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    1. Uncle Bob married about the same time as Mum and Dad, but after a half-hearted attempt at farming here in England, he gave up and they emigrated to Australia

    2. Abery’s a very small village only a couple of hundred people in all – mostly sheep farming - but there’s an interesting stone circle … quite a large one - I don’t know what the place is called here on Earth

    3. Most of the others were farming along the river and one was lying face-up naked on a beach with a couple guys, neither of whom were Alan

    4. Finally the unremitting, almost desolate, sameness of the basin floor was interrupted by a small farming village and as Afternoonday of Iyosaign waned, on the anniversary of boarding Vyinga's ship, the ordeal was over

    5. This is rural Greece, secluded mountain farming not much changed for centuries

    6. There are a several monied old farming families down in that area, and he was good with the farmers

    7. Of those that had come a couple had shotguns, a few carried farming tools, long poles and fishing nets and reminded me of senior retired gladiators

    8. Bunty’s mother was the last of her family and the only Danvers left was in South Africa … farming or something

    9. More fuel was slowly becoming available, as farming had priority

    10. suggested to him differences in the way farming was carried out here

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    Synonyms for "farming"

    farming land agriculture husbandry agrarian agricultural rural country rustic

    "farming" definitions

    the practice of cultivating the land or raising stock

    agriculture considered as an occupation or way of life

    relating to farming or agriculture