gasp sätze

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Gasp sätze (in englisch)

I let out a gasp.
Then I saw them gasp.
I gave a little gasp.
With a gasp, she awoke.
She gave a little gasp.
She felt his gasp and.
A gasp escaped his mouth.

Manda sat up with a gasp.
She let out a gasp when.
Willie gave a short gasp.
She could hear Jenna gasp.
I gasp at the realization.
There was a collected gasp.
Lyil let out a slight gasp.
I couldn’t stop the gasp.
A gasp went round the room.
I let out a gasp of relief.
There was a collective gasp.
Alan pulls back with a gasp.
There was a gasp from the.
She had to gasp, so great.
The thought made Emma gasp.
The priest awoke with a gasp.
AVA let out a gasp and the.
His breath was a raspy gasp.
A gasp went through the room.
I gasp and withdraw my hand.
Her next words made him gasp.
Massie heard her faint gasp.
Loki can only gasp for breath.
You jerked it in with a gasp.
With a gasp, he held up again.
A small gasp escaped her lips.
A gasp went through the crowd.
A collective gasp of horror.
I gasp, and the levees burst.
A tiny gasp escaped her throat.
My breath came in a wild gasp.
There was a gasp from the crowd.
She breathed in a gasp for air.
He was gasping for breath.
He was gasping for a breath.
I woke up, gasping for breath.
She lay there gasping for air.
Foster was gasping for breath.
Holly's was gasping for breath.
Gasping, Simon opened his eyes.
Gasping, he clutched his head.
Nereus was heaving and gasping.
He doubled over, gasping with.
Our comrade was gasping for air.
Gasping heavily he toppled over.
Hallie was gasping by that point.
Still gasping, he could only nod.
He was almost gasping for breath.
I stood there, bent over, gasping.
His mouth was open as if gasping.
She cries out, gasping for breath.
Both of them were gasping for air.
I was sweating and gasping for air.
They all recoiled, gasping slightly.
Quickly she pulled it away gasping.
Okay, he said, gasping for air.
Jason doubled over gasping for breath.
Then he sat up gasping to catch his.
He was shouting in a gasping voice:.
Edwin bent still further over, gasping.
I jiggled the receiver wildly, gasping.
With a gasping breath, Claire sat back.
Jed crashed to the floor, gasping for.
The man I loved was gasping for breath.
But suddenly he was gasping for breath.
No— She took in a gasping breath.
I jumped off the bench, gasping for air.
Gasping together, the inevitable defeat.
She was coughing and gasping for breathe.
Someone must have heard his gasping voice.
DS Burrows lay on the floor gasping for air.
He sat blinking for half a minute, gasping.
Gasping, she toppled backward into the boat.
I gasped in a breath.
He gasped at the air.
I read it and gasped.
She gasped at the 94.
She gasped in the air.
She gasped at the pain.
The elders gasped as one.
He gasped at what he saw.
She gasped as it opened.
Nico gasped at the noise.
I gasped; it was the Fae.
Kyrin gasped at the offer.
John Smith gasped for air.
The kid gasped and sat up.
Sage and the others gasped.
I looked outside and gasped.
She gasped in ice-cold fear.
No more, she gasped out.
Alex gasped and reeled back.
She looked down and gasped.
He gasped and stumbled over.
Dan gasped as he clutched.
Some of the campers gasped.
The crowd gasped in unison.
I gasped as I saw the array.
The ship groaned and gasped.
She gasped and stepped back.
Opening her eyes, she gasped.
She gasped and leaned back.
Two turned slowly and gasped.
The Devatas gasped in unison.
She gasped, her body jerking.
The monster gasped and cried.
Koke blinked and then gasped.
She broke his gaze and gasped.
The rest of the class gasped.
What was that? I gasped.
She gasped when she saw them.
He gasped for air in the void.
Oh my God, Cindy gasped.
Gasps then echoed from al.
Behind her, she heard gasps.
What the hell? gasps Lyre.
He heard grunts and gasps, the.
Ashley's eyes widen and she gasps.
Her breath came in shorter gasps.
There were gasps in the courtroom.
The air is close, and Jonah gasps.
The crowd gasps as I hit the floor.
Gasps spread throughout the streets.
Sam's breath began to come in gasps.
Oohs and gasps ran through the crowd.
Gasps were heard all around the table.
She breathed in harsh gasps, Dont.
Several horrified gasps filled the air.
The screams died down to panting gasps.
Chevalier heard gasps from the crowd.
Gasps were heard from around the circle.
What the hell was that? gasps Maya.
My breathing came in short, shallow gasps.
My breath was coming in short, harsh gasps.
And those gasps were followed by shouting.
Gasps rippled through the surrounding trees.
His spasms of vomiting came in little gasps.
She gasps as she turns to fearfully face him.
Between gasps she said, This starts my day.
Michael gasps for air and continues his story.
There were gasps from the soldiers around me.
The prisoner gasps as my face hits the floor.
There were several gasps, and concern passed.
The audience gasps again and hold their chest!.
She could hear gasps from the other staff members.
In Hartstongue’s arms, the boy jumps and gasps.
A big, nasty monster of a horse- The girl gasps.
The poor man's breathing came in uncertain gasps.
I clutched at my chest, as my breath came in gasps.
I stared into the night, my breath coming in gasps.
More gasps as they all leaned in for a closer look.
There were gasps that came from the audience.
Under the victory arch—down there, he gasps.

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