floor sätze

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Floor sätze (in englisch)

  1. I sit on the floor.
  2. Ish sat on the floor.
  3. It was on the floor.
  4. She was on the floor.
  5. They sat on the floor.

  6. He looked at the floor.
  7. Well, here is my floor.
  8. I got up off the floor.
  9. The bul pawed the floor.
  10. Its death on the floor.
  11. It crashed on the floor.
  12. On the floor, Eric moans.
  13. Baker looks at the floor.
  14. Alice looked at the floor.
  15. I was flying on the floor.

  16. I phoned the floor nurse.
  17. Ruby crumpled to the floor.
  18. Couple on the dance floor.
  19. I sat on the ground floor.
  20. You land on the sea floor.
  21. Travis stared at the floor.
  22. He slides her to the floor.
  23. They crashed to the floor.
  24. Yagi sitting on the floor.
  25. Marcia stared at the floor.

  26. Harry glanced at the floor.
  27. I will leave the floor.
  28. My head hit the floor hard.
  29. What floor are you on?
  30. Bodies sailed to the floor.
  31. His eyes fell to the floor.
  32. She sat on the floor with.
  33. She paced the floor a few.
  34. He was struck to the floor.
  35. It had fallen on the floor.
  36. A guard was on the floor;.
  37. He threw them on the floor.
  38. Feet not touching the floor.
  39. He was on the floor snoring.
  40. The arena had a dirt floor.
  41. Stewart, lying on the floor.
  42. Third floor window was open.
  43. It appears on the floor of.
  44. Chains falling to the floor.
  45. Knuckles on the floor Davie.
  46. The floor had a felted carpet.
  47. He went to sleep on the floor.
  48. Heather lay down on the floor.
  49. I ducked in the first floor.
  50. Henry kept studying the floor.
  51. He wished that he had floor.
  52. It did not fall to the floor.
  53. Blood dripped onto the floor.
  54. Lies me rolling on the floor.
  55. Mother collapsed on the floor.
  56. Ali kneeled down on the floor.
  57. He had to stare at the floor.
  58. Staring vacantly at the floor.
  59. And was flattened to the floor.
  60. Spread ice-cream on the floor.
  61. As when it rested on the floor.
  62. His eyes lowered to the floor.
  63. It dropped to the cabin floor.
  64. Her baby was laid on the floor.
  65. Russ drops his mic on the floor.
  66. Ali lifted a bat from the floor.
  67. He spotted the gun on the floor.
  68. Balik fell freely to the floor.
  69. His book is also on this floor.
  70. Jemelda looks down at the floor.
  71. They headed to the dance floor.
  72. He jumped on the floor and hid.
  73. Rocky lifted him off the floor.
  74. Agency on the fourteenth floor.
  75. I could see the floor vividly.
  76. Buffy slept nearby on the floor.
  77. Narrow stairs to the first floor.
  78. Eve lowered the gun to the floor.
  79. He shoved her to the floor and.
  80. Brie said, spitting in the floor.
  81. Elijah spat on the floor saying.
  82. The floor was covered with sand.
  83. The letter was not on the floor.
  84. I winced and looked at the floor.
  85. The sixth floor was for meetings.
  86. A lunch receipt lay on the floor.
  87. The wine-jar crashed to the floor.
  88. The shop had a cement floor; in.
  89. Wine and blood stained the floor.
  90. Her office is on the third floor.
  91. Sean and I are on the dance floor.
  92. It clattered as it hit the floor.
  93. Oh no, she’s on this floor now.
  94. A thud as the gun hits the floor.
  95. Watched her crumple to the floor.
  96. He tosses the shears to the floor.
  97. She dropped her eyes to the floor.
  98. He kicked the chair to the floor.
  99. On the third floor he began the.
  100. Collin slumped down on the floor.
  1. Flooring the car to speeds.
  2. Marble flooring is to a Punjabi.
  3. The flooring was what first caught my eye.
  4. The flooring is broken in countless places.
  5. The flooring was what first caught the eye.
  6. LP had placed the plant under the boat's flooring.
  7. The flooring was elevated, four-feet off the ground.
  8. Redwood is another choice for rustic terrace flooring.
  9. If the house has laminate flooring then mop as well.
  10. A rasping noise and a tick under the flooring jolted her.
  11. The two men stood in silence on the polished oak flooring.
