undertaking sätze

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Undertaking sätze (in englisch)

  1. The undertaking of a deed.
  2. The undertaking would not be easy.
  3. This undertaking was named Project Pigeon.
  4. You know something? Undertaking isn't hard.
  5. He let them by without undertaking anything.

  6. You know something? Undertaking isn’t hard.
  7. I promised a few words on this undertaking earlier.
  8. This could potentially be a dangerous undertaking.
  9. Many men will not begin an undertaking unless they.
  10. But what precisely is this deed, the undertaking of.
  11. Immediately my thoughts were, what a big undertaking.
  12. The risk of failure of the undertaking overwhelmed me.
  13. In the undertaking parlor on Court Street, the door opened.
  14. In the undertaking parlour on Court Street, the door opened.
  15. His exhausted flesh shrank from so depressing an undertaking.

  16. Think of the enormous challenges for that kind of undertaking.
  17. It's not only an undertaking; it's a title, the title of a book.
  18. Put the best of yourself into the undertaking on hand, and do.
  19. How exactly does one Perfect Life? That's a pretty big undertaking!.
  20. We're undertaking them down south as a favour, said Mary plainly.
  21. Designing a new type of ship from scratch is not an easy undertaking.
  22. For this was it a glorious, for this was it an honourable undertaking.
  23. This time it was a much bigger undertaking: 17 ships, 1,200 men, and.
  24. Only by undertaking this journey does one discover the courage and the.
  25. We can never admire too much this far-reaching educational undertaking.

  26. Well, it’s a substantial undertaking, required the same amount of.
  27. Zenaida, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this undertaking.
  28. Subject to ICC's UCP 600, where the bank gives an undertaking (on behalf.
  29. There are plans designed specifically to assist you with this undertaking.
  30. Crass took a lively interest in the undertaking department of Rushton & Co.
  31. To be sure, it appeared that they had embarked on a tremendous undertaking.
  32. The secrecy of the undertaking heightened its charm and they marched gaily.
  33. Continuous joyous sentiments surrounding an undertaking could therefore be.
  34. Never again did Jesus spend a whole year in one place or at one undertaking.
  35. This impressive undertaking had attracted local and national media attention.
  36. Some of you might even consider adoption or undertaking fertility treatments.
  37. It was a massive undertaking and German propaganda named it the Atlantic Wall.
  38. To cross the Rubicon was his Magnum Opus, the biggest undertaking of his life.
  39. By undertaking this over a period of time, both parties can sort out the most.
  40. Legal writers have failed to satisfactorily reconcile the bank’s undertaking.
  41. Moral or immoral, the undertaking was a challenge and she decided to take it up.
  42. Never in their minds, would they have conceived of such an audacious undertaking.
  43. But there was no shortage of sharks to assist them with their undertaking chores.
  44. Taking Tamoxifen was a new undertaking for me and I didn’t know what to expect.
  45. You are involved in some major undertaking and these things are always complicated.
  46. Making a transition is seldom a simple undertaking but it need not be a lonely one.
  47. But when man promise for something then he must think before undertaking a promise.
  48. They had been there nearly a month already, undertaking their lecturing commitments.
  49. She’s undertaking some sensitive tests at the moment, which can’t be interrupted.
  50. You are involved (and it seems to be with the family) in some large, major undertaking.
  51. Yes, it’s been quite an undertaking, but exciting too, seeing it all come together.
  52. It would be a serious undertaking, that much is certain, but if they could pull it off.
  53. A monk reading his breviary observed this undertaking without staring or speaking a word.
  54. Though I can confidently say these things now, it has been a major undertaking and a great.
  55. Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration before undertaking any actions that could affect an.
  56. I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received and that consequently this.
  57. The ingenuous joy which Baklouchin manifested in speaking of the undertaking was quite touching.
  58. Interruptions that take place while undertaking this work could potentially set you back far more.
  59. Never for a moment had Sheena thought that the research they were undertaking at Area 7 might be illegal.
  60. Garth once thought of undertaking the management of Stone Court in order to place your nephew Fred there.
  61. But manufacturing this much anti-matter must have been a huge industrial undertaking for you, no?’’.
  62. But with such ideas what motive have you for living? One would sit without moving, undertaking nothing.
  63. He lacks men, money, and horses for such an undertaking; and the further he advances the worse he will fare.
  64. Sheena was undertaking a preliminary autopsy on the pony and the remains of a cat shot by the Estate Manager.
  65. It was an arduous undertaking, but he said Prayer and pains through faith in Christ Jesus will do anything.
  66. Ulysses, too, risks his life for the love of Penelope by undertaking the terrible battle against the Suitors.
  67. We all trainees were kept in a big hall where more than hundreds of newly recruits were undertaking training.
  68. Of course such an ambitious undertaking was going to be the most stressful project the Dutchmen ever undertook.
  69. And, perhaps what is best to consider is to consult a skin specialist before undertaking any form of skin peel.
  70. They taught all of the advanced ones everything they learned; they prepared well in advance of this undertaking.
  71. The daring Cyrus Field, who had risked his whole fortune to promote this undertaking, called for a new bond issue.
  72. To think out all the details of some undertaking, to plan and scheme and organize, is not work for a man like that.
  73. The rough roads over the rocks and mountains make it a dangerous undertaking for them to attend church in the evenings.
