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    1. Supernatural is the only thing that can grab any person

    2. Vera’s face turns red like she wants to grab my head and punt it

    3. The zombies were all over him before he could grab for his gun

    4. I grab him by the collar and pull him up

    5. You might have an intuition that says, “I should grab my phone before I head to the store” but you dishonor that intuition and leave it on the counter

    6. I roll to my feet and grab the sword lodged in the coffee table

    7. He walked into the kitchen to grab a bottle of Scotch he’d been saving for their anniversary and didn’t bother with a glass

    8. Nancy lost her footing and had to grab the desk to steady herself

    9. · Have grab bars put in next to your toilet and in the tub or shower

    10. We could grab lunch at a pub somewhere nearby perhaps

    11. Then, for an extra tenner each, they got all the remaining hands to grab ropes and haul the crate to where it could be roped to the rockasaur

    12. He teaches us to grab a physical hold of all the promises

    13. There are loads of bridleways and footpaths around here and, when I have the chance, I tend to grab my OS map and wander off to explore

    14. I pass on this message and then have to hang on while my daughter goes off to grab her diary

    15. hands so that he could make a grab for his brogues

    16. The carpenter's workshop he opened last year had enough clients, yet he hardly earned anything because he used to grab the money paid in advance and disappear, without even setting foot in the workshop

    17. I felt the chair tipping backwards and although I tried to grab hold of the man in front of me to stop myself from falling backwards, the stars in front of my eyes created a storm of interference disabling my faculties

    18. I wanted to grab hold of Beniamin and shake some sort of sense back into him

    19. She hung there for a second, arms flailing, while others ran to grab her

    20. People had found you use the least material and provide the most seats and easiest entry with back-to-back benches facing outward with a grab bar every two seats

    21. The girls both knew it was just like a keda, just jump on it's back and grab it between the first and second legs

    22. with grab sticks and the public purse upturned and empty,

    23. They would grab something and run off with Daniel chasing them, shouting obscenities

    24. It is a carnivore and if you tried to grab one bare handed it would claw and bite painfully

    25. Grab his hand Collin; he will take you to safety

    26. "Smash the fangs, watch out for the tentacles, don't let it grab the club," were the last intelligible words he heard

    27. They could grab us and we’d never know until it was too late

    28. She told Alan she didn't want to interrupt them by going to bed in this cabin and was just going to grab a cup and crash somewhere

    29. finding a friend or lover, it makes sense to grab the opportunity with both hands – or rather, the click of a mouse!

    30. "The lawyers are cherubs," Alan said, "just grab their panel and shut them off

    31. He marveled at the trailer and the ingenuity of the men to put a T-bar on the top for the dragons to grab hold of when moving it about

    32. They look tasty! Better grab one while there are still some to be had

    33. Throwing on my jeans and a jumper, I grab an apple and take Sam out for a run

    34. She rushed to grab it

    35. Call up your best friend, or grab your wife, and treat yourself to a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant

    36. " He didn't let anyone grab the floor, but went on with, "We have a Brazilian spy hosted on Curitiba, and we have an explanation for the crew of how the Pink Dawn could be paralleling us in spite of their daedelus drive

    37. Simply grab your journal and a pen and start writing your thoughts about the experience(s), how they made you feel when they happened, and how they still affect you now

    38. "You're the Brazilian spy!" he shouted and lunged from behind his desk to grab her

    39. Lord Boras indeed planned to make a grab for the throne during the annual Gathering Ball

    40. As he inspected her, the grader did not grab her painfully, and he was smiling and polite

    41. “Many of us who lived in the later days of the Minoan civilization, especially those of us who watched the mainlanders smash and grab everything they could, chose to wander back in time to greater days, just like your captain’s mother has done in America, settling in the 1932 echo

    42. I grab my coat, check my keys are in my bag for the hundredth time, and we set off

    43. Carrying a glass of water because I’ve read a little about the risk of dehydration in this sort of scenario, I grab the newspaper and stuff it under my arm before picking up my mobile phone, and going off to my bedroom

    44. Standing up, I grab hold of the curtains, and yank them back; sunlight floods the room

    45. She struck it drunkenly, had to grab the handle to keep her arm still

    46. tree roots and sharp jagged rocks, threatening to grab his feet from underneath him

    47. I quickly grab the tissues and scrub my face as Dave stands looking at me, his eyes as despairing as the ones I saw reflected in the mirror not that long ago