  12. Flooring has in the past often been out of reach of those.
  13. Gone were the standard white walls and cheap linoleum flooring.
  14. They could hear his footsteps against the metal flooring outside.
  15. At the same time, the old man shuffles his feet on the flooring.
  16. A fold in a flooring of this sort means a crack, means crumbling.
  17. He found the piece of flooring that danced around his brain and.
  18. To combat this, the Hab and pop-tents have special flooring material.
  19. At the same time, she heard the faint clicking of leather on flooring.
  20. But there was none anymore, even a single hiss from under the flooring.
  21. He supported her spine gently as he laid her on the soft, padded flooring.
  22. The mechanic instinctively stomps on the gas and spins around, flooring it.
  23. What I found was that a panel piece of the Kombi flooring had been cut out.
  24. Perhaps, I should offer to put in that laminated flooring she always wanted.
  25. For the floor, I’ll use the original flooring material from the two pop-tents.
  26. The best grade of flooring the mill had ever turned out and he had practically.
  27. Nothing but bland white concrete and flooring that no one would ever walk on again.
  28. Speedbumps: Flooring it through Hollywood is the biography of the actress, Teri Garr.
  29. Another step stamped on the flooring above and something fell; and there was silence.
  30. After mangling the Hab, I pulled the remaining canvas down to the flooring and resealed it.
  31. From the far end of the room we heard the sound of thick-soled boots on the raised flooring.
  32. The flooring is a very important item in the coop and it should always remain dry and fresh.
  33. The remaining fragments tore away his hands and punctured the rear bulkhead and the flooring.
  34. Several of the older boys squeezed their way up thru the flooring and found the school pantry.
  35. This is a highly attractive flooring possibility; however not near as sturdy as a stone terrace.
  36. Then he installs the finish walls and flooring, bathroom cabinets, and the new plumbing fixtures.
  37. He muttered curses for Sadie the squirrel, blaming her twitchy claws for tearing up his flooring.
  38. It filtered up through the iron grid flooring, smoking around their feet as they stood and stared.
  39. I was going to lay the tiles and the panel flooring so I was sure I could build the kitchen as well.
  40. They are used for flooring in the premises with intensive movement and high requirements to purity.
  41. When she heard of the price he received for a thousand feet of flooring, she burst into angry tears.
  42. There was an old threadbare rug on the scarred hardwood flooring whose colors were long since faded.
  43. It needs a new kitchen and bathroom, but the rest just needs minor decorating and new wooden flooring.
  44. The flooring was covered in midnight blue velvety rug and around it was an array of plush satin pillows.
  45. A creak in the flooring made her turn around and she covered herself as best she could with the washcloth.
  46. The young man rubbed his throbbing head, clenching a fist as if he were about to give the woman a flooring.
  47. One of the important mistakes that breeders make is to forget to change the straw flooring from time to time.
  48. High quality wooden flooring lined the corridors and ornate mirrors and paintings hung on the pristine walls.
  49. He took him past the ancient electronic equipment, the kitchen with central bar and once expensively tiled flooring.
  50. On the roofed-in front stoep, I observed the old red tile flooring and the high ceiling of Victorian-era pressed steel.
  51. These "pozzi," or wells, were sunk in the thick walls, under the flooring of the chamber at the foot of the Bridge of Sighs.
  52. She glanced around the wooden flooring that replaced the glass box, as the boat began to move very fast: sickening the poor girl.
  53. It was separated by the flooring, which had neither traps nor stairs, and which formed the diaphragm of the building, as it were.
  54. He sprinted up the stairs with his bunch of red roses, he realized that socks on polished wooden flooring do not go hand in hand.