  74. The first, who went to Simeon, said: I have succeeded in my undertaking, and to-morrow Simeon returns to his father.
  75. A non-government organisation is defined as an organisation undertaking activities not done by the state or private sector.
  76. Before undertaking the study of any thing, a man decides for what purpose he is studying this subject, and not the others.
  77. Long story, short, I have contacted the writer, have his undertaking of silence and his permission to copy all of his notes.
  78. However, the New York Stock Exchange required an undertaking not to invoke this clause, as a condition of listing the issue.
  79. He was looking after the potential KGB defector, a tricky and sensitive undertaking that was keeping everybody on their toes.
  80. All you are fit for is to betray men of the people into undertaking deadly risks for objects that you are not even sure about.
  81. You must give a written undertaking but as for your love affairs and all these tragic events, we have nothing to do with that.
  82. Peter told them their mission was no undertaking for cowards and advised those who were afraid to step out before they started.
  83. Though he wasted little time upon trifles, he was a painstaking workman when it came to the essentials of any given undertaking.
  84. You must not underrate the difficulties of my undertaking, or imagine that a mere commonplace assassination would meet the case.
  85. Well I can tell you, and believe me, because I have tried: generating a properly functioning online quiz is no simple undertaking.
  86. And here was Herr Dremmel who thought nothing at all of him, even in regard to an enormous undertaking like his daughter's marriage.
  87. Which should be weighed more highly depends on the security being analyzed and the position of the investor undertaking the analysis.
  88. The nature of the undertaking, considered apart from any figures, must be such as to indicate an inherent permanence of earning power.
  89. To spend his declining years surrounded by his family was his dearest wish, and the prime reason for undertaking his perilous journey.
  90. For this, they are willing to indebt themselves up to their necks as well as to risk their lives, while undertaking endless migrations.
  91. There was barely a night that passed without undertaking planned raids on the hiding-places of the criminals high on the two mountains.
  92. We had to take the two gentlemen to their destinations which, mercifully, were not much out of our way, before undertaking the trek home.
  93. I must thank you again, for you see, I was on the brink of undertaking this tremulous task myself, which would have been near impossible.
  94. Garth with such evident delight that she could not bear to chill his pleasure by expressing her constant fear of his undertaking too much.
  95. After expressing incredulity that this was possible, Stripehead made an undertaking to the group that he would be ready to go at that time.
  96. If I were engaged in any high undertaking or design, fraught with extensive utility to my fellow creatures, then could I live to fulfil it.
  97. Shivering, we searched for the grave of the filmmaker Ozu, a difficult undertaking, for it was isolated in a small enclave on higher ground.
  98. Shopping in Russia was a major undertaking: People queued for hours if they heard a rumour that a loaf of bread had been seen in the window.
  99. Though people say they stand for principle, often they’re actually projecting themselves into ideas and then undertaking their own defense.
  100. Wendy what was expected of them as far as their participation in the defense of the planet and the importance of their effort in the undertaking.
