conjecture sätze

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Conjecture sätze (in englisch)

  1. I am lost in conjecture.
  2. But that was only conjecture.
  3. But, that was only conjecture.
  4. There’s a great deal of conjecture.
  5. Hopkins knew this was all conjecture.

  6. His errand you may probably conjecture.
  7. But Nekhludoff’s conjecture was wrong.
  8. It is rather a conjecture than an opinion.
  9. Daniel stepped in, This is all conjecture.
  10. Could have, but it’s all conjecture, theory.
  11. This conjecture completely ignores the Biblical.
  12. Actual Infinity is not an intellectual conjecture.
  13. However, this for the moment, is still conjecture.
  14. Nothing but conjecture can be offered concerning it.
  15. Dashwood was convinced that her conjecture had been just.

  16. All this that you're saying is based purely on conjecture.
  17. Petersburg, Russia for his work on the Poincare Conjecture.
  18. Nobody's imagination had gone so far as to conjecture that Mr.
  19. They follow nothing but assumptions, and they only conjecture.
  20. Then what she says to me next only returns me to more conjecture.
  21. After that it was all just conjecture on the part of the parents.
  22. Perhaps it is a reasonable conjecture to make it Kamiros of Rhodes.
  23. In these strange circumstances the scope for conjecture was unlimited.
  24. In the contrary event, you can conjecture what awaits you and your son.
  25. The Knights Templar, as some conjecture states, recovered the bones of.

  26. One can conjecture a value in a potential space without that value ever.
  27. Something was keeping their minds aloof, and each was left to conjecture.
  28. Linton will conjecture how it is, and trouble himself no further about you.
  29. But the realities of his situation soon displaced conjecture on the other.
  30. Burdovsky, heard this conjecture, and did not hesitate to accept it as true.
  31. By the way, here is an interesting conjecture on the inhabitants of the moon.
  32. The risk of being mistaken would be more probable than to conjecture correctly.
  33. We are often wholly unable even to conjecture how this could have been effected.
  34. Conjecture was useless, and just after twelve o'clock he entered and went to bed.
  35. Again I will not venture to conjecture why it happened so, but there were causes.
  36. Therefore, he had to rely on the only mechanism left for him; namely, conjecture.
  37. That was where his knowledge stopped and beyond was only confusion and conjecture.
  38. Though how much of that was luck and how much was skill is a matter of conjecture.
  39. This conjecture had begun to grow strong the day before, in the midst of all his.
  40. Whether the sixteen-year-old monarch had any hand in it was a matter of conjecture.
  41. In this conjecture, the universe could be an elaborate instrument thanks to which we.
  42. Smith, in the madness of endless conjecture, decided to stick a virtual pin into the.
  43. Similarly, advocates of this mid-tribulation conjecture dismiss the promise that God.
  44. Sometimes it occurred to Natasha that he not wish to see her, and this conjecture was.
  45. Science fantasy and science fiction mixed together with pure conjecture is not Science.
  46. One could conjecture that if indeed there has been foul play, then this has affected the.
  47. This is all conjecture, but his expression was telling when I mentioned finding it there.
  48. In such a conjecture, that great scheme would be the reference at the basis of our sense.
  49. Holmes, in the conjecture which seemed to us to be probable in your rooms at Baker Street.
  50. It is also conjecture as to whether those who have put their belief in he who did live a.
  51. In this conjecture, it is believed that, somehow, components which don't exhibit awareness.
  52. His mind raced with conjecture and the possible reasons: none seemed even remotely harmless.
  53. My conjecture had been correct: the strangers had slipped in before us, and they now stood.
  54. The results of battles which are never actually fought must always be a matter of conjecture.
  55. She averred they were a mystery to herself, and that what she knew was chiefly from conjecture.
  56. Her opinion varying with every fresh conjecture, and all seeming equally probable as they arose.
  57. We have here our stalwart band of adventurers, bogged down in hopeless exposition and conjecture.
  58. There was no word of her own hopes, no conjecture as to the future, no description of her feelings.
  59. This conjecture had begun to grow strong the day before, in the midst of all his alarm and despair.
  60. He hesitated, seeming stressed, then said, Jack, we were told that the other story was conjecture.
  61. But the savant was incorrect in his conjecture concerning the whereabouts of the woman he called Taramis.
  62. An early conjecture suggested that exchange rate flows and rates respond sluggishly to interest rate news.
  63. Not until I reached my study did I realize what it was, and I returned to the hall to verify my conjecture.
  64. This puerile feature in a nature which was conspicuously manly had often given rise to comment and conjecture.
  65. Why didn't he report it at once? Why did he put it all off till morning? I think I have a right to conjecture why.
  66. In short, I could learn nothing but that she was gone; all the rest, for eight long months, was left to conjecture.
  67. My frightened heart, faintly quivering with expectation, was groping timidly and joyfully towards some conjecture.
  68. Sherlock Holmes was wrong in his conjecture, however, for there came a step in the passage and a tapping at the door.