  55. Use complimenting or contrasting colours depending on the look you want to achieve and balance this with your worktop and flooring.
  56. They went up the back stairs to the second floor, long hallways with rooms on either side of flooring made black from years of disuse.
  57. She crawls along the center beam, from which the narrow planks of flooring emanate, toward the stone bulk of the chimney at the far end.
  58. Without warning, his thoughts seemed to leap to meet its brightness even though he still remained kneeling on the rough broken flooring.
  59. He dashed with all the speed he dared over the naked beams then, on flooring again, bolted through the darkened skeleton of the building.
  60. Again, an enormous waste is shown in the flooring, roof and air-spaces of the tower, while this item is but a trifle in the flat.
  61. We perched on purple plastic chairs and peered through the spaces in the flooring at the shags and ravens flying through the air below us.
  62. Thursday morning, hurrying across to a tape drive with a new reel of tape, the operator stumbled on a tile in the flooring, and nearly fell.
  63. The walls were carefully sounded, and were shown to be quite solid all round, and the flooring was also thoroughly examined, with the same result.
  64. Nick and his men shined their powerful flashlights onto the Gazebo’s flooring, but saw nothing unusual which would cause the dog to react this way.
  65. There’s no carpeting in this old shack—only ancient wood flooring that may have been used from the same lumber that made George Washington’s teeth.
  66. He kept an eye on their progress as he examined the flooring, he could just see what he wished to see by crouching very low and peering back under the house.
  67. Certainly one company facing stiff headwinds in 2008 was Mohawk Industries, a carpeting and flooring firm we first purchased in 2006 at prices in the low $60s.
  68. The hut was built up of bamboo sticks that served as walls, coconut tree plank which set as the flooring, and four huge logs anchored in the corners of the hut.
  69. Ralph can’t fight it for long; it burns him up and he fall backwards against the table, displacing a jug and a plate that fall with a clatter to the stone flooring.
  70. Colin quietly closed the door behind him as he took in the living area with its dark pine flooring and crown molding, and the French doors that opened to the small balcony.
  71. The interior consisted of plastic furniture and linoleum flooring made slightly only more homey by the light woven rugs and two Papasan chairs Ralph had bought in the village.
  72. While the carpeting and flooring industry will continue to fluctuate with the economy, Mohawk’s management has been able to keep its free cash flow generation fairly steady.
  73. The inside was just breathtaking, from the high ceilings, the balcony, and the beauty of the stained glass windows, the magnificent altar, the marble flooring and polished pews.
  74. As he turned the key to lock the door, Jags kicked it open the guy fell back, slid across the laminated flooring, all the way to the other end of the shop, by the ‘Pay point’.
  75. La Carconte then entered her chamber, the flooring of which creaked beneath her heavy, uncertain tread, as she proceeded towards her arm-chair, into which she fell as though exhausted.
  76. I called around and found a flooring company that was willing to come over and cover the entire ground floor with something in light brown they had left over from a job decorating an office.
  77. They listened to the clattering thud of clumsy, canine paws as their lovable chaperone thundered down the wooden flooring of the front hallway, as he headed towards the living room at full speed.
  78. In 2008, in the midst of a seriously depressed new housing market (most carpeting and flooring go into new construction), Mohawk Industries was still generating $6 to $7 a share of free cash flow.
  79. Tadeo had another good look around and decided that, after the clear up, he would move out and have it professionally decorated with a new kitchen and bathroom, then do the flooring and rewiring, the works.
  80. He swept the mind-cane in a perfect arc in front of him and the resulting swift flames gave him a respite he could tumble through, back into the harshness of the rough flooring and the reality of the wintry air.
  81. Yet if the lady is correct in saying that the flooring and walls are sound, and that the door, window, and chimney are impassable, then her sister must have been undoubtedly alone when she met her mysterious end.