  1. I've undertaken to answer them.
  2. They should not be undertaken lightly.
  3. He had undertaken it in a fanatical spirit.
  4. It is a search that has never been undertaken.
  5. Therefore, we have undertaken to disclose the.
  6. The action which has to be undertaken has not.
  7. Jean Valjean had undertaken to teach her to read.
  8. They feed us, and we have undertaken to teach them.
  9. He’d never before undertaken such a task as this.
  10. Look at the war undertaken under the auspices of Gen.
  11. God will protect you; for you have undertaken His.
  12. To the extent that work is consciously undertaken in.
  13. He began to wish that he had not undertaken this task.
  14. They support us, and we have undertaken to teach them.
  15. No; I have a cousin who has undertaken this sad office.
  16. Hypnotherapy should only be undertaken with a certified.
  17. If, on the other hand, actions are undertaken with some.
  18. The yagya which have been undertaken and stored earlier.
  19. Use the data to recommend actions that must be undertaken.
  20. But, most of this study is undertaken because they feel they.
  21. In the world of today psychotherapy has undertaken a part of.
  22. For much that is undertaken by the Church He is not necessary.
  23. Ross said he had not undertaken to state any principle at all.
  24. Detailed searches should ONLY be undertaken by trained specialists.
  25. This has been one of the main results of the activities undertaken.
  26. Having arrived at the conclusion of the task I have undertaken, I.
  27. The new security routines were being undertaken in all the castles.
  28. I am the action that is undertaken, the yagya, the fulfillment of.
  29. Consequently, the Vatican has undertaken centuries of deception and.
  30. Since they have not undertaken action, there is in them neither truth.
  31. Hypnotherapy should only be undertaken with a certified hypnotherapist.
  32. Each of the Adepts who have undertaken this special work is raying out.
  33. Molly has undertaken the task of writing the commercials for broadcast.
  34. This is undertaken when your last known position was on or near a river.
  35. It should be undertaken daily at the same hour, and we should steadily.
  36. Most large companies that have undertaken a number of acquisitions will.
  37. She had undertaken to lay the table, to provide the linen, crockery, etc.
  38. I’ve undertaken and that I’m pleased with the final result! Again, I.
  39. It is highly probable that the exit could be undertaken in less than two.
  40. Truth is the result of continual research, undertaken with the help of the.
  41. These activities should be undertaken over time where they can be absorbed.
  42. The efforts undertaken to convince people of this Strong Lie are a crucial.
  43. Torch was the largest joint amphibious operation undertaken up to that time.
  44. Worship is a secret, private activity, and it is undertaken within the heart.
  45. Such enterprises must not be undertaken, or the constitution must be destroyed.
  46. This private investigation was undertaken on your behalf, at the direction of Mr.
  47. Phase II included a field survey which was undertaken during June and July 2008.
  48. If this calculation is undertaken for the top half dozen potential buyers, some.
  49. He had few responsibilities, but those he had undertaken, he fulfilled admirably.
  50. Wars would, in general, be more speedily concluded, and less wantonly undertaken.
  51. Hence, procuring a business license is the first step that needs to be undertaken.
  52. Have you ever undertaken something that you thought would be hard, but afterwards.
  53. In that movie, birth became a process not to be undertaken without a bevy of egoic.
  54. Some gentlemen have undertaken to show how much we have already lost by the embargo.
  55. Obviously, undergoing surgery is a serious step—one that should not be undertaken.
  56. He was obliged to speak only because the duty he had undertaken forced him to do so.
  57. Anyone who has undertaken honest research of these New Testament claims has noticed.
  58. Diligence: To give constant effort to accomplish what is undertaken; to care; to heed.
  59. Extensive tests have been undertaken to determine the extent of our emotional responses.
  60. I have already undertaken a holistic perusal of the arcane materials I have collected.
  61. It was in the economy of this régime that Tess Durbeyfield had undertaken to fill a place.
  62. Finding this Obotron ship was the first action ever undertaken by an ocean-worthy Groller.
  63. Gavroche, completely carried away and radiant, had undertaken to get everything in readiness.
  64. The Financial Security Council was another group that had undertaken independent investigations.
  65. This reconnaissance mission, Obeast sensed, would have to be undertaken with the utmost caution.
  66. There were other places, much more private than here, where amorous conduct could be undertaken.
  67. If I had, would I have undertaken this journey? Yes, but not with the joy I had at the beginning.
  68. Lemon had undertaken to describe Juliet or Imogen, these heroines would not have seemed poetical.
  69. One hundred and seventy American tars were on board, who had undertaken this honorable enterprise.
  70. I had never undertaken anything like this before, but the job sounded interesting, the money would.
  71. Based on the proven benefit of DMSO in the cases, preliminary research has been undertaken with MSM.
  72. But alas! the culture of an Irishman is an enterprise to be undertaken with a sort of moral bog hoe.
  73. Arjun is fur ther told that the expression sat is employed when the commencement of the undertaken.
  74. Only amongst educated and affluent classes are treatment undertaken to cure the women of this illness.
  75. They had undertaken the freedom of will and choice and covenanted their Provider not to cease from Him.
  76. Time travel, as with any endeavor, must be pondered and your motivations studied before it is undertaken.
  77. This is the most complete militarization any nation has undertaken in all the long history of Kellaran.
  78. One dress, Tanya's, which the English governess had undertaken, cost Darya Alexandrovna much loss of temper.
  79. The mission, one of a dozen attempted rescues we’d undertaken in the last month, was our worst failure yet.
  80. One dress, Tanya’s, which the English governess had undertaken, cost Darya Alexandrovna much loss of temper.
  81. Rather, these should be carefully paced and only those which can guarantee maximum effect should be undertaken.
  82. I WAS SOON ENOUGH reminded of the dangers of the mission I’d undertaken for the president of the United States.
  83. Tyre, you know how committed I am to saving children from the missions that I have undertaken through the years.
  84. A wisp has only one duty to fulfil on his free-flowing pilgrimage; a cherished and sacred task undertaken by all.
  85. No matter how much groundwork we have all undertaken we are no further forward than we were the last time around.
  86. That exercise was undertaken because Admiral McGarrah was not content with my performing all the duties of a JAG.
  87. It seems as if none of the rescue actions being undertaken has any chance of making any of the PIIGs creditworthy.
  88. This had been undertaken since the tragic fire at Kings Cross station that resulted in a tragic loss of life there.
  89. Ideally, we could have done sniper overwatches and undertaken scouting missions for the Marines all around Nasiriya.
  90. So you need to ensure that you’ve undertaken the course and not skipped stuff to get to how to tackle this issue.
  91. We have so entirely forgotten them, that others have undertaken to instruct them, and we have not even perceived it.
  92. That which had really undertaken the direction of the uprising was a sort of strange impetuosity which was in the air.
