exit sätze

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Exit sätze (in englisch)

  1. We ran for the exit.
  2. The aim of the exit.
  3. I bolted for the exit.
  4. I was ready to exit.
  5. He got off the exit.

  6. Where to exit a trade.
  7. The exit is this way.
  8. He pointed to the exit.
  9. This was a classy exit.
  10. The exit is down here.
  11. Press q to exit the help.
  12. His exit was not noticed.
  13. Exit in the reverse order.
  14. His eyes tracked her exit.
  15. It was time to exit stage.

  16. It could be the exit!.
  17. These had their own exit.
  18. Tell me where the exit is.
  19. The only exit was a metal.
  20. In effect, she was my exit.
  21. Exit TITANIA with her train.
  22. I was the last to exit the.
  23. We'll have to exit this way.
  24. There is no exit that way?
  25. I will tell you when to exit.

  26. We take the Terwilliger exit.
  27. I exit and enter the morning.
  28. At last, the exit was in sight.
  29. We don’t do exit interviews.
  30. The trailing stop profit exit.
  31. The exit gates stood about a.
  32. That must be the exit!.
  33. They reach the emergency exit.
  34. This is a valid exit strategy.
  35. His exit whetted the questions.
  36. I exit at the market at 4:10 p.
  37. My private exit, he said.
  38. We quickly headed for the exit.
  39. Kwan San Lee watched their exit.
  40. It might not even have an exit.
  41. Ash started to exit, but froze.
  42. The turn and the triumphant exit.
  43. I had to reach the exit of town.
  44. She disappeared through the exit.
  45. They could be hiding an exit.
  46. It had three fronts, but no exit.
  47. Inacio paced then sat by the exit.
  48. Chapter 11 covers exit strategies.
  49. Fédya (as waiter starts to exit).
  50. Exit Dolores, bearing the bodies.
  51. I prefer to find a low-cost exit.
  52. Take some men to guard each exit.
  53. That’s when I made a quick exit.
  54. When I do exit out, you are free.
  55. We exit before the calamitous.
  56. I got out before we took the exit.
  57. The exit points are just examples.
  58. Tommy was taking the Broadway exit.
  59. She smiled and watched for the exit.
  60. Willie motors off of a coastal exit.
  61. After that the exit became general.
  62. I was only halfway through an exit.
  63. And yet they’d never found an exit.
  64. Felix and Alyssa bolted for the exit.
  65. This exit is called the ladder exit.
  66. That was our cue to exit the pickup.
  67. There's a trick to the Graceful Exit.
  68. But just as I was about to exit the.
  69. No more than I could exit through it.
  70. The secondary exit could be anywhere.
  71. They pulled off at the next exit ramp.
  72. Hardin turned and walked for the exit.
  73. We covered their exit before we left.
  74. Let’s leave through the main exit.
  75. That exit would have been around $70.
  76. Instead she aimed for the exit doors.
  77. It is important that I exit the club.
  78. Vinny turned off at the very next exit.
  79. There is no open door for you to exit.
  80. She had just ingested her exit ticket.
  81. I signaled the others to exit the car.
  82. Knowing when to exit, now that is hard.
  83. I followed the road until the next exit.
  84. The word Exodus means to exit, or leave.
  85. He stood up and walked towards the exit.
  86. You head toward that exit over there.
  87. At the roundabout take the fourth exit.
  88. Another man appeared, blocking her exit.
  89. The procession stops at the park's exit.
  90. He turned for the exit, breezing back.
  91. He ran through the same exit as Roidon.
  92. This was not the main exit for Lakewood.
  93. Then he turned and ran toward the exit.
  94. Denver had secured Oak’s exit to land.
  95. Pang rushed over; the exit was now clear.
  96. Look, a mile ahead, there’s an exit.
  97. Caris and Merthin walked towards the exit.
  98. You are about to exit our radar coverage.
  99. We exit the building and cross the street.
  100. In the distance we spotted the exit gate.
  1. It is exiting and edifying.
  2. Before exiting the shop, I.
  3. Upon exiting the restrooms we.
  4. We were now exiting the state park.
  5. Entering and exiting the pose must.
  6. Exiting the car quickly in a panic the.
  7. He was in the process of exiting a train.
  8. The killer was also observed exiting the.
  9. A man was exiting as I was about to enter.
  10. Mind you, exiting the castle and the fog.
  11. Jill searched the exiting group for a face.
  12. He nodded at Elandria before exiting the room.
  13. All I could think about was exiting the club.
  14. Its claws dug deep, exiting with gout of blood.
  15. Before exiting I asked my mother where we were.
  16. As i was exiting a dream state and coming back.
  17. Exiting and seeing the options expire worthless.
  18. Upon exiting the killing field, we headed for a.
  19. My baby fusses all the time when exiting the bath.
  20. An exiting white population had hit this area of St.
  21. As they were exiting, Tyrus turned at the door and.
  22. We backed up and were soon exiting the parking area.
  23. Vinny drove his truck down the winding slope exiting.
  24. We’re exiting the basement onto the first floor.
