hobble sätze

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Hobble sätze (in englisch)

  1. I can hobble.
  2. Choosing to hobble through the.
  3. Trembling, I hobble toward Anthony.
  4. This hobble of being alive is rather.
  5. Still have to hobble all the way to the.

  6. Watched them hobble Rudolph with strings.
  7. Zoe watched Henry hobble away on his crutches.
  8. The door opened and I watched Asia hobble out.
  9. I think they may be trying to hobble their women.
  10. I shook my head and tried to hobble out of the room.
  11. She was too sore to move at any speed greater than a hobble.
  12. I started to look away, but then saw my grandfather quickly hobble.
  13. As Ralph starts to run, or rather hobble, something hard lands on his face.
  14. Spirituality was fine for those who needed a crutch to help them hobble their way.
  15. Nicks whinging stopped and he started to hobble and pulled pathetic pained expressions.

  16. Marie-Laure can hear the man pacing out there, one-pause-two one-pause-two, a lurching hobble.
  17. The base in chaos, everyone scrambling, or being eaten, no one noticed him hobble into the hangar.
  18. She only just remembered to hobble on her cane as she began to pick her way down the winding steps.
  19. Sancho stood aside and let her go, very well pleased to have got so well out of the hobble he was in.
  20. She glanced over and saw me approaching and tried to hobble around to face me, but I waved her to stop.
  21. As I watched Tanner's murderer hobble away, I debated whether or not to finish her off or to let her suffer.
  22. The bullet hole in his leg was giving him a lot of pain, but he was able to hobble back to the passenger door.
  23. Quickly stripping the tack from the animal, he placed a sling hobble on one foreleg of the beast and freed it.
  24. By concentrating on them and trying to hobble along on the gravel shoulder, I was barely aware of the trucks going by.
  25. My heart leaps and then plummets when I see Molly hobble across the dormitory, her nose purple between strips of medical tape.

  26. Despite the presence of the armed police, I continued to hobble towards her, determined to save her from them and from herself.
  27. My adrenaline crashed on my way back from Emily's, and by the time I got home, I had to pry my hands off the handlebars to hobble inside.
  28. Whatever the Agents did to his knee would cause Hamilton to hobble for a while, maybe indefinitely, not that Hamilton had long to live anyway.
  29. After all, she had had to walk on it, or hobble at least, for some considerable distance over ground that was hard going at the best of times.
  30. His right thigh, impaled through and through during his fall, seemed to trouble him, but with great effort he was able to hobble about the room.
  31. Old men and women, especial doctors as all the aged are, clashed by each other in bristles of canes, in phalanxes of crutches and hobble sticks.
  32. That was the fate my brother, we must have been brought together to save each other said fisherman Ca as they continued on their painful hobble.
  33. When Zoe still appeared to ignore him and tried to hobble past, Leftheri quickly grabbed her around the waist and carried the struggling woman into the alley.
  34. The amount of food the rabbits produced was not very large, but once inside the wood the bird clearly felt safer and was able to hobble about and do some foraging for itself.
  35. Sancho had not thought it worth while to hobble Rocinante, feeling sure, from what he knew of his staidness and freedom from incontinence, that all the mares in the Cordova pastures would not lead him into an.
  36. All those who could walk or hobble left as soon as they could, putting as much distance as possible between themselves and the English, hoping to avoid tomorrow’ s inevitable bloodthirsty mopping-up operation.
  37. At then end of those two weeks, Kathy would then be able to hobble around, in slow and easy stages, without crutches - if that is - (he qualified) there were no complications and he saw no further injury had been made to her broken ankle when he re-examined it.
