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    1. Encourage her to evaluate options when solving a

    2. It is important to carefully evaluate your relationship but you should also remember that in doing this you run the risk that you will be interpreting the relationship in a way that is different from your girlfriend

    3. the 1940s to evaluate muscle strength and assess the

    4. “You want to hang out here and evaluate,” I asked

    5. Klarrain will probably feel it is too intrusive to evaluate it since he knows and respects the man, but to someone who has never met him, in the name of science and all… He'll fly the vial here

    6. inbox that will help you evaluate or re-evaluate where you're at in life

    7. It is important to evaluate the current diet that you eat before you embark on a

    8. He got a chance to evaluate how unhappy

    9. Evaluate what these experts offer and decide for yourself whether or not they can help you go further and realize your dreams

    10. ‘Overseer 7’s primary function is to observe and evaluate

    11. In our quest to evaluate the Bible as we know it today, according to the scientific method to see what conclusions we can draw, we will firstly start with the New Testament and see what it offers in respect of design

    12. The first activity that the user will then undertake is to evaluate the matrix by looking at the letters vertically above and below the search term

    13. It also removes the necessity for people to evaluate subjects objectively and to ask the important questions

    14. Is the information that is presented to you based on facts that can be proven as 100% true - leaving no doubt in your mind when you evaluate the claims? Do these arguments have missing pieces that do not fit the claims that are made, or is there evidence that would go against them? If this is the case, the claims are false and not based on facts

    15. If you are honest with yourself, it is necessary to ask these questions when you have to face new ideas or views, and constantly evaluate those ideas and theories that have been with us for many years (as our ability to properly evaluate them improves over time)

    16. There is something radically wrong with the ways our mainstream historians evaluate presidential performance

    17. Should history one day shed its political bias and evaluate Nixon‘s career objectively, he will be remembered as one of the twentieth century‘s most influential Statesmen but certainly not one of its more memorable Presidents

    18. Strive to help others evaluate things in such a way that they feel productive and happy, no matter what is going on “out there”

    19. When you evaluate something, you ask and answer questions about it

    20. Become conscious of the type of questions that you ask to evaluate any given event

    21. Imagine the circus if every newspaper in the world had front-page pictures of a modern-day crucifixion carried out by people supported by American tax dollars? So, I was ordered to join him on a mission to evaluate the situation and most unfortunately, I had to report that he didn’t measure up so it was decided to pull him out of the game

    22. This scheme would give the brass a chance to evaluate Smith-Barry’s methods, with a whole wing of pilots trained in a consistent fashion to newer, higher standards

    23. His eyes locked on mine to evaluate my response to his opening shot

    24. Now it's vital that you evaluate the criticism that has been given

    25. The EPA will certainly evaluate those

    26. protection of plants and animals should be left up to the states who can evaluate the effect on citizens of the state and protect people first and critters, bugs, plants and animals in proper order rather than have

    27. Especially should that be considered a problem when we evaluate the countries that have that oil

    28. evaluate it) Chile started deducting 10% of each employees pay and investing it in a private system

    29. joined and evaluate whether we should continue in them

    30. evaluate it based on its actions

    31. station and started to self evaluate his situation: Here he was, back in

    32. 1 To evaluate the process

    33. 2 To evaluate the result

    34. 2 To evaluate the impact

    35. That is possible because the new systematics is technologically prepared to register and to evaluate in real time

    36. When we engage in conversation with others, we do not have to evaluate their intentions, because they are transparent

    37. The evaluation phase allows the customer to evaluate the output of the project

    38. Evaluate and negotiate with yourself as objectively as possible

    39. He was dressed in casual attire, like he always was when he was going to evaluate someone and did not want to let on

    40. This is a specific point, where organization and client may be interested to look back at the project progress, evaluate and plan/re-plan for future course

    41. Configuration Control Board: This is team of identified members who has the authority to evaluate any new change proposal (request) and decide on approval or rejection

    42. Change Requests: This is of two types, one coming from client and could be mainly on scope of work related changes (addition/modification/etc) and another one coming from internally, this could be either change in scope/product/service which we want to evaluate and apply along with client or change in internal documents as part of development

    43. In this process they also evaluate the resources they have to provide such services

    44. The objective of technical reviews it to evaluate conformance to specifications and plans, also to ensure integrity

    45. 2 Objectively Evaluate Work Products and Services

    46. Criteria to evaluate decision(it will vary based on the context)

    47. How is it possible to evaluate the next Armageddon scenario splashed across the media and boomed through the ether that is presented as “scientifically” proven? How are valid scientific findings based on scientific principles to be distinguished from reports that arise from special interests or unscrupulous pursuit of fame and fortune?