  82. It was outlined on a faint, almost indistinct reddish glow, which vaguely empurpled the flooring vault underfoot, and the vault overhead, and gilded to his right and to his left the two viscous walls of the passage.
  83. But had he handled matters the right way eight years ago? Marco disembarked the staircase quickly and then stepped onto the glistening mahogany flooring of the living room where he saw Meagan enter from the sitting room.
  84. Sometimes the weight of the surrounding houses on a marly or sandy soil forced out the vaults of the subterranean galleries and caused them to bend aside, or it chanced that a flooring vault burst and split under this crushing thrust.
  85. One had her form under my house all winter, separated from me only by the flooring, and she startled me each morning by her hasty departure when I began to stir—thump, thump, thump, striking her head against the floor timbers in her hurry.
  86. After a brisk exchange of courtesies during which a smart upper cut of the military man brought blood freely from his opponent's mouth the lamb suddenly waded in all over his man and landed a terrific left to Battling Bennett's stomach, flooring him flat.
  87. But Ellen sat across the table from him and had a spirited argument with him--an argument during which all his shouting and banter could not fluster her and in which she came off best, flooring Norman so composedly and so completely that he was silent for ten minutes.
  88. Hastily raising myself on one arm, I looked around, but all was dark; and it seemed to me as if the rain must have penetrated through the flooring of the room above, for some kind of moisture appeared to fall, drop by drop, upon my forehead, and when I passed my hand across my brow, I felt that it was wet and clammy.
  89. After having vaulted three thousand metres of sewer in all quarters of the city, from the Rue Traversiere-Saint-Antoine to the Rue de l'Ourcine, after having freed the Carrefour Censier-Mouffetard from inundations of rain by means of the branch of the Arbalete, after having built the Saint-Georges sewer, on rock and concrete in the fluid sands, after having directed the formidable lowering of the flooring of the vault timber in the Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth branch, Duleau the engineer died.
  90. I passed in a semi-waking condition through the porch and up the steps, but in the hall the lock of the door, the bars and bolts, the crooked boards of the flooring, the chest, the ancient candelabrum (splashed all over with grease as of old), the shadows thrown by the crooked, chill, recently-lighted stump of candle, the perennially dusty, unopened window behind which I remembered sorrel to have grown—all was so familiar, so full of memories, so intimate of aspect, so, as it were, knit together by a single idea, that I suddenly became conscious of a tenderness for this quiet old house.
  91. Oh, how noble did the grand vizier my father look at that moment, in the midst of the flying bullets, his scimitar in his hand, and his face blackened with the powder of his enemies! and how he terrified them, even then, and made them fly before him! 'Selim, Selim!' cried he, 'guardian of the fire, do your duty!'—'Selim is dead,' replied a voice which seemed to come from the depths of the earth, 'and you are lost, Ali!' At the same moment an explosion was heard, and the flooring of the room in which my father was sitting was suddenly torn up and shivered to atoms—the troops were firing from underneath.