  69. Knox said, So the question is, what can we do about it? Because most of what we have is conjecture and speculation.
  70. Delighted at this conjecture, I instantly ran thither; it was by now four o'clock and wa already beginning to get dark.
  71. Well, if our conjecture is correct and the girl's name is or was Sophy Kratides, we should have no difficulty in tracing her.
  72. And on the preacher’s face there was a look not of prayer, but of thought; and in his tone not supplication, but conjecture.
  73. Standing there, he for the first time doubted whether his course in this conjecture had been a wise, much less a generous, one.
  74. Not only was no trace found of the missing train, but no conjecture could be put forward which could possibly explain the facts.
  75. It was also a matter for deep conjecture whether such a release would be accomplished without a great deal of fighting and injury.
  76. It must, however, be admitted that in many instances we cannot conjecture whether it was instinct or structure which first varied.
  77. No one saw her: they only knew by rumour that such a person was at the Hall; and who or what she was it was difficult to conjecture.
  78. The three of us stood over the artillery for a while, spouting theories as to whom it was who shot us down, yet it was all conjecture.
  79. I conjecture that corporate bonds have been the obvious easy way to chase yield, and as a result have tended to be structurally overpriced.
  80. When I remembered that you had seen her at that window, and how she had fainted on seeing the coronet again, my conjecture became a certainty.
  81. The strain made his manner oddly nervous when speaking to or of his niece, and he became the subject of much conjecture to the observant Robin.
  82. In a flash, I recalled his conjecture that Liputin knew not only more than we did about our affair, but something else which we should never know.
  83. In this assertion I am not left to conjecture, but will prove it by the most unequivocal evidence, if the gentlemen are consistent with themselves.
  84. For some time I was lost in conjecture as to the cause of this, but yesterday an idea struck me, and if it is well founded, I conjure you to avow it.
  85. Sometimes it occurred to Natásha that he did not wish to see her, and this conjecture was confirmed by the sad tone in which her elders spoke of him.
  86. But in the morning all the ordinary currents of conjecture were disturbed by the presence of a strange mourner who had plashed among them as if from the moon.
  87. He longed for some confirmation of this hopeful conjecture, but to have asked any question as to what Raffles had said or done would have been to betray fear.
  88. This conjecture sounded plausible, for it was remembered that Karp had been in the neighborhood just at that time in the autumn, and had robbed three people.
  89. My first conjecture was, that possibly there had been some passages between this young lady and the old soldier, which the former had now confessed to the wife.
  90. Nevertheless, they do not pretend that they can define, or even conjecture, which are the created forms of life, and which are those produced by secondary laws.
  91. If I am right in this conjecture, war is not to commence by sea or land, it is already begun; and some of the richest blood of our country has already been shed.
  92. Those that disagreed about him were in doubt concerning his death, for what they knew about it was sheer conjecture; they were not sure that they had slain him.
  93. The present war of all others should be avoided; being without an object, no man can conjecture its termination; for as was most correctly observed by my friend, (Mr.
  94. To what extent the sentiments which prevail in this quarter exist in the neighboring States, or even in the eastern section of this State, I am not able to conjecture.
  95. It is thought that Pope Gregory has confused Mary Magdalene with the women at the Well, or with the women who dried his feet who by conjecture was considered immoral.
  96. However, as the reader has been able to conjecture, Mademoiselle Gillenormand had failed in her attempt to substitute her favorite, the officer of lancers, for Marius.
  97. I will now venture to conjecture the true cause, and, if it be the right one, the case will be a plain one, and all equivocations in the explanations rendered unnecessary.
  98. She scarcely thought, her ideas were in the state of a tangled skein in her brain, she could not manage to conjecture anything, she hoped through a tremor, what? vague things.