    48. He managed to swim towards the shore and grab hold of a sturdy branch

    49. She is supposed to use free time like this for library study, but on a Fridays she usually goes home and tries to grab an hour or two in bed before the night shift begins

    50. He loosened his grip momentarily, obviously intending to grab hold of her more securely

    1. I grabbed my hat and coat on the way out

    2. Grabbed a road kit and split was what he saw

    3. He ran and grabbed for the horn hanging off the wall of the guard station and blew

    4. She grabbed a pan from the cupboard and started banging it on the ground

    5. The man grabbed him

    6. But the man grabbed his ankle and he tripped

    7. She grabbed the camp quilt and her lowland wrapskirt

    8. He fell to one knee, but not before he grabbed a hold of her leg

    9. Vinnie stifled a yell and grabbed his ear in pain, dropping the unused boomerang

    10. He reached over and grabbed a glass of water, drinking it all down in one large gulp and letting half of it spill out and run down his shirt

    11. Herndon grabbed it from her by the time she read that much

    12. She grabbed it back from him, he let her have it

    13. Whistling, he grabbed his lunchbox from the refrigerator

    14. He grabbed The Odyssey and turned to the end, when Odysseus and Telemachus kill all of Penelope’s suitors

    15. They all grabbed rolls because they could eat them while under way

    16. Kandhi grabbed it and stuffed it in her pocket

    17. The guard grabbed hold of MacKenzie’s frail arm, visibly bruising him as he hauled

    18. Rampone grabbed hold of a 10m Staas container with the mighty claw-foot in the rear and gave a burst of gas to grasp another of the belt-iron steel containers and bring it in contact with the first

    19. It was barely even enough to be called a refusal, but she grabbed him by his exosuit’s front panel, swing him in an arc over her head, and threw him down through the open bridge hatch

    20. The Chief grabbed a handhold in front of the command chair

    21. He grabbed her breast as it passed over his arm, found she was much firmer than he expected and his pants moved a bit more

    22. I grabbed at the first bag

    23. Then, he grabbed the back of the chair again because there was nothing else to hold on to

    24. I tried to look away so that the beast within would be stilled but he grabbed my chin and forced me to look directly into his eyes

    25. I grabbed at thin air

    26. He too stepped boldly forward, held out both of his arms, grabbed Aban in a huge bear-hug and yelled out pure joy at the very top of his voice

    27. Instinctively I tried to absorb the blow, and in doing so I grabbed hold of Robbie’s boot

    28. The lord of Mirage grabbed his sword and Son attacked

    29. grabbed the horses’ reigns and began to lead it across the river

    30. She reached out a hand and grabbed his elbow

    31. As if to cheer her up, he grabbed her hand and yanked on it

    32. “¡You fool!” shouted the king as he grabbed Lyla by the hair and threw

    33. The guard grabbed hold of MacKenzie’s frail arm, visibly bruising him as he hauled him forward into the painful glare of the candles floating on their ledges

    34. She grabbed her leather coat and headed for the top of the mountain

    35. “Hello, what do we have here” he said whilst he grabbed both of

    36. Didiera did as he was told and grabbed hold of one of the

    37. “I dropped it when that man grabbed us

    38. She got up and went inside and grabbed two windbreakers and a rifle from the mantle over the back door

    39. He grabbed the slobbering mess and tossed it off as far as he could throw it

    40. So he grabbed a big handful of his stuff, and started to make a lot noise walking down the ramp to his cart

    41. “We will see about that! Right now,” he said as he grabbed the banister on the stairs, “whoa I’m a little dizzy here

    42. Luray grabbed his arm

    43. A fraction of a second later Luray's was also grabbed by a pale tentacle and disappeared beneath the water

    44. “You’re on cowboy!” She said as she grabbed a blanket and scooted over towards him

    45. He took off his shoes outside on the porch and had no sooner walked inside then the twins grabbed them and took off tossing them into the air, barking

    46. She got up as Daniel came out of the shower; and as she passed him to go in herself, he reached out and grabbed her and kissed her passionately

    47. He grabbed it and went outside to check the fire

    48. Big John grabbed Daniel’s hand in a shake that united them as equals

    49. He grabbed long root sticking out of the side of the mountain

    50. the dragon and grabbed onto the tail of the dragon

    1. How do we justify the exploitation of poor, wastage of food, raping women, killing people, settling disputes through war, grabbing land to build temples, churches, mosques in God’s name and minting money on the name of faith and so on

