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    1. Lamad(3925) - to teach, teacher, or to instruct

    2. The preacher was to instruct these to encourage and respect one another as members of the body of Christ

    3. (19) The preacher is in a unique position to be able to instruct the men of the

    4. "Well, we still have to instruct them on what to do, what to expect

    5. One man stands at the front to instruct the congregation of saints that have come together only one day out of the week

    6. The missile program in South Africa can be used to instruct African nations to defend themselves from incoming missiles and engage in defensive battles

    7. I instruct the volunteer to keep his eyes closed and his

    8. instruct the audience that when I give the thumbs-up

    9. Harry excused himself, saying only that Kaitlyn wished for Chloe to instruct her in the art of angling and that he'd been conscripted for the first go

    10. will instruct you with directions

    11. For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct Him?

    12. instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:15-16 MKJV)

    13. I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go

    14. He must instruct his crew, no matter what he cries, if he calls anathema on their names, if he promises a terrible revenge, they mustn’t loose him until they’re out of earshot from the Sirens

    15. and above, with the highest ranked students helping them instruct classes

    16. Though by restraining, in some trades, the number of apprentices which can be employed at one time, and by imposing the necessity of a long apprenticeship in all trades, they endeavour, all of them, to confine the knowledge of their respective employments to as small a number as possible ; they are unwilling, however, that any part of this small number should go abroad to instruct foreigners

    17. If in each college, the tutor or teacher, who was to instruct each student in all arts and sciences, should not be voluntarily chosen by the student, but appointed by the head of the college ; and if, in case of neglect, inability, or bad usage, the student should not be allowed to change him for another, without leave first asked and obtained ; such a regulation would not only tend very much to extinguish all emulation among the different tutors of the same college, but to diminish very much, in all of them, the necessity of diligence and of attention to their respective pupils

    18. The teacher, instead of explaining to his pupils himself the science in which he proposes to instruct them, may read some book upon it; and if this book is written in a foreign and dead language, by interpreting it to them into their own, or, what would give him still less trouble, by making them interpret it to him, and by now and then making an occasional remark upon it, he may flatter himself that he is giving a lecture

    19. By a law of Solon, indeed, the children were acquitted from maintaining those parents who had neglected to instruct them in some profitable trade or business

    20. He becomes careful to instruct them, and attentive to assist and relieve them

    21. the terms of surrender, but would instruct his officers to allow all men who claimed to own their horses to keep them and return

    22. She allowed Lauren to instruct Hayley with those, and they were about to start practicing the weaves when Del stuck his head inside the tent to report, “Rebel Alit’aren have returned for peace talks

    23. All she had to do was hold onto that switch and instruct the AI to halt the auto-

    24. After I had all the aircraft in my squadron flying really good, the commanding officer of my squadron asked me to go to Naha, Okinawa to instruct the flight control mechanics how to use the flight control test equipment

    25. They all understood, whatever their religious beliefs, including those who were not religious at all, for that matter, the inestimable value that religious principles imparted on the spiritual vitality of well-ordered society mindful of its eternal origins; and that true Wisdom was destined to achieve its loftiest expression(s) in the highest moral offices that properly instruct the Conscience of Men lest they fall prey to Tyranny or other capricious designs

    26. rather than instruct

    27. Although the purpose of television is to entertain (and instruct) and to provide a meaningful outlet for a child‘s (incipient) imagination, it should do so in a manner that correctly distinguishes between what is real from implausible or uncertain (impressions) that that child normally receives; that is to say, that otherwise obscure what is real from what is not real (or make-believe) but only appears to be real whenever taken out of context

    28. Nevertheless, this self-serving has-been/know-nothing is considered competent enough to instruct impressionable young women on the ―deleterious‖ effects of food products that have traditionally provided nutritional sustenance for millions of people but whose nutritional value is suddenly being called into question by Animal Rights fanatics; many of whom would otherwise consider a rodent the moral equivalent of a child!

