ascertain sätze

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Ascertain sätze (in englisch)

I tried to ascertain him.
But we need to ascertain that.
That's what I want to ascertain.
Venables to ascertain what I was about.
Within it all, he could ascertain that.
Now I was curious to ascertain whether F.
Brooke of Tipton to ascertain whether Mr.

First we need to negotiate to ascertain the.
She felt a morbid desire to ascertain the point.
What way can be devised to ascertain what it is?
As a matter of fact you needn’t bother to ascertain.
He fingered it in the darkness as to ascertain what it was.
The doctor was called to ascertain what was certain anyway.
We are endeavouring to ascertain how they met their deaths.
However, I have only been able to ascertain the author’s.
Ascertain and wait till frosts are finished before planting.
What I’ve been trying to ascertain is whether you are, too.
Joseph looked out at the lake, trying to ascertain where he was.
Search for the debt schedule and ascertain when the dates are due.
She glanced about quickly to ascertain if an adult were with him.
After a few enquiries were made, Jack was able to ascertain that.
In less than one week from this time I will ascertain who this M.
While you wait, start a visual search to ascertain what is missing.
Daily meetings were conducted to ascertain current issues and problems.
Their movement would help me ascertain that time was continuing to flow.
You should also ascertain that you and the given person you help profess.
He knew what to look for, and he knew what they were trying to ascertain.
Nobody had ever managed to ascertain how exactly he did it, but when his.
Daring to peek with one eye she attempted to ascertain if she was correct.
There were few he could ascertain as having some remote bearing or reason.
Dantes wished to ascertain whether his neighbor had really ceased to work.
Universe as a whole to ascertain the relationships between energy and mass.
Monte Cristo was eager to ascertain the strength and number of his enemies.
Washburn, were you able to ascertain the cause of Sara Cabot’s death?
He also ascertain perfection the ego while his world is limited to a subhuman.
Later on, Roger could ascertain that it is in fact a night bird from the woods.
So I e-mailed some of my friends to ascertain the reality of what was happening.
Danglars looked at him askance, as though to ascertain whether he spoke seriously.
Knowing the objective, ascertain the resistances which, at present, are standing.
From what I could ascertain, Nigel lived beyond his means for the past five years.
Tobias's way of ascertaining her whereabouts.
On ascertaining that his daughter had disappeared, Mr.
She then patiently set about ascertaining all of his log-in codes.
That killed any possibilities of ascertaining from them where the.
I was ascertaining whether the cellar stretched out in front or behind.
It is, however, not the most favourable season for ascertaining this fact.
Pay me sixty, the prospect quoted after ascertaining the nature of the chores.
Focus immediately shifted to ascertaining whether the tumor was cancerous, which it was.
This analysis helps greatly in ascertaining the business’s current financial position.
My companion followed me quickly, and cautiously drew the door to, after carefully ascertaining.
Using a range of values will help you in ascertaining a conservative and appropriate margin of safety.
Our reason is given to us for the purpose of ascertaining the law by which these results are accomplished.
It seemed that Aaron was quite as adept at ascertaining the depth and character of others as Harry was himself.
However, the necessity of ascertaining what the Chinese presence was on the Senkaku Islands could not be denied.
Going beyond GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) in ascertaining the real value of the business.
Valuing assets and ascertaining recurring earnings in banks and insurance companies is an exercise fraught with peril.
Looking at him carefully and ascertaining that he was not asleep, she set the candle on the table and began 216 of 967.
To supply my deficiency, I cut a long vine, which was preserved until I had an opportunity of ascertaining its exact length.
So now we must set ourselves very seriously to finding this gentleman and ascertaining what part he has played in this little mystery.
When ascertaining whether a business is likely to continue on its growth trajectory, it is incredibly important to never overlook management's role in the growth.
There were, besides, other particulars he was desirous of ascertaining, and those were of a nature he alone could investigate in a manner satisfactory to himself.
It was no angrier than any other Klingon face Undine had ever seen, and since it was necessary to try and gauge the level of intended aggression by ascertaining how.
He sent a rapid glance through the half-open door of the chamber, and ascertaining that what I stated was apparently true, delivered the house of his luckless presence.
He sent a rapid glance through the half-open door of the chamber, and, ascertaining that what I stated was apparently true, delivered the house of his luckless presence.
The pupils then entered among themselves upon a competitive examination on the subject of Boots, with the view of ascertaining who could tread the hardest upon whose toes.
Looking at him carefully and ascertaining that he was not asleep, she set the candle on the table and began to lay out what she had brought--bread, salt, a plate, a spoon.
The exact amount of interest payable on the public debt during this year not being known, there was a difficulty in ascertaining the exact amount of principal reimbursable.
Looking at him carefully and ascertaining that he was not asleep, she set the candle on the table and began to lay out what she had brought—bread, salt, a plate, a spoon.
For the purpose of ascertaining the necessity of the alternation and proximity of the copper and zinc plates, it has been mentioned that distinct square sheets were employed.
He was very careful about discussing the matter over the phone, but told her, after ascertaining her address, that he would call on her that same evening about nine o’clock.
