jerk sätze

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Jerk sätze (in englisch)

  1. The man was a jerk.
  2. He was a jerk then.
  3. Swann woke with a jerk.
  4. God, what a jerk I was.
  5. Believe me I am a jerk.

  6. She woke up with a jerk.
  7. I thought he was a jerk.
  8. I don't think he's a jerk.
  9. Then he stopped with a jerk.
  10. The same bald fat jerk who.
  11. And he disappeared with a jerk.
  12. Don't mind him, he's a jerk.
  13. Savannah thought he was a jerk.
  14. I sat up on the bed in one jerk.
  15. The jerk didn't even look at me.

  16. With a sudden jerk she began to.
  17. Then, he spread them with a jerk.
  18. The other host was a low life jerk.
  19. Her body started to jerk violently.
  20. Maybe I could jerk the armrest out.
  21. On instinct, she tried to jerk away.
  22. The car will jerk forward violently.
  23. I’m sorry for being such a jerk.
  24. So, I’m still a jerk in Emerson eyes.
  25. Had loving this game, made him a jerk?

  26. That jerk! I channeled my anger to him.
  27. Ingram pushed back his chair with a jerk.
  28. We landed and I felt the brakes jerk on.
  29. I gave the steering wheel a vicious jerk.
  30. Now, the Rich Jerk wants to share.
  31. They were fine! He was just being a jerk.
  32. She picked up her book with a little jerk.
  33. It was stopped with a jerk at once crying.
  34. When she settles a hand on my back, I jerk.
  35. I was being a little bit of a jerk I guess.
  36. I wonder how she married a jerk like you?
  37. With a light jerk from Joey Lezura woke up.
  38. The carpet gave a jerk and rose in the air.
  39. When I approached, it vanished with a jerk.
  40. Yes, as always he was being a total jerk.
  41. Not in this or any other lifetime, you jerk.
  42. I was just too much of a jerk to realize it.
  43. The roar of the shotgun makes her jerk upward.
  44. She pretended to jerk, startled, at his touch.
  45. Holly realized she was the one being the jerk.
  46. Jesse looked at him, what a jerk, she thought.
  47. Carol hesitated to obey her knee jerk reaction.
  48. Olin saw the man's head jerk suddenly downward.
  49. He stood up with a jerk and rushed out to her.
  50. That jerk Ronnie just kick me out of his ride.
  51. Now you’re being a jerk, the voice said.
  52. He woke up with a jerk, shivering with the cold.
  53. They can watch the movies and jerk off together.
  54. I mean, he is really a tremendous jerk, and it.
  55. Eric would want to hang around with a jerk that.
  56. Fritz warned me with a jerk of his head: Shut up.
  57. Does that count? Since he was a total jerk?
  58. Edea frowned and shook her head, He’s a jerk.
  59. And, remember, he isn’t the only jerk out there.
  60. Gomz: Oh Ya, but what a jerk your boyfriend was!!.
  61. A couple of us used to jerk off in the sand dunes.
  62. A sudden loud pop caused me to jerk my eyes upward.
  63. Therese shuddered, still convinced Hades was a jerk.
  64. At that magic name Tussie's head went up with a jerk.
  65. Its waves made the Nautilus roll and jerk violently.
  66. There had always been a complexity to the jerk, and.
  67. Why did he have to be such an arrogant jerk?
  68. Flustered, Norah struggled not to jerk her hand back.
  69. You’re a jerk, I said, and then froze in fear.
  70. He could only jerk his chin toward the foot of his bed.
  71. He saw my head jerk at that and knew I was on the hook.
  72. This was the second good look I had gotten of this jerk.
  73. He had his mom deceived, so why not play this jerk, too.
  74. With one jerk, she ripped the telephone from its socket.
  75. My question caused Rebecca to jerk her thumb out of her.
  76. What happened? Where’s the jerk with the beard?
  77. What an jerk, I need a better lawyer but can’t afford.
  78. You might not have to worry about that jerk much longer.
  79. You're just a jerk, and Heather's actually my real friend.
  80. Suddenly he saw the dead frogs jerk their legs on the table.
  81. He felt his hands jerk, his fingers twitch in on themselves.
  82. I was a jerk and I hope that you won’t hold it against me.
  83. Carefully, his fingers searched below, making her body jerk.
  84. At least I was back to jerk, down on the scale from asshole.
  85. Aesa gave a small jerk of his head, his lips pressed together.
