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    1. A fountain gurgles in the middle of the courtyard

    2. Zitteraal stop by the fountain

    3. John glances at the fountain

    4. Immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up, and she felt

    5. A fountain gurgles quietly in the middle of a shaded courtyard where orange trees blossom and flowers bloom

    6. The three squadrons of alien aces vanished from sight, presumably lost somewhere in interstellar space or incinerated when some sizable portion of the energy that went into the transit's opening hurled itself out into the Mizar system in a fountain of high energy particles, microwaves, and infrared

    7. An ornamental pool with a fountain graced the center of it, they took the scotch to some high-backed stools that bracketed a small table next to a small raised lawn upon which houris might perform

    8. Fountain: If you are at a Fountain and its water is clear, you will succeed in business and love

    9. A dry fountain is a symbol of poverty and misery

    10. A woman with an issue of blood says, “If I could just touch the hem of his garment…” She touches it and “immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up

    1. bands, no ticker tape parades, no gushing fountains of love

    2. I just wonder at the worth of all this," he waved his arm at the harem, the fine carvings, the fountains, the sky and fields in the distance

    3. He had built fountains and temples and monuments and all sorts of architecture in cities that weren’t in Israel

    4. Public fountains had become his drinking water for the last few days

    5. Some of these looked like gigantic branching ferns, some like fountains of green spray, softly frozen

    6. Wine, beer, champagne and gin flowed as if in fountains, and it wasn't simply the well-connected and well-heeled in attendance

    7. A new interest and enthusiasm laid hold of the community, an almost tribal pride of their bubbling fountains of Arts and Education

    8. artesian fountains and others, there is a statue

    9. These twin fountains created a perpetual salt mist

    10. The fountains didn’t bother them

    1. Blood sprayed up from Egil's torn throat, fountaining into Halfdan's face, turning the nearby snow dark red, with steam rising in the cold air

    2. Blood spurted out from his carotid artery, fountaining out, spraying the floor and nearer vats with his life-blood

    1. Blood fountained out of the corpses, their clothes

    2. reflection, an effervescent feeling of beauty fountained inside her, causing her to

    3. Caramarin punched the man twice in the face, blood fountained from his

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    fountain in English

    bar font geyser stream spout spray

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    fount fountain jet natural spring outflow outpouring spring bar font geyser stream spout spray