  93. The Duke of Orleans and his companion have already published the results of their journey undertaken shortly after Mr.
  94. It is true that Shuraev would have liked to let out the kitchen gardens he had undertaken in small lots to the peasants.
  95. It is safer that they see me as such so that the mission that I have undertaken has less of a chance of being discoverd.
  96. No excavations were undertaken by the service of antiquities, its funds being all employed on finishing the Bardo museum.
  97. It was Monsieur Lheureux, the shopkeeper, who had undertaken the order; this provided him with an excuse for visiting Emma.
  98. He is truly sorry for his misguided conduct in the past, and he has undertaken to give up motor-cars entirely and for ever.
  99. He is sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal any information to his wife, Alicia, about the dangerous project he has undertaken.
  100. As Lyamshin was the only one who could walk standing on his head, he had undertaken to represent the editor with the cudgel.
  1. One who undertakes to try for.
  2. In this manner, he undertakes a.
  3. Whoever undertakes to examine the subject will find it as I have stated.
  4. Understanding how an acquirer undertakes a valuation will ensure that the.
  5. And that he shal stand - He wil stand up, as one does who undertakes the cause.
  6. It is a journey he undertakes so he can learn the truth about who he is and what he is made up of.
  7. It's a mark of a good man that he undertakes his duties with focus and efficiency, said he.
  8. My blessing on every material and spiritual project it undertakes, if they are for the good of its soul.
  9. In either case he undertakes the risks of a common stockholder in order to receive the high dividend income.
  10. Ascension simply describes the journey a soul undertakes after it has mastered all there is to experience in a particular dimension.
  11. The ordinary lease involves no capital investment by the lessee, who merely undertakes to pay rent in return for the use of property.
  12. For faith promises all things perfects all things; but doubt having no thorough faith in itself fails in every work which it undertakes.
  13. The steps CGF undertakes that result in the pilot program illustrate several key issues associated with identifying and evaluating potential KM.
  14. And that he shall stand - He will stand up, as one does who undertakes the cause of another…There is clearly no necessary reference in this word to the resurrection.
  15. In the very front rank of benefactions public parks should be placed, always provided that the community undertakes to maintain, beautify, and preserve them inviolate.
  16. It is when the investor demands more than an average return on his money, or when his adviser undertakes to do better for him, that the question arises whether more is being asked or promised than is likely to be delivered.
  17. Before a man undertakes to learn any thing whatever, he must make up his mind that that branch of knowledge is of weight to him, and of more weight and importance than the countless other objects of study with which he is surrounded.
  18. All are struck by the justness of his views, but no one undertakes to carry them out, so he takes a regiment, a division- stipulates that no one is to interfere with his arrangements- leads his division to the decisive point, and gains the victory alone.
  19. The same most respectable and well-informed authors acquaint us, that when any person undertakes to work a new mine in Peru, he is universally looked upon as a man destined to bankruptcy and ruin, and is upon that account shunned and avoided by every body.
  20. If any disciple of the gospel of wealth gives his favorite city large swimming and private baths, provided the municipality undertakes their management as a city affair, he will never be called to account for an improper use of the funds in trusted to him.
  21. All are struck by the justness of his views, but no one undertakes to carry them out, so he takes a regiment, a division—stipulates that no one is to interfere with his arrangements—leads his division to the decisive point, and gains the victory alone.
  22. He had exhibited phenomena at fairs, and he had owned a booth with a trumpet and this poster: Babet, Dental Artist, Member of the Academies, makes physical experiments on metals and metalloids, extracts teeth, undertakes stumps abandoned by his brother practitioners.
  23. The following are some of the objections offered by the Secretary of State: He said—that the proposed incorporation (of the bank) undertakes to create certain capacities, properties, or attributes, which are against the laws of alienage, descents, escheat, and forfeiture, distribution, and monopoly.
  24. Does the bank affect the people locally? The answer is obvious: it not only undertakes to fix the amount of capital, but interferes with the rights of property most essentially—it may change the fundamental principles of State law as to the liability of property for debts, and the mode of recovering them.
  25. This comes about of itself, in the heart, without any preliminary calculation ; but such a love, the love of the strong woman for the weak man, is sometimes incomparably more intense and more agonizing than the love of equal characters, because the stronger unconsciously undertakes responsibility for the weaker.
  26. Perhaps the greatest sum ever given by an individual for any purpose is the gift of Senator Stanford, who undertakes to establish a complete university upon the Pacific coast, where he amassed his enormous fortune, which is said to involve the expenditure of ten millions of dollars, and upon which he may be expected to bestow twenty millions of his surplus.
