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    1. I am indeed surprised by your ignorance of the presence in your own community of an internationally renowned rod-maker, and not fifty paces from this very spot! Might I direct you just down the boardwalk to the Mercantile? There you will find not this sad pole's equal, but its lord and master!” The Sportsman exclaimed; then added, “I'm sure the tackle you sell is adequate for the leisure fishing interests of the tourists or stray visitor who might of caprice decide to 'go fish a bit, since there's a lake here and all,' but do not impugn the truly exquisite work of master craftsmen by putting these on offer for anything but what they are

    2. “Listen up, everyone! Now look, today I was personally accused of coming from a family of thieves, and these scandalous rumors even went so far as to impugn my beloved grandfather Lorro

    3. voice, his mannerisms for any indication that would impugn his

    4. was attempting to impugn the reputation of him and his family

    5. “Don’t impugn my word

    6. How can this witness know that the man he says he saw is a contract killer? If he was so sure, why didn’t he call the police? Instead, the State is using this extremely dubious testimony to impugn the reputation of a heart surgeon

    1. Athena mustn’t be impugned

    2. that led to the creation of the impugned forensic report on blood spatter

    3. I did find out at that hearing that I might have impugned the officials in Bokoshe

    4. "Solid!" Betty blurted, thinking her figure was being impugned

    5. “My objectivity is not impugned by that incident, and you demean yourself for suggesting such improprieties

    6. suggesting impugned his reputation, but she didn’t seem to care about

    7. The expression in his eyes, furthermore, indicated how disturbed he was by the suggestion that impugned upon the reputation of a woman who he held in high regard

    8. It is asserted with the utmost confidence in several popular criticisms on the former editions of this work, that since the learned Jews of Christ's time, as well as the common people, held the doctrine of the soul’s immortality, and of the eternal suffering of the wicked; and since Christ did not correct these convictions; it necessarily follows that He designed his words to be taken in their sense, and that He gives by His silence a divine sanction to the doctrine by us impugned

    9. When the price of his bond has passed out of the investment range, he must sell it; most important of all, he must not consider his judgment impugned if the bond subsequently rises to a much higher level

    10. “By irresponsibly dragging his reputation through the mud, they have impugned not only an officer who has earned seventeen commendations in his nine years on the force, but by extension all policemen and corrections officers who risk their lives every day so that we can go about our business in safety

    11. Governments which have naturalized foreigners have protected their naturalized subjects, and the Government to whom the native allegiance of such subjects was due, though they have denied the right of expatriation, have not impugned the protecting interposition of the adopted sovereign

    1. The ACO said it was a terrible thing that I had done impugning Mickey's integrity, etc

    2. had presented evidence impugning her reputation and contradicting

    3. Meditation nicely slows impugning thinking by replacing your old thoughts with new

    4. The estimate of the gentleman from Pennsylvania can hardly be considered, after the error which has been remarked, as impugning those calculations

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    impugn criticize attack assail revile denounce blame censure