    48. But neuroscience says we may not look into that question, that advances in science are beyond the competence of laypersons to evaluate or judge

    49. others; that one can evaluate another and that the progress of

    50. and evaluate how you can responsibly integrate them into your life

    1. Since all souls personifications had to be evaluated to supply the eyestream of the first, Bahkmar was forced to drop the eye-stream by another clock, and when it gets two clocks behind, souls begin to notice that the universe they see and the universe they feel are out of phase

    2. For the last week we have evaluated who we are

    3. presume that all things may be observed and evaluated? Discover what is

    4. "You said these universes are self-unfolding, which I would imagine means that the fractals which define the decorated skeleton aren't evaluated until someone looks in that direction

    5. consequences in a society that evaluated itself at

    6. and the world re evaluated its position in

    7. Venus evaluated her grandson carefully

    8. Silence was a thick blanket on the room as Cupid evaluated Mars

    9. Hans crossed his arms as he evaluated the map

    10. evaluated by eye witnesses to the epistles’ apostolic

    11. I stepped back and evaluated Johnny’s strengths, and his own personal journey

    12. a few years earlier raising constitutional questions whether or not an individual could be kept in a psychiatric institution against his or her own free will even if that individual had undergone a thorough psychiatric evaluation and had been evaluated incompetent to make decisions on his or her own behalf

    13. Constitution and so should be evaluated concerning how appropriate all of these agencies are

    14. The process is evaluated according to the executed activities and the results through the reached objectives

    15. Therefore, as much the XUSING Project as Bank3Sector and all the nonprofit agreed organizations are evaluated through its Usuarist Projects that contain the tasks with its defined goals for each one of them

    16. We think for his sake he should be evaluated

    17. The expression is evaluated; if it is true (that is, if expression has a nonzero value or condition satisfy),

    18. As required by the change, the components may be tested or evaluated with other methods

    19. Risks and their actions are evaluated on frequent basis (weekly/bi weekly) and the effectiveness of actions and trend of the risks are monitored

    20. On developing the architecture there could be multiple options on selection of components or designing the layers itself, in such cases the alternates has to be captured and final decision to be derived based on formally evaluated benefits

    21. The EPA investigated the matter, evaluated the evidence, and its scientists could find no indication that DDT was harmful to humans

    22. All need to be evaluated and decisions made regarding ‘value / necessity and size’, if needed at all

    23. When a facility is constructed and operating it can be evaluated and made to comply with the laws

    24. evaluated as a learning process

    25. The only conceivable reason that PSL could have lost (with fatal results to the lab'’s continued viability) would have been because PSL lost "fair and square" after being evaluated in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Request for Proposals

    26. Empiricism evades ontological uncertainty in that it makes no claims on the existence of objects, but rather, empirical claims are always claims that one has evaluated a space as occupied and not that one has identified a particular object as existent

    27. sider this arbitrary collection itself an evaluated occupant of the element-wise space as a whole

    28. state – I’ve been evaluated many times over the years

    29. act of the abandonment is evaluated as "dismissed into freedom― and the eyes are closed

    30. Each addictive substance and type of gambling carries different risks, and the risks of each activity must be individually evaluated and applied to its licensing procedures

    31. Whether it was a dollar-a-holler radio station in a broadcast group, the huge P&G Corporation, a small college or a major university, Park examined and evaluated its operating statement and balance sheet with equal intensity and thoroughness

    32. And as soon as the decorating is done, I’d like all of The Atoning to gather here so that they can be evaluated by Ria for their military skills, and assigned some training

    33. “Might I suggest that we be evaluated by Ria just before supper, as we have already planned to gather here then?” Sheramiv asked

    34. Even more surprising, when the tested children were evaluated again as they were finishing High School, those who had waited patiently at four were far superior as students to those who had acted on whim

