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    1. She found she didn't remember most of the stuff in here, she probably should have thrown it all out decades ago, the papers that were hers were already obsolete and could now be learned by examining any common electronic device with a polarizing microscope, but twenty decades ago they had been some of the Kassikan's most closely guarded secrets

    2. He was luckier, but they might come back for more and he isn't guarded in the hospital

    3. Second story: I write about an elephant cemetery guarded by a monster

    4. In the same evening, in a movie on TV there is a similar scene: A tribe of Indians lives near an elephant cemetery guarded by a monster

    5. He had to remember to keep his comments guarded however, the odds that this was a set-up to get opinions out of him were great

    6. ‘What did he say when you told him about the baby?’ she asked, her expression guarded

    7. He said the pool of immortality was guarded by Death itself

    8. Now she was guarded and cool

    9. They went down another long hallway to two huge doors guarded by two members of the Light Brigade

    10. Northern Bank cash machine guarded by a dog with eyes the size

    11. was sited a few hundred yards from the coast, and guarded by a

    12. They were a club of elitists and jealously guarded the gates of admission into the folds of their number

    13. ‘What sort of abuse?’ she asked, her face guarded

    14. ‘But their treasure is their most closely guarded

    15. recovered a little, but her eyes still wore a guarded

    16. That was his most closely guarded secret

    17. give up the most closely guarded secrets in a nanosecond

    18. A continuous wail emitted from her tightly guarded bundle

    19. ‘You should have guarded your treasure more closely

    20. A project that was began long ago by the dwarves, the Keepers' Crypt was the resting place of all those who guarded the Seventh World before him

    21. exclusive privileges, though they are not very strictly guarded

    22. This was guarded by two men with shotguns

    23. Shaking her head at this symbiology, she snapped The book shut, and snatched another nearby book, The Eternal Life Sequence, to read its preface Discussing the possibility that if “there already was An ‘elixir of life’ or ‘fountain of youth’ which Is guarded by a few—how would we know?

    24. think it only film, because the show is guarded by

    25. The perpetual allotment and destination of this fund, indeed, is not always guarded by any positive law, by any trust-right or deed of mortmain

    26. It is always guarded, however, by a very powerful principle, the plain and evident interest of every individual to whom any share of it shall ever belong

    27. There was a narrow inlet on Buskados, guarded by steep crags on both sides

    28. Opening into the large entrance hall were two massive doors, guarded by four armed sentries

    29. Without her blade, she had even more reason to be guarded

    30. Unimpressed and frustrated, yet guarded, she waited for his reply with tense silence

    31. She opened the book with guarded hands, unsettled by the general’s ominous tone and by Maro’s retreat to the distant half of the chamber

    32. To dream that the toilet seat is down indicates that you are guarded when it comes to expressing your emotions

    33. The higher the tax, the higher the penalties with which the prohibition is guarded, the more vigilant and severe the police which looks after the execution of the law, the greater must be the difference in the proportion of gold and silver to the annual produce of the land and labour of Spain and Portugal, and to that of other countries

    34. It was still guarded by a sloping hillside

    35. The field that surrounded the keep was guarded heavily, with patrols constantly upon the surrounding streets and circling the stone building itself

    36. Fallingwater lay silent, guarded by dilapidated wooden barricades in front of the narrow, stone enclosed passageway that led to the front door

    37. Under the Roman emperors, besides, the standing armies of Rome, those particularly which guarded the German and Pannonian frontiers, became dangerous to their masters, against whom they used frequently to set up their own generals

    38. The only exception was Rogan, who sat staring resolutely forward, his face carefully guarded

    39. “They are as unlike the pups that guarded the entrance to the temple as tigers are to

    40. raiders enter the most heavily guarded place on earth and make off with the two artefacts most

    41. They couldn’t be destroyed, even with the Power, so the only option was that they be guarded

    42. They often formed clans of the four tribes to invade by force and overwhelm the small outposts and keeps that guarded the coasts

    43. The outer defences were still heavily guarded however

    44. That is exactly why you should be guarded at all times, Adem

    45. He was silent a moment, and his gaze became guarded

    46. more heavily guarded than any outside of Earth’s

    47. that’s the mystery of Obsidian Carter’s keeping guarded for her

    48. A guarded ship with live cargo could mean only one thing

    49. The West Yorkshire regiment guarded the royal captives and the Ansahs, who marched down handcuffed to Prahsu, where they remained, awaiting their trial on the coast

    50. “The tower is always guarded by a couple of men,” Sicarius said

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    guarded restrained careful cautious circumspect cagey wary defended shielded safeguarded under arrest secured