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    1. It was soon seen to be a grand undertaking that could build quite a nation before the Kassikan could even learn of its existence because of the primitive state of transportation on this planet

    2. ‘Maybe we could come up for a weekend - now I know where it is it wouldn’t be such a major undertaking

    3. They taught all of the advanced ones everything they learned; they prepared well in advance of this undertaking

    4. Not thought of it like that before, not only am I moving into a settled relationship but I’m also moving on with my career … this book is a massive undertaking for me

    5. was a considerable undertaking, with a great many people involved

    6. “Well, it’s a substantial undertaking, required the same amount of

    7. out the letter officially charging him with undertaking a

    8. It is Texas Industries that is undertaking the Centorin project I think, that's a company not a country, but there's not much distinction any more

    9. Standard were a shining example of what their culture had defined as being moral, hardworking individuals who had formed a respectable legal and holy matrimony that resulted in the much valued and desired undertaking of procreation and thus the continuation of their bloodline and species

    10. What was once a fairly lucrative career with good commissions had turned into a stressful undertaking that didn’t begin to cover their expenses every month

    11. It would be a serious undertaking, that much is certain, but if they could pull it off

    12. To establish a joint-stock company, however, for any undertaking, merely because such a company might be capable of managing it successfully ; or, to exempt a particular set of dealers from some of the general laws which take place with regard to all their neighbours, merely because they might be capable of thriving, if they had such an exemption, would certainly not be reasonable

    13. First, it ought to appear with the clearest evidence, that the undertaking is of greater and more general utility than the greater part of common trades ; and, secondly, that it requires a greater capital than can easily be collected into a private copartnery

    14. If a moderate capital were sufficient, the great utility of the undertaking would not be a sufficient reason for establishing a joint-stock company; because, in this case, the demand for what it was to produce, would readily and easily be supplied by private adventurers

    15. To farm any considerable branch of the public revenue requires either a great capital, or a great credit; circumstances which would alone restrain the competition for such an undertaking to a very small number of people

    16. The difficulty of getting payment from our different sugar colonies has been greater or less in proportion, not so much to the extent of the balances respectively due from them, as to the quantity of uncultivated land which they contained; that is, to the greater or smaller temptation which the planters have been under of over-trading, or of undertaking the settlement and plantation of greater quantities of waste land than suited the extent of their capitals

    17. Such a massive undertaking meant a somewhat aggressive recruitment drive: people, such as electronics technicians, software engineers, structural engineers, an architect, and even a geologist were recruited – whether they liked it or not

    18. Never for a moment had Sheena thought that the research they were undertaking at Area 7 might be illegal

    19. Sheena was undertaking a preliminary autopsy on the pony and the remains of a cat shot by the Estate Manager

    20. Although this highly sophisticated and financially prohibitive and ―impractical‖ venture may appear ‖implausible‖ to some, the reduction in stress-related travel, increased quality time, higher productivity at the workplace and the system‘s ameliorating impact on our environment (already) under enormous stress, not to mention our nation‘s increasing dependence on foreign sources of oil, may very well offset the cost(s) associated with this awesome undertaking

    21. This may prove a difficult undertaking, however, for a society that has seemingly lost its moral bearing! In the final analysis, it is people and not (abstract) societies that evolve

    22. Immediately my thoughts were, what a big undertaking

    23. Taking Tamoxifen was a new undertaking for me and I didn’t know what to expect

    24. Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration before undertaking any actions that could affect an

    25. It is estimated that the whole project will take the best part of 100 years to complete so is quite some undertaking and completion will not be seen out by its creator, artist Ajarn Chalermchai, as he is now 50

    26. by sharing your experiences with other companies undertaking this journey in future

    27. Think of the enormous challenges for that kind of undertaking

    28. Before undertaking the trip in August, the children participated in a two-day state swimming meet to try to obtain some last minute medals to show to their grandfather in Santo Domingo

    29. I would hope that a Convention of States called under Article 5, would also review the need for ‘term limitations’ within our Federal Court system and the United States Senate and House --- limiting Congress Senate in service, a move that will allow all of our representatives to focus / concentrate on performing the ‘service’ they are undertaking rather than ‘building war chests for their next election’ -- more in line with the Founder’s published desires --- ‘service’ that was “short” and rules established that would not exempt them from being affected by the rules established

    30. Fish and Wildlife Service or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration before undertaking any actions that could affect an endangered species

    31. Interruptions that take place while undertaking this work could potentially set you back far more

    32. A monk reading his breviary observed this undertaking without staring or speaking a word

    33. In time the king came to know Nehemiah as a trustworthy and reliable person, someone who was always positive and willing and even though Judah, could be, and had been a troublesome province, the king knew Nehemiah and had faith in him and that was all Nehemiah needed to complete his expensive undertaking

    34. An impossible and futile undertaking for one small child, and he soon gave up and joined the other children to watch the unbelievable action taking place

    35. Only by undertaking this journey does one discover the courage and the

    36. undertaking to rent an entire second house for the business

    37. Looking around the table at the rather stunned expressions he remarked “What we need to do now is discuss the details of the raid and who will be undertaking what tasks

    38. How exactly does one Perfect Life? That's a pretty big undertaking!

    39. It's not only an undertaking; it's a title, the title of a book

    40. That was also quite an undertaking as we needed to corner a particular bird in the large, walk-in mews, throw a blanket over it and grab its feet so that it could no longer do damage with its talons

    41. committed to undertaking and completing the following:

    42. are committed to undertaking and completing the following:

    43. ‘Alger and Begum have the joint responsibility of organising the workforce, procuring all materials, and following your orders during the life of this project which has temporarily replaced every other undertaking of the engineering department

    44. 11 At one time Jesus faintly hoped that he might be able to gather up sufficient means, provided they could collect the considerable sum of money due his father for work on Herod's palace, to warrant undertaking the purchase of a small farm

    45. Never again did Jesus spend a whole year in one place or at one undertaking

    46. • By undertaking continuous testing and analyzing what does and doesn’t

    47. Though he wasted little time upon trifles, he was a painstaking workman when it came to the essentials of any given undertaking

    48. I must thank you again, for you see, I was on the brink of undertaking this tremulous task myself, which would have been near impossible

    49. " After Jesus had spoken, Thomas mustered up courage to say: "I know, Master, that we should now be ready to enter upon the work, but I fear we are not yet able to accomplish this great undertaking

    50. 3 Jesus knew that the days of the preliminary work of teaching and preaching were about over, that the next move involved the beginning of the full and final effort of his life on earth, and he did not wish the launching of this undertaking to be in any manner either trying or embarrassing to John the Baptist

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