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    1. In a break from filming, we recently visited the Oak Tree

    2. Having recently revisited them after a year’s absence, I recoiled at

    3. Moreover, until recently, feelings of sexuality and sexual need among those over 60 years of age might be cause for guilt feelings, based on the culturally constructed assumption that people were supposed to "mature out of" sexual interest and become sexual neuters as they entered into their so-called "golden years

    4. I recently rang the Hospital to arrange a meeting to clarify a number of points – arranging this transpired to be more difficult than I had ever 35

    5. Having recently had a very good MRI scan [and surviving over two

    6. We needed to know that you hadn’t shot that man, and the doctor says that the man actually was either a zombie or recently dead when he was shot

    7. The shower had not been run recently, since before Ava and Herndon came down was his guess

    8. conversation turned to the medical dilemma recently posed and the

    9. "Yes," he said, "I've only recently found that out

    10. More recently the Indian Laughter Show on TV became quite popular

    11. The barn, at least, looked like it had been painted recently, but it was so flimsy-looking, they probably should have just gotten a new barn instead

    12. It was only more recently that she’d starting nagging him about getting married and meeting her parents

    13. ‘That’s easy, Liz … a load of stuff was lent out for a themed party of some sort, and we know that Dan was involved in the collection … in fact Henry didn’t check over the stuff until quite recently which was when he noticed the gun was missing

    14. Up until fairly recently, I have seen him at least once a week … he loves his old gran

    15. ' There had been an overdose on a batch Tahlmute made, some girl from up north who had only been identified recently

    16. "Look, Sergeant Biggs, I just recently heard that you is having difficulty with the mortgage, init?"

    17. He had had the opportunity to have several made recently on assignment in Hong Kong

    18. AA very reasonably large company have recently bought 50,000 shares wholly through a leading stockbroker

    19. ‘… which has re-activated local discussion concerning Mrs Elizabeth Wynell, the woman who was helping police with their enquiries recently, but the police have refuted any suggestion that Mrs Wynell is connected with this

    20. "I only recently added this effect," Ava whispered to Glenelle, "I hadn't heard of this stuff in 2275

    21. Since she knew the address, she decided to go play in one of Ava's virtual rooms, one they'd recently spent time in together

    22. "My son Rocco met Sammy only recently

    23. "I've been gone two days longer than that, you've communicated with him more recently than I have

    24. but here Danton stood, unmoving in the candle glow, staring at his recently departed

    25. Recently, in discussing with a fellow preacher his desire to encourage the congregation where he was preaching to appoint elders I told

    26. Mrs Lemony's husband, Harry, has had a bad accident recently: He got his left leg badly injured by a press in the factory where he works as a factory-hand

    27. I tried to speak in my best and most recently learned English accent

    28. She is also sure she can charm any male with the poems she has been writing recently

    29. However, what bothers me most is that shrew of Lucy Parissis: She is a wayward old-maid who has come to Pangaea recently

    30. At last! One of the uncountable (and usually dead-end) ideas I come up with in order to improve my life has just brought a result! Having found out recently that the monthly magazine “Greek Fantasy” publishes short fantasy stories of new writers, I thought of sending them one

    31. I … we … I only discovered that James existed fairly recently

    32. My wife and I are friends with another couple who we’ve recently been seeing less and less of

    33. ‘Really? So this office opened fairly recently then?’

    34. According to the official news wires Marat had been given a hero’s funeral after his murder by the forces of true-blood reaction, but here Danton stood, unmoving in the candle glow, staring at his recently departed co-conspirator’s severed head, which was stuck on a pole of silver metal

    35. He had recently helped out a

    36. “I understand that he recently came to our village again

    37. An obscure but historically rich family of age old standing first came to live in one of London’s green suburban idylls when those self same suburbs were nothing but virgin fields and meadows recently subsumed into William the Conqueror’s new realm

    38. I believe she’s a new arrival, found an egg and was living in a cave by herself near the town we just recently freed

    39. He presented a weekly show about gardening and had recently been seen in the nation’s living rooms helping the poor and needy to fix up their allotments and their child friendly but dishevelled herbaceous borders

    40. A fellow crewman was talking to me recently that his bride has no interest at all and told him to have fun with cherubs

    41. And so the young man and his wife returned to their new home, which they had recently bought in a prime location just to the northeast of London’s orbital motorway

    42. He thought it would be better to tell Elmore but their paths hadn’t crossed recently

    43. Hasn’t he recently split up with his wife or something?’

    44. You know I had that bad dose of ‘flu recently? Well, it was stupid of me, but one day when I was running a pretty high temperature, I stubbornly insisted on climbing on the porch roof to fix a slate which had come out of position

    45. Here‘s an example: Imagine that you recently applied for a

    46. After they presented their explanation to the crew, the Captain looked to his papers again and announced, “Our next issue is the relevance of some scientific discoveries that have recently been made by our signals department

    47. Ben sits down on the stool Katie recently vacated and watches me for a few minutes

    48. Tarak noticed a faint outline on the wall; a large picture had been recently removed

    49. ’ I replied, very aware that when I spoke to Diane about Alastair recently, I didn’t tell her the whole story

    50. Up until very recently he would have said it was the Brazilian agent that was responsible

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