  99. Another conjecture was that once the notorious Menyhart Orzo, who was supreme under King Rudolph in the castle, played a game of checkers with his neighbor, Boldizsar Zomolnoky.
  100. Yes, I replied, but in this high argument you should be a little more certain, and should not conjecture only; for of all questions, this respecting good and evil is the greatest.
  1. Are you conjecturing based on his actions?
  2. As to what the secret might be, there was much conjecturing.
  3. Trumbull, who felt pleasure in conjecturing that some new resources had been opened.
  4. Harvey was there, too, conjecturing in a too-loud voice to a group of animals, leaving no question as to the state of his sobriety.
  5. Another, a thin little officer, was speaking to everyone, conjecturing where they were now being taken and how far they would get that day.
  6. His ultimate intention, if he had any, she had not yet divined; and she found herself conjecturing on the matter as a third person might have done.
  7. She begged leave for her daughters to sit with their father, and drove into the town to pay some visits, conjecturing that if anything were known to have gone wrong in Mr.
  8. Amid the general vacant hilarity of the assembly a bell rang and, while all were conjecturing what might be the cause, Miss Callan entered and, having spoken a few words in a low tone to young Mr Dixon, retired with a profound bow to the company.
  9. Vincy would advance money to provide furniture-; and though, since it would not be necessary to pay for everything at once, some bills would be left standing over, he did not waste time in conjecturing how much his father-in-law would give in the form of dowry, to make payment easy.
  10. Elinor, dreading her being tired, led her towards home; and till they reached the door of the cottage, easily conjecturing what her curiosity must be though no question was suffered to speak it, talked of nothing but Willoughby, and their conversation together; and was carefully minute in every particular of speech and look, where minuteness could be safely indulged.
  11. The Knight of the Rueful Countenance was still very anxious to find out who the owner of the valise could be, conjecturing from the sonnet and letter, from the money in gold, and from the fineness of the shirts, that he must be some lover of distinction whom the scorn and cruelty of his lady had driven to some desperate course; but as in that uninhabited and rugged spot there was no one to be seen of whom he could inquire, he saw nothing else for it but to push on, taking whatever road Rocinante chose--which was where he could make his way--firmly persuaded that among these wilds he could not fail to meet some rare adventure.
  1. Well, it is conjectured to be so.
  2. No one conjectured seeing Jewania there.
  3. Heathcliff conjectured, he’ll not win.
  4. We conjectured what the child would look like.
  5. Poetry defines a culture, John conjectured.
  6. I appreciated that point, and I conjectured that it was.
  7. Diggs then conjectured the following conversation on the tablet.
  8. John had conjectured, he was quite ignorant of all concerning him.
  9. I quickly conjectured that either everyone was multi lingual, or that.
  10. Dimmesdale now conjectured, had been praying at the bedside of some dying man.
  11. He conjectured that he would have less than a second to get in the first blow.
  12. The stranger conjectured that this chamber connected with that of the Thenardier pair.
  13. Did they love their fathers as I loved mine? I conjectured and felt sympathy for them.
  14. It may be a candle in a house, I then conjectured; but if so, I can never reach it.
  15. Perhaps, he conjectured, Sally felt surprise by the change in clothing from their last meeting.
  16. He cunningly conjectured they were staying away in order to avoid hearing his protracted blessing.
  17. I appreciated that point, and I conjectured that it was dropped by the murderer in his hurried flight.
  18. I originally conjectured that Henderson might have been taken ill, but Wilson disabused me of that notion.
  19. Brumerson conjectured that the boys’ cases had carried a high priority for clemency because of their ages.
  20. Marianne lifted up her eyes in astonishment, and Elinor conjectured that she might as well have held her tongue.
  21. It has been conjectured that when the hill shook these stones rolled down its side and became the present shore.
  22. The character which I first conjectured to have the value of se, and afterwards of me, really has the value of ne.
  23. It seems that my ruse of a large abolitionist meeting simply is not going to hold the slavers at bay, he conjectured.
  24. They had been by themselves over the Sabbath, and they conjectured that the body had been moved to another resting place.
  25. As he passed your window he saw, by means of his great height, these proofs upon your table, and conjectured what they were.
  26. It is conjectured that it was in one of these that she committed the terrible crime which has caused such a sensation in London.
  27. Yet the intrinsic quality of the event moved his touchy sensitiveness less than its conjectured effect upon the minds of others.
