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Frasi con evaluate (in inglese)

  1. Evaluate how the diet works.
  2. He wanted me to evaluate her.
  3. He tried to evaluate what gifts.
  5. I paused to evaluate the experience.

  6. You must evaluate your position and.
  7. Evaluate all business ideas by this.
  8. The EPA will certainly evaluate those.
  9. The first step is to evaluate the market.
  10. He got a chance to evaluate how unhappy.
  11. I then tried to evaluate what my fear was.
  12. In order to preclude abuse, and evaluate.
  13. Again, she paused to evaluate her position.
  14. But we can evaluate it by going through it.
  15. The bank would evaluate al stock and bond.

  16. We’ll have to evaluate her psychologically.
  17. You can also evaluate degrees of profitability.
  18. There are several ways to evaluate its success.
  19. Suppose we evaluate the quality of two particles.
  20. Evaluate the strength of your Tensile of Hope:.
  21. Fundamental trading is more difficult to evaluate.
  22. Otherwise, it is impossible to evaluate the poems.
  23. It is best to evaluate a management team over time.
  24. Carefully evaluate the additional premium cost vs.
  25. Encourage her to evaluate options when solving a.

  26. How To Evaluate Health Information on the Internet.
  27. Look for similar elements in businesses you evaluate.
  28. They were all sent to us to evaluate and write about.
  29. E Evaluate -Carefully assess all the forward options.
  30. You want to hang out here and evaluate, I asked.
  31. Successful man should evaluate the person around him.
  32. Your first duty should be to evaluate the situation:.
  33. Evaluate the features of the list you’ve just made.
  34. Compare the three sets of Conditions and evaluate them.
  35. However, only three studies have been done to evaluate.
  36. We should also evaluate our own strengths and weaknesses.
  37. We evaluate how we are doing through the spiritual fruit.
  38. To evaluate such combinations the numerator of formula 2.
  39. In these situations, the LIfe Coach needs to re evaluate.
  40. You should periodically evaluate the performance of your.
  41. Evaluate the Business’s Relationship with Its Suppliers.
  42. Isaac awaited her return so he could evaluate her injuries.
  43. Go still, evaluate the situation, and try to ID the sniper.
  44. We, as students, were supposed to evaluate and analyze the.
  45. Machines cannot measure, classify, nor evaluate themselves.
  46. My job is to evaluate the ship and draw up a refit estimate.
  47. He wishes to evaluate whatever coin we give them in payment.
  48. I'm one of the persons hired to evaluate and help Brandon.
  49. Morality concerns the folkways and mores whereby we evaluate.
  50. Correctly evaluate the current state of wildlife affairs; and.
  51. Man should not evaluate his capacity with physical attributes.
  52. How do the Chinese Christians evaluate American Christianity?
  53. Evaluate and negotiate with yourself as objectively as possible.
  54. Philipp didn’t know how to evaluate what he had just heard and.
  55. We can evaluate how we are doing through the fruit of the spirit.
  56. Criteria to evaluate decision(it will vary based on the context).
  57. However, the most recent study, which was the first to evaluate.
  58. Now it's vital that you evaluate the criticism that has been given.
  59. Most Know-it-Alls have a set of criteria they use to evaluate an.
  60. If you want to evaluate how good or evil human undead entities are.
  61. When you evaluate something, you ask and answer questions about it.
  62. There are several principles that God will use to evaluate our lives.
  63. His eyes locked on mine to evaluate my response to his opening shot.
  64. How would you evaluate this business if you were to become its CEO?
  65. The next step in finding a good niche is to evaluate the competition.
  66. Evaluate them as a class… what is their effect on the rest of us?
  67. We are moving it to someplace safe where we can evaluate the damage.
  68. I continually evaluate threats to the ship, its cargo and personnel.
  69. Juliana continued to evaluate the pages of the illustrated manuscript.
  70. The more difficult patents to evaluate are those based on technology.
  71. To do so, you need to first understand how to evaluate the situations.
  72. The same principle is true for social conditions: try to evaluate, how.
  73. The best way to evaluate how bad your case might be is to examine your.
  74. This value will be used further to evaluate the criteria effectiveness.