  86. Instead, he showed everybody what an incompetent jerk he was.
  87. Me? Can you believe that? What a jerk! Max said with utter.
  88. With a pained jerk, he pushed himself up and swung his feet to.
  89. It’ll blow the second some stupid jerk presses the wrong.
  90. She’s a jerk but because of who she is, she gets away with it.
  91. I did not want to shed another tear in front of this jerk again.
  92. Emily heard the rattle moments before she felt the stallion jerk.
  93. She said, You would think I was covering for someone, you jerk.
  94. He’s a jerk, but he doesn’t care, because he’s a millionaire.
  95. Of course, being the jerk that I can sometimes be, not being dead.
  96. Dubner, Legacy of a Jerk, Freakonomics Radio, July 19, 2012.
  97. Finally, though, the jerk noticed her and came over and said hello.
  98. Theodoric, his young ally, and summoned him with a jerk of the head.
  99. What caused me to jerk up to a sitting position on my bed was that.
  100. You are a pig-headed, opinionated jerk! she told him grinning.
  1. She gasped, her body jerking.
  2. His arms and legs were jerking.
  3. I was jerking it from HER!.
  4. He seized it, jerking at its wires.
  5. Still, his body moved, jerking as if.
  6. His mind was jerking faster than a jack.
  7. She held him as he cried, jerking in pain.
  8. If the horse is jerking it's head down to.
  9. He only succeeded in jerking his shoulders.
  10. He leaned forward, jerking the pole slightly.
  11. He fell across Kamsen, convulsing and jerking.
  12. What the hell was going on? Are you jerking.
  13. That means no jerking motions—focus on form!.
  14. Cheryl stopped jerking off Gary and turned around.
  15. Colt pulled most of the way out and started jerking.
  16. Hadaen quickened his pace, her body jerking against him.
  17. Was he bouncing the chair? Was he jerking himself off?
  18. Minho was jerking on the round brass handle to no avail.
  19. Stop, she whispered in her sleep, jerking slightly.
  20. The mighty fish swished its tail, jerking Pascal forward.
  21. Carmen lunged at Josh, grabbing his arm and jerking on it.
  22. Before he had finished, Li Laosao fishing line was jerking.
  23. I awakened to the feeling of my mother jerking in her sleep.
  24. A baby cried, in long jerking cackles, in one of the boxcars.
  25. She followed Mike for a few feet before jerking her hand away.
  26. And if he’s now parked up jerking off that’s his business.
  27. Who’s this? the woman says, jerking her head toward me.
  28. I wasn’t jerking the dress from you Diane! Kelly shouts.
  29. Her body was jerking and all conscious thought was fading fast.
  30. A man in his late teens stood on the doorstep, his head jerking.
  31. Masamune from its sheath, his silver head jerking sharply as he.
  32. He lifted the tip of his reel, jerking the line, before answering.
  33. He rustled the pleated pages, jerking his chin on his high collar.
  34. Lisa did, Jesse told him, jerking his thumb in my direction.
  35. It was then that Thane struck, jerking the Grand Wizard’s arm.
  36. Jerking aside the velvet curtains she dramatically indicated the.
  37. Jerking his head up, Dad notched the boat speed higher immediately.
  38. Cristian went to run to her, but Anna stopped him, jerking him back.
  39. The chain was still attached and became immediately taut, jerking.
  40. The SUV barreled forward, jerking some of the zombies off of the hood.
  41. Leave it in there, kid, she barked, jerking her head angrily.
  42. The twitching became a violent jerking, the jerking regular movements.
  43. Just my stomach was jerking from laughter in evident pain convulsions.
  44. His pupils were large and he gave little jerking movements of his head.
  45. Jerking awake, he looked across the dimly lit room into Aspen’s face.
  46. Jerking his head in the direction of the cross bar, Mitch’s heart sank.
  47. Let me see that, said Willie, jerking forward and looking at the map.
  48. A burst of fire slammed into the corpse behind him rolling it over, jerking.
  49. Harlan clenched his jaw and a rune sparked, jerking Loken’s body backwards.
  50. You won’t tell him? he questioned, jerking his head toward the raise.
  51. What have you done? he said, jerking his arms and snapping the straps.
  52. Mick was jerking and groaning in a manner which suggested he was getting off.