    29. It is up to each of us to mange our own private and public affairs in accordance with God‘s gift of Reason and Conscience that properly instruct us in the manner of good and evil and right and wrong however many of us oftentimes choose to deny or ignore His guiding light

    30. For instance, in a doctor’s office, should the doctor instruct her to undress, she would follow this method

    31. ‖ Such carefree attitudes conveyed by teachers and school administrators oftentimes serve as self-fulfilling prophecies; whose (passive) acceptance continues to (willingly) lend its moral support to sexual tolerance; notwithstanding the waving of white flags seeking to override parental authority by withdrawing the support of schools that consider it their public duty to ―properly‖ instruct their (own) children

    32. “I will instruct everyone that they are to cooperate with the authorities and tell them we have fled westwards,” said Colling, his words more confident than his thoughts

    33. To the Muslims he would instruct to chant Ayats from Qura’n

    34. It can also instruct the body on how it will supply the brain above and beyond the desire to satisfy its somatic self

    35. Experience when recalled expeditiously can instruct the brain on the limits of the use of any desire modality for the good of the whole

    36. But god then told Moses to instruct the israelites not to

    37. Finally she says, “Someone instruct Ms

    38. 1 Moreover the Lord answered Job, and said, 2 Shall he who contends with the Almighty instruct him? He who reproves God, let him

    39. 7 I will bless the Lord, who has given me counsel: my reins also instruct me in the night seasons

    40. 2 I would lead you, and bring you into my mother's house, who would instruct me; I would cause you to drink of spiced wine of the

    41. helpful, how you instruct is most important

    42. does instruct him for discretion, and does teach him

    43. In these situations I instruct my dogs to "sit" -

    44. 23 Have you children? Instruct them, and bow down their neck from their youth

    45. When he is about six years old, you will meet the man who will instruct him

    46. these words, the angel that came to me the night afore was sent to me, 32 And said to me, Hear me, and I will instruct you; listen to

    47. 9 You instruct created things in the understanding

    48. excellent; for the Mighty One has commanded me to instruct you, and I will set before you some of the commandments of His

    49. The Seven were all asked to instruct the awakened titans on future plans

    50. It is the duty and the pleasure of the more knowledgeable believers to instruct and

    1. He instructed them to make

    2. Paul instructed the churches of Galatia on how to deal with those in sin

    3. ’ She instructed, directing a straw between the swollen lips of the recumbent woman

    4. She instructed Son to do

    5. child was instructed with a different gift)

    6. He ran the whole thing from Taunton – prospective travellers would be instructed to appear in the office there and speak to Chitter who would relieve them of the travel fee and bank it in an account held in Stowman’s name – Milli was very helpful, she’d kept records of all the visitors – stonecrack! Chitter nearly pissed himself when he found that out

    7. I stood there for a moment and then turned and went towards the back of the cave as Jake instructed

    8. be instructed, ye judges of the earth

    9. She had prepared some clothes to take with her, as instructed by Jake

    10. Continue your patrol, but in the heights, Jake instructed them

    11. “Though I do not think this will happen, if any of you hear a small child calling to you raise your hand,” Kate instructed them

    12. The rest of the day goes in a whirl of activity – I am taken to a bird house where half a dozen birds are acclimatised to my tawstones and I am instructed in the mysteries of directing a bird

    13. Juztin and his squad checked the area as instructed by Ichor, and flamed all the remains to ash

    14. She has to be instructed on how to care for the egg properly so that the dragon has a chance to mature naturally

    15. Jake insisted that she be brought here to be properly instructed in the care of her egg

    16. contact with him was instructed to make the best of his facial

    17. pressed the numbers one, two and then three as instructed

    18. One was supposed to have enough curiosity to know the layout of this part of the palace already, or maybe they had been instructed in this before Ava joined the class

    19. Several servers behind her were instructed to fill the table with food, which they did

    20. ‘I’m instructed by the Danvers House Foundation

    21. He says they were instructed to land near the Ohmu Forest, and the Ohmu Inn was mentioned

    22. Naria then instructed that the young girl be taken to her rooms and readied for the Gathering that night

    23. He did as instructed

    24. instructed that such barriers should be erected

    25. “Well, come on, then,” he instructed

    26. On leaving school, he was instructed by

    27. They were instructed to join an “Induction Session” in Lecture

    28. had been specifically instructed not to interfere with the passage of a

    29. As they had been instructed during the classroom sessions, the

    30. After a few minutes, the trainees were instructed to draw up in ranks,

    31. The trainees were instructed to divide into groups of two for a

    32. Belle instructed, “Aim for those two large boulders at the foot of those Ponderosa pines, just there, she pointed

    33. Petr did as he was instructed

    34. They were instructed to alternate pivot feet but other than that it was an unvarying task

    35. Fred was instructed to form a party to go back and collect the

    36. Once again Tania and Poly ate their morsels for lunch and were then instructed in their task: lift the designated stacks of planking above their heads and deliver it to George and Harry for installation between each set of posts