  28. Nicodemus and the others doubted their story, doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead; they conjectured that the Jews had removed the body.
  29. Both advised him to Get rid of that piece of junk and put in a new furnace, but he'd already conjectured that to be his landlady's best course.
  30. Though startled by the thought, she nevertheless conjectured in hope, ‘He loves Sandhya for sure, and don’t I rejoice at her fortune for that.
  31. What would have happened if she had succeeded instead of being rubbed out like she was?� Steve conjectured as he had a puzzling look on his face.
  32. Edmund now believed himself perfectly acquainted with all that Fanny could tell, or could leave to be conjectured of her sentiments, and he was satisfied.
  33. She knew that what Marianne and her mother conjectured one moment, they believed the next, that with them, to wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect.
  34. My guess is that they planned to take him either when he arrived at his Nursery school later this morning, or while he was there, conjectured Clayton.
  35. It is absolutely unique, and its value can only be conjectured, but the reward offered of £1000 is certainly not within a twentieth part of the market price.
  36. However, it soon grew clear that the hour of emancipation for that little prisoner of the flesh was to arrive earlier than her worst misgiving had conjectured.
  37. What happened to Rosemary during that time has remained a mysterious and complicated story, with a thin trail of evidence and mostly conjectured interpretation.
  38. There had seemed nothing at all out of keeping with such a conjectured career in the storing up of these showy ornaments for his wife and the wives of her descendants.
  39. His enemies were so taken aback by Jesus' unexpected public appearance in Jerusalem that they conjectured he must have been promised protection by the Roman authorities.
  40. I asked the question because I conjectured that many such men might thus misjudge your admonition, and I hoped you would give us further instruction regarding these matters.
  41. But we have often conjectured what would have happened in Rome and in the world if it had been the gospel of the kingdom which had been accepted in the place of Greek Christianity.
  42. Grinding poverty did have that effect and he more than conjectured that, high educational abilities though he possessed, he experienced no little difficulty in making both ends meet.
  43. He conjectured that even people with real companions were, in truth, alone most of the time: locked in their little chambers of reality, constantly struggling to validate their worlds.
  44. The Colonel possessed a varied collection of weapons brought from the different countries in which he had fought, and it is conjectured by the police that his club was among his trophies.
  45. The nature of the mineral I immediately conjectured, and treated it with diluted sulphuric acid, in which it entirely dissolved with effervescence, forming a bitter fluid, and leaving no sediment.
  46. From the facts I have learnt and those I have conjectured, this must have been what happened at the beginning; but I have no such exact information for what followed, nor can I conjecture it so easily.
  47. The Buddha is quoted as saying something like, Conjecture about the world is an unconjecturable that is not to be conjectured about, that would bring madness & vexation to anyone who conjectured about it.
  48. Though he seldom before had revealed this state of mind, even by looks, it was his habitual mood, I had no doubt: he asserted it himself; but not a soul, from his general bearing, would have conjectured the fact.
  49. He made no reply to this adjuration; only plodding doggedly down the wooden steps, and halting before an apartment which, from that halt and the superior quality of its furniture, I conjectured to be the best one.
  50. These three conversed in a strange language, but from certain things said, Peter erroneously conjectured that the beings with Jesus were Moses and Elijah; in reality, they were Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek.
  51. Norris was ready with her suggestions as to the rooms he would think fittest to be used, but found it all prearranged; and when she would have conjectured and hinted about the day, it appeared that the day was settled too.
  52. I perfectly recollect that on my return home from this place in March, 1809, I was informed of this Henry having passed through the country; and it was then conjectured that he was on the very business which he now states.
  53. Paul Samuelson once conjectured that the stock market is microefficient but macroinefficient—that relative prices are close to being correct but that the overall market level is prone to overvaluations or undervaluations.
  54. He could not any longer delay his departure; but as his journey to London might be followed, even sooner than he now conjectured, by his longer voyage, he entreated me to bestow as much of my society on him as I could spare.
  55. Woods had an impression that a large sum was usually kept there, but the doctor had paid a heavy corn bill in cash only that very day, and it was conjectured that it was to this and not to a robber that the emptiness of the box was due.
  56. Both Pilate and Herod were in Jerusalem at this time, and Jesus' enemies conjectured that, if he would dare to advise against the payment of tribute to Caesar, they could go at once before the Roman authorities and charge him with sedition.