  53. After about fifteen minutes I felt myself nodding off then jerking back awake.
  54. What! What’s the matter, he squealed, his head jerking like a chicken.
  55. Jerking his thumb at the vacant stool he queried, "He's going to the alley?".
  56. Jerking her thumb towards the back seat, she informed him, I think she did it.
  57. There are lots of dresses, Emily said, jerking a thumb over her shoulder.
  58. She had totally forgotten them, and now her memory began jerking them together.
  59. Her phone buzzed from somewhere in her comforter, jerking her out of her reverie.
  60. So you guys sit in the basement jerking off all day, Allan stated as a joke.
  61. Its arms moved with the jerking, spastic motions of a film reel set on high speed.
  62. Come on you,’ he said, glancing towards me and jerking his head towards the door.
  63. She was crying and her head was jerking in a negative rhythm to my spoken request.
  64. There was another ten minutes of silence that Rivan nearly fell asleep, jerking her.
  65. Who’s your friend? he asked, keeping his eyes on me but jerking his chin in C.
  66. This jerking was caused by the General’s opinion that the next letter should be b, i.
  67. No! I can’t believe this, Nick said, his harsh tone jerking me out of my trance.
  68. Something tugged on her belt loop and Alex swung her around, jerking her into his embrace.
  69. The thousand illustrations on his jerking horseflesh frame did not hear, so why should Mr.
  70. With lightning speed, Alex moved in close, jerking one of Josh’s legs out from under him.
  71. Opposite to her sat a young girl, who was also doing something and jerking in the same way.
  72. She stunts till near tipping point over the dunes jerking you and the girls back and forth.
  73. I came to an abrupt jerking stop that caused me to scream out again, only this time in pain.
  74. Jerking it toward her, she continued to glance feverishly toward the window end of the roof.
  75. He went to Link’s room and stood over the bed watching his son’s jerking, restless sleep.
  76. He couldn't feel his hand because someone had put a utility glove over his jerking off hand.
  77. But a sudden, terrific, downward jerking of the boat, quickly brought his knife to the line.
  78. This is White-knuckles, said Tiger, jerking a thumb towards the pilot, who saluted lazily.
  79. Traders live hectic lives, with outside influences jerking their senses around on a daily basis.
  80. She had hoped he might have felt her jerking in the bed, woken and taken her - but no such luck.
  81. He spoke now with a feverish energy, the long hands twitching and jerking as he motioned me away.
  82. Her thoughts as she stood being betrothed were jerking themselves into a perfect tangle of knots.
  83. My heart started sudden jerking; it was the wild wind of ecstasy in my life and drizzled to face.
  84. And all the while his hands traveled, on his knees, together; on his belt, jerking and quivering.
  85. Who were those dorks? she asked, jerking her chin over her shoulder as we climbed the stairs.
  86. She slips the bracelet into one of the deepest corners, jerking the zipper shut when she’s done.
  87. I hadn’t the slightest idea, he protested, indignantly, jerking the boat into the boathouse.
  88. Like I said, an hour later you’ll be in the patrol car jerking off thinking about what you saw.
  89. Their juices mingled together and ran between them as they lay in his bed, twitching and jerking 280.
  90. Something clamped onto Abby’s arm, jerking her body backward and spinning her around, frightening her.
  91. He remembered the tear jerking emotion of Madiba and Francois Pienaar holding aloft the Rugby World Cup.
  92. But in the end he grumbled something inaudible and stomped off, jerking his head at the Marshall brothers.
  93. I skimmed through the class above Ben’s, jerking occasionally as I hit Dianes and Dinas, but no Diondra.
  94. As quickly as he could react, Sutton had lurched forward and grabbed Brixby's collar, jerking him backward.
  95. When the orderly came in the saucer had stopped first on b, then on y, and began jerking hither and thither.
  96. The vividness of the memory that she was reliving had me jerking with pain at the impact of linking with her.