    37. Yassap instructed his men to remain outside and

    38. the other side, ’Quickly now,’ he instructed while

    39. ’ The Sergeant instructed his subordinate, the slight moan accompanying this order suggesting that the woman had regained consciousness

    40. “In any case, I waited outside as I had been instructed to do

    41. I was only instructed to bring it to you

    42. Once at the gate, he again instructed Kaitlyn to refrain from mentioning her activities with any specific reference to her training, but to otherwise feel free to discuss anything else she may wish to share with Chloe, her mother, or Mrs

    43. “Now, you do it,” he instructed and went round to the tongue and waited

    44. ” He instructed and left them to it

    45. They took up the tools and imitated his instructed movements

    46. “Alternate rail post to rail post,” he instructed

    47. When one side of the house was painted, they went to the next side and were duly instructed to now brush side to side, and again 'just so' and be sure to change hands

    48. The young girl was instructed on good and bad influences, they reinforced that they were older, and had more knowledge of the world at large

    49. as instructed, and made his way south in the direction of

    50. " She did as she was instructed

    1. This qualification refers to one who is capable of instructing, publicly and privately

    2. I have been instructing her on the care of her egg

    3. Tarak shouted orders instructing them to make a run for the shelter on the far side of the mountain; even the Hausa seemed to understand the urgency

    4. instructing her to watch me, and then got on all fours and gathered my clothes up

    5. Goes back to instructing her

    6. But though the public schools and universities of Europe were originally intended only for the education of a particular profession, that of churchmen ; and though they were not always very diligent in instructing their pupils, even in the sciences which were supposed neccessary for that profession; yet they gradually drew to themselves the education of almost all other people, particularly of almost all gentlemen and men of fortune

    7. Masters, however, had been found, it seems, for instructing the better sort of people among those nations, in every art and science in which the circumstances of their society rendered it necessary or convenient for them to be instructed

    8. Articles of faith, as well as all other spiritual matters, it is evident enough, are not within the proper department of a temporal sovereign, who, though he may be very well qualified for protecting, is seldom supposed to be so for instructing the people

    9. 20 In this image we have God instructing Moses to lift up an image that spells out “God Judges Sin”

    10. follow, but Jacob placed his left palm on his chest gently, instructing him to stay

    11. Evelyn was fussing about her dress, picking up the flowers and instructing Sian to take the bags we each had with our change of clothes in, to the car

    12. His brain was just about to send a message to his body instructing it to duck, but just as quickly as he heard the firing of the rifle, he felt the burning of flesh in his right shoulder

    13. elders, was instructing him on how to do this in the traditional

    14. The Pilgrim had a finger to his mouth, instructing Molo to remain silent

    15. Her fever was gone, and Colling stopped the penicillin injections and started her on tablets, instructing her to hold them in her mouth until they dissolved

    16. that his stay on earth had come to an end and instructing him ride the

    17. This input is the only way that it can do the job of interpreting the surrounding environment and instructing the body on how to react to it

    18. a new Christian, instructing them how to walk with god on a daily

    19. The big boy in matric had missed two classes, the Head teacher had missed instructing two classes, about seventy-five pupils in all

    20. He told me to continue working on the spear and instructing the recruits for a few more days

    21. Making sure that we were not being observed, I took the sheets out – ten of them with a photo or drawing of a church – and the one with the note instructing us to listen carefully

    22. "Harry did tell me that Jim was one of the best persons capable of instructing others in the field of data processing, and he had helped me very much to learn a lot of the principles one doesn't necessarily learn in school