  1. She insisted on hobbling out.
  2. She came hobbling down the stone pathway.
  3. But I kept on, hobbling down the muddy board walkway.
  4. The priest was indeed hobbling towards them with his.
  5. Geoffrey came hobbling in, carrying a large pot of tea.
  6. Carolyn watched as a collection of hobbling, physically.
  7. Bryony turned to see a lopsided figure hobbling towards her.
  8. She runs toward me as fast as she can, hobbling and swaying.
  9. With his leg in plaster, he found it a bit trying hobbling about.
  10. Someone is coming toward my room, walking with an uneven, hobbling gait.
  11. One morning as he was hobbling through the streets he met his old enemy.
  12. Two old guys in loincloths were hobbling around, throwing firebal s into.
  13. He then started hobbling onward toward the sanctuary mumbling as he went.
  14. Once again, he saw the figure, hobbling along in the shallows of the river.
  15. Bob has twisted some ligament which means he’s hobbling all over the place.
  16. At the same moment, he heard the sound of hobbling footsteps and Ralph’s voice.
  17. Edwin heard creaking, and turned to see a line of scarecrows hobbling into the yard.
  18. He was being wrapped up by several caregivers, when he saw Lennia hobbling toward him.
  19. As the travelers neared the gateway to the cairn they saw the hobbling shapes of goblins.
  20. The dog—Sarge—was still somewhere living and breathing, hobbling along on his last legs.
  21. Still hobbling, I got myself a glass of orange juice from the fridge and went back to my room.
  22. My protests fell on deaf ears as I ran to catch up with him, hobbling as grit dug into my foot.
  23. Hobbling back to the patrol car he radioed in and tried to explain what had just happened to him.
  24. He knew he must be close, and as exciting as that felt, he had to continue hobbling at a slow pace.
  25. In the street he kept up a great pace with his smart hobbling walk, a case of instruments under his arm.
  26. As Adam drove into Zeke’s yard, Zeke was already hobbling out of his house carrying two mugs of coffee.
  27. The young man said, He’s injured a little all right, hobbling on one leg, heading in that direction.
  28. He’s come back! Bryony tensed, expecting the lopsided scarecrow to come hobbling into the tool shed.
  29. Tears of joy welled up in her blue eyes when she saw the shabby, blood stained figure hobbling towards her.
  30. The warriors finally dismounted and hobbling their animals advanced toward us on foot with drawn long-swords.
  31. A bent figure came hobbling swiftly along, lantern held high, and its light shone full on Conan and the girl.
  32. What would have happened next I cannot say, if Aunt March had not come hobbling in at this interesting minute.
  33. This would then change and bring freedom and you're no longer hobbling along, you're a lot freer on the inside.
  34. Then what happened to him, Mama? Clarene chimed in, pointing in the general direction of the hobbling soldier.
  35. Hobbling to the basin, he washed his face and armpits with the cold water, thinking still of the two hung and dismembered men.
  36. His soul's companion! He thought of the hobbling wretches whom he had seen carrying cans and bottles to be filled by the barman.
  37. Lennia let go of my hand, which I had forgotten that I was still holding and started hobbling as fast as she could for the stairs.
  38. Scott backtracked towards Josh who’d now got to his feet, heading in his direction, hobbling along the ridge at a desperate pace.
  39. Some distance away yet – with Caesar fast approaching – the hobbling train of three convicts hobbled toward the Aboriginal camp.
  40. Leaning on the crutch handles, with the ugly cushion tucked under her armpit, Kathy thanked them and began hobbling towards the boarding ramp.
  41. But what would be the point? Where would he go? He limped slowly along with them, hobbling on the bruised leg that Khan had almost snapped in two.
  42. Despite the Captain’s order, Bryony couldn’t resist peeking over the crates to watch the line of sack-faced figures hobbling into the farmyard.
  43. As he went down the corridor, a figure came hobbling up it, a bent, surly old man, stooping under the weight of his pike and a lantern he bore in one hand.
  44. She sat down on a fallen log and strapped the sword on while the men finished their own preparations, then stood and practiced hobbling around on her crutch.
  45. By the end of 2002, the Dow was hobbling around the 8,300 level, while NASDAQ had withered to roughly 1300—eradicating all its gains over the previous six years.
  46. If a person's got a broken leg and they're hobbling along, you don't mock them, ridicule them, or push them, because they're hobbling along, they're just hobbling along.
  47. He was an invalid, keeping his bed half the time, and the other half hobbling round the house with a stick or being pushed about the grounds by the gardener in a bath-chair.