  57. The contents of the pan began to boil, and he turned to plunge his hand into the bowl; I conjectured that this preparation was probably for our supper, and, being hungry, I resolved it should be eatable; so, crying out sharply, ‘I’ll make the.
  58. It is conjectured that he may have been hurrying down to catch the last train from Waterloo Station, and that in his haste and the extreme darkness he missed his path and walked over the edge of one of the small landing-places for river steamboats.
  59. The winter roads were still relatively empty, and Colling conjectured that the fact that there were many Home Army veterans in the south of Poland might be a possible inhibiting factor in the Russians and Polish Reds putting out any regular patrols.
  60. The individual whose visual organs while the above was going on were at this juncture commencing to exhibit symptoms of animation was as astute if not astuter than any man living and anybody that conjectured the contrary would have found themselves pretty speedily in the wrong shop.
  61. That humid and congenial atmosphere which commonly adorned the view, veiling its harshness, and softening its asperities, had disappeared, the northern air poured across the waste of water so harsh and unmingled, that nothing was left to be conjectured by the eye, or fashioned by the fancy.
  62. The contents of the pan began to boll, and he turned to plunge his hand into the bowl; I conjectured that this preparation was probably for our supper, and, being hungry, I resolved it should be eatable; so, crying out sharply, "I'll make the porridge!" I removed the vessel out of his reach, and proceeded to take off my hat and riding habit.
  63. It has been conjectured, that the seed of the cane was brought down and scattered by the Big Sandy; but granting this, in what way could that stream carry this seed up the Hockhocking and Scioto to their sources? to places several hundred feet above the highest freshes ever known in this country? With a knowledge of these facts, cast your eye at the map of Ohio.
  64. He had carried off their store of winter food, and placing it in a sledge, to draw which he had seized on a numerous drove of trained dogs, he had harnessed them, and the same night, to the joy of the horror-struck villagers, had pursued his journey across the sea in a direction that led to no land; and they conjectured that he must speedily be destroyed by the breaking of the ice or frozen by the eternal frosts.
  65. He was aware of what Edmund must be suffering on his own behalf, in addition to all the rest, when they were in town: he had seen or conjectured his feelings; and, having reason to think that one interview with Miss Crawford had taken place, from which Edmund derived only increased distress, had been as anxious on that account as on others to get him out of town, and had engaged him in taking Fanny home to her aunt, with a view to his relief and benefit, no less than theirs.
  66. He went on listening, and gathered by odds and ends that it was conjectured at first that the boys had got drowned while taking a swim; then the small raft had been missed; next, certain boys said the missing lads had promised that the village should "hear something" soon; the wise-heads had "put this and that together" and decided that the lads had gone off on that raft and would turn up at the next town below, presently; but toward noon the raft had been found, lodged against the Missouri shore some five or six miles below the village—and then hope perished; they must be drowned, else hunger would have driven them home by nightfall if not sooner.
  67. Conscious that the human organism, normally capable of sustaining an atmospheric pressure of 1 9 tons, when elevated to a considerable altitude in the terrestrial atmosphere suffered with arithmetical progression of intensity, according as the line of demarcation between troposphere and stratosphere was approximated from nasal hemorrhage, impeded respiration and vertigo, when proposing this problem for solution, he had conjectured as a working hypothesis which could not be proved impossible that a more adaptable and differently anatomically constructed race of beings might subsist otherwise under Martian, Mercurial, Veneral, Jovian, Saturnian, Neptunian or Uranian sufficient and equivalent conditions, though an apogean humanity of beings created in varying forms with finite differences resulting similar to the whole and to one another would probably there as here remain inalterably and inalienably attached to vanities, to vanities of vanities and to all that is vanity.