  27. One narrates the voyage of Telemachus who is looking for news about his father or, in other words, is looking for the father and the laws that he represents, beyond the maternal laws; the second narrates the transformational voyage that Ulysses undertakes with the help of Zeus, Athena and Hermes as he wanders around the Mediterranean; the third part narrates the preparation and the execution of the massacre of the Suitors, which is what Ulysses wants but which is what, above all, Zeus and Athena want to happen.
  28. Then his wife busies herself, grows passionately fond of handling coin, gets her fingers covered with verdigris in the process, undertakes the education of half-share tenants and the training of farmers, convokes lawyers, presides over notaries, harangues scriveners, visits limbs of the law, follows lawsuits, draws up leases, dictates contracts, feels herself the sovereign, sells, buys, regulates, promises and compromises, binds fast and annuls, yields, concedes and retrocedes, arranges, disarranges, hoards, lavishes; she commits follies, a supreme and personal delight, and that consoles her.
  1. So I undertook the running.
  2. The elder one undertook the risk.
  3. Of the journey that one undertook.
  4. Pseldonimov's mother undertook this task.
  5. He undertook, with butlittle success, to.
  6. Rushworth undertook to count his speeches.
  7. It's the responsibility I undertook, be-.
  8. After having been towed, it undertook to tow.
  9. This wasn't work that Ajarn undertook lightly.
  10. He did all he undertook seriously and devotedly.
  11. He undertook penance with the faith that grain is God.
  12. In this sense, the type of analysis we undertook was not.
  13. Heredia undertook to writeseveral plays, but without success.
  14. I undertook it because it was what my captain had bade me do.
  15. Sheikho undertook with his great traits of benevolence and compassion.
  16. His accounts clerk undertook to make that his first line of enquiry although, as M.
  17. The boy undertook the commission, promising to be in Frosinone in less than an hour.
  18. God was the ‘Truth’ he was chasing and all activities he undertook were with that aim.
  19. Christian Rome and the Vatican undertook great efforts over the centuries to hide the true.
  20. He was not easily discouraged; he was a plodder and very tenacious in anything he undertook.
  21. They undertook great efforts to steal the knowledge of others and then oppress them, which.
  22. Wouldn't you like the flower table? The little girls undertook it, but they are discouraged.
  23. The captain, as a military man, undertook to load it, putting in a minute quantity of powder.
  24. He was a practical person and never undertook anything without a prospect of gain for himself.
  25. Unless we heed the very precise wisdom that our ancient forbears undertook such great efforts to.
  26. According to Ségur, he undertook to execute the whole manœuvre by six o’clock in the morning.
  27. In a split second he was lying on her and his mouth undertook the polar expedition he knew so well.
  28. In the 1990s though, tax incentives were put in place as the waterfront area undertook a makeover.
  29. Here are some questions I posed to him to get an insight into how and why he undertook this journey.
  30. This is the fight for our county, and for our freedom, that we undertook when we went off to Vietnam.
  31. Why did Ramona refuse the company that her peers so doggedly clung to? She never undertook to explain.
  32. They furnished the canvas to the four rascals, and the latter undertook the preparation of the scenery.
  33. He undertook a long period of contemplation on the mystery of life till his quest ended on enlightenment.
  34. Why they later undertook the hard and perilous crossing of the mountains into Eriador is no longer certain.
  35. I came to this place in October and undertook the work necessary to a successful beginning of my school duties.
  36. Of course such an ambitious undertaking was going to be the most stressful project the Dutchmen ever undertook.
  37. They did not fence the swimming pool, rather Roger undertook the task of teaching all the children how to swim.
  38. I undertook strenuous training to get my body fit so that I could parachute down into the most remotest of places.
  39. Duncan complied; and the Mohican, who had been an attentive listener to the discourse, readily undertook the office.
  40. And why doesn’t he die, I should like to know? He undertook to die within three weeks, and here he is getting fatter.
  41. Five of the six remaining Great Sages: Adapa, Al’Alim, Bilal, Cadell, and Calum, undertook to find and destroy Gadiel.
  42. She undertook such jobs and was frequently employed, as she was very honest and always fixed a fair price and stuck to it.
  43. Dörpfeld, Gräber, Borrmann and Siebold undertook a journey to Gela and the neighboring cities of Sicily and Magna Graecia.
  44. That was a rare situation: some of the tasks that the Systems Programming group undertook would run for four or five months.
  45. No doubt it's the money that I undertook at Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch's request to hand over to her brother, Captain Lebyadkin.
  46. Fired a with housewifely wish to see her storeroom stocked with homemade preserves, she undertook to put up her own currant jelly.
  47. Roger and Lucille undertook a trip in July 1999 to that magnificent and splendid, generally cold and forsaken bleak land of the Lord.
  48. So, on most of the tasks he undertook, he found he could take twice as long as he really needed, and still come up smelling like roses.