    23. Roger sent that poem to Mary Crespo Márquez, mayor of Fuentesnuevas, instructing her to do with it

    24. According to the guide, who lacked the humor to entertain instructing and the words to instruct entertaining, that imposing structure is used eight months for opera and three months for ballet dancing

    25. When instructing Timothy in faith and gifts, Paul used the words ‘live it’ (1 Tim 4:15)

    26. During a Christmas dinner at my home later that year, Lady Sedlow began instructing my servants to change the seating arrangement at the table

    27. They coming to Paul instructing the people desired him to pray for them that they might believe; who told them that shortly after they should believe and be baptised at His grave site

    28. That evening Rick said goodbye to her at the door of her suite, after instructing her to be packed and ready early the next morning, as they were leaving for his estate in Scotland

    29. Their duties include security and pollution watches and monitoring and instructing civilians about safe boating

    30. For if we have commands and engage in withdrawing from idols and instructing others how much more ought a soul already knowing God not to perish

    31. address and instructing her to send him money from the

    32. by instructing the software logic to find a different best fit for each type of curve that the

    33. She was a teacher who had simply been doing her job; instructing her more sensitive charges about the joys and mechanics of sex

    34. The Brisbane chapter of Women’s War International have received an assurance from the Education Department that they will consider their proposal that no child under the age of ten should be taught by men, as they can’t be trusted with girls and are completely unsuited to the task of instructing boys to become socialised and sensitive to the special needs of women

    35. After instructing them to simply touch their wrists three times rapidly, instead of once, he and his entourage will set the example and go

    36. noting which systems were occupied and instructing the nav computer to adjust their heading

    37. “I’m instructing the computer to tell us how much money goes in and out of this box over the time frame you gave me

    38. the table was quickly cleared and Roberto opened the suitcase, instructing both

    39. By instructing us to say,

    40. 13 While Jesus later directed that the apostles should go forth, as John had, preaching the gospel and instructing believers, he laid emphasis on the proclamation of the "good tidings of the kingdom of heaven

    41. consciously instructing your Creative Mind to do nothing about it

    42. Captain Rian strode up and down the lines, encouraging and instructing the men to fight

    43. 1 After a few hours' sleep, when the twelve were assembled for a late breakfast with Jesus, he said: "Now must you begin your work of preaching the glad tidings and instructing believers

    44. Those who know anything about the mind, know that to make such a statement is literal y instructing the Creative

    45. 1 While sojourning at Amathus, Jesus spent much time with the apostles instructing them in the new concept of God; again and again did he impress upon them that God is a Father, not a great and supreme bookkeeper who is chiefly engaged in making damaging entries against his erring children on earth, recordings of sin and evil to be used against them when he subsequently sits in judgment upon them as the just Judge of all creation

    46. The month of September Jesus spent here alone with his apostles, teaching and instructing them in the truths of the kingdom

    47. " And as he went with them over to the centurion's house, and before they had entered his yard, the Roman soldier sent his friends out to greet Jesus, instructing them to say: "Lord, trouble not yourself to enter my house, for I am not worthy that you should come under my roof

    48. 1 On the evening of this same Sabbath day, at Bethany, while Jesus, the twelve, and a group of believers were assembled about the fire in Lazarus's garden, Nathaniel asked Jesus this question: "Master, although you have taught us the positive version of the old rule of life, instructing us that we should do to others as we wish them to do to us, I do not fully discern how we can always abide by such an injunction

    49. Jesus allotted four weeks to this tour, instructing his followers to return to Magadan not later than Friday, September 16

    50. This was the last week of Jesus' sojourn there, and he was very active in teaching the multitude and instructing the apostles

    1. The song instructs the soul, and charms the ear

    2. In this context Krishna instructs Arjuna on duty, the nature of Arjuna as an eternal being, and how to find liberation through the practice of yoga

    3. Matthew 18:17, If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be as a gentile and a tax collector, Christ instructs the church or assembly to have the final say

    4. The Bible instructs us that ―the fathers should not be held accountable for the sins of the sons,‖ unless, of course, such sins are the result of parental neglect or failure to set proper examples

    5. scheduled to meet, and he instructs her to meet at a club on the outskirts of New