  97. Quickly the fifty-four-year-old janitor, denying each year, laid the rifle back on the boy's jerking shoulder.
  98. She tried jerking back on the rope, but he responded with an extra strong heave that threw her down in the mud.
  99. There's the signal, said Morgan, jerking his head to the handkerchief waving about in the wake of the law.
  100. I could also see the body of the German prisoner jerking up and down as bullets struck him time and time again.
  1. I just jerked my head.
  2. He jerked her up and.
  3. It jerked one last time.
  4. He jerked her in close.
  5. Duff jerked his face up.
  6. He jerked his head to.
  7. She jerked her head away.
  8. Then her head jerked up.
  9. Alice jerked her chin up.
  10. I jerked out of his head.
  11. Even so, his body jerked.
  12. He was jerked to his feet.
  13. The boat jerked to a stop.
  14. He jerked up from the bed.
  15. He jerked his head at me.
  16. She jerked away from him.
  17. His eyes jerked over to me.
  18. Ash’s gaze jerked to him.
  19. Russell jerked his head up.
  20. She jerked out of his grip.
  21. Rykus jerked her back hard.
  22. She jerked with spasms of.
  23. Then his left jerked again.
  24. Otto jerked back in surprise.
  25. He jerked his head in terror.
  26. Moses jerked his head around.
  27. She jerked awake with a yell.
  28. The guard jerked the gun back.
  29. She jerked the receiver away.
  30. You jerked it in with a gasp.
  31. The man jerked the door open.
  32. She jerked on the sack again.
  33. Power jerked him back to life.
  34. And he jerked his head forward.
  35. He jerked her head to the side.
  36. He jerked backward and growled.
  37. I jerked into a shooting crouch.
  38. Nem jerked his head up the road.
  39. The sergeant jerked his head up.
  40. He jerked her at a rapid pace.
  41. She jerked her head to the side.
  42. Chiron jerked his head toward Mr.
  43. Her head jerked up and then down.
  44. With a start, his head jerked up.
  45. She jerked to a halt, struggled.
  46. Gary jerked his head toward John.
  47. Then to be jerked and suspended.
  48. Colin suddenly jerked and yelped.
  49. Hastily, I jerked the wheel back.
  50. Suddenly the boy jerked his head.
  51. The Citan leader's head jerked up.
  52. Jillian jerked herself awake again.
  53. He jerked his head towards George.
  54. The flag waved and jerked angrily.
  55. Praegon jerked his head impatiently.
  56. Bedcovers jerked up and off her body.
  57. He jerked a hand at his sister Laura.
  58. Lord Preston yelped and jerked away.
  59. He jerked it free, howling in pain.
  60. At my first touch she jerked as if.
  61. She twisted and jerked her arm away.
  62. My eyes jerked in the direction of.
  63. He was jerked from his thoughts as Mr.
  64. Tryton and Draka both jerked slightly.
  65. He jerked his head, squinted his eyes.
  66. Crass jerked his head over towards me.
  67. I jerked my hand back from the colors.
  68. She jerked it away, Dont touch me.
  69. She jerked her head towards the now.
  70. Stop! He jerked his hand to his chest.
  71. I jerked him around and sank my teeth.
  72. A hand on her arm jerked her to a stop.
  73. Donna jerked away and narrowed her eyes.
  74. I jerked hard on the right wall anchor.
  75. He jerked himself violently to his feet.
  76. Hilma jerked her head toward the window.
  77. Charlie jerked his thumb at the cabinet.
  78. Song winked to her and jerked her chin.
  79. When he spoke, Tilly jerked convulsively.
  80. Abigail jerked a thumb toward the school.
  81. But I had jerked the icebox open already.
  82. I jerked my head to the right and gasped.
  83. Fine! I jerked my body away from Ash.
  84. You what? Murphy jerked his head up.
  85. With a cry, she jerked away and ran for.
  86. One of them occasionally jerked sideways.
  87. As David watched, one of the lines jerked.
  88. He jerked at the drawer in his excitement.
  89. The corporal growled and jerked her around.
  90. The dragon jerked his head towards the ice.
  91. He is, he jerked of in a cup or something.
  92. Nicholas jerked his head up and considered.
  93. Three war-ships jerked away from the docks.
  94. He got out of bed and jerked up the blinds.
  95. Ranger's head jerked to the right suddenly.
  96. The Wall? The septon jerked to a stop.
  97. He turned to Ryan and jerked his thumb at.
