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    1. I imagine it has to do with a case you’re working on?

    2. He could imagine her turning to dry powder in his arms, stabbing himself on the splinters of her bones as her shrill cackle faded into the cold distance of outer space

    3. Could you imagine what

    4. Could you imagine if

    5. We are just getting started, we’re just warming up, but I can imagine that you are probably seeing your life in a way that you have never seen it

    6. Ennil tried to imagine it

    7. I'd imagine there's quite a layer of dust on it by now, that was thirty decades ago

    8. It was still hard to imagine that this had all been purchased with eleven retaining balls from hospital cart latch-pins

    9. I can't imagine what the Inspector will have to ask me

    10. She could only imagine its scale

    11. This achievement enables one to experience bliss that one can never imagine

    12. Imagine the shock to the family when he announced his intention to marry a catholic hotel maid! This love dynamic in his life was the catalyst for his search for religious truth

    13. Just imagine that one thought has

    14. can’t even begin to imagine is that

    15. She could scarcely imagine the Angels of Talstan taking on the only remaining mortal superpower

    16. ‘Definitely, even if he offered me the job, which I don’t for a minute imagine he is going to do!’ I said, chuckling at the memory of his face when I walked out of his office

    17. They meant well, he knew that, but how could they imagine that he could

    18. Her arms were twisted painfully over her head in a submission hold she couldn't imagine and didn't want to

    19. Nevertheless, who knows what really awaits us after death, to the Other Side? Imagine some sort of aliens waiting there, ready to be fed with strong souls!” Alexander said at a moment, in a rather equivocal manner

    20. It was difficult to imagine walls in this darkness

    21. Can you imagine a

    22. ’ I said, looking at the expanse of modern building below me, trying to pick out the older buildings and imagine how it must have looked when Rose came here

    23. Not sure if I imagine her relief or not, but I’m pretty sure about how I feel about it – the thought of spending Christmas with Amy and the family is not one I can contemplate with anything remotely approaching joy

    24. He tried to imagine her wired up on the breaching ship’s bridge and what it feels like to have a 375m-wide ass

    25. This new life was going to be far more complicated than I could possibly imagine

    26. " I imagine her pulling a crop of hair from inside the book

    27. Anyway, there is no proof about that, besides I can't imagine she could be so mean

    28. After he’s gone, I stand looking at the closed door … I didn’t imagine this, did I? He was actually here … wasn’t he?

    29. One of my favourite games over the months through to the coming of early spring birdsong was to recount those alternative life stories and to imagine myself in the place of either Aban or Menachem

    30. We often wondered whether the other hostages felt the same, but we could never quite imagine Aban and Beniamin finding the same closeness

    31. But that was only because of the native virus, he could still imagine the tortures he would have inflicted on them to get it out of them if it wasn't for that artificial Instinct

    32. He wished he could imagine what it was like for Angels a century and three quarters beyond the one's who's sister he once loved

    33. Can you imagine an entire nation of Pauls going to and fro throughout the earth to proclaim the freedom that they have now experienced in Christ? It will be during the Millennial Kingdom that Israel will fulfill her ultimate purposes of being the priestly nation to the nations (Exodus 19:6)

    34. If you can imagine it, you can have it -‐ especially once you

    35. They meant well, he knew that, but how could they imagine that he could do all of these normal things without her

    36. Earth's civilization would never imagine that the most humans live in the deepest concentrations of jungle

    37. ‘Can you imagine it? Me living in a manor house with staff!’ he chuckled, stooping to pick up another stone and throwing it with some power towards the same rock where it smashed

    38. Imagine you are in a river with the boat over your head

    39. They have a gas lantern also, I imagine she's got that going

    40. I gather that once, when he was a young man (very young I should imagine), he met her grandmother and was immediately struck by the resemblance Angie bears her … sounds unlikely to me, but who am I to quibble?

    41. I imagine it must have come as a shock to you coming so close to Joris’s death

    42. ” Can you imagine the humility it would take for a nation to come under that? Can you really imagine a nation that would acknowledge their boundaries being established by the hand of God according to the sons of Israel?

    43. Just imagine, though

    44. Just imagine the early videos that went viral; animals doing crazy things, babies dancing and other content that had never been shared in this past

    45. Can you imagine the Islamic and Moslem extremist nations that desire the death of Israel seeing this take place? Can you imagine what will happen when those nations hear the Jewish people admitting their failure before God – and that their judgment was due to their sin – and in love embracing their enemies and blessing them that cursed them?

    46. “Nothing wrong there in Jodechi, but here, I can’t imagine you

    47. Though I imagine here, beyond the glass,

    48. It was claimed to be more massive than people could imagine

    49. She could imagine his hands on her doing what he did in the dreams… damn it! I’ve got to stop doing this… it’s those damn dreams! She could hear a deep chuckle filling her mind, all right Jake, I get the point!

