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    1. I’ve had to wear a lot of hats lately, including obstetrician

    2. I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night lately

    3. What good movies has he watched lately? What is his favorite class at school? Did his team win the game last weekend? What friends does he hang out with the most? Do not criticize his friends, habits, or favorites

    4. He was the only one to make much news lately

    5. "Well, maybe you haven't been in the loop quite as much lately, with your time off and being in the far east

    6. Ava had been in her labs a lot lately so that helped leave her lonely

    7. ‘I just think that your experiences lately have knocked your confidence rather a lot

    8. She had been more approachable lately and there had been no more incidents of nasty cherubs

    9. "I haven't slept much lately,” she said as she nodded off

    10. Before going to Janus, I paid a visit to Aphrodite -I like doing so lately

    11. She’s been a little distant lately

    12. ‘Don’t know who he’s messing around with lately but there’s always a woman somewhere

    13. I think she has lost her mind, yet she also seems to have become paradoxically popular lately: Until last Christmas she had no friends but me; now, however, she has friendly relations with lots of young people

    14. ” (at that point I begin to suspect he means me) “She has asked to return to Janus lately, I accepted, but I know she will leave again soon; nevertheless, I am not going to take her back for a second time, I won't allow such a disciple to come back

    15. That explains it: I have heard about certain persons lately who, although they are illiterate, have become successful travelling salesmen and earn up to 700,000 drachmas per month! Taking into account that a salesman's commission is no higher than 10%, how do they manage to make sales of 7,000,000 drachmas every month? What do they really sell? Encyclopedias? Come on now! Nowadays you can find cheap and voluminous encyclopedias in bookstores or, even, on offer in newspapers! Why would anyone pay dearly a commercial traveller? Unless they sell other things, other ''services'', instead of books

    16. I have felt enough pain from him lately to know my distance would now be something that could be helpful, "I must go, they are things at the Acropolis that require my attention

    17. I've had that happen enough to me lately and I'm tired of learning that lesson

    18. You’ve looked so … so lost lately

    19. "Why certainly, I see how good you're feeling lately so I think I would enjoy him also

    20. We have been feeling the itch to travel around lately and these are the travel blogs we have been enjoying: Adventure With Mash

    21. "I've learned that lately

    22. Desa was feeling a little dull and grey herself lately, and some of that was undoubtedly that she was used to some of the colors being turned up some of the time at least

    23. She just wasn't whole in herself lately

    24. A few have been recreated lately from preserved DNA but they are still too rare to feed quibartas

    25. Trade hadn't been up to much lately and she was skint, so there was no point in trying to leave until the boy returned and paid the bill

    26. We've made good progress lately

    27. It was not like that lately

    28. He noticed her hanging around Thom a lot lately

    29. No matter how much you push toward the limit, when you’re serving a sentence of three-d reality, you have to do some work to survive and his sentence had felt heavy lately

    30. I'm sure she's got something to do with all this weird stuff that's going on lately

    31. So few people had been looking for him lately that he wasn’t worried about it

    32. The mixture of rain and sun we’ve had lately has had major impact on the hedgerows bordering the lane

    33. He had been neglecting Ava too much lately and she was complaining about it

    34. They were not the wooden barrels with bung taps that he knew from the parts of Alan's universe he had seen lately, they were plumbed fittings behind a polished bar with fine woodwork around it and glowing symbols on the tap handles, more like the place where he used to play the Herndon Cherub for her

    35. Lately they were few and far between and filled with unimportant information

    36. "So what have you been up to lately?" Thom asked as he sat down

    37. "Cooking," he answered, "I've been trying a lot of new recipes lately

    38. He double checked all the extra security Ava had put on his equipment lately

    39. Ken, shocked and concerned about the strange way in which his wife had been behaving lately, carried her back up to the bedroom, where he made sure that the curtains were drawn and that the windows were safely closed and locked, taking the key with him to ensure Helen’s safety

    40. She's not been at her best lately and you know how

    41. He didn't know her, but people had been changing their personifications a lot lately

    42. Trade hadn't been up to much lately and she was skint, so there was

    43. “Have you noticed he’s not himself lately?” Heymon asked about the captain

    44. Lately they had sat with Yellelle and Ava

    45. His loyalty had been pledged to the Elders many long years ago; but lately he was beginning to think that they were all mad

    46. She wasn’t really going with anyone lately, but she still spent a lot of time in his universe, most of it in the Highlands, and now she was spending a lot of sleeps back in the Yakhan in a small marble palace off Third Canal

    47. way in which his wife had been behaving lately, carried her back

    48. Being a sorceress from the Kassikan, she was not as repulsed by such things, “and lately it seems that all those at YingolNeerie might have been destroyed or powered down

    49. Are you okay? What’s up with you and your mood swings lately?”

    50. “What is wrong with you, Ningla? You have not been yourself lately

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    late lately latterly of late recently afresh anew freshly new newly