  75. Fifth, our ability to evaluate people is affected by the company we keep.
  76. Green used this lesson to evaluate a new CEO of one of his core holdings.
  77. So we could short cut what might have taken weeks and months to evaluate.
  78. I, uhm, I have tests that I can use to evaluate for root blight and such.
  79. I suggest that we send the Fourth and a team of engineers to evaluate it.
  80. We also recommend that you give this system 90 days to fully evaluate its.
  81. The best way to know where to sell your goods is to evaluate auction sites.
  82. All He's going to do is evaluate whether there's anything worth rewarding.
  83. It is difficult to evaluate their recommendations of individual securities.
  84. Without any knowledge of Biblical Hebrew grammar to help me evaluate the.
  85. There are seven ways to evaluate whether an acquisition has been successful.
  86. And did you evaluate Brian Carter for presentation in this court case?
  87. In fact, this likelihood is impossible to evaluate in terms of probability.
  88. His best known tenet was to evaluate a company’s long-term prospects by.
  89. One cannot evaluate ‘not red’ without traveling through ‘red’ first.
  90. Evaluate in the light of God’s Word and the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
  91. An only slightly more complex formulation is used to evaluate money managers.
  92. As an investor, you need to evaluate how these risks may affect the business.
  93. Evaluate the risks involved, and understand that by putting the odds on your.
  94. Be certain to consider location and context as you evaluate supply and demand.
  95. First, they have not been around for very long, so it is hard to evaluate them.
  96. The walked slowly so that Juliana could evaluate her feelings as they went along.
  97. You often have minutes or seconds to evaluate a market and make a snap decision.
  98. Females, then, help one another create these effects and evaluate one another's.
  99. To judge is to evaluate some situation or behaviour by some criteria or standard.
  100. The evaluation phase allows the customer to evaluate the output of the project.
  1. For this reason, evaluating the evidence.
  3. Evaluating overall volatility is not enough.
  4. This provided ross with a way of evaluating.
  5. He wasn’t done evaluating his own sturdy form.
  6. The boy with the gun was circling, evaluating her.
  7. She peered at him, and at Starret, evaluating them.
  8. Evaluating the features of the five major indexes.
  9. The Institute of Evaluating Health Risks found no.
  10. The conscious mind does the thinking, planning, evaluating.
  11. Phosphatidylserine in studies evaluating cognitive function.
  12. Taxes may also be a factor in evaluating an option strategy.
  13. We have found that executives who are skilled at evaluating.
  14. He spent time at the Natural Bridge evaluating the droplets.
  15. The buyer will be interested in evaluating three aspects of the.
  16. What should be the first read when evaluating a candle pattern?
  17. The hyena/lion metaphor is a powerful tool for evaluating managers.
  18. Understand How Inflation Affects the Business You’re Evaluating.
  19. I would not worry, Kitara said, evaluating the other players.
  20. Evaluating the Strengths and Weaknesses of a Business and Industry.
  21. Evaluating the risks of that leverage is part of security analysis.
  22. Debt is critical in evaluating a company, as you should know by now.
  23. The money provides a handy means of evaluating the commodities and.
  25. When evaluating risks it helps to think like an insurance underwriter.
  26. Practice this: examining and evaluating your past with an emotional.
  27. He stood next to his vehicle, evaluating her stance and his approach.
  28. Now the industry is evaluating the best practices and business models.
  29. The sole study evaluating efficacy in smokers showed a statistically.
  30. This allows evaluating portfolio sensitivity to relative index changes.
  31. It proceeds by evaluating the probability of default with the existing.
  32. But suppose that we are interested in evaluating very long-term options.
  33. This is self evaluating process that gives the valuation to self identity.
  34. Neither style nor length is important parameters for evaluating a speech.
  35. Negatively, biases can hinder us from evaluating a situation objectively.
  36. Without evaluating her brain function at that time, we can’t know if Ms.