  98. The captain jerked his head right and left.
  99. I jerked my arm back and moved farther away.
  100. It jerked again and the rope twined itself.
  1. He jerks the man back.
  2. I was surrounded by jerks.
  3. She jerks the receiver away.
  4. She jerks her head toward me.
  5. She jerks her chin at Daniel.
  6. He jerks his chin to the side.
  7. Jerks want others to serve them.
  8. Men can be jerks, Conklin said.
  9. Dakin nodded his head with two jerks.
  10. Then those jerks leave those women.
  11. My head jerks at the sound of my name.
  12. Jerks don’t want to love and serve others.
  13. Granted, you may know engineers who are jerks.
  14. Jerks don't really care about what she wants.
  15. Ciere jerks in surprise, drawing her hands back.
  16. Mostly with prep school jerks and college jerks.
  17. There are times where jerks are just born jerks.
  18. Gregory jerks his head up and looks at Uncle Dylan.
  19. Alan jerks back, a grunt of pain escaping his lips.
  20. Richard moved his head around in short robotic jerks.
  21. He yanks the gate open and jerks his head at the door.
  22. PRIVATE COMPTON: (Jerks his finger) Way for the parson.
  23. Jerks are basically bullies and bullies are never cool.
  24. Jerks don’t value tenderness but instead they mock it.
  25. He was forced back and forth in several lightning jerks.
  26. He hands me back the ticket and jerks his thumb backward.
  27. You Are Looking At The Computer Where Paul Jerks Off.
  28. He recited jerks of verse with odd glances at the text:.
  29. The man managed to raise his arm in a series of slow jerks.
  30. Forrest’s body gave a couple of strong jerks and stilled.
  31. His stylus moved in fast, vicious jerks as he wrote it down.
  32. Jerks may have a reputation for being cool but it’s a lie.
  33. Did you give it to her? He jerks his head in my direction.
  34. A POP LIKE A BURST BULB jerks Mercer back out of his lucubrations.
  35. I started picturing millions of jerks coming to my funeral and all.
  36. I’ve seen the intergalactic space jerks we’ve been fighting.
  37. We can be such jerks! He shook his head again as he thought of Helez.
  38. It was rigged from the beginning; these jerks don’t stand a chance.
  39. Lim's arm moved in jerks within the wide sleeve of his silk vestment.
  40. Jerks were slumping out of his office with their faces white all day.
  41. Suddenly, my rod jerks violently, and in my surprise I almost drop it.
  42. For the previous several years, she had only found men who were jerks.
  43. At first it was just a few involuntary jerks and twitches in the limbs.
  44. Now this girl thought i was like the rest of the jerks she encountered.
  45. The anchor chain was being dragged over the seabed in a series of jerks.
  46. I wrote love letters for dozens of jerks who didn’t know how to write.
  47. His arm jerks like he was thinking of touching me but decided against it.
  48. At the last moment, however, her wrist stutters, jerks, and twists around.
  49. It jerks beneath her hands, twitching every time they hit a patch of snow.
  50. They're just like the jerks but, besides having bad motives also have bad.
  51. Fortunately, Arion stuck to the lane, understanding that these jerks meant.
  52. At the sound of my name, his head jerks up, and he stares at me, openmouthed.
  53. The bouncer's head jerks to the left and blood showers out of his ripped face.
  54. He swung himself forward in vigorous jerks, halted, lifted his head towards a.
  55. Ism is the means and mode whereby life jerks itself forward by the bootstraps.
  56. Now hold them nice and straight and don’t make any sudden moves, or jerks.
  57. At the end of the first act we went out with all the other jerks for a cigarette.
  58. Kevin jerks the wheel and loses traction a bit before his car slides off the road.
  59. Devon jerks the steering wheel into a straight line, the tires screaming in protest.
  60. The working day in a Japanese factory began with physical jerks and the company song.
  61. If they were jerks before they had money, they are simply jerks with a billion dollars.
  62. He jerks his head up with a start when Sheriff McSpadden and Deputy Colbert come back in.
  63. A series of quick sidearm jerks and our kite shot up counterclockwise, in a half circle.
