feel sätze

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Feel sätze (in englisch)

  1. I feel it is over.
  2. Q: I feel that I am.
  3. I feel like a fool.
  4. I feel for the guy.
  5. I need to feel that.

  6. But I feel dead too.
  7. I can hardly feel it.
  8. I feel holy about it.
  9. I feel that way still.
  10. M: Just as I feel now.
  11. I can feel it in you.
  12. He could feel it all.
  13. I feel a pang of guilt.
  14. And I did feel it then.
  15. I just feel so stupid.

  16. She could feel it too.
  17. He began to feel faint.
  18. I didn't feel so much.
  19. I wanted to feel what.
  20. When you feel you are.
  21. It needs to feel loved.
  22. He could feel them now.
  23. I sense what you feel.
  24. I feel fat and lazy.
  25. Does he feel the same?

  26. I feel so sorry for you.
  27. I feel my face flush red.
  28. That made me feel better.
  29. And they feel it strong.
  30. He could feel the spray.
  31. I feel a great hatred.
  32. I feel my stomach rumble.
  33. It made Raven feel sick.
  34. I feel for you Carmen.
  35. But even he could feel.
  36. I feel I can speak my.
  37. It made him feel better.
  38. I want to feel accepted.
  39. You feel sorry for me.
  40. It makes me feel better.
  41. They will feel the sense.
  42. I want to feel something.
  43. She could feel the hurt.
  44. I ought to feel insulted.
  45. Yes, I feel sleepy now.
  46. But she did not feel him.
  47. I could feel them on me.
  48. I started to feel uneasy.
  49. I just didn't feel ready.
  50. She liked the feel of it.
  51. I can feel more things.
  52. He did not feel it vanish.
  53. I'm sure he could feel it.
  54. She could feel his breath.
  55. I feel a twinge of regret.
  56. Yet I don’t feel scared.
  57. No, but I feel relieved.
  58. I can feel his eyes on me.
  59. I still feel that it’s.
  60. She could feel her heart.
  61. Cause I feel the same way.
  62. And to feel with the eyes.
  63. I just didn’t feel ready.
  64. Why did he feel this way?
  65. He could feel it upon them.
  66. I was able to feel nothing.
  67. Ken started to feel his age.
  68. Itll make you feel better.
  69. But she could not feel him.
  70. How do you feel, Monica?
  71. It made her feel important.
  72. I feel responsible for that.
  73. I can feel their happiness.
  74. I don't feel clean enough.
  75. You can only feel as good.
  76. I could feel it in the air.
  77. I feel right at home here.
  78. I can feel him, over there.
  79. I feel the same way, bro.
  80. She could feel the warmth.
  81. I could feel her body tense.
  82. But feel free to fill me in.
  83. But I feel it just the same.
  84. I feel Jesus, in this place.
  85. But I feel that way tonight.
  86. I feel sorry for this folks.
  87. IMagined that he could feel.
  88. Do you feel it in the air?
  89. I feel a surge of gratitude.
  90. How a cool breeze must feel.
  91. He could feel her presence.
  92. I could feel him lifting me.
  93. You must not feel guilty.
  94. But, now I can feel nothing.
  95. And do you feel that?
  96. She said, "How do you feel".
  97. I can barely feel the ground.
  98. I could feel it in my throat.
  99. But it didn’t feel that way.
  100. But we Presbyterians feel it.
  1. He was feeling it too.
  2. It was a nice feeling.
  3. It was a good feeling.
  4. He just had a feeling.
  5. It was a feeling of.
  6. I just have a feeling.
  7. There it was a feeling.
  8. Feeling what I saw I.
  9. He had a good feeling.
  10. An era of good feeling.
  11. I just had a feeling.
  12. I had this weird feeling.
  13. I got that funny feeling.
  14. I just have this feeling.
  15. I never got that feeling.
  16. But the feeling was real.
  17. It was a strange feeling.
  18. He just had that feeling.
  19. I have that feeling too.
  20. I was the one feeling bad.
  21. It was a fantastic feeling.
  22. She had no feeling for Max.
  23. She clung to that feeling.
  24. And she loved the feeling.
  25. There would be a feeling.
  26. He was feeling the strain.
  27. I love the feeling of you.
  28. The feeling was too large.
  29. Her gut feeling told her.
  30. But I have a feeling that.
  31. It was a wonderful feeling.
  32. She had a feeling that it.
  33. She was feeling better now.
  34. Dave had the feeling that.
  35. I still remember the feeling.
  36. There is no worse a feeling.
  37. A warm feeling of happiness.
  38. Ushering in that old feeling.