  48. He was an invalid, keeping his bed half the time, and the other half hobbling round the house with a stick or being pushed about the grounds by the gardener in a Bath chair.
  49. Your family members and friends understand and care, but after half a week of seeing you hobbling around the house and crying in the bathroom, even they can get worn-out by it all.
  50. And all these precisely similar Golyadkins set to running after one another as soon as they appeared, and stretched in a long chain like a file of geese, hobbling after the real Mr.
  51. After this little episode I thought it would be a bit unfair of me to question him any further so I exited quickly, leaving him hobbling around the room still cursing under his breath.
  52. The Jeep had, as usual, stopped with a jerk, and the four toads were hobbling out of their high seats, rubbing their bums and twisting their thick, short necks as they came out into the sun-light.
  53. He leaned against the wall with his arms folded on his breast, and the doctor walked up and down the whole length of the place with his peculiar hobbling gait, as if slinking about on damaged feet.
  54. This was not a Halloween recipe, but from a verse about an unstrung puppet hobbling home on a liquid stick of alcohol and slumping, close to collapse, while gruesome images played on a television set.
  55. Every once in a while Peleg came hobbling out of his whalebone den, roaring at the men down the hatchways, roaring up to the riggers at the mast-head, and then concluded by roaring back into his wigwam.
  56. So if you, in that sense, have got a broken leg in your soul, your emotions or somewhere, and you're hobbling along, that's just where you happen to be right now - but it doesn't mean you have to stay there.
  57. By the time I catch up with Sefir, Berndt has settled her in a makeshift stall, hobbling her more from the point of view of preventing her doing herself any damage than anything else, as he assures me quickly.
  58. After a long rest and a few mouthfuls of grass, Darkburst decided his only choice was to press on back to Brockenhurst Sett, so gathering his strength he struggled to his feet and resumed his journey, hobbling along on three legs as best he could.
  59. Prue was hobbling across the Deck, dodging Combattants at ev’ry Turn, and I was in Pursuit (my Shirt now gaping open, revealing my Sex for all to see), following the Squalling of the Babe, praying that she would not be kill’d by Chance, and fighting off all Comers.
  60. How had Ali lived in that house, day in and day out, knowing he had been dishonored by his master in the single worst way an Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner Afghan man can be dishonored? And how was I going to reconcile this new image of Baba with the one that had been imprinted on my mind for so long, that of him in his old brown suit, hobbling up the Taheris' driveway to ask for Soraya's hand?
  61. Considering that with two legs man is but a hobbling wight in all times of danger; considering that the pursuit of whales is always under great and extraordinary difficulties; that every individual moment, indeed, then comprises a peril; under these circumstances is it wise for any maimed man to enter a whale-boat in the hunt? As a general thing, the joint-owners of the Pequod must have plainly thought not.
  62. It is thus I like to remember Sebastian, as he was that summer, when we wandered alone together through that enchanted palace; Sebastian in his wheel chair spinning down the box-edged walks of the kitchen gardens in search of alpine strawberries and warm figs, propelling himself through the succession of hothouses, from scent to scent and climate to climate, to cut the muscat grapes and choose orchids for our button-holes; Sebastian hobbling with a pantomime of difficulty to the old nurseries, sitting beside me on the threadbare, flowered carpet with the toy-cupboard empty about us and Nanny Hawkins stitching complacently in the comer, saying, 'You're one as bad as the other; a pair of children the two of you.