    50. Can you imagine that?’

    1. Toby imagined Michael Jordan doing a lay over up to the top shelves

    2. This was still more different than anything any of them could have ever imagined

    3. When she was there, at the closest star in whatever constellation it's in, she certainly never imagined she would be here, now, wondering what happened there

    4. When she was there she certainly never imagined she would even exist now

    5. Johnny imagined that his dad would be crushed, and it was a moment that Johnny wanted to do his best to spare him from ever having to go through

    6. He wrapped himself around her shoulders and imagined the warmth of his mate, the way they gripped each other in the warm sky

    7. This was not her idea of a fun way to spend the dusk, especially when she imagined the fine cups that would be going around at Kulai's duskmeal while they discussed the upcoming evening's entertainment

    8. was imagined; Do not stoop to

    9. demons as companions because Smith had never imagined imagination

    10. that reinforced the heavens as imagined by a responsible God

    11. imagined it would be

    12. I imagined the space around me to be infinite, falling away from the edges of reality like the seas that tumble over the edge of a flat earth

    13. More polar opposites can scarcely be imagined than the mortal privation and terror of Talstan and the fleshpits of Satan's world

    14. I imagined him blowing smoke into my covered face

    15. I imagined him sat at a table, softly lit, with a family, bowls of steaming meat and vegetables between them

    16. We were a happy band, an imagined brotherhood

    17. I shuffled backwards on my arse, scrabbling to put distance between myself and the door, which slammed open just as I had imagined it would

    18. Could my distorted mind be playing tricks on me? Was the ultimate nature of my lunacy to take shape in a world of imagined friends, of odd and sundry voices rattling off the walls of my empty head?

    19. To watch your soul-brother take a beating for some off-hand remark or imagined slight, is to have your heart cut, slice by slice, into ribbons

    20. We existed in a world of words and imagined intellectual propositions, spending hours talking through the possibilities for the citizens of this benighted planet

    21. But since it's just an RNAcid trip and not something you imagined yourself, I'm going to try real hard to not let it gross me out to the point where I won't want the one of you YingolNeerians that does have flesh

    22. Smith was unable to fashion physical angels and demons as companions because Smith had never imagined imagination

    23. Smith preferred to consider a thought from a familiar set of view points, rolling it across the heavens like thunder, looking at all those aspects of silence and darkness that reinforced the heavens as imagined by a responsible God

    24. This was going to be harder than he had imagined it would be

    25. Danton imagined the breaking of this man’s fragile skeleton with every bounce

    26. I had a wonderful time and being in those mountains is even more beautiful than I imagined from the valley

    27. Her gonads curled painfully within her as she imagined the deviant rites these people must practice

    28. He had probably just imagined hearing her

    29. than the fingers imagined in scales of familiarity and use,

    30. I had imagined that Nepal would be just snow-capped mountains – but that says more about my lack of geographical knowledge than anything, I feel! Your description of the fauna and flora found in the tropical savanna and the forests was most interesting and the watercolours you enclosed are extremely good

    31. He said that I was in shock because of what I had been thru; that I had imagined all of it

    32. for simple things well intentioned but childishly imagined

    33. She imagined it must be much worse for Luray

    34. more fiend than I could have imagined

    35. Daniel could not have imagined the emotions that engulfed him

    36. I had travelled - actually flown all the way - and alone - into a balmy welcome I could never have imagined

    37. What he saw can only be imagined

    38. I could not have imagined it

    39. he wants to be imagined

    40. I imagined the life there, far from towns, with the faintest strain of music floating in the air and the echo of modest family voices

    41. and you are, for that precise imagined moment,

    42. It reminded me of infant school formalities, and that memory took me home for a second and I imagined my aunt arriving at our cottage and how it would be empty

    43. We set off without a clue as to what we'd find in Faria but it was much more serious than we could've imagined

    44. It was worse than I'd imagined - tourism as a front for fencing loot

    45. “We could not, however, have imagined how this would affect them,” continued Tarak

    46. Their love was born of hope and that hope always took the form of imagined blue lines and smiling doctors, but their loving was in vain

    47. thousands now, but imagined that transacting in lakhs and crores wouldn't be

    48. Immediately after the disposal of Alan’s body Helen Roach found that coping with her daughter’s stress and grief was far harder than she had ever imagined it would be

    49. What if Alfred had been right and they should have stayed and studied the planet at 61 Cygni until the next expedition arrived? True it wasn't the wonder Alan had imagined, but it was still the only place outside Earth where macroscopic biology had been discovered

    50. She spun around and seized K’nada, unsheathed his blade and leaped through the air slicing thru imagined enemies swinging the blade with lightening speed

