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    1. headed for the rocks, the accompanying Sea Rescue helicopters had to return to base as the waves were now high enough to be sucked

    2. would be base upon superficial knowledge you have of that

    3. It’s in a United Order base hidden within the city in the basement of a building posing as a bank,” Ackers said in one large breath

    4. "Brandon" was etched into the base

    5. “We brought her all the way here, showed her our base

    6. Buried at base of plants

    7. “Has she been taking good care of you? Has she?” he purrs, rubbing his hands around the base of the drumset

    8. He knew that Ackers never left the base, and the chances of him actually coming to Johnny’s house were the same as the chances of the United Order knowing that Johnny Clunker was Johnny B

    9. She wished she could have seen the real thing, not just the dimly-lit base of the tunnel rim and the hewn rock disappearing into the blacker black of the mountainside against the black but star-strewn sky above

    10. I suggest that you use builder’s sand around the base of any wooden structures at least 2 feet out and two feet deep

    1. You will begin to do the things that you need to do because your thoughts, based on these two words, will solidify a belief system of confidence within you

    2. A lot of our parenting is done on autopilot and is based on what we

    3. about how to walk with God is based on Malachi: 2:4-6

    4. Moreover, until recently, feelings of sexuality and sexual need among those over 60 years of age might be cause for guilt feelings, based on the culturally constructed assumption that people were supposed to "mature out of" sexual interest and become sexual neuters as they entered into their so-called "golden years

    5. direction based on how you are being

    6. tune you become to your intuition, based on what you want, the faster you will begin to see positive life changes happen

    7. When you have an intuition you are making a decision and you are running through your mind the different scenarios that may occur based on your

    8. However, these studies don't always take into account the efficacy of the treatments and may be based more on actual availability of the treatments and personal preferences

    9. autoresponder follows up with additional offers based on what the How to Pick a Shopping Cart System that Makes You Money

    10. Over the years we create a self-image and when we face situations, which are as it is not under our control, we react based on this image

    1. with bases loaded in the 13th

    2. The bases were now loaded again and the lead-off hitter coming to the plate

    3. Even when set on their sassiest however, they cannot show the independent will that Shibet could, that made love with her so much more interesting than love with this collection of surface renderings and response data bases

    4. This system that bases itself off of violence and greed is being opposed by a man from Nazareth

    5. bases her science fiction work on the culture of the islands

    6. The stones loomed in the half light, deep shadows clouding their bases

    7. Anyway, this chapter will teach you all about the Soul Slayer and I will try to cover all your bases while keeping it brief and to the point

    8. In the time while Gordon’s Lamp was away on its mission, most souls of means got preserved, and the bulk of mortal Chinese voluntarily ascended to the bases in the moon

    9. All the information was carved into signs screwed to the bases of the huge trunks

    10. they ever received was from other NN bases

    1. She felt that she finally had something to offer to these discussions, basing her opinions on her direct experience with these poor unfortunate people

    2. ” She tried to forget she was basing her beliefs on a couple of three minute conversations

    3. By basing your affirmations on the clear, rational assessments of facts that you made using Rational Thinking, you can use them to undo the damage that negative thinking may have

    4. Therefore basing on the keywords that the searchers enter,

    5. Darrell - How did you come up with the idea of basing a mystery series around wine?

    6. are basing our projections on a hyperbolic curve

    7. I was still dealing with a mate of mine but basing it from a girl"s flat I was seeing to play it safe

    8. But then I don’t think I could start off my new life by basing it on a

    9. Basing our opposition to the Swordsmen on how they treat their populations is too simplistic

    10. ‘’What I mean is that, by basing ourselves here and now, we made ourselves highly vulnerable to any attempt by someone to change or modify history in past centuries

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    base pedestal stand bag base of operations foot foundation fundament groundwork substructure understructure infrastructure basis cornerstone radical root root word stem theme floor al-qa'ida al-qaeda al-qaida al qaeda al qaida qaeda home radix alkali nucleotide establish found ground free-base baseborn mean meanspirited humble lowly basal immoral menial abject squalid beggarly ignoble degrading low dirty sordid contemptible cowardly villainous degraded inferior shabby cheap poor coarse counterfeit tawdry unworthy corrupt evil foul tainted sinister vile ungodly wretched disreputable dishonourable disgraceful infamous notorious scandalous shameful basement grounds bed bedrock bottom seat rest element essence core support camp site station headquarters settlement post centre garrison terminal