The rent of houses might easily be ascertained with sufficient accuracy, by a policy of the same kind with that which would be necesary for ascertaining the ordinary rent of land.
Burley on every murder case that he investigated, Feltus had come to know and like the coroner both for his practicality and his diligence in ascertaining the exact cause of death.
Investors have a greater probability of ascertaining that moment of difference between perception and reality, because they are aware of the underlying fundamentals of the business.
The act of 1807 contains two clauses having a bearing on the subject; the first ascertaining the character of the persons to be ousted, and the second providing the means of ousting them.
He had scarcely arrived at the top when he heard a heavy splash in the water—it was the general's body, which the witnesses had just thrown into the river after ascertaining that he was dead.
But if all endeavours to discover a passage to the Pacific by either route should prove unavailing, it will still be satisfactory to have removed every doubt on this subject by ascertaining the fact.
The anti-Chinese mania seems to neutralize, even in otherwise honorable men, all scruple about ascertaining the truth of statements before they make them, or even about repeating statements proven to be false.
After furtively ascertaining that no one, besides the man standing guard beside the French doors leading into the living room was around, Cyrus crept out of his hiding place, when the guard’s back was to him.
There is much difficulty in ascertaining how largely our domestic productions have been modified; but we may safely infer that the amount has been large, and that modifications can be inherited for long periods.
Owing to the rapidity of the French flight and the Russian pursuit and the consequent exhaustion of the horses, the chief means of approximately ascertaining the enemy’s position- by cavalry scouting- was not available.
She quickly ascertained the situation.
We had ascertained, that the communications.
It's not a logically ascertained premise that we are.
July this organisation has ascertained that there is a.
Indeed, I should say it was ascertained beyond a doubt.
In retrospect, I ascertained that failure in one area.
Hudson has ascertained, complete a nest for themselves.
Upon further analysis of the gallows, I ascertained the.
She never really ascertained a career thief’s detachment.
After having ascertained that the passenger this time around.
When we had ascertained there was gold in the stream, we moved on.
Through a complicated procedure of detection he ascertained that Odin.
The manner in which the velocity of light was ascertained is interesting.
Once she ascertained that he was on his own, she smiled, looking relieved.
He had now recovered enough that he had ascertained his situation and was.
He studied his instruments very carefully and ascertained that his proposed.
While it is yet to be ascertained on the motive of the attack, the assailant.
Randy felt that it read enough like a suicide note to be ascertained as such.
The match-making aunt had ascertained and communicated their mutual impression.
What happened? he whispered as he ascertained the extent of Kyle's injuries.
It was then that we ascertained that Lord Saltire had not been alone in his flight.
Approaching cautiously Rory ascertained that the other speedboat had indeed stopped.
At this time, Cosmo-Art is a myth to be created, and is not an ascertained scientific.
It was ascertained that the reference was to Mr Cornelius Kelleher, manager of Messrs H.
While it remained in the coffers of the bank, its superiority was known and ascertained.
The applicability of this procedure to other option strategies should also be ascertained.
In reply to an intimation that it was not even ascertained that they were American citizens, Mr.
The fineness of gold, it has been said, is more difficult to be ascertained than that of silver.
It is firmly fixed in the ground, and penetrates it obliquely; how far has not yet been ascertained.
In all our recon, we had ascertained that there were only about fifty armed jihadis’ in the entire.
Is that something you have gleaned from my thoughts, or something you ascertained for yourself?
It was unimportant, as respected the ratio, that the bill should be delayed till that was ascertained.
I shall then make known to you something of the history of this man, which has been ascertained for me.
Their own inclinations ascertained, there were no difficulties behind, no drawback of poverty or parent.
No harm has come to us such as I feared might be and yet we have ascertained how many boxes are missing.
Kitam had turned out to be quite the chatterbox, once she had ascertained that he wasn’t a Kierdan spy.
We had ascertained from the lady that she went down upon the Monday by the train which leaves Waterloo at 9.
The size of a stick might probably be ascertained with almost as much precision, as by actual admeasurement.
When private individuals ascertained the facts, complaint was made and an order was issued for their removal.
I state merely what I am informed of by those who have ascertained these facts by actual observation and survey.
The proposition of the supernatural power is described in the act of nature and also ascertains that God is alive.
It didn’t matter that many of his ascertains were incorrect, Aristotle’s reputation overshadowed the shortcomings of his specific contributions.
Wool was commonly paid as a subsidy to the king, and its valuation in that subsidy ascertains, at least in some degree, what was its ordinary price.
One of the spirit’s rules and laws is that it does not care about the exhortation or desist from its error unless it ascertains the might of that who exhorts it and his power to overcome it.
But the great instrument which ascertains, beyond all doubt, that the country in question is comprehended within the limits of Louisiana, is one of the most authentic and solemn character which the archives of the nation can furnish.

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