pant sätze

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Pant sätze (in englisch)

Dogs pant, and sweat from their paws.
Like the autograph on her pant leg.
Mother gave me newly sown shirt and pant.
Sue started pulling on one of the pant legs.
Morel was so intense that Paul began to pant.
It made him pant with terror, agony, and love.
In turn, I tugged on the pant leg of Carmella.

That hissing pant, as regular and full-volumed.
I took a firm hold of her pant leg and pulled with.
He saw the blood soaking into his brother’s pant.
He was cool and wore a plain shirt and a denim pant.
It will help if you pant like a puppy when the pain.
Daniel looked in horror at his pant leg that was now.
She brushed off her pant legs as she turned to Gloria.
I pulled onto Rebecca’s pant sleeve as hard as I could.
The sun was beaming onto my shoulder, causing me to pant.
Thereby, I released my pincer grip on Carmellas pant leg.
Alice suggested that blue denim pant with yellow t-shirt.
I made a whimpering sound and tugged on Gareth’s pant leg.
Sometimes they have to pant in order to catch their breath.
I told him my sizes and that of shirt and pant sizes as well.
I couldnt help it but I was forced to pant ever so intensely.
The right pant leg was also torn to reveal a long white femur.
Crawling up my pant legs, shirt, and even getting into my hair.
And I don’t see what my pant legs have to do with you!.
There was a new, strange note in his voice, one that made her pant.
Follett turned his head and reached down to his pant leg pulling the.
The suit was powder blue with navy trim and tuxedo pant side stripes.
Some could easily have come in on someone’s pant legs, my pant legs.
I try to pull a pant leg over my thigh and it sticks just above my knee.
I let the pant leg fall and look over my shoulder at the back of my thigh.
The boy was rolling up his pant leg and getting a better look at the wound.
It brandished vicious fangs and whipped its fishing rod with pant wetting.
Simultaneously, the captain was checking out the six-inch tear in his pant leg.
His leg dangled below him, his pant leg hanging in shreds and his boot blasted.
Carla’s guts churned at the thought and she began to pant as the fear gripped her.
What? No! My breathing is ragged as I pant, gazing at him with delicious anticipation.
One last tug on my pant legs, and my pants were off, quickly followed by my underwear.
They already covered his boots and were starting up his pant legs, and Jeeter screamed.
The homeless man squirmed as if something had crawled up his pant leg, said, Don’t remember.
He found he was panting.
Khalid is panting in fear.
He was panting by this time.
He rolled off her, panting.
He is panting and coughing.
He stood by the bed panting.
I'm still panting and crying.
Panting, he turned toward her.
Emily opened her eyes, panting.
Arthur lay panting for breath.
He stayed where he was, panting.
She struggled with it, panting.
I sat panting, heart pounding.
All is quiet but heavy panting.
It left her panting for breath.
Paras,' lsh told the panting boy.
It reminded her of a panting dog.
I could actually hear him panting.
He fell back, exhausted and panting.
A panting ache ran through the rick.
Everyone was panting and wide-eyed.
He jogged back to the house panting.
His voice was a low, panting murmur.
She came in panting from running so.
Though, I could hear him panting to.
Panting, he gives me a murderous look.
Decoud lay on the silver boxes panting.
But their panting wouldn’t surcease.
The screams died down to panting gasps.
Yes, yes, yes, she said, panting.
She was panting, as he sat beside her.
I could hear Robbie panting for breath.
She began breathing in a panting rhythm.
She lay on her side, panting in a rasp.
He stared across at the river, panting.
We arrive back at camp panting heavily.
He was panting also, and his arm ached.
The dwarf was puffing and panting hard.
They stood panting when the kiss ended.
Panting from the force of his emotions.
The warriors panted for air.
He panted and wagged his tail.
I'll be okay, boss, he panted.
I don’t know, he panted.
What is it? panted Chinedu.
No, don’t run, she panted.
Rose of Sharon panted, Has?
She panted and again pulled with.
The dog panted softly but didn't.
The stallion panted, laboring hard.
Of course it is, panted Jason.
You have to help me, he panted.
Eric, after giving it his all, panted.
She panted as she walked with me to.
Don’t move, the officer panted.
Oh my God…Oh my God, panted Cat.
She panted as she breathed in his scent.
Please don’t stop…, she panted.
Zoleka panted, as Chinedu held her close.
She’s still alive, Samuel panted.
Forgive the intrusion, sir, I panted.
Darek panted as he was taken through the.
He panted as his lungs heaved in his chest.
Pandit-ji panted, his white face a rosy red.
She panted on his chest when the kiss ended.
Where’s the boy? Bublanski panted.
Katie, weld it shut! the Colonel panted.
Teriz, panted Liam, still out of breath.
She panted as she built her home inside her.
Thanks, he panted, I’ll be glad to.
When he crossed a number of fields, he panted.
This is it! Tithian panted in excitement.
They’re here, one of the Drongs panted.
Meaning? Holly panted, gasping for breath.
He panted, and could hardly speak for agitation.
The motor panted heavily as he struck the road.
Djgarr panted, as the air in his lungs grew hot.
She panted on his shoulder when the kiss ended.
Crawling in, I collapsed and panted for a moment.
Some trouble forgets hard, Henta panted out.
I took off my pants.
With my pants still on.
Stuffs it in his pants.
He dusts his pants off.
I almost wet my pants.
Scare the pants off her.
He ripped down my pants.
Hank pulled the pants on.
As at the screen he pants.
I nearly crapped my pants.
They gave me some pants.
Could you get me this pants.
But the snow down her pants.
Blood was soaking his pants.
Cherrie throws him his pants.
Fenrir turns to Amy and pants.
My sweat pants are caked in.
Right here in my pants leg.
We have them, she pants.
He was dressed in just pants.
He then pulled her pants down.
Jane fancied the pants off him.
I heard him unzipping his pants.
The pants were braided down the.
The pants had an arrangement of.
The tartan pants look pretty cool.
Taking off Sue’s pants as well.
He tore his pants on a rusty nail.
Trousers and pants fit for a hag!.
She kept her pants and t shirt on.
Then I felt a tugging on my pants.
Long sleeve black and white pants.
He wore blue pants without a vest.
I brought up a selection of pants.
Water seeped in through her pants.
He will be via mother and in pants.
Here, stuff these pants and coat.
Shirts, pants, shoes, dresses and.
He’d completely pissed his pants.
I don a pair of sweat pants and a.

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