  39. He woke up feeling refreshed.
  40. I was feeling kind of edgy.
  41. Michael had a feeling that.
  42. The feeling was clear enough.
  43. First silence now no feeling.
  44. Feeling very sated from the.
  45. It was a gut feeling of sorts.
  46. Boy, what a feeling it was!.
  47. To reject feeling is freedom.
  48. Harry was feeling the pain now.
  49. He looked at her, feeling lost.
  50. I’m feeling a lot better.
  51. I had that funny feeling again.
  52. It is a scary feeling to not.
  53. Anybody feeling this with me?
  54. There was no life, No feeling.
  55. This feeling is killing me.
  56. It was just a feeling she had.
  58. This too was the same feeling.
  59. I was just feeling really sad.
  60. He was alive and feeling good.
  61. I had the feeling Apophis had.
  62. Feeling foolish, you phoned me.
  63. You would lose the feeling of.
  64. I’ve lost most of the feeling.
  65. Again that feeling of lightness.
  66. In truth the king was feeling.
  67. An eerie feeling filled the air.
  68. He was feeling easier about CN.
  69. I have a good feeling about it.
  70. A guilty feeling surged over me.
  71. A feeling of being 'Spaced Out'.
  72. Is it that angst I’m feeling?
  73. So, how are you feeling?
  75. His sister, while feeling very.
  76. I think you’re feeling guilty.
  77. I‘ve a bad feeling about this.
  78. Just as a was feeling better.
  79. Is this a positive feeling?
  80. And with that wonderful feeling.
  81. It was a feeling Pamela enjoyed.
  82. I am going to miss this feeling.
  83. But this feeling was much better.
  84. And she didn't mind the feeling.
  85. Rather than share that feeling.
  86. It happened on the feeling level.
  87. Recall when this feeling began.
  88. Lately I have been feeling that.
  89. You are feeling distant from her.
  90. He was feeling a little paranoid.
  91. It wasn't a feeling, because it.
  92. The feeling of dread intensified.
  93. I lived and died for that feeling.
  94. A feeling of dawn was in the air.
  95. What the hell’s this feeling?
  96. I understood what he was feeling.
  97. She shared her gut feeling that.
  98. He was feeling her style already.
  99. Now, all at once, I was feeling.
  100. She had a feeling she knew what.
  1. I just felt so numb.
  2. I felt my heart sink.
  3. I felt my new breast.
  4. I felt I should stay.
  5. I felt good about it.
  6. Terry felt as if he.
  7. I felt sorry for him.
  8. I felt and acted smug.
  9. He felt the same way.
  10. Lee felt that if he.
  11. I felt sorry for her.
  12. He had felt it in St.
  13. I felt no joy from it.
  14. They felt it was now.
  15. I felt sorry for them.
  16. I felt my body shrivel.
  17. He felt he was ready.
  18. Then he felt his feet.
  19. So I felt it is just.
  20. He felt as if he was.
  21. I felt it very deeply.
  22. He felt he owned her.
  23. But she felt for her.
  24. She only felt a peace.
  25. She felt sorry for her.
  26. But I had felt covered.
  27. My cheek felt the heat.
  28. But each time he felt.
  29. She felt it in the air.
  30. I felt safe about that.
  31. He felt sorry for them.
  32. No one felt like sleep.
  33. I felt I was a failure.
  34. He felt anger at himself.
  35. She felt that it hadn't.
  36. I felt him staring at me.
  37. I felt a wave of relief.
  38. As a human I have felt.
  39. He grimaced as he felt.
  40. I felt pretty good today.
  41. You must have felt used.
  42. I knew just how he felt.
  43. I felt furious at Mother.
  44. She felt a tugging again.
  45. He felt her presence to.
  46. She felt her hunger rise.
  47. I felt a sense of relief.
  48. It felt firm in her hand.
  49. I felt fast and hit the.
  50. He felt selfish and ugly.
  51. Manda felt sorry for her.
  52. It all felt wrong to him.
  53. Pirate felt like a giant.
  54. None of them felt hungry.
  55. No wonder he felt so bad.
  56. It felt like an eternity.
  57. She felt him in her heart.
  58. She felt as if a pair of.
  59. Jean felt his spirits lift.
  60. It felt like a common cold.
  61. She felt lost without him.
  62. She felt flat and foolish.
  63. He felt very sad for her.
  64. He heard her, he felt her.
  65. I felt I had been cheated.
  66. He felt his power rising.
  67. She was cosy and she felt.
  68. I felt stupid and pathetic.
  69. She felt so warm and good.
  70. Danny felt sick with fear.
  71. He felt so lost in their.
  72. I felt anger coming over me.