    2. Grabbing my shoulders, he turned me round to face him

    3. Yet again Stephen comes to my rescue, grabbing a handful of tissues from the box I keep in here and holding them out for me

    4. simultaneously grabbing and wrapping about Clarisse

    5. They struggled onward after grabbing a quick meal of sliced roast on bread topped with garden leaves to take with them

    6. ‘Cheek!’ I retorted, grabbing a handful of cleavers from the nearby hedgerow and dabbing it on him

    7. Quickly grabbing a second chair for Angie, he indicated that Kara should sit at the chair already placed by his desk

    8. Grabbing what she needed, they began the climb to the ridge top

    9. grabbing bags and suitcases

    10. He was able to touch his foot to things now, and actually rest the heel on the ground without it actively grabbing his attention

    11. She moaned at his exploration of her body and at one point arched her back and rose up grabbing him in passion

    12. ’ He replied, grabbing my elbow quickly as I trip over a strut of wood at the bottom of the stairs

    13. We both rush over to him, Joris removing the backpack, while I, grabbing Berndt’s arm and finding it all sticky, realise with horror what has happened

    14. ‘Are you all right?’ he asked anxiously, grabbing me by the shoulders and looking into my face intently

    15. I’m still grinning as I traipse my dripping way back to the cabin, reeling and grabbing onto the walls as the deck swings with the movement of the sea beneath it

    16. ‘Sensible!’ I repeated with a grin, grabbing a cushion from the sofa and hitting him with it

    17. ‘It was cool!’ he finished, adding that Katie had a bit of a thing for Jake, before grabbing a handful of biscuits and disappearing up to his room again

    18. After about twenty minutes she landed in a sweat; grabbing her towel, she wiped her face and was suddenly aware that Tarak’s warriors were watching her with new interest

    19. One made the mistake of grabbing Mistress Sera by the arm and swinging her around

    20. Naria rose and grabbing a goblet asked Rayne if she would care for some Tesh, as she was pouring herself some

    21. I’ve tried all sorts of tactics … turning it inside out and grabbing hold of the corners of the duvet through the cover and trying to get the wretched thing to turn itself back the right way; winding the cover back over my arms and then grabbing the duvet and shaking hard … nothing seems to work

    22. The girl leapt, grabbing the bull by the horns

    23. The fourth was choking and grabbing his throat, a goblet lying on the floor where he had dropped it

    24. Grabbing a handful of covers he wrenched them back

    25. ' he replied with a glance at the clock 'Do you want to stay here and have something else to eat or do you think you'd be up to grabbing something from the cafe over there?'

    26. The first place to start is with a good attention grabbing headline, the headline

    27. Grabbing the key he pulled it free, placed it into the

    28. Grabbing hold of the bottle, Petr

    29. Quickly grabbing her toiletries and a towel, she dashed into the bathroom

    30. Sheila felt again the satisfaction she had experienced when she had succeeded in grabbing the small bird

    31. She struggled to stand, only to have Sheila launch herself at her, grabbing her and pushing her back onto the mud again

    32. Sheila, came at her again, grabbing her round the middle and throwing her to the ground

    33. ‘My turn!’ Mickey said, leaping into the mud beside them and grabbing at Sheila

    34. ’ Mickey said, grabbing her hips and hauling them towards him

    35. Sally turned to me grabbing her clothes off the floor

    36. “What's the thing he's holding?” Raymond asked, grabbing it out of the Sailor's

    37. Gale Pentoch exited the shower, grabbing her olive-green robe off the hook

    38. Here it was about play, and the picture showed a group of people in kayaks passing bottles of yaag and grabbing for each other’s paddles and splashing

    39. It was quite apparent, that it had been caused by someone grabbing her

    40. Roman lifted up from his seat, grabbing a cup full of water from the table

    41. Heather straddled him now, grabbing him with her hand, sliding on slowly

    42. Quickly grabbing her jeans and an old sweatshirt, she stumbled to the door, and called a soft

    43. It was useless to keep trying, she figured, grabbing the clock from the nightstand

    44. tried to free himself, grabbing the bag where it met his neck

    45. "Don't lower your pretty face to no one" he demanded, grabbing her chin and forcing her to look straight at him

    46. “I’m grabbing warmer clothes, I’ll catch up with you,” Desa said as she swung over the fence

    47. in front of the grandstands, grabbing anything that could be used as a weapon and

    48. Freddy backed up the stairs of the bleachers, grabbing his bombs from each

    49. both sides, and grabbing his painful crotch and the still-open wound in his side

