
  13. Enterprise is preparing to leave orbit.
  14. Maybe the Enterprise is the one that.
  15. This enterprise was organized in 1902.
  16. That was something the Enterprise.
  17. Enterprise isn’t the complete history.
  18. The enterprise itself was valued at $1.
  19. I’m going with the Enterprise to.
  20. Is that not the HMS Enterprise?
  21. The Romulans had baited the Enterprise.
  22. Such an immense enterprise for its time.
  23. Enterprise was sucked into the black hole.
  24. The size of the enterprise, or the issue.
  25. Private enterprise must be depended upon.
  26. The way of this spiritual enterprise is.
  27. Enterprise had the Thasians not intervened.
  28. This is the good part of the enterprise.
  29. Romulan war birds to attack the Enterprise.
  30. She was excited, eager for the enterprise.
  31. Rye’s enterprise grew very fast, and he.
  32. The Enterprise should arrive in twenty.
  33. Outside his window, he saw the Enterprise.
  34. This kind of enterprise breeds a criminal.
  35. Value of Data Varies with Type of Enterprise.
  36. Though technically the Enterprise could be.
  37. They paralyze the enterprise of your cities.
  38. You will beam over to the Enterprise now.
  39. ONCE again, Allah had blessed their enterprise.
  40. It all called Fascism and not free enterprise.
  41. You’re on the Enterprise, Crusher said.
  42. Donovan knew a good enterprise when he saw one.
  43. Most of the Enterprise crew are doubling up to.
  44. You are the owner of an enterprise you have so.
  45. I knew that the enterprise could not accomplish.
  46. When he had left the Enterprise, he had thought.
  47. Enterprise ceases, and languor and poverty ensue.
  48. The enterprise at first seemed to me considerable.
  49. It’s a big enterprise, he said thoughtfully.
  50. I think this is a doomed enterprise, he said.
  51. He came to Earth with us on the Enterprise from.
  52. Innovation is the fuel of the high growth enterprise.
  53. Nothing in my own past approaches this in enterprise.
  54. Doctor Selar appeared on the Bridge of the Enterprise.
  55. He figured the whole enterprise had by now collapsed.
  56. We do not in any way interfere with their enterprise.
  57. There's something almost immoral about an enterprise.
  58. The free enterprise system has stepped in to fill a.
  59. Another Enterprise Child? He shuddered at the thought.
  60. Other Enterprise Uses of The Language of Work ModelTM:.
  61. Another lucrative enterprise in the America's was sugar.
  62. Some women in this sex trafficking enterprise have been.
  63. This is the Enterprise Crew of an alternate universe.
  64. He and I are in an enterprise together, I explained.
  65. With you on the holodeck? Here on the Enterprise?
  66. In their view Cologne was merely a theatrical enterprise.
  67. In order to stay in contact with the Enterprise, you.
  68. Soon the enterprise was a sell out before we even could.
  69. Fysto, who was up to his neck in this illegal enterprise.
  70. This is the case regardless of the size of the enterprise.
  71. This type of enterprise can be both profitable and nerve-.
  72. A hyperactive stock market is the pickpocket of enterprise.
  73. So did the odds of pulling this entire enterprise off ….
  74. Enterprise Holdings is the parent company of multi-billion.
  75. The ship came into orbit and angled away from the Enterprise.
  76. Here was an awkward and odd result of her holiday enterprise.
  77. You do seem to know quite a bit about Enterprise history.
  78. If Garcia could get on the Enterprise and somehow convince.
  79. And, he had just fired on the Enterprise, the ship she loved.
  80. The Enterprise wasn’t even a dot, but he could see the label.
  81. The image was replaced with a top down view of the Enterprise.
  82. I hear you got assigned to the Enterprise, Kletsova said.
  83. Mayank would call her the most beautiful enterprise in his life.
  84. A day comes when the entire enterprise is seen as false and is.
  85. He’ll pass the test, just not as Captain of the Enterprise.
  86. The Enterprise has joined in the fight, McKnight announced.
  87. Tuvok, try raising the Enterprise and let her know where we are.
  88. Tim was a whole hearted believer in the free enterprise system.
  89. The Enterprise shouldn’t have been destroyed, Guinan said.
  90. Nor am I therefore disposed to limit the scene of his enterprise.
  91. In other words, he turns his back on the precious enterprise of.
  92. This enterprise and resolute action, with a single goal are also.
  93. I fired at the Enterprise and disabled her and was able to escape.
  94. This Society represents above all things an educational enterprise.
  95. I want to speak to the Captain of the Enterprise, Garcia said.
  96. This is how it was he pitched first on a perfectly wild enterprise.
  97. Henceforth there would be no enterprise in which he would not fail.
  98. As I started at the list, a fruitless enterprise, I saw the designs.
  99. And I thought life on the Enterprise was stressful, Gomez said.
  100. Enterprise: Purposes and plans; a work or project, in hand to finish.

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