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    1. Experience has taught me that there is a thin line

    2. He wondered where she was now, playing in the snows of Kugenzglaw? Or did she experience one winter and head right back down to her old place down Sinbara point? What if she'd come up to the Wild Catch last Nightday?

    3. working in about an hour with no technical experience whatsoever AND they have a video tutorial and complete manual online to help you really maximize the sales features of your system

    4. Still, from Johnny’s experience he knew that nothing usually went that smoothly

    5. You should experience everything with love

    6. had a different experience with God

    7. heard about in history, to have outstanding experience

    8. Prayer raises our level to experience pure spiritual currents

    9. experience that you will never trade for anything in this

    10. That they have much more experience than the rest of the population makes them senior

    1. comes as the result of experiencing unconditional love of

    2. Tell your older relative about the changes you observe and ask what he/she may be experiencing

    3. Tell your older relative about the changes you observe and ask what he/she may be experiencing

    4. ’ I assured him, hoping the wooziness I’m experiencing will pass off … I’m not in the habit of fainting and don’t want to start now

    5. But the flight was over in no time and it wasn't long before I was experiencing the space and light of Bristol airport for the first time

    6. able to remain with your head down without experiencing the

    7. ask that you do this exercise very gently and without experiencing

    8. It was hard to say if she would be experiencing anything, but it was unlikely her thoughts could proceed

    9. What you are experiencing is a natural thing; our women are very passionate

    10. actually be experiencing that emotional vibration

    1. His hands were the best she had ever experienced, and he could spend two days going no farther than that

    2. that, Jesus experienced the power of resurrection in three

    3. I wouldn't put it past Venna to completely deny that she has ever laid eyes on me before even though she was the most tempestuous four Earth years my bed has ever experienced

    4. It does not mean sympathy or identification of his problem as something that we may have experienced

    5. ‘No, but there is no denying that a lot of employers dislike taking on staff who are older and more experienced than they are

    6. parked up and run his experienced eye over the place he felt more than a little

    7. Later, during the hard times I experienced everything: pain,

    8. She had experienced the bind and had rejected it after a time

    9. They were childhood sweethearts and had an ‘understanding’ by the time they were in the mid-teens – she told me stories of some of her friends who lost their men or, got them back seriously disabled and mentally disturbed by the events they had experienced

    10. We’ve sold you to another group, more experienced with this sort of thing

    1. Men are more likely than women to respond to stressful experiences by developing certain stress-related disorders, including hypertension, aggressive behavior, or abuse of alcohol, or hard drugs

    2. These can be followed by respect giving salutations, cleanliness, loving others, and other experiences to give them the foundation to develop in to a good human being

    3. Some grandparents are concerned that they are missing out on their grandchildren's everyday lives and special experiences

    4. The practitioner of laid down Dharma experiences peace, joy, strength and tranquility within himself

    5. There is nothing hidden in your experiences with

    6. It was one of those experiences, like a car crash or a divorce; bizarre, unreal

    7. Somehow, after my experiences of the previous day, this sort of behavior was almost beginning to feel normal

    8. ‘I just think that your experiences lately have knocked your confidence rather a lot

    9. For about two years now I have entered a very interesting phase of my life, since I have more and more psychic experiences; yet, I have also perceived certain paradox incidents which appear more and more frequently, surrounding me like a Sonic War: At daybreak, when I do the most important meditation exercise of the day, there is incredible mobility in the block of flats next to my house: A number of cars come and go continuously in and out of their outdoor garage, which happens to be right next to my bedroom window! Even earlier, from 4:00 to 6:00 am (no exaggeration) they race engines incessantly and/or slam car doors uncountable times! Why, indeed? Only God -or Satan- knows! The fact is that more often than not I can hardly sleep, I feel exasperated and I can't meditate properly

    10. He wondered if all the Qbytes they copied from a brain didn't really amount to little more than a few thousand pages of 'if' statements, some response databases and a few gig of life experiences? He wondered if being in silicon took something from a soul? He bore the remainder of the evening stoically

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    training skill seasoning sagacity maturity practice wisdom occurrence feeling brave encounter have sense endure see apperceive

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    experience have know live feel get receive go through see training skill seasoning sagacity maturity practice wisdom occurrence feeling brave encounter sense endure apperceive