    35. Once your doctor has evaluated the problem through questions and answers, he or she may decide that your child’s age and medical history indicate no cause for concern and that waiting is the best solution

    36. He sat quietly as Hamish outlined the whole laboratory operation in a brief précis and explained why it was so important not to interfere in the process until it had been evaluated by other scientists

    37. by the FDA and are therefore not evaluated for their safety and effectiveness

    38. “The committee will recommend to the Government of the day that the facilities and research activities being undertaken on Lawrence Island will be continued under strict government control until such time as the whole process has been evaluated and the government is in a position to make a fully informed decision as to its future

    39. She's in the Fields of Asphodel, standing before the judges right now, being evaluated

    40. whereby certain characteristics are evaluated adversely

    41. Every machine should be evaluated for its effect on the society

    42. been considered and have been thoroughly evaluated based

    43. What can be evaluated?

    44. Database, where proposals are evaluated for technical,

    45. Caveat: These are general guidelines and each situation should be evaluated individually

    46. A number of screening tools have been evaluated and shown to be effective in identifying victims of intimate partner violence (IPV)

    47. difficulty of being defined and evaluated on the basis of appearance

    48. positively evaluated one time, she may be negatively evaluated the next time or, as in

    49. evaluated; (3} that this physicalness is evaluated first and primarily by individual men or by the masculinist context as mediated by significant others; (4} that what is deemed pleasurable tomen is often not pleasurable to women, but harmful, dangerous, or

    50. Diane hopes that she wL11then be evaluated on her professional

    1. Also, it evaluates the maintenance of the quality of the utilized materials and rendered services, as well as if the waste, use of the physical money and unproductive resource are being eliminated

    2. following if evaluates to true (satisfy)

    3. It does nothing when the expression evaluates to false (dissatisfy)

    4. we execute one group of statements if the expression evaluates to true and another group of statements if the

    5. could be an integer constant like 1, 2 or 3, or an expression that evaluates to an integer

    6. I am that which evaluates and forms occupancy

    7. Javier Torrez, surgical business manager at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia, California, works with vendors of surgical supplies and evaluates products from sutures to heart lung machines

    8. evaluates a threat for validity, it

    9. coachee evaluates as getting to the heart of things

    10. judges and evaluates this image he has of himself as a bore and

    11. evaluates all aspects of the economic viability of your online (or offline) business

    12. The commander in Muang Phin evaluates the Vietminh force attacking him at over 5,000 men, nine times his own force

    13. It evaluates the borrower’s ability to pay mortgage

    14. The team then evaluates the feedback paying special attention to prices, timing and quality of the building work offered

    15. x9, so that the formula evaluates to TRUE?

    16. 3SAT: is a boolean formula in 3CNF has a feasible assignment of inputs so that it evaluates to TRUE?

    17. Returns one value if the specified condition evaluates to TRUE

    18. and another value if it evaluates to FALSE

    19. So, each of you always evaluates the qualitative state of the creative dynamics of each of conglomerates of UU-VVU-copies only in your own fashion, subjectively

    20. but this doesn't take into account other factors, like how one evaluates quality, and the time

    21. It also evaluates the inner strength of a seeker and rectifies the inherent flaws of his resolve

    22. Karma is the concept within the system of reincarnation that evaluates and dictates when and how you will die, and to what you will return to earth as

    23. Jaffa ten years older evaluates with a satisfied expression that farming rules

    24. Sammy passes through a group of aliens and ironically evaluates them with his eyes

    25. 5 and can be a character literal or character variable that evaluates to one of the defined intervals

    26. paradigm evaluates whether the pairing of one specific context with a drug produces

    27. Reinstatement testing evaluates the ability of different factors to induce rein-

    28. If a trader evaluates an American option using an incorrect volatility, an incorrect interest rate, or an incorrect underlying price, the fact that he derives his values from an American rather than a European model is likely to make little difference

    29. The model sees one volatility and evaluates options accordingly

    30. An alternative approach evaluates stocks using a value metric based on valuation ratios, while a distinct growth dimension is based on past multi-year growth or profitability measures (so that, in this configuration, “growth” is not the opposite of “value”)

