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    1. The infant Bex, insubstantial and flowing, kneels by his side and he looks into her eyes

    2. She was weak, insubstantial

    3. To keep the bloodstone from touching him, he had to revert to an insubstantial form

    4. She then waved the dagger through Izzy’s insubstantial form and held it where Izzy’s heart would have been

    5. Asmodeus placed his index finger over my lips, but it was insubstantial and passed right through me

    6. The not insubstantial figure of Mr Rudolph Snickerty was as familiar a landmark as the spire of St Jasper's to those various persons within the orbits of the little house at the corner of Bimini Square

    7. This shadow, though insubstantial, emitted an aura of great evil and Brock could not help but flinch away from it

    8. Stretching up from the mud, it tentatively tested the water, undefined and insubstantial at first, but intensifying as it became more confident

    9. “You will murder me!” I screamed at him, and would have rushed him save he was insubstantial, more phantom than physical

    10. The sword was a great length of light, insubstantial but burning white light

    11. The flowers were rather fleshy, so the meal was not as insubstantial as one might think

    12. insubstantial and her hand flowed right through it

    13. are ethereal and insubstantial, and then opposes these hypothetical properties to the conjectural

    14. ” Mark said, and they started for the center of the stage, where the dreaming dragon sat on the inner edge of the marble and swung his insubstantial feet within the matter of the Truthstone of Falgaroth like a child with his feet in a lake

    15. The fluidity of its colours is as insubstantial as water and as deadly

    16. “So why then did she give you her physical combat skills, as we heard her say she did at the first visitation? They are of no use to you, due to your rigidity and your insubstantial nature

    17. And, by the stars, even if the enemy is insubstantial, if it is threatening Simon he will fight it

    18. This is because many metaphysicists were and are con86 vinced that the universe is (in the final analysis) a mind-created insubstantial universe

    19. The half-solid dragons snapped at the rain as if they could bite chunks of liquid from the air, but the driving torrents plowed through the insubstantial demons like light through darkness, dissolving tails, wings, and teeth with endless sheets of clear water

    20. against something as insubstantial as a wraith? Harry recollected from some-

    21. that wraiths were insubstantial vapour-like beings, somehow associated with

    22. insubstantial as a grey raincloud

    23. And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,

    24. She felt frayed at the edges, but knew in her insubstantial core that she could –

    25. I nonchalantly gazed over in his direction and saw three small dryads sprinkling some sort of glittering powder over the body and almost immediately the corpse started to look insubstantial, like it was only half there

    26. When I looked back at him, he seemed to be less there, insubstantial

    27. purchases, and retained earnings were insubstantial

    28. I can also become invisible and insubstantial and then move through solid objects

    29. him, of how inadequate and insubstantial are the apparently normal

    30. Byron his subconscious from birth, the evolving instincts drove him to protect, and pushed him relentlessly into politics at the insubstantial age of twenty-three

    31. When Solomon became king, he came into control of the not insubstantial empire built by David, his father

    32. In the open space outside the village, figures began to appear, black and solid against the insubstantial evening

    33. She clung harder, as scripted, to the surprisingly not insubstantial form of Byron

    34. and as the insubstantial fabric of my inner fortress

    35. The aircraft struck him as insubstantial, ephemeral

    36. matter whatsoever; it's completely insubstantial

    37. � As I discovered with the people whom I served that long, hot, and poverty stricken summer, the reality of this form of identity remains insubstantial and transitory because it finds its basis and strength in the material and the responses of the world, both very transitory forms of existence

    38. � In exchange for autonomy, a non-material, insubstantial, and questionable idea at that, that organization offers a full blown identity complete with all the material and substantial elements we feel we need

    39. I wanted to believe him, wanted to put my faith in his words, but he wouldn’t tell me what I was facing, and that made even the iron safety of his arms feel as insubstantial as the cold wind blowing down the street

    40. Her head felt like it was splitting in two, her body felt insubstantial like she was nothing but floating molecules

    41. He felt insubstantial

    42. The insubstantial parapet gave way, and the cart slid slowly off the edge, its helpless oxen lowing in terror

    43. It was an insubstantial affair of ropes and branches, and it always made her nervous, though she did not like to say so: if Merthin could climb it, so could she

    44. living or dead, with whom he associated slightly absurd; it was Mr Samgrass who was real, the rest were an insubstantial pageant

    45. Overstuffed rooms, a kitchen, a pink sink, a conversation on a balcony, insubstantial as smoke

    46. ” At which point a strange and inexplicable sound thrilled suddenly through the bridge – a noise asof a distant fanfare; a hollow, reedy, insubstantial sound

    47. It preceded a voice that was equally hollow, reedy and insubstantial

    48. The sky grayed among the stars, and the pale, late quarter-moon was insubstantial and thin

    49. To the majority of learned men, looking at the living, moral teaching of Christ from the lower standpoint of the state conception of life, this doctrine appears as nothing but a very indefinite and incongruous combination of Indian asceticism, Stoic and Neoplatonic philosophy, and insubstantial anti-social visions, which have no serious significance for our times

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    insubstantial unreal unsubstantial flimsy ephemeral fanciful incorporeal intangible tenuous gossamer ethereal inconsequential insignificant negligible immaterial trifling trivial