  1. He hobbled over to the.
  2. She hobbled from the park.
  3. He hobbled out of the park.
  4. Holohan hobbled out in haste.
  5. He hobbled off to wait for Mrs.
  6. Painfully I hobbled after them.
  7. It hobbled towards the campfire.
  8. He hobbled in, bleeding profusely.
  9. The men hobbled and left the room.
  10. He hobbled over to the antique radio.
  11. He turned and hobbled down the steps.
  12. Richard hobbled back into All Hallows.
  13. The scarecrow turned and hobbled away.
  14. I shook my head and hobbled to the door.
  15. He helped me down, then hobbled the horses.
  16. Not far from them were three hobbled horses.
  17. He hobbled back to the house on his crutches.
  18. Most of the guys hobbled around the bungalow.
  19. My service to ye, ladies! And off he hobbled.
  20. I got to my feet, and hobbled over to the fence.
  21. Jim eased up, a hand for Flora, and hobbled out.
  22. I hobbled, and half ran, to the subway entrance.
  23. He hobbled along the path for what felt like ages.
  24. He hobbled a few steps, limping on his left foot.
  25. And having done her service, she hobbled off to tea.
  26. He hobbled hastily on unsteady legs toward the pair.
  27. Thereupon the camel hobbled down the station stairs.
  28. The gnarled form hobbled up the slope and stopped a few.
  29. Stan turned his back to her and hobbled for the back door.
  30. Ury hobbled over to the tall grass and pushed around the.
  31. Nurse, meanwhile, hobbled unnoticed to an intercept course.
  32. Zoe turned around to see Henry had hobbled over on crutches.
  33. Emily dressed quickly and hobbled back out into the bedroom.
  34. She staggered to her feet again and hobbled to a large rock.
  35. They hobbled the horses and prepared for another cold night.
  36. Managed to slide out of bed and hobbled over to the bathroom.
  37. Nick hobbled back into the hotel reception after about an hour.
  38. With Roger helping, Mick hobbled as best as he could past the.
  39. She hobbled outside, crossed the farm yard, and used the privy.
  40. He hobbled by a pawn shop with large selections of blades and.
  41. He hobbled through the kitchen with water now up to his ankles.
  42. Not taking the time to get her staff, Nerissa hobbled after him.
  43. I hobbled, walking aided with a stick, while my leg wound healed.
  44. We should have hobbled her, Total said, getting to his feet.
  45. Richard hobbled towards it and heard Walter Gallor's booming voice.
  46. A crone in a stained cloak and cowl hobbled in, stooped over a cane.
  47. He hobbled into the elevator and slouched against the wall, abandoned.
  48. They hobbled off into the twilight as the sun sank down over the baron.
  49. The old woman hobbled over and thrust her hand into the hole, bringing.
  50. Jezza and a still-in-shock Wash hobbled the other way, toward the alley.
  51. Jezzabell had not realised that she had shrunk in size, she hobbled to.
  52. Nurse hobbled over to another stool and propped herself up on its cushion.
  53. I got in! he announced as he hobbled awkwardly back into the study.
  54. Edward hobbled down the center aisle and sat in the front pew on the right.
  55. Thank you, that would have taken all day, she said, and hobbled out.
  56. A hobbled swine, a man on a bike, a 1927 Ford, and three half-nude children.
  57. Madeline hobbled over from her seat under the tree and stood next to Jane.
  58. Though he’d be too hobbled to chase her, Tragus would spread word through.
  59. After we all hobbled and limped to a great shower that adjoined the cafeteria.
  60. Tighes rehabilitation had been slow and painful and hobbled around on crutches.
  61. I threw his arm over my shoulder, and we hobbled toward the wreckage together.
  62. My opinion on the release was shared by those I passed as I hobbled out of the.
  63. Then Stan took up his pack and hobbled to the mare where Pete helped him mount.
  64. Rancid hobbled over to where the three were hiding and found them on the ground.
  65. The boy screamed like a stuck pig and hobbled down the alley, screaming for help.
  66. Mr Boglehob nodded again, and then hobbled off with a squawking Edwin in his grip.
  67. Finding his walking stick, Can hobbled to the cans of water and drank like a camel.
  68. Boglehob slipped the Key back into his waistcoat, and then hobbled out of the shed.
  69. Hobbled forward on all fours like a lurching caterpillar but at least I could walk.
  70. Taking a chance, and feeling compelled to help, Stacey hobbled into the clear-282.
  71. He might be suffering from a severe hangover, but she still was hobbled by all the.
  72. The horses were hobbled, and nibbled at the high grasses racing away from the forest.