  25. While exiting the fraternity house, we felt a sigh of.
  26. Just as she was exiting the kitchen, she turned around.
  27. Exiting the lift she approached the receptionist's desk.
  28. In exiting the positions we recommend two different ways.
  29. Exiting the Helios he walked up the steps leading to the.
  30. Suddenly, I saw a cat exiting one of the fraternity rooms.
  31. Before exiting the bedroom I made certain that Corey was.
  32. She had to pause for a minute, after exiting the back door.
  33. The replacement sentry was exiting the forest as soon as I.
  34. Neighbours were exiting their homes to see what the racket.
  35. Moving forward to the skating rink, I saw Chip exiting the.
  36. Instead of heading back to the castle and then exiting the.
  37. After exiting the bus I proceeded to carry Samantha up the.
  38. After exiting the restroom I walked over to Chip, who to my.
  39. But upon exiting her car she took notice of Winston Moseley.
  40. Exiting a business that has been built by years of hard work.
  41. The elevated position offered a clear line to someone exiting.
  42. It was then that Alexei noticed another female exiting the ship.
  43. Liquidity refers to the ease of entering and exiting a position.
  44. Now it was merely a boring chore before exiting to the surface.
  45. The Zombie shambled ahead of them, exiting through a back door.
  46. Quickly exiting through the side window, he still had the small.
  47. Exiting long positions was the only objective of many speculators.
  48. No doubt, in entering, staying in the pose and exiting it, the en-.
  49. Exiting the storeroom, Garcia saw that most of the corridor was gone.
  50. As he walked, another employee was exiting her car and rushing down.
  51. Upon exiting my bedroom--ready for my date--I saw that it was only.
  52. She’s exiting the stairway, the voice said over his earpiece.
  53. Exiting the warehouse, he turned to the tower and terminal building.
  54. Right? Steve rhetorically asked the exiting shadow dressed figure.
  55. Most of them removed their coats after exiting, revealing the belts.
  56. Goodnight, Zuri, she said tenderly before exiting the bathroom.
  57. When Mei Yinxue saw them exiting out of the room, she began to heave a.
  58. Or they could have decelerated in transit, before exiting the Matrix.
  59. But I was polite enough to move out of the way of the exiting passengers.
  60. Garcia walked off the stage, exiting the back door that led outside the.
  61. Why was I driving on a lonely road? I dont remember exiting the highway.
  62. They started out half-beast, but wound up completely human before exiting.
  63. Exiting the club, I walked in the opposite direction to where the car was.
  64. Not exiting when you know you should, and occasionally losing real money?
  65. Things got stranger, not only did Roman hand me a shovel upon exiting the.
  66. There is nothing wrong with exiting when you are uncomfortable with a trade.
  67. Kate, just exiting her bedroom, walked across the family room to let him in.
  68. Day-trading means entering and exiting trades within a single market session.
  69. Exiting his bedroom, he made his way through the halls and into Pal’s room.
  70. The feeling of water exiting his body was a thick, flowing and needy sensation.
  71. I mustered all of my energy exiting the highway and turning into the rest stop.
  72. Within a matter of seconds, the long car was in motion, and exiting the airport.
  73. Exiting the position with much time left on the option could mean a larger loss.
  74. Moving while entering or exiting the time-bend sent most people to the infirmary.
  75. Exiting Egypt, with nothing but what was in their backpacks, they were to change.
  76. All of Adlivun’s infantry was up in arms, exiting the volcanic caves in droves.
  77. As I was exiting the lobby, he said, "Any idea where he might have wandered to?".
  78. As hard as it is to sell a losing position, exiting a winner is just as difficult.
  79. I was exiting the lobby when the hotel Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner manager, Mr.
  80. Exiting Tardoc by one of its three main causeways, the other two were situated on.
  81. Yes, ma’am, he replied shortly before exiting the truck and doing another 360.
  82. Suddenly, I spotted a little girl, perhaps six years-old exiting the restaurant nearby.
  83. On exiting the anteroom of the great hall, they saw what had panicked the palace guard.
  84. Docking ports for passengers entering and exiting the ship ringed the passenger liner.
  85. As they were exiting the small room Ben was hoping that he and Hurd would meet up again.
  86. Henderson? Paul said, surprised to see his mother’s former realtor exiting the car.
  87. If there are any nasty surprises like restatements of accounts, I will consider exiting.
  88. As we were exiting the village, I told the driver to pull off the road and stop the car.
  89. Exiting the family room through a door that connects back to the hallway, I find a study.
  90. Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of trading is managing and exiting any position.