  37. If you are evaluating a business, such as a fashion or online retailer (e.
  38. Lastly, hedging cost needs to be considered when evaluating historical data.
  39. It could also be possible that he starts evaluating himself in negative terms.
  40. The following sections are going to discuss evaluating the size and stability of.
  41. It was from the process of evaluating these expected payments that trouble arose.
  42. The standard method for evaluating short-term debt is in the context of cash-flow.
  43. I readjusted myself on the branch while evaluating the situation through my senses.
  44. This is why you need to walk through step one before evaluating implied volatility.
  45. Monte Carlo methods provide a useful framework for evaluating different strategies.
  46. A business person is constantly evaluating the risks and probabilities of those risks.
  47. Therefore both indicators should be used when evaluating the criterion effectiveness.
  48. Right and wrong are concepts that have no place in evaluating investment performance.
  49. Trading is about controlling your risk/reward and constantly evaluating your positions.
  50. The horse is watching you and evaluating your abilities to make smart decisions on his.
  51. He studied her silently, his gaze taking in every point of her expression worth evaluating.
  52. All these can offer a glimpse into the social priorities of the manager you are evaluating.
  53. The plan came to me in an instant, and rather than questioning it, evaluating it, I ran with it.
  54. By drawing from the involuntary natural evidence within and around about us, and evaluating the.
  55. This means that any volatility error will be greatly magnified when evaluating a long-term option.
  56. The second factor to consider in evaluating the quality of assets of a going concern is its operations.
  57. Crouching as low as my stiff legs would allow me, I crept from tree to tree evaluating Devil’s defenses.
  58. There is a service that I use that has spent extensive time evaluating and testing thousands of Safelists.
  59. If you are sitting under a tree with someone else, then it means that you are evaluating the relationship.
  60. Let’s start surveying civilized principles by evaluating what lawfulness means and what would constitute.
  61. This means evaluating openly, freely and honestly where things are at today for your finances and household.
  62. A method of evaluating securities and attempting to anticipate future stock prices based on price and volume.
  63. What am I observing?� The highest form of human intelligence is the ability to observe without evaluating.
  64. Evaluating and taking corrective steps to improve your body's condition will improve your scores on the course.
  65. It’s certainly important to be monitoring your positions closely and evaluating the chart action at all times.
  66. Then you no longer spend enough time evaluating your situation, or what you are doing, or why you are doing it.
  67. The bodies take priority over the tails for the first read when evaluating and interpreting the candle message.
  68. Kay settled into place, her eyes seeking, evaluating, watching for the slightest indication of what was going on.
  69. You want to know if the manager you are evaluating will follow the right path when faced with adverse scenarios.
  70. As long as you do not start comparing and evaluating and asking questions… or doubting conventional assumptions.
  71. Cindy scrunched up her eyes in an evaluating sort of way, then turned around and rolled up a sleeve of her T-shirt.
  72. The focus on gains and losses rather than on overall wealth is consistent with evaluating each gamble in isolation.
  73. The real bodies take priority over the tails for the first read when evaluating and interpreting the candle message.
  74. At the same time evaluating such a great amount of variants, we expect to select at least about 50 best alternatives.
  75. Hopefully, you now have a clearer idea of how to find auction sites and what to look for when you are evaluating them.
  76. The fifth major phase of the implementation process is evaluating the results of the efforts in the first four phases.
  77. I glanced over at Courtney who was frantically taking down notes and evaluating them, a frown of concern on her face.
  78. Its basic idea is also rather ordinary and, being nonformalized, is frequently used in evaluating option combinations.
  79. There is a double standard when it comes to the evaluation of humans, and evaluating anything outside the human domain.