  1. But she kept it floored.
  2. He floored the gas up the hill.
  3. He floored the accelerator and.
  4. A floored pedal, he could reach.
  5. I’ve got it floored now, sir.
  6. She floored it and began to scream.
  7. He put his car in gear and floored it.
  8. I floored it and began to head for home.
  9. I strapped his seatbelt and floored it.
  10. I jumped back in the car and floored it.
  11. We got in and I floored it out of there.
  12. In moments, they were floored, and hog-tied.
  13. Joey pulled back onto the road and floored it.
  14. Our driver/bodyguard floored the Zil and we.
  15. Mave was nearly floored by what she had heard.
  16. Damn! he said, floored by my accounting.
  17. Caramarin offered his hand to the floored woman.
  18. He floored the accelerator, picking up more speed.
  19. Roger floored it and moved into the middle of the.
  20. Roland floored the accelerator of his sports car and.
  21. I was floored that they let this guy come to the Team.
  22. HE FLOORED IT, as if his boys’ lives depended on it.
  23. I floored it, pushing as fast as my little car would go.
  24. I floored it and stayed the course directly at the men.
  25. I floored it and reached eighty by the time we escaped.
  26. The trucker was so intent on killing us he floored his.
  27. Mick selected reverse and floored it, smashing into the.
  28. She watches as Simon floored his green Pinzgauer Vehicle.
  29. Floored, the leprechaun stammered, "once or twice a month?".
  30. That floored him for a moment, then he said 'Perhaps so, but.
  31. She turned the key in the ignition, and floored the accelerator.
  32. I was floored that they let this guy come to the Team.
  33. He somehow managed to get hold of my name, and that floored me.
  34. Steve hit the corner of 40th and 8th, low life scene in floored.
  35. One Sunday I was floored by reading the story of Naaman in church.
  36. He swung right around the next corner and floored the accelerator.
  37. Later on Helen said something that nearly floored me as she asked.
  38. Then, without so much as a greeting, he floored it around the corner.
  39. I thought you were dead when you floored that Klingon, Ilona said.
  40. I had the Porsche floored the entire ride, which took a couple of hours.
  41. The Pinto shot rocks from under its tires as I floored it out of the crude.
  42. The trucker, seeing his chance of an open lane to the loading dock, floored.
  43. Laughing when they should have been floored to the earth with enlightenment.
  44. The car purred with power as I floored the gas pedal and steered between the.
  45. With that said, Frank floored the accelerator and William’s head jerked back.
  46. This really floored me when I first discovered that doing this is perfectly legal.
  47. Marble floored with a grand, deep wooden staircase leading to the different floors.
  48. Tgthiem floored the accelerator and caught up with the police car, then overtook it.
  49. The other two doormen burst into action at seeing their colleague floored by Gomes.
  50. His pronouncements had floored me completely and it were as if my thoughts themselves.
  51. Parents were floored, but Brimmer held true to his end of the deal to save his own ass.
  52. Sebastian‘s concentration paid off and he easily floored a distracted and worried Con.
  53. I was not quite sure why we had a two floored parking lot, given the decent size of the.
  54. Oh, I couldn’t! she huffed, with a self-conscious hand over her mouth, floored by.
  55. Like its twin, it was floored with polished hardwood parquetry, but there were no carpets.
  56. With the last of the sunlight lingering in the west, we sat on their checker brick floored.
  57. Ian knew where the hospital was, and he floored the big Mercedes – which had bullet holes.
  58. He floored the accelerator the whole way home and only relaxed when the house came into sight.
  59. Sarah and I were both floored! She said, Jesus sure puts his signature on his communications.
  60. I have to say I love these occasions – Katherine Kavanagh, silent and floored - they are so rare.
  61. Drake’s jaw vibrated ever so slightly as he sauntered out of the lounge, into the marble floored.
  62. Before he could answer the four security guards were floored by the on rushing agents and quickly disarmed.
  63. Olsen adjusted his vision so not to look at the bullet holes in the windscreen and floored the accelerator.
  64. Floored by this simple statement, Kathy stared at him in perplexed wonder, disbelieving what she’d just heard.
  65. Thomas floored the Journal on his as-yet-untouched scrambled eggs, tilted his head this way and that, and said:.
  66. I floored the accelerator and we bumped down the twisting roads of the backwoods of Olema and out to the highway.
  67. Ramming the car into gear, she floored the accelerator, constantly checking in the rear-view mirror as they sped away.
  68. Grant walked towards him and Jones spun around and launched a kick which hit Grant on the side of the head and floored him.
  69. He flicked the indicator switch, floored the accelerator pedal, and the Truck leaped ahead down the narrow and winding road.
  70. There was a zombie on it! I floored it and smashed the zombie against my truck! The undead beast screamed and flew under my truck.
  71. For some reason, this car came flying over the rocks and floored it, speeding toward us and passing all sorts of dead men on the way.
  72. He floored it through the clear spaces until he reached a parked car, then yanked the wheel back into traffic whether it was clear or not.