  73. The two hobbled down a path lit up by lanterns placed in the walls every twenty feet.
  74. A middle-aged man in a loincloth, already hobbled by some old wound, tripped and fell.
  75. Sheik Mohammed Del Alaz hobbled around his large hospital room gazing at his treasures.
  76. Behind him hobbled Granma, who had survived only because she was as mean as her husband.
  77. Needing to rest I hobbled down to the basement where I made myself a hot drink and lay.
  78. The third shot was aimed at Professor Grant as he hobbled towards them swinging his cane.
  79. He hobbled up the stairs as fast as his lame hip would allow and unlocked the main office.
  80. Carmen managed to get Tessa into a stall, and then hobbled to the dairy for some warm water.
  81. He hobbled over to the main mast and took a deep breath, before starting his painful ascent.
  82. Striving for composure and clear thinking, Kathy hobbled over to a nearby drinking fountain.
  83. We got silently up, a few at a time, and crept down the hill to where the horses were hobbled.
  84. There’s nothing to worry about, she said under her breath as she hobbled into the city.
  85. He just hobbled about, acting all smug, occasionally casting a flimsy fireball to provoke Eric.
  86. Nord hobbled the horses, and pulled grain and oat bags from their pack setting them up to feed.
  87. Eugene hobbled, sitting next to Volodya on the sport bench, and addressed Stas, Come on, guys.
  88. My feet had grown soft and I hobbled through the city, stubbornly refusing to believe I was tired.
  89. Looking dumbly on the ground, limping painfully, she hobbled after him, almost hanging on his arm.
  90. Let’s get this over with, he said as he hobbled off down the worn ruts in the side of the hill.
  91. Squaring her shoulders, Kathy resolutely hobbled down the plane ramp into the airport’s flight lounge.
  92. The doctor hobbled by his side till, within a stone's throw from the Casa Viola, Nostromo stopped again.
  93. With the toes of my right foot, which Scumble had only hobbled, I scratched away at the sand underneath.
  94. He hobbled and crawled to it and found the knife was still there, the clothing bundle and the water skins.
  95. She hobbled across the city, sticking to the back streets, and was completely focused on returning to Alric.
  96. I pulled off my boots on the store’s porch, put my camp sandals on, and hobbled inside to collect my box.
  97. This isn’t Pattaya, where the hell am I? he stumbled, and the scientists hobbled him over to the bed.
  98. McGarren followed the short woman as she hobbled across the hardwood foyer and into the spacious living area.
  99. As the men and Logan gathered wood for a fire, I hobbled and kneeled at the roots of the sacred rowans to pray.
  100. The doctor flung up his arms, exclaiming, "Decoud! Decoud!" He hobbled about the room with slight, angry laughs.
  1. A dog with his leg wrapped in bandages hobbles.
  2. The zombie hobbles toward us, preaching a constant moan.
  3. Cass hobbles his way into view alongside the slowly clapping captain.
  4. She turns and hobbles off down the hallway, shuffling in her decrepit.
  5. He heaves his booty, tugs askew his peaked cap and hobbles off mutely.
  6. With that, he turns on his heel and hobbles out into the drizzle and damp of the day.
  7. He hoists himself up onto his crutch and hobbles toward the outer edge of the village.
  8. He carries his throwing spears and pike with him as he slowly, awkwardly, hobbles up to the practice mound.
  9. The German shuts the wardrobe doors and hobbles away, and Marie-Laure stays on the bottom rung of the ladder for a count of forty.
  10. On and on he painfully and clumsily hobbles down the faintly moonlit path, keeping his ears pricked for the slightest rustle of leaves.
  11. Ankles would be hobbled and the soldiers would then be linked together by a rope looped around the hobbles and threaded in a long single file.
  12. And as the multitude hisses in a million tongues around him, as if a pan had been placed under cold water, Mercer Goodman hobbles off north, in the direction of what is now, or once was, his home.
  13. It no longer walks, it hobbles; it limps on the crutch of the Court of Miracles, a crutch metamorphosable into a club; it is called vagrancy; every sort of spectre, its dressers, have painted its face, it crawls and rears, the double gait of the reptile.
  14. It seems as if the poor had gone raiding the town, and now trapesed back to their own quarters, like beetles scurrying to their holes, for that old woman fairly hobbles towards Waterloo, grasping a shiny bag, as if she had been out into the light and now made off with some scraped chicken bones to her hovel underground.

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