  49. Lheureux ran off to his shop, brought back the money, and dictated another bill, by which Bovary undertook to pay to his order on the.
  50. There was barely a night that passed without he undertook planned raids on the hiding-places of the criminals high on the two mountains.
  51. I could remember vividly the successful religious activities I undertook in collaboration with Ben while in the University, so I thought.
  52. He buckled to work, undertook his responsibilities, acknowledged that he belonged to his wife and child, and did make a good best of it.
  53. As the end of their vacation was getting near, Roger, Josie and the children undertook an educational trip to Andalusia in Southern Spain.
  54. On a certain number of these we find the name Mazaios, the famous satrap of Cilicia, who undertook to subdue the insurgent king of Sidon.
  55. Sancho undertook to execute the task according to the instructions, and to bring back an answer as good as the one he brought back before.
  56. Going to the prison, he was called upon to give last confession to condemned prisoners—a task he particularly hated but undertook willingly.
  57. The special training that Mark undertook suited his nature so well that he soon came to enjoy it, and was promoted to be the leader of the group.
  58. But responsibility required judgment, the choosing between courses, and what was that but thought? Hazel undertook thought, but he did it secretly.
  59. My sister was never left alone now; but Joe more than readily undertook the care of her on that Sunday afternoon, and Biddy and I went out together.
  60. His deaf sister undertook to take the horse, and explained by signs that when she saw the man who had given the horse, she would bow down at his feet.
  61. It is said that once a man of arms undertook a long journey to see a holy follower of Buddha, and asked if the message of Buddha could be taught to him.
  62. Carnegie, identifying the cyclical nature of the industry, undertook capital expenditures when the industry was in decline — this was less expensive.
  63. This bead commemorates the first Son of the Sea God at this camp, and the quest he undertook into the darkest part of the Underworld to stop a war!.
  64. Consequently, soon as we came into Louisa's bed-chamber, whilst she was amusing him with picking out his nosegays, I undertook the lead, and began the attack.
  65. The sheer volume of their work and the responsibilities they undertook on behalf of others was always a major concern, and often caused him sleepless nights.
  66. You undertook it in the hope, or on the condition, that it would be the last task they would require of you, and that then they would release you altogether.
  67. I undertook to send them twenty, with that the deal was sealed, and the protestations of Mariams first cousin, who had the priority to her hand, were ignored.
  68. It was to break down this terrible chain of facts, and to show that each piece of evidence taken separately was unproved and fantastic, that I undertook the case.
  69. Before they undertook to question the constitutional authority of Congress, they ought to have thoroughly examined the foundation upon which their own right rested.
  70. After he had sufficiently extolled the property of discretion, he undertook to exhibit in what manner its use was applicable to the present situation of their tribe.
  71. But despite their highness and since you are the creature who undertook bearing the Trust whereas the other ones did not, the Almighty made those birds servant to you.
  72. The master was to get all this out of Leghorn free of duties, and land it on the shores of Corsica, where certain speculators undertook to forward the cargo to France.
  73. Colling remembered that he had neglected to unpack his bags when he had told Sergeant Prinzman he would, and now that he was alone in the dispensary, he undertook to do so.
  74. They were persons employed by Miranda, in his expedition, who, he undertook to say, did not know that they were going on any expedition contrary to the laws of the country.
  75. However, lo and behold! Just as I had been wrong about my state of preparedness when I undertook the 10 day silent meditation retreat so too was I dangerously wrong about the YTTC.
  76. But you see, my dear, you may, through ignorance of the world, have quite innocently done something imprudent; and you did so when you undertook to have dealings with a low character.
  77. In contrast to her reaction to the proposed publication of the Lovers’ Companion, Tránsito Ariza went much further: she bought the house at once and undertook a complete renovation.
  78. Of course, the constraints of time, place and social custom precluded, for the most part, any of the more common occurrences, and indeed very many great men undertook such friendships.
  79. Robin accepted what he had said, and undertook to make sure he had a proper share of any profits they made from the project, related to the work he had done to break down the existing system.
  80. The President undertook to invite other colleagues outside Government, in the military and the judiciary and so on, who now found themselves in a similar position, to join them in this scheme.
  81. Every day he emerged from his house at the same hour, he undertook the same trip, but he no longer completed it, and, perhaps without himself being aware of the fact, he constantly shortened it.
  82. Peter Nikolaevich undertook to bring everything into order; rented out his own land to somebody else; and settled with his wife on the Liventsov estate, in a distant province on the river Volga.
  83. Another thankless task was re-doing Maria’s research of all 50 states’ statutes regarding the necessity, or at least advisability, of filing so-called pre liens on ALL jobs that EI undertook.
  84. I was told of an incident which happened to an intrepid stanovoy, who, on arriving in a village where the peasants had revolted, and whither troops had been sent, undertook, like the Emperor Nicholas I.