    50. " he shouted, grabbing her again, "You are going to marry Robert, he's going to marry you one way or the other

    1. Theo grabs her and kisses her, all the while staring at me

    2. Kevin grabs my shoulder

    3. He grabs Fumai's hand, but Fumai doesn't grasp back

    4. He quickly grabs my hand, removing it

    5. He lurches at the Trooper, pushes him and grabs his gun simultaneously, points it at his chest

    6. Dave grabs the seat and the arm rest on the door to steady himself

    7. forward, grabs hold of John and the mast

    8. He doses off, slips from the wreckage, chokes in the water, grabs hold again, looks about him in terror

    9. Suddenly, a man grabs him under the arms

    10. He grabs a couple of Styrofoam cups, eyes John who waits on the other side, watching him

    11. One of them, JAMIL, reaches over and grabs a textbook from KHALID, a fellow student

    12. Gratefully, she grabs them and mops up her face, blowing her nose with determination

    13. sticks his weapon in Russ’ stomach, Russ deftly steps aside, grabs the barrel of the gun, gives the soldier a firm knee in the groin, snatches away the weapon, as the soldier collapses in a heap on the highway

    14. Russ stands, grabs John by the collar, yanks him to his feet, begins to help him put on the remaining parachute

    15. John collapses on his side, grabs his head where the man hit him, sees that it is bleeding

    16. He grabs it and carries it to his lips, proceeding to plant a kiss on each of my fingers, causing my stomach turn flip-flops most satisfactorily

    17. Nathan quickly grabs her, trying to calm her down but she continues going hysterical

    18. to the sky like a cork, where she sees and grabs

    19. The hand withdraws and grabs leather

    20. Loosing me, she reaches past me and grabs the pillow, pulling it up so I can lean on it

    21. (KELLY jumps up and grabs SAMANTHA from behind and takes the pair of scissors away from her

    22. Katie comes thundering down the stairs and grabs it

    23. ‘Where would we live?’ … then realise that I have calmly assumed it would be ‘we’ … he’s latched onto that as well, with a delighted grin, he reaches across the table and grabs my hand

    24. ‘Let’s have a look,’ he grabs the calendar I write everything on and looks at it for a moment

    25. Simon reacts to this in the only way he can and grabs hold of his brother in a bear hug

    26. He grabs it before I can pull it back and sits there just holding it

    27. Sitting up suddenly, she reaches for the lamp beside the bed and turns it, grabs the pad and pencil she knew would be there and quickly scrawls a note – Your name is Billy – and places it in an obvious place on the bedside table

    28. A cliché but one that Billy grabs hold of

    29. Maggie rises from the dirt, wincing, her back feeling as though it should have hoof prints all over it, but she ignores the pain and grabs Jock by the shirt collar

    30. She grabs at the steering wheel, yelling at the Doctor, and he fends her off, pushing her forward into the dashboard

    31. Maggie grabs the house phone from the table and wills it to ring

    32. Anna grabs the pen by the TV and writes the number down in the margin of the TV guide

    33. The next thing I know Father Ed grabs me by the hair, starts shaking me violently, yelling at me what the hell was I doing disturbing his formation? I still hate that son of a bitch and I'll hate him the rest of my life; I'll hate him but forgive him because I'm a good Christian and he's not

    34. The crown was up for grabs these days with

    35. An image from the movie “Johnny Got His Gun,” with the poor lad’s Face blown off grabs attention

    36. still grabs attention—it has been shown to increase conversions

    37. in with your product that grabs attention without detracting from the

    38. Use an image that grabs attention and then text to create a desire and a

    39. She grabs a hold of his lips and opens his mouth up

    40. He grabs the man from behind, hand over his mouth

    41. Grabs a door frame to stop her fall

    42. Patrice, gasping in tears and pain, grabs a lamp from an end table as she falls to her knees

    43. He grabs her by the

    44. Then she grabs a hold of her father’s forearm

    45. In his rage, the thick darkness grabs hold of him

    46. Bob grabs Vince from behind and wraps an arm around his neck, holding a gun to his head

    47. She grabs the bars of the barrier

    48. As I run, I realize that only one of us will get to touch the flag, and it won’t matter that it was my plan and my information that got us to it if I’m not the one who grabs it

    49. He grabs my arm and hauls me out of the chair

    50. He sighs and grabs me by the elbow, half leading and half dragging me out of the room

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