  1. He was lost in conjectures.
  2. His conjectures were put to the rout.
  3. Conjectures flew from mouth to mouth.
  4. His mind was swarming with conjectures.
  5. Pure intellectual conceit and conjectures.
  6. No doubt he would form unfavourable conjectures.
  7. He had scorned even to form conjectures about Mr.
  8. How far their conjectures were fulfilled will appear later.
  9. What was it, then? Thenardier lost himself in conjectures.
  10. All the facts are in flat contradiction to such conjectures.
  11. Wild conjectures without any scientific proof is not Science.
  12. America, conjectures on, east of the Stoney mountains, vi, 98.
  13. If these conjectures of mine are right, Dolly is indeed bound to Mrs.
  14. The gnome conjectures that this is Siegfried, and wants to poison him.
  15. From which," said Wemmick, "conjectures had been raised and theories formed.
  16. They were based on his conjectures, not upon observation of them in practice.
  17. People whispered with terror monstrous conjectures as to the king's baths of purple.
  18. If we combine the above conjectures with our hypothesis of the existence of a master.
  19. With a glance at Danielle who nodded Nikko explained their suspicions and conjectures.
  20. Absorbed in his own conjectures, he tended to treat his assistants like animate plants.
  21. Our conjectures are used to forge keys to open door locks that lead us to our objectives.
  22. This much was true, but everything else were just conjectures from the possible to the ridiculous.
  23. The troubled and unhealthy conjectures which had outlined themselves in Marius' mind were dissipated.
  24. I never had any conjectures about it, replied Margaret; it was you who told me of it yourself.
  25. But I do believe – it stirs my blood! – in the exquisite conjectures of the universe (and.
  26. No man on earth could read those characters, but Shevatas shuddered at the dim conjectures they raised.
  27. She listened to her staff’s conjectures and the numerous hypothetical remarks, but nothing made sense.
  28. All I have to base my conjectures upon is rudimentary knowledge of common practices and some plain old good sense.
  29. Morrison, she was very silent, and no exclamations and conjectures of that indignant lady's could get a word out of her.
  30. He made thousands of different conjectures as to where and from what side the beast would come and how he would set upon it.
  31. That is all that is known for certain about the fire till now; but when it comes to conjectures it's a very different matter.
  32. If he had not been driven beyond the limits of endurance, he would not have ventured to express certain conjectures so openly.
  33. Marius had sufficient strength of mind to review in succession all the most heart-breaking conjectures, seeking hope and finding none.
  34. She sat down with the jewels upon her; and they again indulged in conjectures as to where Jonathan could possibly be with their baggage.
  35. He did not know whether the giant was plotting new devilries or had been summoned away by that muttering voice, but he wasted no time in conjectures.
  36. The spectators followed the little vessel with their eyes as long as it remained visible; they then turned their conjectures upon her probable destination.
  37. His mind was crowded with images and conjectures, which were a language to his hopes and fears, just as we hear tones from the vibrations which shake our whole system.
  38. Still, now and then, I received a damping check to my cheerfulness; and was, in spite of myself, thrown back on the region of doubts and portents, and dark conjectures.
  39. While apparently absorbed in her own affairs, Jo watched Beth, and after many conflicting conjectures, finally settled upon one which seemed to explain the change in her.
  40. Madame Thenardier, petrified and mute, recommenced her conjectures: Who is that old fellow? Is he a poor man? Is he a millionaire? Perhaps he is both; that is to say, a thief.
  41. Farebrother, knew a great deal more than he told, and when he had once been set thinking about the relation between Will and Dorothea his conjectures had gone beyond the fact.
  42. Huygens, Christiaan, The Celestial Worlds Discover'd: Conjectures Concerning the Inhabitants, Planets and Productions of the Worlds in the Planets, Londres, Timothy Childs, 1798.
  43. Marius indulged in melancholy conjectures; he dared not watch the porte cochere during the day; he contented himself with going at night to gaze upon the red light of the windows.
  44. What could that treasure of the centenarian be, which was so precious and so secret? Some holy book, no doubt? Some unique chaplet? Some authentic relic? They lost themselves in conjectures.
  45. He had no proofs whatever with which to convict the perpetrators of the crime, and, indeed, he had nothing but vague conjectures to go upon, though to him they amounted to complete certainty.
  46. Animated by that address Anna Pavlovna’s guests talked for a long time of the state of the fatherland and offered various conjectures as to the result of the battle to be fought in a few days.
  47. Animated by that address Anna Pávlovna’s guests talked for a long time of the state of the fatherland and offered various conjectures as to the result of the battle to be fought in a few days.
  48. McKenna himself was not overly attached to the date; he confided that he would be intrigued, come 2012, to see whether his conjectures about ‗Infinite Novelty‘ (13) would indeed prove correct.
  49. Bulstrode, Lydgate rode away, forming no conjectures, in the first instance, about the history of Raffles, but rehearsing the whole argument, which had lately been much stirred by the publication of Dr.
