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Instruct in a sentence

rather than instruct.
I will do as you instruct.
that he may instruct him?.
build it well, as I instruct.
will instruct you with directions.
you can’t instruct it to happen.
Instruct the patient to step forward.

Instruct the patient to skip forwards.
Instruct the patient to leap sideways.
Instruct the patient to step sideways.
Instruct the patient to flex their hip.
Instruct the patient to walk backwards.
Instruct the patient to flex their knee.
Finally she says, Someone instruct Ms.
Instruct the patient to abduct their leg.
Instruct the patient to abduct their hip.
Instruct the patient to flex their elbow.
By instructing us to say,.
Goes back to instructing her.
When He was instructing them.
instructing him in all he had to do.
instructing for about ten minutes a day, now.
greeted by their deceased relatives, instructing.
I have been instructing her on the care of her egg.
Douglas started instructing the pilot after adding him.
address and instructing her to send him money from the.
Silas glanced at Theron, instructing him to handle things.
could hear Shinaé fussing around and instructing the school.
Amit after instructing and signing on the back of the document.
consciously instructing your Creative Mind to do nothing about it.
seventy representatives of the government officials, instructing.
David is instructing Solomon to see that justice was done to Joab.
elders, was instructing him on how to do this in the traditional.
a new Christian, instructing them how to walk with god on a daily.
sent a recorded message to the guerril as instructing them to sur-.
that his stay on earth had come to an end and instructing him ride the.
instructing him, before he committed to him the rule of the South Kingdom.
The Pilgrim had a finger to his mouth, instructing Molo to remain silent.
the face! I’ve been instructing them every minute to get into the school.
He began instructing me on the procedures of the drop, explaining that I.
Stop! he yelled instructing the driver to move forward, being mindful.
Countless hours had been spent there, instructing the young in the noble art.
These twelve Jesus sent out after instructing them, saying, Do not go in the.
the table was quickly cleared and Roberto opened the suitcase, instructing both.
instructing her to watch me, and then got on all fours and gathered my clothes up.
follow, but Jacob placed his left palm on his chest gently, instructing him to stay.
These twelve Jesus sent out after instructing them, saying, ‘Do not go in the.
C instructed Mr.
I was instructed.
He had instructed.
She instructed his.
He did as instructed.
I was instructed to.
was instructed to buy.
instructed us to keep.
I did as he instructed.
the Form instructed.
Kumar had instructed us.
instructed us not to do.
Harry did as instructed.
Kevin did as instructed.
he instructed her gently.
She instructed them to.
Thomas instructed her.
Dar did as instructed.
Knox did as he instructed.
Siri calmly instructed her.
She instructed Son to do.
instructed his companion (r.
He did as he was instructed.
Yakov dialled as instructed.
He was instructed to col-.
instructed me to follow them.
He instructed them to make.
he instructed his servants:.
way Scott had instructed her.
me, the Pastor instructed.
‘OK’ He instructed it so.
course instructs you to do it.
While he instructs you in each aspect.
That is what He instructs you to do so that.
The song instructs the soul, and charms the ear.
Nature instructs – all share, willingly or not.
instructs us to make our petitions in His name.
instructs him to learn about Brahman through Tapas.
He wasborn for good; society instructs him in evil.
The Bible instructs us: earnestly desire the gifts.
Lay her on the couch, she instructs the Darkálfars.
But what instructs the brain on how best to do this?.
• NOOP Instructs the server to return an OK response.
52 - (God instructs his faithful how they are to praise his name).
God instructs Israel to turn from their sin and seek God once again.
A call to action is a web copy which instructs a reader on what you.
It instructs your broker to buy a security at the current ask price.
52 - (God instructs his faithful, how they are to praise his name).
No, no, said Philemon, in the tone of one who instructs a child.
47 (Enoch instructs his sons and hands them the writing of this book).
It instructs all of us without any discrimination in what is propitious.
Apostle Paul: Embrace Him, Embrace the Word and do all that He instructs.
Krishn further instructs Arjun that God, the ultimate reality, abides in.
After Joe instructs the students on what they’re to do in his absence,.
59 (Enoch instructs his sons therefore they may not touch unclean meat).
Now move! Jay instructs as he guides us to a hut that is barely standing.
hill), Adonai instructs Moses to anoint Aaron’s son, Eleazer, as High Priest.
Mother also instructs Marjie, loves her and shows much interest in me as well.
54 (Enoch instructs his sons that they should give the writings to others also).

Synonyms for instruct

instruct learn teach apprise apprize