    31. Suppose that functional Φ evaluates the profitability of potential trades for N instruments

    32. The asymmetry coefficient (described in Chapter 3, “Risk Management”) evaluates the extent of asymmetry of the option combination relative to the current underlying asset price

    33. The market evaluates options, which is reflected in their demand and supply prices

    1. Practice this: examining and evaluating your past with an emotional

    2. If you are sitting under a tree with someone else, then it means that you are evaluating the relationship

    3. We need to ensure that we have a fundamental understanding of what “design” is and how we recognise the presence of “design” in a subject we are evaluating and that we can, as a result, consider the subject objectively before we continue

    4. evaluating each individual, seeing in those faces things Imbrahim couldn’t

    5. Crouching as low as my stiff legs would allow me, I crept from tree to tree evaluating Devil’s defenses

    6. Kay settled into place, her eyes seeking, evaluating, watching for the slightest indication of what was going on

    7. He spent time at the Natural Bridge evaluating the droplets

    8. The Institute of Evaluating Health Risks “found no

    9. - They are merely evaluating the selection of potential cerias! he said

    10. He stood next to his vehicle, evaluating her stance and his approach

    11. The following Mindfulness Monitor is a tool to help develop more present moment awareness without constantly judging or evaluating one's own thoughts

    12. The Institute of Evaluating Health Risks ―found no association between actual exposure to PCB‘s and death from cancer or any other disease

    13. the mundane task of evaluating his staff

    14. judging or evaluating process, although guided by the space, is also influenced by things outside of that space

    15. This means evaluating openly, freely and honestly where things are at today for your finances and household

    16. She peered at him, and at Starret, evaluating them

    17. learn as a basis for evaluating whether or not the treatment

    18. He hadn't yet decided how he wanted to handle this situation, he wanted to distance himself from her before evaluating how far he could trust her

    19. Neither style nor length is important parameters for evaluating a speech


    21. The conscious mind does the thinking, planning, evaluating

    22. The money provides a handy means of evaluating the commodities and

    23. evaluating context has changed; women and men may behave in these ways without

    24. important factors in evaluating the importance of a web page

    25. “Stellar Interstellar is evaluating the purchase of several hundred freighters from Valiant Industries based on the design of the P A F warship you destroyed

    26. importance of closely evaluating what the critic has said

    27. evaluating even the very facial expressions that she was showing

    28. Evaluating the session

    29. We have found that executives who are skilled at evaluating

    30. There was tangible electricity in the air as Ambrosius entered the trading floor, eyes flickering microprocessor glances at him, evaluating and assessing this peculiar new component

    31. pediatrician because he or she is physically evaluating the progress of

    32. This is quite frustrating to a student, and it may indicate that the teacher needs more effort in constructing a meaningful evaluating device

    33. Whitfield was not surprised by that, as he had asked them to report to him as soon as they were finished evaluating Laplante

    34. office then brought in the Chief Electrician who was also in charge of evaluating new

    35. research paper by evaluating the methods,

    36. Now the industry is evaluating the best practices and business models

    37. first evaluating operating income as a function of sales, and secondly, by choosing the

    38. evaluating the firm through its long-term capital obligations because the success of the

    39. The standard method for evaluating short-term debt is in the context of cash-flow

    40. Anyway, Jereriah’s interest in this new-found Gospel intrigued him in every way, hitting home on many of the questions and answers that the past so many years of evaluating, created


    42. The following sections are going to discuss evaluating the size and stability of

    43. It proceeds by evaluating the probability of default with the existing

    44. evaluating future income in terms of present dollars which involves “exponentiating” the

    45. that can be used as a benchmark when evaluating the cost of equity

    46. on the basis of a leverage state without doing prior research, and evaluating the context of

    47. Her assassination of Roy’s character to those of us who know him and some founding team members who have almost two years experience of working and evaluating his situation, are appalled

    48. used by banks, merchants, suppliers and the like in evaluating a

    49. He wasn’t done evaluating his own sturdy form

    50. Exaltation: In a traditional method of evaluating the strength of planets in various zodiac signs, e xaltation is the sign where a planet is supposedly at its best, including Venus in the sign Pisces, Mars in the sign Capricorn, and the Moon in Taurus

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