  80. Unlike the Williams approach to evaluating common stock, the Modigliani and Miller assumptions seem utterly unrealistic.
  81. This feature is described in detail here, and it must also be taken into account when evaluating criteria effectiveness.
  82. By evaluating how the different contract months are priced, you can spot the best month to buy or sell at any given time.
  83. It reveals a history and pattern that is extremely relevant in evaluating what sort of Officer Garcia is, or would be.
  84. He also examined the the debris of the destroyed Gorn ships evaluating the damaged he had caused, re-enacting the battle.
  85. When you are evaluating hubs, being aware of just how many hub ports are available for workstation connections is important.
  86. Whitfield was not surprised by that, as he had asked them to report to him as soon as they were finished evaluating Laplante.
  87. When evaluating a program, you should check the recommended daily allowances for all nutrients and ensure they will be provided.
  88. When you’re evaluating a fund, the only way to really gauge it is by looking at its track record for the last ten years or more.
  89. He allowed his mind to drift across the events of the last twenty-four hours, almost distractedly analysing, dissecting, evaluating.
  90. We propose the following approach to profit expression when evaluating the effectiveness of the main criteria described in Chapter 2.
  91. But this is true only if the underlying price is equal to the forward price, as it is assumed to be when evaluating options on futures.
  92. When evaluating NICs, you must take into account both the resource requirements of the NIC and the resources available on the computer.
  93. You are measuring your movement by measuring where you are… to where you once were… You are comparing and evaluating your movement.
  94. Another consideration when evaluating the quality of a reversal pattern is whether it is forming at a former support or resistance area.
  95. Alternatively, if we are interested in evaluating 3-month options, we can give the greatest weight to the 12-week historical volatility.
  96. Part of the process of evaluating and selecting a protocol involves examining the cable types and their suitability for your network site.
  97. As a result, you don’t have to consider the protocols running at the network layer and above at all when evaluating or installing bridges.
  98. It’s fine to rely on your parents for advice, and your friends and the Internet are always there to help with evaluating investments, too.
  99. The handout also refers to this quote from the cassette: The highest form of human intelligence is the ability to observe without evaluating.
  100. This is quite frustrating to a student, and it may indicate that the teacher needs more effort in constructing a meaningful evaluating device.