  50. The mulatto thought for a moment her answer, she had strong suspicions of what the madam was planning but until not having enough confirmation, she did not want to disrupt our lives with simple conjectures.
  51. Sir, without indulging in vague conjectures, what are the best data we have to form an estimate of the amount of specie in the country? The Bank of the United States has five millions of dollars in its vaults.
  52. At last she ran to his office; and, lost in all sorts of conjectures, accusing him of indifference, and reproaching herself for her weakness, she spent the afternoon, her face pressed against the window-panes.
  53. Napoleon’s historians describe to us his skilled maneuvers at Tarutino and MaloYaroslavets, and make conjectures as to what would have happened had Napoleon been in time to penetrate into the rich southern provinces.
  54. This explanation wipes out the false scientific conjectures of ‘dark energy’ and ‘dark matter’ which try to explain this phenomenon… There is no ‘dark matter’ or ‘dark energy’ in the Infinite Universe.
  55. Or isn’t it Vassenka Veslovsky and his relations with Anna? Or perhaps about Kitty, that he feels he was to blame?’ All her conjectures were unpleasant, but she did not guess what he really wanted to talk about to.
  56. She was surprised sometimes at the atrocious conjectures that came into her thoughts, and she had to go on smiling, to hear repeated to her at all hours that she was happy, to pretend to be happy, to let it be believed.
  57. Napoleon’s historians describe to us his skilled maneuvers at Tarútino and Málo-Yaroslávets, and make conjectures as to what would have happened had Napoleon been in time to penetrate into the rich southern provinces.
  58. I could hear the servants talking excitedly together, and making innumerable conjectures as to the amount left and the probable beneficiaries: nor can I deny that the idea that we ourselves were probably the latter greatly pleased me.
  59. Before proceeding further, it will be to the purpose to narrate in some detail, a singular occurrence which took place at about the same epoch, in Montfermeil, and which is not lacking in coincidence with certain conjectures of the indictment.
  60. Theoretical men have made many and vague conjectures about it, for after all it must rest upon conjecture; some have estimated it at ten millions of dollars—some twelve, some twenty, and some newspaper scribblers at forty millions of dollars.
  61. There are always so many conjectures as to the issue of any event that however it may end there will always be people to say: I said then that it would be so, quite forgetting that amid their innumerable conjectures many were to quite the contrary effect.
  62. There are always so many conjectures as to the issue of any event that however it may end there will always be people to say: ‘I said then that it would be so,’ quite forgetting that amid their innumerable conjectures many were to quite the contrary effect.
  63. Crawford's having left the house; but when convinced of his being gone, she was eager to go down and be with her uncle, and have all the happiness of his joy as well as her own, and all the benefit of his information or his conjectures as to what would now be William's destination.
  64. Hence visions, suppositions, conjectures, outlines of romances, a desire for adventures, fantastic constructions, edifices built wholly in the inner obscurity of the mind, sombre and secret abodes where the passions immediately find a lodgement as soon as the open gate permits them to enter.
  65. But the news that Lydgate had all at once become able not only to get rid of the execution in his house but to pay all his debts in Middlemarch was spreading fast, gathering round it conjectures and comments which gave it new body and impetus, and soon filling the ears of other persons besides Mr.
  66. Indeed, among the various conjectures which were put forward in the public Press, there were some which seriously asserted that supernatural, or, at least, preternatural, agencies had been at work, and that the deformed Monsieur Caratal was probably a person who was better known under a less polite name.
  67. Casaubon's theory of the elements which made the seed of all tradition was not likely to bruise itself unawares against discoveries: it floated among flexible conjectures no more solid than those etymologies which seemed strong because of likeness in sound until it was shown that likeness in sound made them.
  68. Dashwood could penetrate, and at last, without saying a word, quitted the room, and walked out towards the village--leaving the others in the greatest astonishment and perplexity on a change in his situation, so wonderful and so sudden;--a perplexity which they had no means of lessening but by their own conjectures.
  69. Dashwood could penetrate, and at last, without saying a word, quitted the room, and walked out towards the village—leaving the others in the greatest astonishment and perplexity on a change in his situation, so wonderful and so sudden;—a perplexity which they had no means of lessening but by their own conjectures.
  70. Conjectures as to Napoleon’s awareness of the danger of extending his line, and (on the Russian side) as to luring the enemy into the depths of Russia, are evidently of that kind, and only by much straining can historians attribute such conceptions to Napoleon and his marshals, or such plans to the Russian commanders.