    1. Evan imagines her as the head cheerleader and valedictorian of her high school

    2. Moments when his eyes glaze as he imagines the nearly, the what ifs

    3. She imagines herself in the arms of a man,

    4. he imagines the world inverted

    5. Davie hears the buzzard's high pitched squeal of annoyance and imagines the bodies in the pit, in their death throes, pleading for light

    6. She imagines the tip of the needle breaking skin, sliding into muscle, the bulge where the liquid pools as she presses on the plunger, and the spasms, a face, a rictus grin

    7. He imagines that Bex is six years old, and that she is holding his free hand

    8. But whoever imagines, upon this account, that masters rarely combine, is as ignorant of the world as of the subject

    9. This, he imagines, upon the true principles of the mercantile system, is a clear proof that this forced corn trade is

    10. Despite Sisyphus’s tragic existence, Camus imagines he is happy, though he does not fully explain why

    11. Nobody imagines, I beileve, that even the greater part of the annual coinage, amounting, for ten years together, before the late reformation of the gold coin, to upwards of £800,000 a-year in gold, was an annual addition to the money before current in the kingdom

    12. My daughter imagines he drives around in her Barbie Bus, while my son envisions him logging on to Wikipedia or reading the newspaper

    13. Although our primal emotions may originally have been intended to operate at the level of instinctive reactions, they can also influence procedures at other levels…Minsky imagines that each of his six levels of mental procedures is populated by special resources called ‘critics’ which recognize various kinds of situations

    14. 2 who imagines mischiefs in their heart; continually are they gathered together for war

    15. 16 An enemy speaks sweetly with his lips, but in his heart he imagines how to throw you into a pit, he will weep with his eyes, but if

    16. He will not concede that his new belief is not based on facts, cold reason, historical necessity, or reality as he imagines it to be

    17. Then let them delete also the words that he or she imagines might offend someone else

    18. One imagines that one is

    19. himself, he imagines an answer from without

    20. But man imagines that he works for an incen-

    21. commotion is meaningless, for I am not the entity that imagines

    22. Its destiny is the duty of him who imagines himself to be

    23. what one imagines it was

    24. His fists are clenched tight in the bath as he imagines he is

    25. But, as Sherwood Anderson wrote in “Discovery of a Father,” a son’s wish for what he imagines to be a perfect father does not always come true: “One of the strangest relationships in the world is that between father and son

    26. When Ralph enters, pushing aside the torn curtain that hangs down in what he imagines is a vain attempt to keep out the wind, he expects the room to be empty

    27. He imagines crimson and black, colours to induce terror

    28. Hartstongue simply nods, as if he imagines it could be him she was addressing, and gazes beyond her to the land around them

    29. As the wolf snarls once more, baring its teeth and crouching for the kill, he imagines he will die here

    30. He never once imagines that such discovery might be not by an enemy but by a friend

    31. But if he is puffed up by the respect thus shown to him and imagines himself to belong to a high class, he directly ceases to be a Brahmin (because this reflects his arrogance and ignorance)

    32. He often imagines firing rockets from his torso or shooting bullets or small gas bombs from his arms and watching through infrared eyes as his enemies are torn to bloody shreds

    33. Everywhere he looks he sees The Lord Yhwh (what he imagines to be the name of that which cannot be named—your name)

    34. As Below so Above and Beyond, he imagines

    35. Wisely, for one so young and inexperienced, he sensed that a relationship in which one partner imagines he is more desirable, or has more to offer than the other, is doomed to failure

    36. 3 The story of Ruth as the author imagines it might have been told to the youth David by

    37. Simon imagines in his mind unscrewing and unbolting the door as the postman arrives for his parcel

    38. Suzy stares deeply into Lewis's eyes as she imagines her life living with someone disabled

    39. “Dying is much more difficult than one imagines

    40. With vigor, he imagines the point whereby he flips into real fear and at that very point, we ask him to STOP!

    41. “Garcia’s brain and implant function as one unit and the images he imagines could be transferred to a media storage device in use by the Iotians

    42. The only way is to wake up and realise that Reality is not the problem; it is you who imagines it is a problem

    43. The “bliss” which my limited “I” imagines is the real Bliss

    44. ” Just to be on the safe side he concentrates his magic towards the undergrowth and imagines the molecules there swirling and dancing together

    45. He sees the magic between the water and himself and he pulls on it, tugs at it, imagines the magic stilling the water, calming it, deep at the molecular level — so the water’s spinning hydrogen atoms lock together and crystals form on the ground and in the sky

    46. believes that the world is as he imagines it

    47. Colorful images that a child imagines

    48. “…with conceit…”: means that one imagines that one acquires greater good by an action than what is already in one’s possession, when in fact the opposite is true

    49. Rico has become the kind of young man Cass imagines his son would become

    50. And she slips the tip of his finger seamlessly into her mouth and sucks, and for a moment he imagines that it's not her lips squeezing him, that it's not his finger she's circling with her tongue