  1. Venus evaluated her grandson carefully.
  2. They evaluated targets across the middle.
  3. It is never evaluated morally or ethically.
  4. Hans crossed his arms as he evaluated the map.
  5. We think for his sake he should be evaluated.
  6. For the last week we have evaluated who we are.
  7. Your desire and motivations should be evaluated.
  8. The source of income is evaluated for its amount.
  9. Alexandra had an odd feeling she was being evaluated.
  10. And the remaining when I have evaluated whether.
  11. He maneuvered over to her and evaluated her condition.
  12. Snatching the envelope off the table, he evaluated the U.
  13. Not only are stocks evaluated by their potential streams.
  14. First, skills and interests should be evaluated personally.
  15. The system evaluated its experiences and learned from them.
  16. Imagine that an initial set is evaluated with two criteria.
  17. She had evaluated his mood in a second and she was content.
  18. A sample of nonrespondents should be contacted and evaluated.
  19. They have not been systematically evaluated as cold remedies.
  20. Stock market investment cannot be correctly evaluated over a.
  21. I think, much to his credit, he evaluated his work correctly.
  22. And since, win or loose, your performance was evaluated, the.
  23. Silence was a thick blanket on the room as Cupid evaluated Mars.
  24. I evaluated this deteriorating fundamental, and sold the stock.
  25. Every machine should be evaluated for its effect on the society.
  26. Diane hopes that she wL11then be evaluated on her professional.
  27. Fred has not properly evaluated his treatment options - Mary has.
  28. Such observations are best evaluated by the methods of Section 8.
  29. But all options are evaluated using one and the same forward price.
  30. All above-average salaries should be evaluated for labor intensity.
  31. No research has evaluated the effectiveness of DL-phenylalanine, a.
  32. The efficacy of this diet has not been evaluated in clinical trials.
  33. People weren’t just being evaluated for their potential weaknesses.
  34. Each piece of property was to be evaluated and its lease value defined.
  35. Even more surprising, when the tested children were evaluated again as.
  36. Nancy clenched her jaws together as she mentally evaluated the situation.
  37. Proposed changes should be evaluated for their impact on the whole system.
  38. In my case, that would have meant being evaluated in the intelligence area.
  39. She evaluated their number at over 1,200, at least for those she could see.
  40. There is a set of option combinations evaluated using a number of criteria.
  41. In fact, men are not typically evaluated at all on many of these dimensions.
  42. I really think you and your family should consider getting Diane D evaluated.
  43. When threats to school personnel are received, they are evaluated by degree.
  44. Undine disappeared into the Ready Room and the Bridge staff quietly evaluated.
  45. The role of the endocannabinoid system on hedonic activity has been evaluated.
  46. When rationally evaluated, the benefit of war must outweigh the losses of war.
  47. Besides the time value of money, debt is evaluated by comparison to other firms.
  48. I stepped back and evaluated Johnny’s strengths, and his own personal journey.
  49. In my case, that would have meant being evaluated in the intelligence area.
  50. That physicalness is commented upon and/or evaluated by men who are important in.
  51. This root dynamic must be looked at, studied, evaluated, compared and questioned.
  52. Therefore, futures prices must often be evaluated independent of the index price.
  53. Only one trial has evaluated another form of glucosamine as a single remedy for OA.
  54. On October 19, 2011, you evaluated the January contract month for a possible condor.
  55. Pearl # 3: Patients with Decreased GFR or Proteinuria Need to be Evaluated for the.
  56. Elderly people with ARCD should be evaluated by a healthcare professional to see if.
  57. Other trials have evaluated Daflon, a product containing the food-derived flavonoids.
  58. It establishes quantitative and qualitative objectives and how they will be evaluated.
  59. Christ to have our Christian works evaluated by our King immediately after the Rapture.
  60. Assuming that the trader has accurately evaluated the spread, how will he make this $2.
  61. A systematic review of 20 years of research evaluated the association between dietary.
  62. She's in the Fields of Asphodel, standing before the judges right now, being evaluated.
  63. This is based on traditional herbal prescribing and has not been evaluated in clinical.
  64. Now you are evaluated by the conversations that you are in, the conversations that you.
  65. We have yet to establish its relevance to a drug that has not been completely evaluated.
  66. As required by the change, the components may be tested or evaluated with other methods.
  67. Caveat: These are general guidelines and each situation should be evaluated individually.
  68. Carmen evaluated her before crossing over to the counter and retrieving her own wineglass.
  69. Options on stock index futures are evaluated in the same way as any other futures option.
  70. These business deals are not glamorous but are very typical, and need to be evaluated for.
  71. Constitution and so should be evaluated concerning how appropriate all of these agencies are.
  72. Option combinations were created and evaluated using the same method as in the previous study.
  73. The cost of upgrades should be evaluated if they aren’t covered in the maintenance contract.