  91. Once Citicorp didn't go his way, instead of calmly exiting the position, he traded again.
  92. Each setup that a trader uses should have a different set of rules for exiting the trade.
  93. There was a stream exiting the lake and flowing off into the a crevice in the cavern wal.
  94. Matthew and Sarah found it exiting and began to realize what a fun town they had moved to.
  95. It is exiting a trade when there is more cash in your account than when you made the trade.
  96. The battle group was assailed by three wolf-beasts soon after exiting from the populated area.
  97. After exiting the lot, Dad heads for Crompond Road, the busiest street in Yorktown Heights.
  98. Viswava stifled a plaintive screech as he saluted by pressing fist to shoulder before exiting.
  99. First, the same method that we use in entering positions can be used for exiting positions also.
  100. There are other, more sophisticated methods for exiting the last-kiss trade covered in Chapter 11.
  1. As soon as I exited.
  2. And i exited the store.
  3. All said, we exited the.
  4. The blond that exited it.
  5. Then they exited the store.
  6. I exited the van and then.
  7. We exited the state that day.
  8. We’d exited a fixed portal.
  9. I exited the rest area then.
  10. He nodded and swiftly exited.
  11. Alex smoothly exited the car.
  12. I exited the hallway at 1:30 P.
  13. Steve was visibly exited, Wow.
  14. He hooked the finger and exited.
  15. Force exited the jewellery store.
  16. Shortly after he exited the city.
  17. Johnny and Bobby exited their cars.
  18. Jesse turned and exited the house.
  19. We exited the car, took one last.
  20. Probably exited through the face.
  21. We all exited together, Luke first.
  22. I took the axe and exited the house.
  23. I exited the forested area and then.
  24. After putting them on, I exited the.
  25. As I exited I saw KC, Cameron, and A.
  26. We exited it and went to the country.
  27. That’s not why I exited the mansion.
  28. He exited and marched to Hal's office.
  29. Afterwards, I exited the restroom and.
  30. There was no way she could have exited.
  31. Fear was on their faces as they exited.
  32. She turned as he exited the wooded area.
  33. As Matt exited the Bell-206B, a white-.
  34. A few minutes later they exited the woods.
  35. Charlie turned around and exited the room.
  36. We exited the train then left the station.
  37. Alvin quietly exited the car and dug his.
  38. Chelan met him as he exited the turbo lift.
  39. We exited the station and slid into my car.
  40. They both exited onto the snow packed yard.
  41. As they exited, Michael turned to his Crew.
  42. The thought in possibility really exited.
  43. So without hesitation I exited the vehicle.
  44. Wicked was the laugh that exited its mouth.
  45. With that I turned and then exited the room.
  46. Joseph exited his truck and without saying.
  47. Hirsi exited the elevator on our floor and.
  48. I exited the trailer in a state of confusion.
  49. They exited at Shirlington and she followed.
  50. She took a deep breath, then exited the car.
  51. K, I said in reply as I exited his office.
  52. They exited with the Heralder leading the way.
  53. He exited Wharton Street then entered Mason.
  54. I exited my shower stall and then went over.
  55. We exited the train and then the metro station.
  56. Cory nodded and I exited the van behind Jensen.
  57. We exited the truck and entered the restaurant.
  58. Van Thorn chuckled as he exited the mercantile.
  59. I need you, Babes, he said as he exited.
  60. I need you on this one, he said and exited.
  61. Roman watched as the masses exited the stadium.
  62. Fozzie exited the vehicle and opened the trunk.
  63. Linda and I exited the library and headed home.
  64. Victor exited as Ryan was looking for a syringe.
  65. They exited the tent and stood aloof from the.
  66. Just a moment later, Id exited the rainforest.
  67. She pulled over near the curb then exited her.
  68. The three of us exited the Mercedes, thanked Dr.
  69. I exited and climbed back into my borrowed car.