  85. Where's the pomatum? Bend your head, duffer!—bend lower, you abject dummy! And Maria Alexandrovna herself undertook to pomade her husband's hair, ploughing her hands through it without the slightest pity.
  86. The builder cheerfully undertook the commission, and promised to have these secret places completed by the next day, Dantes furnishing the dimensions and plan in accordance with which they were to be constructed.
  87. But a police constable whom the governor always took about with him, and who undertook to organize such executions—by no means exceptional in that province—explained that what was meant was a bench for flogging.
  88. He himself undertook his daughter’s education, and to develop these two cardinal virtues in her gave her lessons in algebra and geometry till she was twenty, and arranged her life so that her whole time was occupied.
  89. Even the Prime Minister looked impressed, and eventually all those present undertook to support the project, on the understanding that it would not go ahead without the unqualified support and help of the United States.
  90. Volodya was horribly ashamed and sorry for having spoken so thoughtlessly, and he muttered something and continued to listen in silence, when Dyadenko undertook, with the greatest zeal, to dispute it and to prove the contrary.
  91. I have been told a story of a gallant police officer, who came to a village where the peasants were in insurrection and the military had been called out, and he undertook to pacify the insurrection in the spirit of Nicholas I.
  92. But the man well knows that he sees quite well, and if he does not see what people promised to show him, he only concludes (as is quite just) that those who undertook to show him the spectacle have not fulfilled their engagement.
  93. I was told of an incident which happened with a brave rural judge who, upon arriving at a village where the peasants had been riotous and whither the army had been called out, undertook to settle the riot in the spirit of Nicholas I.
  94. The information will be based on what Roger observed when he left the boat and undertook the different excursions through the following cities of Juneau, Skagway, Haines and Ketchikan in Alaska, and Vancouver and Victoria in Canada.
  95. Although he backed off and undertook to ignore the arrogant swine, Michael took his unconditional release as license to repeatedly insult him publicly, a virus that spread through the criminal element, turning his job into a nightmare.
  96. While something in me, he went on, is acutely sensible to her charms, something else is as deeply impressed with her defects: they are such that she could sympathise in nothing I aspired to—co-operate in nothing I undertook.
  97. Mark Ivanovitch, who was an intelligent person, formally undertook Semyon Ivanovitch's defence, and declared in rather happy and flowery language that Prohartchin was an elderly and respectable man, who had long, long ago passed the age of romance.
  98. All of creation feared to bear this trust, and so they retreated from it: “…they refused to bear it for they feared it…” This was so, except for one category, which took an adventure and undertook to bear this Trust: “…Man bore it…”.
  99. He was so taken aback, that he quizzed me there and then on my chosen subject, and was obviously sufficiently impressed with my knowledge that he undertook to find a place for me at the start of the next term - without having to take any entrance exam.
  100. In the early days of his marriage it had seemed strange to him that his wife should expect him not to forget to procure all the things he undertook to buy, and he had been taken aback by her serious annoyance when on his first trip he forgot everything.

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1. Holmes, I cannot undertake to say.
2. I cannot undertake to say that he was.
3. I cannot undertake to say what happened.
4. And look here, I undertake all the silver.
5. Do not be in a hurry to undertake something.
6. You will be successful at all you undertake.
7. Ulysses does not undertake this journey alone.
8. He is now preparing to undertake another case.
9. Then why undertake this quest? She asked.
10. Choose the business that you want to undertake.
11. We understand the risks that you would undertake.
12. It is the knowledge of how he makes us undertake.
13. It is the noblest endeavor one could undertake.
14. Ancient Europe profited by it to undertake reforms.
15. This is the task I would like for you to undertake.
16. NOT undertake any action whatever without my express.
17. Sherlock Holmes to undertake the conduct of this case.
18. One would never undertake a journey without a porpoise.
19. Application to undertake the Mission to the United States.
20. What steps will you undertake to stay on a reality check?
21. You shall undertake this trip and visit Heidi in our stead.
22. Well, Captain, what the ancients hesitated to undertake, Mr.
23. Later, the monks went off to undertake those of the day’s.
24. Have pity on her, and I will undertake to arrange everything.
25. It is not for any man at this day to undertake to change them.
26. She told him that there was a great task for them to undertake.
27. You request each one to undertake an internal assessment of the.
28. They did not have the means to undertake such a colossal project.
29. No one else dared to undertake the assignment for fear of failure.
30. Why would the Vatican, Papacy, and their chief cohorts undertake.
31. Wait a bit, I'll undertake it myself, I'll arrange it all for you.
32. There really aren’t a lot of tools required to undertake fly tying.
33. Believe me, do not undertake that painful profession of an idle man.
34. I assured him that I could undertake the role without affecting the.
35. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom.