  71. It took off the extreme edge of their wonder; and so what with all this and Stubb's confident way of accounting for their appearance, they were for the time freed from superstitious surmisings; though the affair still left abundant room for all manner of wild conjectures as to dark Ahab's precise agency in the matter from the beginning.
  72. He was exceedingly fair, and, smooth complexioned, and appeared to me no more than twenty at most, though he was three years older than what my conjectures gave him; but then he owed this favourable mistake to a habit of fatness, which spread through a short, squab stature; and a round, plump, fresh coloured face gave him greatly the look of a Bacchus, had.
  73. I once knew a lady who in temper and mind greatly resembled your sister, who thought and judged like her, but who from an inforced change—from a series of unfortunate circumstances— Here he stopt suddenly; appeared to think that he had said too much, and by his countenance gave rise to conjectures, which might not otherwise have entered Elinor’s head.
  74. But how can anyone tell how I should use my wealth ? In what way is it immoral, in what way is it degrading, that these millions should pass out of dirty, evil, Jewish hands into the hands of a sober and resolute ascetic with a keen outlook upon life ? All these dreams of the futvire, all these conjectures, seem like a romance now, and perhaps I am wasting time in recording them.
  75. In truth, when he had passed the ponds and had traversed in an oblique direction the large clearing which lies on the right of the Avenue de Bellevue, and reached that turf alley which nearly makes the circuit of the hill, and covers the arch of the ancient aqueduct of the Abbey of Chelles, he caught sight, over the top of the brushwood, of the hat on which he had already erected so many conjectures; it was that man's hat.
  76. The words of Anselmo struck Lothario with astonishment, unable as he was to conjecture the purport of such a lengthy preamble; and though be strove to imagine what desire it could be that so troubled his friend, his conjectures were all far from the truth, and to relieve the anxiety which this perplexity was causing him, he told him he was doing a flagrant injustice to their great friendship in seeking circuitous methods of confiding to him his most hidden thoughts, for he well knew he might reckon upon his counsel in diverting them, or his help in carrying them into effect.
  77. In all our conjectures we were wide of the truth; so from that time forward our sole occupation was watching and gazing at the window where the cross had appeared to us, as if it were our pole-star; but at least fifteen days passed without our seeing either it or the hand, or any other sign and though meanwhile we endeavoured with the utmost pains to ascertain who it was that lived in the house, and whether there were any Christian renegade in it, nobody could ever tell us anything more than that he who lived there was a rich Moor of high position, Hadji Morato by name, formerly alcaide of La Pata, an office of high dignity among them.
  78. While the first stupefaction was passing over, while all present were regaining their powers of speech, were working themselves up into a fever of excitement, shouting and flying to conjectures and suppositions; while Ustinya Fyodorovna was pulling the box from under his bed, was rummaging in a fluster under the mattress and even in Semyon Ivanovitch's boots; while they cross-questioned Remnev and Zimoveykin, Okeanov, who had hitherto been the quietest, humblest, and least original of the lodgers, suddenly plucked up all his presence of mind and displayed all his latent talents, by taking up his hat and under cover of the general uproar slipping out of the flat.
  79. In fact, this confirms me in my conjectures as to Jehovah's fortune; and when I see so much distress in heaven and on earth, from the bird who has not a grain of millet to myself without a hundred thousand livres of income, when I see human destiny, which is very badly worn, and even royal destiny, which is threadbare, witness the Prince de Conde hung, when I see winter, which is nothing but a rent in the zenith through which the wind blows, when I see so many rags even in the perfectly new purple of the morning on the crests of hills, when I see the drops of dew, those mock pearls, when I see the frost, that paste, when I see humanity ripped apart and events patched up, and so many.
  80. Everything supplied an amusement to the high glee of William's mind, and he was full of frolic and joke in the intervals of their higher-toned subjects, all of which ended, if they did not begin, in praise of the Thrush, conjectures how she would be employed, schemes for an action with some superior force, which (supposing the first lieutenant out of the way, and William was not very merciful to the first lieutenant) was to give himself the next step as soon as possible, or speculations upon prize-money, which was to be generously distributed at home, with only the reservation of enough to make the little cottage comfortable, in which he and Fanny were to pass all their middle and later life together.
  81. In their idle and most slothful conjectures,.

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