  64. His mother gasps and jerks upwards as if someone has punched her, but she doesn’t fall.
  65. At the sound of her voice, his head jerks around, towards the back of their small refuge.
  66. She jerks her head to the side to indicate the driver, who has gotten out of the truck too.
  67. Jerks think that girls will believe anything – especially if he tells her I love you.
  68. Then it went mad and leaped and danced and flung out its legs in horrible jerks, until he.
  69. My head jerks up to glare at him, and his gray eyes burn molten silver with compelling need.
  70. You start to cut into his wrist, the edge of your razor punches through as he jerks around.
  71. A onelegged sailor, swinging himself onward by lazy jerks of his crutches, growled some notes.
  72. My head jerks to the side and I cringe away from him, flinging my hands up to protect my face.
  73. They’re all a bunch of jerks, Alice seethed, standing across from Darci in their kitchen.
  74. Good for you guysgood for you standing up to those jerks, was the most frequent response.
  75. Then the motor car in front jerks forward, and the tombstones pass too quick for you to read more.
  76. Jerks often hate God but good guys – especially the really good ones – go to church every Sunday.
  77. Edward stops inches from Peter’s feet, and then jerks toward him like he is about to throw a punch.
  78. There is nothing anywhere that jerks my wire unless we want to consider Yvonne’s religious leaning.
  79. Tea-time, and Miss Pross making tea, with another fit of the jerks upon her, and yet no Hundreds of people.
  80. The tired bearers walked more slowly, and it advanced with constant jerks, like a boat that pitches with.
  81. I slam my palm on the desk in front of him, and he jerks out of his daze, staring at me over his spectacles.
  82. Animal studies have shown that high doses of 5-HTP can cause muscle jerks in guinea pigs, and when injected.
  83. He had died two months before and much of and jerks at her skirt to make the old lady sit down on the brick wall.
  84. Everyone was leaving to go out on the lawn to smoke and talk except for a few pretentious jerks that stayed behind.
  85. His hand went into his pocket and a forefinger felt its way under the flap of the envelope, ripping it open in jerks.
  86. Anticipation of what would happen sent all their nerves tingling and slight jerks and fidgets could not be suppressed.
  87. If you have a bucking sensation that pulsates and jerks and throbs and changes with engine speed, usually felt above 29.
  88. Ethan had been sleeping on and off, the car’s continuous jerks and road bumps having developed into a sort of lullaby.
  89. He hears the door open behind him, jerks his head around, sees this guy in Middle Eastern clothes dive into the backseat.
  90. But before she can bring the brick down, the trip wire behind her jerks, and the bell rings, and someone enters the house.
  91. Christmas brought out the best in humans and it made up for the complete jerks some of them were for the rest of the year.
  92. You theenk the police always good, always help? You theenk that, she asked, tugging at the phone in quick sharp jerks.
  93. He jerks his body away from my touch, and for a moment I fear that he will turn to attack me, mistaking me for the dead bride.
  94. Denny, I really don’t know what’s going on here, but believe me, those two jerks, LD and ZJ, are lying, and I can prove it.
  95. The idea that lower class humans are supposed to live in humble fear and terror and awe of the mighty, great rich few elite jerks.
  96. He's saved from this when the carriage jerks violently, and he instinctively reaches forward to place a steadying hand on her knee.
  97. This kind of lust for power that is exerted by the principalities and powers is the very thing that jerks and manipulates the nations.
  98. The jerks of the journey thereon that jostled their man closer to them sharpened Sandhya’s sensuality and deepened Roopa’s desire.
  99. It did not approach Darkburst directly but stayed off to one side, its head turning with tiny jerks as it kept its eyes firmly fixed on him.
  100. His only answers were the tugs and jerks upon the handle, each of which, in spite of all my struggles, pulled another bar through the opening.

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