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    1. This planet succumbs to gravitational lock before this sun burns out, but they calculate they have about another billion Earth years, they think fusion power would seriously deplete the planet of water in less than two hundred million

    2. Glenelle knew it would give a mortal a lethal burn if one was caught in the blast from an early 22nd century fusion shuttlecraft

    3. "It was never executed, instead the fusion containment bricks were taken down and stacked, then all its mounting framework and hardware, all four tons of it, was removed and stored away in a shuffle of paperwork under the heading 'spare parts' in a warehouse in Gengee

    4. The world has seen many marvels during recent years, and one of the many things that helps to illustrate the fusion of technical modernism with the established status quo is the way in which England’s ancient feudal institutions have embraced the social and political structures of modern times

    5. Neither of the ships was carrying anything intended as a weapon, but their point control laser was capable of damaging the other vessel's external systems and the naked fusion in either drive could slag the other with neutrons and gamma rays

    6. At first, when the cherub’s blush still burned crimson upon the new Mrs Roach’s cheek, this new nuclear family, being father, son, mother and daughter, enjoyed the full warmth and vigour of recent fusion

    7. "That decoy would need a fusion drive the size of hers and an interstellar microwave link

    8. Their mass to energy ratio is too low for such cold fusion

    9. of the many things that helps to illustrate the fusion of technical

    10. “We were told of self-replicating machines that can cause the bodies that heaven is contained in to undergo thermonuclear fusion

    11. The natives knew that stars produced energy via nuclear fusion

    12. seemed like a process of fusion; they

    13. Why not use mind fusion to truly understand each other? How sad that if the B’tari fail to halt the TE wave then all those things unsaid would be lost

    14. “We could take one of the fusion heaters sir,” suggested Fletcher, “It won’t be so effective outdoors, but it’s gotta help

    15. Fletcher’s rucksack was almost filled by the spare fusion heater

    16. As soon as it was ready, they lifted Lucy inside and Chris started the fusion heater

    17. “Doesn’t the fusion heater have hot elements inside, elements that would be hot enough to ignite the wrappers?” said James

    18. Jason studied the exterior of the fusion heater for a few moments and then said, “If I unscrew the top panel I reckon that all four of those panels will just slide out

    19. “I hope they got to shelter in time,” he announced, turning back to the others grouped around the modified fusion heater, “It’s mighty hot out there

    20. Jason switched off the fusion heater and had just settled down into a more comfortable position when there was a low moan from one of the two sleeping figures on the other side of the heater

    21. In his private garage Roidon stared at the nuclear fusion generator he had set up, housed within the multiple cone structure

    22. It occurred to him that he had not lifted the fusion heater before

    23. ” said Chris firmly, dropping his own rucksack next to Fletcher and heaving the one containing the fusion heater off the ground

    24. Lucy switched on the fusion heater, setting it to maximum initially, and they huddled around it to eat another inadequate ration of food

    25. Fletcher was back to carrying the fusion heater but Chris was determined to keep an eye on him

    26. The fusion heater struggled for a long while before it began to make any noticeable impression upon the cold within the structure

    27. “Now we need somewhere to seal ourselves into so that the fusion heater can work effectively

    28. Fletcher pulled off his rucksack, lifted out the fusion heater and set it carefully down in the aisle between the inward-facing seats

    29. They used two huge half-gigawatt fusion reactors, generating a massive electric current to feed through the coils of its four jet ion-drive

    30. Fifty-two mini fusion thrusters fired up, sending him surging forward like some children’s animated superhero

    31. Zorandi was having trouble keeping a steady course, his suit’s fusion units were constantly correcting deviations

    32. “I could try to get one of the fusion reactors back on line

    33. He then descended to the engineering room, his helmet light illuminating the dead fusion injection systems

    34. He looked round to see an interior of white and grey shapes to see what he thought must be the pod’s central fusion mixer: a glass- effect cylinder containing concentric metal cylinders – in motion

    35. Chris, Lucy and Kate spent the rest of the afternoon loading the shuttle with the necessary food, water, fusion heaters and medical supplies

    36. Power for the heaters, life-support systems, lighting and everything else was provided by two compact fusion reactors

    37. More than half the colony’s energy requirements were supplied by the ageing fusion reactors they brought with them

    38. The probe looked about to explode – it was glowing red to an orange pink just around its engine, its own fusion thrust (essentially a myriad of explosions) right at the limit, fighting against the repulsion force

    39. The craft was sleek as a hyperplane, yet festooned with fusion engines

    40. To think of it as a mere time machine was akin to referring to a Monet painting as a fusion of brush strokes on canvas, or any great novel as a text-based conveyor of a story

    41. America‘s ―expanding‖ middle class is merely an artificial construct synthesized by the fusion of ―easy credit‖ and arbitrarily defined (economic) assumptions

    42. Our fusion will grow with practice

    43. We have followed that knowledge with nuclear fission and that is likely to be followed by nuclear fusion, which would be a great environmental improvement

    44. [187] In Karma and Chaos, Paul Fleischman notes that "karma is neither freedom nor determinism, as it has been often misread to be, but a dynamic fusion of these two" [emphasis mine]

    45. Ezekiel slammed the door on the new 2012 Ford Fusion

    46. careful when raising it to the Fusion Chamber

    47. floor Fusion Chamber, the wires grinding nervously to a halt

    48. The theory of nuclear fusion was

    49. Or hot fusion

    50. Another acquaintance suffered from crippling arthritis and a stiff neck from the surgical fusion of vertebrae

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