    1. He spoke with her about love and truth and timeless bliss, imagining her voice

    2. the door and asked for my Dad, I was imagining what I called the Autocopter

    3. Eva leaving didn’t help the machine imagining either, given that a broken heart

    4. ’ I commented, more than capable of imagining the conversation they must have had

    5. ‘Stop imagining the worst, Kate

    6. Wrapped as I was in the cotton wool of solitary confinement, unable as I was to express any of my thoughts in concrete form or to engage in conjecture with another rational human being, nonetheless I spent hours imagining faces and clothes and names to accompany the hollow tapping sounds in the night

    7. I floated in the black void, imagining not the sweet smile of my saviour but the sour breath of the angel of death

    8. Man and wife tended their plants, made sure that their supporting canes were securely tied, weeded and hoed beds, watered and pricked out, and through their horticultural therapy they began the process of contemplation, of imagining their lives lived forever in the shadow of the hole

    9. dreaming state, forgot about everything in the world, imagining

    10. contemplation, of imagining their lives lived forever in the shadow

    11. He could sit for long stretches immersed in the antiquities, imagining himself among the colonnades and odea of the ancient cities, the great architectures and ideas of an age long past

    12. They took a short sailing trip one day when the tide was high, to Tombelaine and back, imagining as they voyaged how merchants in ships of yore must have felt as they approached the island and the fortress it once was

    13. The size of the land title was so large she’d trouble even imagining it

    14. happy official, imagining in her warped condition that she

    15. from imagining other cosmogonies

    16. imagining the sort of dwelling where a courtesan would entertain her patron

    17. Now, I couldn’t stop imagining all the horrible scenarios that Savannah may be placed in

    18. In Nerissa’s profound isolation, she’d spend entire days imagining how his epic sounded

    19. Edrimer felt the sweat building up on his face, his mind constantly imagining the worst and best scenarios that might be expecting him

    20. But thank you for imagining it possible that I was

    21. She’d never allowed herself the hubris of imagining his approval

    22. ” The mind is complex beyond imagining, and we carry all of this within us, referring to it constantly

    23. “You’re imagining things,” he said to me

    24. Even as he stood discussing such matters with his officer, he was always contemplating, strategizing and imagining all sorts of tactical possibilities for his principal task

    25. Imagining that you are the vehicle is as

    26. ‘Raiya?’ He was imagining the kind of manipulation Parmayan would try with her

    27. For much of journey back he had been imagining how Deanna would react to what he had seen at the institute; rehearsing the words in his mind

    28. keys on the laptop, imagining the hand on the

    29. He began to make deep throated sobbing sounds, a man in pain beyond imagining

    30. The steel, pressed firmly, kept reminding; he tried imagining he was in space, floating freely

    31. Standing out here imagining the worst wasn’t doing any more good than pumping Katie

    32. That is if you are not imagining all this shit

    33. imagine, and the imagining was limited by the narrow breadth of his experiences

    34. A shame? Vanquished ancestors, was he actually regretting what he had done? Did he feel guilty? Or was she imagining it? Maybe he had just come down to gloat

    35. Amaranthe almost laughed, imagining some handout in Assassinry 101, where rules of etiquette were passed out with Sicarius’s wisdom at the top of the page

    36. You’re imagining things, girl

    37. Or maybe she was imagining hints that weren’t there

    38. Closing his eyes and drawing air into his lungs, Darkburst breathed in the atmosphere, imagining how it would feel to address the Council from such an exalted position of power

    39. I stared in the mirror at my face and my tired swollen eyes, not ever imagining the mayhem to which I would return – a flurry of nurses acting swiftly under the instructions of Dr Preston

    40. She stared at the tower clock with squinting eyes, not used to the bright sun, and maybe I was just imagining it but I think she understood

    41. She pulled her arms away, and adjusted her clothing and hair, imagining it was in the worst of condition

    42. I began imagining all kind of scenarios

    43. I grinned, imagining the look of snooty disdain on her face

    44. I watched the smoke pouring from the lorry's tyres in a kind of dread fascination, imagining the look of horror that must be distorting the driver's face as he slammed his foot on the brakes

    45. Much of the public went to the Missing in Action and Rambo film series, vicariously imagining fighting the war again

    46. She smiled maliciously, imagining him standing at the reception desk feeling shy about speaking personally in public, and considered forcing embarrassing comments from him, but just giggled, saving him the torture

    47. I’m a compulsive dreamer, and I feel spoiled to be able to be able to make a career out of imagining things!

    48. The biggest difficulty is imagining Adams re elected

    49. If you are a student of the many metaphysical Masters offering all types of courses these days, you will realize that Imagining clearly what you want and pretending it has already come to pass, is a vital step in the manifesting process

    50. At some point, then, as I continued this Pretending, Imagining the trip together, which is surprisingly easy to do, suddenly someone approached us

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