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Gag in einem Satz (in englisch)

I should gag you.
I tried not to gag.
immediately began to gag.
The Truth: Gag the Sheep.
She choked behind the gag.
He wanted to gag, but couldn't.
Why gag her mouth? What did he.

All I could do was cough and gag.
She pulled the gag from his mouth.
Brock was always pulling that gag.
towards the men that made them gag.
He checked that her gag was secure.
Gag reflex responding she.
Half the people in the place gag.
the smell of the blood made sammy gag.
Y’hungry?’ He slipped off the gag.
What’s the gag? London demanded.
The other pulled the gag from her mouth.
He pulled the gag from the man’s mouth.
The gunk collected in my skimmer is gag.
Someone tried the old Spanish Lottery gag.
What’s the gag? the checker asked.
I roll my eyes and take a swig—then gag.
so shocked, our gag reflex was neutralized.
To have the gag remov'd from one's mouth!.
Gruesome enough to set off the gag reflex.
She tried again this time ignoring the gag.
here, and Halfshaft found it hard not to gag.
It made her gag, and she felt like vomiting.
When she got near him, she took out his gag.

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