36. That is a thing I cannot undertake to explain, replied the prince.
37. So never think it a difficult task, but undertake it with the I Will.
38. For women without pierced belly buttons, there is no need to undertake.
39. Some private companies undertake an IPO, or a backdoor listing, with the.
40. If these people undertake to fight our battles, we ought to protect them.
41. Then only the highest bidders will be invited to undertake a limited due.
42. But these are not true action and Arjun is exhorted to undertake only the.
43. If you undertake this program in a responsible way, your parents will be.
44. When you undertake the human formulation of divine truth, it speedily dies.
45. She could undertake therefore to inform him of it, in the course of the day.
46. Was it possible to undertake something over there? Volodya argued hotly.
47. On the basis of this science one could undertake to prove anything one liked.
48. Yes, but what are we going to do? We have arranged to undertake a raid on.
49. Morally speaking, you should not have offered to undertake such an operation.
50. We have begun to undertake this type of research, both on a scientific and an.
51. Before they start to incur costs for this service, they should undertake some.
52. A firm that wants to undertake an IPO exit needs to build out the IPO profile.
53. That he would be unable to protect her and undertake his task at the same time.
54. Women have many steps that they must undertake in order to prepare for pregnancy.
55. I can tell a lot and I can undertake to produce documents that would mean Siberia.
56. Most psychology students undertake their project in the final year of their course.
57. These are required to condition your muscles for the resistance they will undertake.
58. Will you undertake to make sure the boy isn’t mollycoddled there? Ralph said.
59. Of course, she could undertake to teach others here in this cave, as Melchior had done.
60. Bruce, had, for some time, pressed me to undertake the editing of a Journal of Science.
61. I can't undertake to find third parties in common sense; I can only find it for myself.
62. And I cannot undertake submission, because such submission is contrary to my conscience.
63. And now I think that we are in a position to undertake a thorough examination of the room.
64. When you undertake tying your own flies, the most important tool you’ll need is a fly vise.
65. People had time to pause in their occupations to undertake the passing art of neighborliness.
66. He'll undertake to torture any number of cats, if their teeth be drawn and their claws pared.
67. Fanarin did not usually undertake this kind of business, but did it only to oblige Nekhludoff.
68. This knowledge could strengthen an individual's resolve to undertake the process of transition.
69. I realized at that moment that if I ever wanted to have her back, I needed to undertake action.
70. He’ll undertake to torture any number of cats, if their teeth be drawn and their claws pared.
71. Thus it becomes obvious why the Prophet (cpth) urged his followers to undertake this noble visit.
72. There are many different diets that people undertake depending upon their goals and requirements.
73. Undertake a pilgrimage to Bhuloka and attend the Ashram at Somanatha as you have in other Kalpas.
74. I can only imagine the pressure that he has to undertake every time that he accepts a new client.
75. He was the one apostle who did not seriously undertake to evaluate the popular outburst of acclaim.
76. Also it shows a need – and an ability – to undertake disciplined, rigorous daily health regimes.
77. It was a rather difficult proposition for a young mother to undertake, with two young children, but.
78. Dokhtúrov was unwilling to undertake any action, as it was not clear to him now what he ought to do.
79. It gave the Great Old Ones the motivation to undertake a vast experiment they had long been planning.
80. Whether an alteration could or could not be made without their consent, he would not undertake to say.
81. Alternate higher energy bodies undertake cognitive processes corresponding to the left and right brains.
82. He’d recently confessed to me that he’d had to undertake a round of cost-cutting back in the spring.
83. Our technology would have to undertake a starship project to build as dense a population center as this.
84. If you undertake this program in a responsible way, your parents will be impressed rather than worried!.
85. He loved this man, and the tender act he was about to undertake was as heavy as anything he’d ever done.
86. She looked at the app on her phone to remind herself of the job she was about to undertake at Broken Hill.
87. It had also agreed to help Hilderich on the quest he had vowed to undertake, since as it had said itself:.
88. It has been so suddenly suggested, however, that I would not undertake to decide positively on the subject.
89. Besides it appeared very unlikely to me that he could get Europa to undertake such a crusade for us to join.
90. Each one of them must undertake a battle to exterminate them within themselves, with Athena and Zeus’ help.
91. I undertake to support both branches of this position to the satisfaction of the people of these United States.
92. Most daunting, he would have to undertake the thousand-mile journey from Florence across Europe to Kingsbridge.
93. If we all did what we undertake to do, as faithfully as Herbert did, we might live in a Republic of the Virtues.
94. In most cases, though, companies will lack enough cash or borrowing power to undertake meaningful buy-in programs.
95. They become certain of His Satisfaction with them because they undertake this divinely prescribed course of action.
96. From these principles what desertions have we not witnessed? Will you have a list of them? I shall not undertake it.
97. Without her I would never have been able to undertake the project of glorious concordance and Secondary Beauty.
98. They undertake to regulate and restrain free enterprise by government interference with business and by labor unionism.
99. He said it was strange that, not having the power delegated to us to tax exports, we should undertake to prohibit them.
100. Five of the six remaining Great Sages (Adapa, Al’Alim, Bilal, Cadell, and Calum) undertake to find and destroy Gadiel.

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