  73. Racing from the house Alex jumped in his car, the worn tyres leaving another few miles of rubber on the tarmac as he floored the accelerator.
  74. With the engine still running, he floored the accelerator and spun 180 degrees as he spotted the lead men getting into a vehicle not far ahead.
  75. For some reason, this car came flying over the rocks and floored it, speeding toward us and passing all sorts of dead men on the way.
  76. He floored the boat, which planed over the surface of the mist, eating up the distance between him and the far-off trees that stood spire-like on the horizon.
  77. Now she is standing on the edge of a deep bowl or crater, floored with the little rings across which the dragonriders are already strolling with a pendulum grit.
  78. Farah Tolkonen, apart from being floored once she saw this document, would also be most pleased, as it would facilitate greatly any mission by Nancy in 17th Century France.
  79. Could it be my foxy old aunt had cornered me into a decision? But just as I was about to put her off, she floored me with a question, 'So why don't you consider moving here?'.
  80. I was slammed against the backseat as he floored the Mercedes, cutting through early-morning traffic and whizzing through intersections against lights, without incident or accident.
  81. It was a double house, and the big open place betwixt them was roofed and floored, and sometimes the table was set there in the middle of the day, and it was a cool, comfortable place.
  82. Would every woman who bought it, dress in a red riding outfit, walk through a huge marble floored hallway and tell the wolf to be quiet? I doubt it very much, but it is fantasy and provides escapism.
  83. And because he was floored by what she’d told him, he’d missed the hurt inflection in her tone and expression, when she’d replied to his abruptly spoken questions of how she knew about Lady Edwards.
  84. She was furthered floored when he then confessed that he was deeply ashamed by the way he’d behaved and understood if she could never forgive him, for he had been unable to forgive himself for having done that to her.
  85. Not knowing much about what the cargo planes were bringing in, except for the fact that they were supposed to be carrying ground support equipment and supplies for a squadron of fighters that would soon reinforce his depleted air force, Geiger was nearly floored, like Major Buse, when two M3 halftracks mounting a quad heavy anti-aircraft machineguns mount rolled one after the other out of the first C-142, each M3 also towing a loaded trailer.
  86. But what eye-openers the end chapters of the Gita were to me; what a vile creature I was, I came to realize from these verses - Make all vile, rude guys all / Vainglorious ’n haughty too / Besides being indignant / No less are they indulgent; Gives as virtue man freedom / Keeps him vileness in bondage; Pride ’n lust, long wish list / Vile in conceit live impure; Seeing life as one to gloat / Vile by impulse go to lengths; Seek vile creatures ever shortcuts / On way to wants, they ill-get wealth; Think all vile, in like terms- / This is mine so let me keep / Why not have I more of it, Foe this mine I’ve truly floored / Won’t I tackle the rest of them / Sure I’m Lord of mine own world; Note all vile, gloat as such – / Besides wealthy, I’m well-born / Won’t I give and enjoy too, To their hurt in illusion vile / End up slaves of joys of flesh.
