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    1. I can"t help wondering why, at just about the time in the 1860"s of the unification of Italy, with the resultant loss, to the Papacy, of the Papal States, the decision was made to portray Mary as having been conceived blameless for original sin

    2. It was one of the six survived major works written before the unification of China in the 2nd century BC

    3. This book played a significant role in the unification of Japan

    4. As unification gradually transformed them into the nations that succeeded each other, a whole pantheon of gods emerged

    5. Yet, unification of all this visions and attempts need to be more concrete and supported globally and politically too

    6. It began with the unification of the Mongols by the great Chingis

    7. "But what is the purpose of this unification?" he asks

    8. states, helping to speed the unification of Germany

    9. The temporary boundary at the 17th parallel was to be resolved by elections in 1956 to achieve the unification of Vietnam

    10. search for the unification and harmonization of the human being, through

    11. This can be a signal of a unification between soul and body

    12. At some point in the evolution of the Akashic reader, however, a state of unification and awareness can be achieved in which even the future responses are known with absolute clarity instead of only as a probability

    13. the well-being that comes from one’s own unification, which is the fruit of

    14. This is the unification of the ego with the Monad;

    15. That individuals so differ in their life performances indicates, not only the varying endowments of heredity and the different influences of the environment, but also the degree of unification with the indwelling spirit of the Father which has been achieved by the self, the measure of the identification of the one with the other

    16. Deficient unification weakens the moral nature and engenders unhappiness

    17. Never can the religions of authority come to unification

    18. The living Jesus is the only hope of a possible unification of Christianity

    19. Unification of fragments is really elimination

    20. That’s why I have to look for a new unification every time

    21. This unification caused the creation of the Vedas and the Upanishads, along

    22. This unification later led to the world dominance of Persia up until

    23. The unification of Islam helped unify the Arab

    24. is a unification that the prophet adored as he had helped his people get closer to God

    25. Turk that stayed after unification; he’s done a few jobs for

    26. occupation and stayed on after unification, but for armistice

    27. as a Unified Field or Grand Unification would be just as accurate

    28. that space-time is a Unified Field or Grand Unification

    29. space-time is a unification and places-times co-exist

    30. One deduction from the idea that space-time is a unification and places-times coexist is:

    31. universe is a unification, weĺl be able to influence things in extraordinary ways, as if we

    32. rest of the universe is also included in this plurality or unification

    33. (and thus forming a unification) when that universe was the size of a subatomic particle,

    34. familiar dimensions through the 4th and 5th, and back to the 3; producing a unification

    35. everything in space-time), we can think of the universe as a unification, or as an

    36. in a unification … a unified field embracing the theory of everything

    37. into a "grand unification" or "theory of everything"

    38. Since a magnet and a piece of metal are both parts of this unification, the former can

    39. If this unification of the universe has always existed, how could the effects of its future

    40. But if the unification of the universe is

    41. But things are strangely complicated when you live in unification

    42. dimensions through the 4th and 5th, and back to the 3; producing a unification

    43. unification possessing zero separation; every bit of that matter, energy and force would

    44. universe is also included in this plurality or unification"

    45. the fifth dimension truly is the location of strings of ones and zeros creating unification

    46. Another step in unification would see this

    47. of the universe is also included in this unification

    48. laboratory, our minds can use the unification of everything - including matter, mind and

    49. step would be practical combination of unification not only with quantum mechanics and

    50. from this article relevant: “Another effect of the universe being a unification

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    conjugation jointure unification union uniting fusion merger coupling connection junction articulation