    6. But the brain instructs the body on how it will react with the surrounding environment for the purposes of survival

    7. But what instructs the brain on how best to do this?

    8. 44 (Enoch instructs his sons, that they revile not the face of man, small or great)

    9. 47 (Enoch instructs his sons and hands them the writing of this book)

    10. 51 (Enoch instructs his sons, so they do not hide treasure in the ground, but to give alms to the poor)

    11. 52 - (God instructs his faithful, how they are to praise his name)

    12. 54 (Enoch instructs his sons, that they should give the writings to others also)

    13. 59 (Enoch instructs his sons therefore they may not touch unclean meat)

    14. 61 (Enoch instructs his sons to keep themselves from injustice, to help others and to share)

    15. 66 (Enoch instructs his sons and the elders, how they are to walk with fear and trembling before the Lord)

    16. Nevertheless, at the present time, that magnificent example of fortification with details of construction and renovation from the 16th to the 20th centuries, instructs visitors of the attractive and inspiring evolution of Spanish military engineering in the Caribbean

    17. Melbourne University instructs and educates over thirty thousand students from Australia and from all of Asia

    18. However, that executive order includes a proviso that instructs the agencies making those reviews to consider,

    19. 44 (Enoch instructs his sons that they revile not the face of man small or great)

    20. 51 (Enoch instructs his sons so they do not hide treasure in the ground but to give alms to the poor)

    21. 52 - (God instructs his faithful how they are to praise his name)

    22. 54 (Enoch instructs his sons that they should give the writings to others also)

    23. 61 (Enoch instructs his sons to keep themselves from injustice to help others and to share)

    24. 66 (Enoch instructs his sons and the elders how they are to walk with fear and trembling before the Lord)

    25. 23 Yet it instructs us in temperance so that we are superior to all pleasures and lusts; and it exercises us in manliness so that we cheerfully undergo every grievance

    26. 24 And it instructs us in justice so that in all our dealings we render what is due; and it teaches us piety so that we worship the one only God becomingly

    27. She instructs me to pull my arms out of the straps and then she easily slides the "hanker jock-strap" around

    28. “Mother also instructs Marjie, loves her and shows much interest in me as well

    29. Then, His Holiness instructs, we are able to prove by logic that each of their gods had a beginning, since they were created by some other god

    30. Coast Guard instructs foreign crews in law enforcement, boarding, ship handling, weapons, firefighting, damage control, and drug interdiction (Burns, “Building International Friendships,” Coast Guard, July 2002, pp

    31. Jesus instructs that Satan isn’t so stupid as to pull the rug out from under his

    32. course instructs you to do it

    33. In this vein Father Isaias instructs us: “When you arise in the morning, before you begin your

    34. John of the Ladder instructs that if the mind wants to pray united with the heart and is unable to

    35. instructs us to make our petitions “in His name

    36. However, in preceding four verses, Paul instructs Christians to pray for each other, meaning it cannot interfere with Christ’s mediator ship

    37. Watching Thyne approach the robots he straps the cylinder to the nearest one and instructs it to hold the tubing at its end

    38. Activating all of the robots on board the Starship‘s he wirelessly instructs them to dispose of the bodies into outer space

    39. Assigning each starship a sector of the Arct planet below, with each central point a city, he instructs the Starship‘s to land and the robots disembark and kill every living thing in their sector

    40. Breaking orbit Grailem instructs his robot navigator to land him in the capital of the planet

    41. Grailem locates the science headquarters through the ship's computer network and instructs the navigator to land the starship at a nearby park

    42. Leaving orbit Grailem instructs all the navigators of the fleet to set a course for the Arct's destination; a planet they called Dangilhooley

    43. While he instructs you in each aspect

    44. That is what He instructs you to do so that

    45. that Jesus has instructs us in His epistles that the only way to receive salvation is through the

    46. God instructs Israel to turn from their sin and seek God once again

    47. Catholicism instructs people based on the present life, "pray and come to realize the truth frequently," and commit themselves to real life with an active and optimistic attitude

    48. Apostle Paul: Embrace Him, Embrace the Word and do all that He instructs

    49. Apostle Paul: The letters are records of what took place according to how the Spirit instructs but based on the capacity of the writer

    50. Desire instructs energy to go this way or that way, but preferences leave the routes open

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