  1. He floors the gas pedal.
  2. She floors it to the finish.
  3. Advice #1 - Update the floors.
  4. Walls sprung up, floors grew.
  5. Several floors below, in the.
  6. No snow on the hardwood floors.
  7. The shelter had several floors.
  8. The floors are slick with blood.
  9. The floors were buffed concrete.
  10. All this on board floors, never.
  11. I mind-swept the floors above us.
  12. But it’s only two floors up.
  13. We went up three floors and got.
  14. Even the man who swept the floors.
  15. Even the walls and the floors too.
  16. The hardwood floors an insulator.
  17. Six floors, but as tall as a ten-.
  18. Keeping debris off floors and out.
  19. If the floors were clean and pol-.
  20. The upper floors were iffy in spots.
  21. Protecting the floors and the walls.
  22. Up three floors, absent of a balcony.
  23. On his way out of the office floors.
  24. The dirt floors and low ceiling made.
  25. Besides, look at the number of floors.
  26. The stone floors were impeccably clean.
  27. Neat, clean tatami mats line the floors.
  28. Courtyard, on the floors of the various.
  29. The Director sat just a few floors away.
  30. It was a massive room with three floors.
  31. The hardwood floors were polished to a.
  32. Most houses were of three or four floors.
  33. Mostly three floors flats situated there.
  34. Rotating suites, floors, but never hotels.
  35. None of the other cabins had wood floors.
  36. Amelia had been hidden beneath the floors.
  37. The floors, counters, and walls were marble.
  38. The ninth and tenth floors were for records.
  39. The walls, the floors and even the ceiling.
  40. Floors 1 and 2 both house military equipment.
  41. My Heels echo’d upon the cold stone Floors.
  42. The uneven floors creaked under Max’s steps.
  43. The Attic just had wood walls and wood floors.
  44. Let’s think of a building with many floors:.
  45. The floors were wood, shined to a mirror image.
  46. We made our way to a coffee house two floors up.
  47. The main bedroom had blood all over the floors.
  48. There are more than two thousand floors!.
  49. Bags of ghost stories littered the office floors.
  50. Their declines seem to stop at invisible floors.
  51. The octagon-shaped foyer has amber marble floors.
  52. The wood floors were re-finished last month, a.
  53. The floors were covered with thin, ragged carpet.
  54. The staircase to the upper floors was impressive.
  55. The cabin was a tall thin house with three floors.
  56. They entered a grand room with blue marble floors.
  57. The fraternity house contained three floors, not.
  58. We continued up stairs and through the other floors.
  59. I swept the floors while Ramona talked to her doll.
  60. Many of them slept on the floors of the passageways.
  61. It stood on five floors and had an enormous frontage.
  62. Offices and such held the first through fifth floors.
  63. He saw a spinning flash of cars sixteen floors below.
  64. Then he says, Look at these hardwood floors, Blondie.
  65. From the information which we have, the floors above.
  66. Focus on the kitchen, bathroom, floors and curb appeal.
  67. The floors where carpeted in navy blue but the walls.
  68. He returned in the elevator and went down a few floors.
  69. I hear walking on floors, I hear voices, she said.
  70. Above are tall buildings whose top floors catch the sun.
  71. Now the shop keeper’s blood stained the floors as well.
  72. Walkways crossed the room on many floors high above the.
  73. When I wasn’t home, she’d pace the floors endlessly.
  74. It was a long, dark hallway with polished floors and it.
  75. Beyond the first thirty floors, the central body of the.
  76. There are more floors to this place? exclaimed Darek.
  77. We climbed the stairs two floors to reach the bank's roof.
  78. The floors of your kitchen are another rather inexpensive.
  79. It was also the south turret, which meant that two floors.
  80. But they still wobbled and clunked on silent stone floors.
  81. Two more crews were constantly leveling cavern floors and.
  82. Why would you need an elevator for two floors? The whole.
  83. He was glad the map told him he had to go down three floors.
  84. The sound of bare footsteps on the hardwood floors heralded.
  85. I had been in the library on the top floors of the tower.
  86. Corey and I walked up two whole floors and then prowled the.
  87. The wooden floors had colorful area rugs spread across them.
  88. Five floors: thirteen, fifteen steps between each, probably.
  89. After POW camp, he said, he didn’t mind sleeping on floors.
  90. Then I hear clanking footsteps a couple of floors below us.
  91. Inside, there was a great big broom used to sweep the floors.
  92. On the 6th day of our stay I decided to go up several floors.
  93. Multiple floors with balconies ringed its interior courtyard.
  94. We summoned the elevator and kissed all the eight floors down.
  95. The building had deep cellars and the old floors were elastic.
  96. There are only a few hours when the dance floors are deserted.
  97. He reached the top of the floors and arrived at the ships decks.
  98. There was a four-foot waterline and the wet floors were rotted.
  99. She bolted to the doors, nearly slipping on the polished floors.
  100. There were four shuttles stowed beneath the shuttle bay floors.

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