  74. In the end, the features and benefits of every solution have to be evaluated in terms of price.
  75. In this case, low criterion values indicate higher profitability of the evaluated combination.
  76. Deals and settlements are evaluated by comparison with others; there is no absolute measurement.
  77. Until all safety issues have been evaluated, experts strongly recommend against use of Creatine.
  78. When a facility is constructed and operating it can be evaluated and made to comply with the laws.
  79. I would like first to have the value of my two chests and of my jewel box evaluated with precision.
  80. These 10 combinations are evaluated using a certain criterion, and three best variants are selected.
  81. Well since that was several years ago, maybe Diane D’s state of mind needs to be evaluated again.
  82. An option model is only someone’s idea of how an option might be evaluated under certain conditions.
  83. All need to be evaluated and decisions made regarding ‘value / necessity and size’, if needed at all.
  84. Still, we’ve seen the blue prints for the prison you provided, and evaluated your plan, Ringo said.
  85. She constantly evaluated potential new customers and maintained relationships with the existing customers.
  86. The Prophet (cpth) says: Works are evaluated according to intents, and everyone receives what he designs.
  87. Well, if mankind in its majority is evaluated as a spiritually progressing society, then it is preserved.
  88. The process is evaluated according to the executed activities and the results through the reached objectives.
  89. With cold sweat running down his forehead, he quickly evaluated his options as the two marshals fixed him coldly.
  90. Make certain the client knows that his or her level of progress will be evaluated on a consistent and regular basis.
  91. For this reason, chronic nasal congestion lasting three months or more should be evaluated by a medical professional.
  92. Each issue and candidate must be evaluated independently on their own merit, without the mask of political machinery.
  93. Like a medieval monk, you have analyzed every word, dissected every sentence, evaluated every statement for loopholes.
  94. Exchange-traded options on bond and note futures are therefore most often evaluated using a traditional pricing model.
  95. Solutions should be evaluated in terms of indirect costs that are usually not included in the contract with the vendor.
  96. Now that the preparations of each side have been evaluated; it is interesting to assess the actual operation and outcome.
  97. This means that the quality of every criterion should be thoroughly evaluated with regard to different option strategies.
  98. I do not know how that brilliant girl evaluated this request and what her motives might have been in giving him the money.
  99. For each evaluated element j of the initial set, we calculate the convolution value R according to the following formula:.
  100. If a trader was up $5,000,000 at one point but the run ended up only $5,000, the only number evaluated is the ending $5,000.
  1. I am that which evaluates and forms occupancy.
  2. It evaluates the borrower’s ability to pay mortgage.
  3. Returns one value if the specified condition evaluates to TRUE.
  4. The model sees one volatility and evaluates options accordingly.
  5. It does nothing when the expression evaluates to false (dissatisfy).
  6. Jaffa ten years older evaluates with a satisfied expression that farming rules.
  7. Reinstatement testing evaluates the ability of different factors to induce rein-.
  8. Sammy passes through a group of aliens and ironically evaluates them with his eyes.
  9. The market evaluates options, which is reflected in their demand and supply prices.
  10. Suppose that functional Φ evaluates the profitability of potential trades for N instruments.
  11. It also evaluates the inner strength of a seeker and rectifies the inherent flaws of his resolve.
  12. The commander in Muang Phin evaluates the Vietminh force attacking him at over 5,000 men, nine times his own force.
  13. The team then evaluates the feedback paying special attention to prices, timing and quality of the building work offered.
  14. Karma is the concept within the system of reincarnation that evaluates and dictates when and how you will die, and to what you will return to earth as.
  15. So, each of you always evaluates the qualitative state of the creative dynamics of each of conglomerates of UU-VVU-copies only in your own fashion, subjectively.
  16. The asymmetry coefficient (described in Chapter 3, Risk Management) evaluates the extent of asymmetry of the option combination relative to the current underlying asset price.
  17. Javier Torrez, surgical business manager at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia, California, works with vendors of surgical supplies and evaluates products from sutures to heart lung machines.
  18. Also, it evaluates the maintenance of the quality of the utilized materials and rendered services, as well as if the waste, use of the physical money and unproductive resource are being eliminated.
  19. If a trader evaluates an American option using an incorrect volatility, an incorrect interest rate, or an incorrect underlying price, the fact that he derives his values from an American rather than a European model is likely to make little difference.
  20. An alternative approach evaluates stocks using a value metric based on valuation ratios, while a distinct growth dimension is based on past multi-year growth or profitability measures (so that, in this configuration, “growth” is not the opposite of “value”).

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