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Insubstantial in a sentence

He felt insubstantial.
She was weak, insubstantial.
insubstantial as a grey raincloud.
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,.
matter whatsoever; it's completely insubstantial.
insubstantial and her hand flowed right through it.
purchases, and retained earnings were insubstantial.

The aircraft struck him as insubstantial, ephemeral.
and as the insubstantial fabric of my inner fortress.
him, of how inadequate and insubstantial are the apparently normal.
When I looked back at him, he seemed to be less there, insubstantial.
It preceded a voice that was equally hollow, reedy and insubstantial.
The fluidity of its colours is as insubstantial as water and as deadly.
that wraiths were insubstantial vapour-like beings, somehow associated with.
The sword was a great length of light, insubstantial but burning white light.
against something as insubstantial as a wraith? Harry recollected from some-.
I can also become invisible and insubstantial and then move through solid objects.
She clung harder, as scripted, to the surprisingly not insubstantial form of Byron.
To keep the bloodstone from touching him, he had to revert to an insubstantial form.
She felt frayed at the edges, but knew in her insubstantial core that she could –.
The flowers were rather fleshy, so the meal was not as insubstantial as one might think.
The infant Bex, insubstantial and flowing, kneels by his side and he looks into her eyes.
The sky grayed among the stars, and the pale, late quarter-moon was insubstantial and thin.
Overstuffed rooms, a kitchen, a pink sink, a conversation on a balcony, insubstantial as smoke.
are ethereal and insubstantial, and then opposes these hypothetical properties to the conjectural.
Asmodeus placed his index finger over my lips, but it was insubstantial and passed right through me.
And, by the stars, even if the enemy is insubstantial, if it is threatening Simon he will fight it.
When Solomon became king, he came into control of the not insubstantial empire built by David, his father.
The insubstantial parapet gave way, and the cart slid slowly off the edge, its helpless oxen lowing in terror.

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Synonyms for insubstantial

insubstantial unreal unsubstantial flimsy