  73. It felt wonderful, in fact.
  74. He felt a wave of emotions.
  75. Nico felt her stomach sink.
  76. Pamela felt her face flush.
  77. He felt sick to the stomach.
  78. For once, I felt confident.
  79. They each felt it like an.
  80. He felt not much better now.
  81. He felt a moment’s panic.
  82. He felt a touch on his arm.
  83. I felt my stomach do a flip.
  84. Colling felt his heart sink.
  85. Once more, he felt carefree.
  86. Fit, he probably felt, is.
  87. I felt content in his arms.
  88. But at that moment I felt.
  89. I felt nauseous as I stood.
  90. It felt like a lifetime ago.
  91. Teri felt her face flame red.
  92. I always felt safe with you.
  93. Now I felt the same in the.
  94. Mitzi must have felt lonely.
  95. Looking down, he felt dizzy.
  96. He had felt it in his heart.
  97. He had never felt such anger.
  98. He felt that his faith was.
  99. Or a foe? I felt the.
  100. He felt lonely and confused.
  1. When … if He feels.
  2. That is why it feels.
  3. A horse that feels it.
  4. It feels and sees the.
  5. It almost feels as if.
  6. She feels sorry for me.
  7. He feels like a failure.
  8. He feels safe and happy.
  9. He feels safer that way.
  10. It feels like a holiday.
  11. It feels like a noose.
  12. He feels weird, too hard.
  13. He feels we betrayed him.
  14. I’m sure it feels good.
  15. When a person feels led.
  16. He feels not quite com-.
  17. The way it feels CHANGES.
  18. So that’s how it feels.
  19. This feels nice as wеll.
  20. But instead he feels free.
  21. He says he feels the same.
  22. Oh, God, he feels so good.
  23. When the heart feels love.
  24. This man feels no remorse.
  25. If your child feels good.
  26. I know what it feels like.
  27. Feels okay at the moment.
  28. I understand how he feels.
  29. Loki feels his blood go hot.
  30. It feels odd in my stomach.
  31. He feels his blood go cold.
  32. Jerry feels a little guilty.
  33. Yeah, the water feels good.
  34. She feels him getting hard.
  35. Feels shorter than the Day.
  36. If she still feels a need.
  37. Here she feels a sense of.
  38. That feels a little better.
  39. But that feels like a lie!.
  40. It feels as though I have.
  41. The whole house feels bad.
  42. He feels it himself, seems.
  43. He feels alive for some time.
  44. Feels like I lost a brother.
  45. If Monku feels he can find.
  46. Ben feels the same sensation.
  47. Mankind feels this need to.
  48. The cabin feels cherry warm.
  49. But this feels wrong anyway.
  50. She feels a need, a craving.
  51. It feels kind of nice though.
  52. It's not what it feels like.
  53. And the pain feels different.
  54. Most probably when He feels.
  55. It feels through all the ages.
  56. He probably feels that way.
  58. She feels like herself again.
  59. His trombone case feels heavy.
  60. Our house feels big and empty.
  61. If a horse feels that it is.
  62. Whether it feels safe or not.
  63. Aaron feels cold and shivers.
  64. That’s how it feels to heal.
  65. I know exactly how that feels.
  66. But he still feels evil to me.
  67. It feels like I just got here.
  68. Maybe that’s how death feels.
  69. Tell me how it feels for you.
  70. He feels right at home here.
  71. It feels like it’s watching.
  72. But there, where it feels good.
  73. It feels awkward to the child.
  74. Now it feels fun and whatever.
  75. He feels this is not the time.
  76. Only a horse who feels he is.
  77. His mind feels strong and.
  78. He feels better, I said.
  79. This stroke feels really nice.
  80. What feels that way is Essence.
  81. That’s how it feels some days.
  82. A baby feels the urge to stand.
  83. I’m sure he feels that way.
  84. He feels hot and uncomfortable.
  85. My heart always feels the pain.
  86. I truly hope he feels the same.
  87. Whether it feels wanted or not.
  88. Her hands mirror how she feels.
  89. Oh that feels so much better.
  90. This body feels more realistic.
  91. Say, that feels lots better.
  92. Whoever touches her feels cold.
  93. None of us here feels affl.
  94. He feels that, for bison, the.
  95. Feels just like the real thing.
  96. He feels this is accomplishment.
  97. That note feels connected to me.
  98. But it feels good at the moment.
  99. Feels good and warms your heart.
  100. Was the meek love a maiden feels.

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