  70. They exited the stadium and said their goodbyes.
  71. He turned off the ignition then exited his van.
  72. The agent exited the car and walked over to a.
  73. They exited the ship and Rachel began the tour.
  74. The police vehicles stopped and they all exited.
  75. I exited my apartment then ran to the elevators.
  76. As I exited the room I called over my shoulder.
  77. I was relieved when he exited on Seneca Street.
  78. Will nodded and they both exited into the night.
  79. She grabbed her bag and exited the van, walked.
  80. I exited at the 7th floor where the stairs ended.
  81. Lady, the guard bowed and exited hurriedly.
  82. He exited and made his way to the next container.
  83. I exited the restroom then headed to the kitchen.
  84. When he exited the vehicle he was greeted by a U.
  85. As soon as we exited the tunnel I felt a rush of.
  86. As soon as I exited the TD I decided to walk home.
  87. A short while later, we exited the restroom then.
  88. The Explorer slowed as they exited to US-69 north.
  89. As soon as the double doors opened I exited the.
  90. Wanda exited the room and scurried down the hall.
  91. All he knew was that as they exited the transit.
  92. They exited the tunnel and stopped at a red light.
  93. The Dean exited the inner office as they arrived.
  94. They exited the ship with Michael leading the way.
  95. We backtracked back to Atwater then exited onto.
  96. We exited the fraternity house from the front door.
  97. It seemed like the door I exited in the beginning.
  98. The SST stopped at the gate and Hiss exited first.
  99. As we exited the room, I glanced over my shoulder.
  100. They exited the vehicle and walked to the gateway.
  1. He waved toward the exits.
  2. And running for the exits.
  3. Guard (crosses and exits L.
  4. Exits through the back door.
  5. Grey rises again and exits.
  6. They stare at him as he exits.
  7. Headlights swung to the exits.
  8. The value of exits during the.
  9. All the exits are blocked and.
  10. Trend Trader: What about exits?
  11. No other exits, besides the one.
  12. As he exits his desk phone rings.
  13. She had many exits from her lair.
  14. People were flocking to the exits.
  15. All trailing exits are a compromise.
  16. Petra prided herself on grand exits.
  17. Make sure there are plenty of exits.
  18. With business exits, the saying is.
  19. Matthew and Kenneth exits the court.
  20. It’s the exits that make you money.
  21. There are basically two types of exits.
  23. At times these exits were pretty rough.
  24. Panicked, the crowds scrambled for the exits.
  25. The walls haven’t moved, no exits, nothing.
  26. Gregory exits the building, Madeline chases him.
  27. We have all the exits covered as far as we know.
  28. Several exits went by before she saw a Hess sign.
  30. But there are four different exits on this floor.
  31. Out of my way! I said as I ran for the exits.
  32. Don’t go away, he says and exits the room.
  33. The head nurse finds her as she exits the restroom.
  34. All of these emergency exits should be checked on.
  35. They had been on a vast motorway with no exits in.
  36. As Matthew walks toward the elevators Billy exits.
  37. The ABS data provide the following rate of exits of.
  38. When she exits the bathroom, her children startle her.
  39. Use technical analysis to time your entries and exits.
  41. He heads for the door, slamming it as he exits the house.
  42. That would explain the smooth interior and lack of exits.
  43. You may also use market information to manage your exits.
  44. Children were rushing out of the exits, guided by teachers.
  45. Yet, only experience teaches them how to manage their exits.
  46. Angel Investor Exits by the Tech Coast Angels, 1997 – 2001.
  47. Margret exits to see the back side of Cass in his frantic dash.
  48. These had to be exits, but he didn’t know which one to take.
  49. How do we do that? It would appear that all exits are blocked.
  50. Sergeant Reece has placed officers at all entrances and exits.
  51. He exits the station, the door swinging on empty air behind him.
  52. The court rose as one body and many started for the exits, the.
  53. If dead was dead, if death had closed all its exits to Lope, if.
  54. The first exit for runners is similar to some of the gunner exits.
  55. Finally two elevator doors open she looks at one and a woman exits.
  56. The gnomes rose from their seats and hastened to the various exits.
  57. Once in place he turns it to the right and both exits open slowly.
  58. A predator on the prowl, rather than someone looking for the exits.
  59. Age of Taurus; just as Jesus exits from ego into faith beyond Death.
  60. This morning he made two or three exits worthy of Didier or Anthony.
  61. This technique minimizes whipsaws and unwarranted early trade exits.
  62. Students rushed to the exits, trampling falling bodies in their wake.
  63. Read the next section to see how runners approach their trading exits.
  64. Exits, bet size and psychology are all much more important to success.
  65. The trader holds a position, waits, and then exits with a nice profit.
  66. When she exits the building, he opens her door and hands her the rose.
  67. There was no doubt that they’d be smaller groups guarding the exits.
  68. Sighing he said, First we case the joint, buildings, entrances, exits.
  69. The room had two exits: the door behind me and the window behind Nicole.
  70. Afterwards, she exits the way she entered, leaving Tripwire by himself.
  71. Convinced she’s alone, she exits the cabin heading to a shed out back.
  72. The Marines entered first and immediately set out to find the other exits.
  73. For exits, tiki readings are only the heads-up; ticks are the confirmation.
  74. There had once been two exits from the room, but only one of them remained.
  75. As the tour went on, guards stood by the doors guarding entrances and exits.
  76. The Creator exits as a Spirit in the Now, in the Present, and in the Moment.
  77. The captain exits the room with a bit more stomp to his steps than is polite.
  78. Most VC investors believe the IPO is the holy grail of exits, however, this.
  79. Look for some exits, I said to Frank without taking my eyes of the road.
  80. He walks around the massive room looking for exits, doors, and storage places.
  81. Archan assures the Shelto that everything will be okay, then exits the mouth.
  82. These types of valuation formulae are especially useful with strategic exits.
  83. Your entries and exits determine your trading score at the end of each session.
  84. I went to the loo, ladies of course, and looked for rear exits and alternative.
  85. Like rats on a sinking ship, these traders would all head for the exits at once.
  86. He knows as soon as he exits the boathouse, Hoenir will take the drink from him.
  87. Your uncle, Poseidon sighed, has always had a flair for dramatic exits.
  88. Because no one exits in known existence that can produce something from nothing.
  89. Here candlesticks can be very valuable, as entry and exits are much more crucial.
  90. All city exits and highway tolls were being monitored; traffic slowed to a crawl.
  91. It leads to my father’s wine cellar and exits atop the glacier’s runoff scree.
  92. Our portable set concealed the electrics and sound and provided entrances and exits.
  93. Teekra and John sit around the breakfast table as Mohammed pours tea, demurely exits.
  94. All the same, she found herself scouting out possible exits in case trouble broke out.
  95. About halfway down the side of the building was a raised area outside one of the exits.
  96. One man suddenly exits the formation of sailors, and then ceremonially marches forward.
  97. He is already making other plans when he waves goodbye to Pete and exits the cosy tavern.
  98. For the rest of the examples, I focus on the actual reversal points as entries and exits.
  99. The corridor is lit by a paint-spattered emergency lamp that hangs over one of the exits.
  100. He exits the room at both ends and he spends a much longer time at one end than the other.

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