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    1. Holding its leash was

    2. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice that Xerxes had gotten loose of his leash

    3. And then, the minute he was back on his leash, he pushed over a garbage can all over her skirt

    4. Put a leash on your imagination and think about what makes you happy instead of fat

    5. I had spent my childhood being led on a leash through each trial

    6. Somebody may be keeping a short leash on you, where you are lacking the freedom to act independently

    7. on a short leash - with limited powers

    8. He had a police dog on a leash

    9. Rick removed the leash and the big dog came close to the startled schoolteacher and sniffed at her cunt

    10. Think I mightn’t have noticed the leash because it’s extended long?’

    11. It was probably those darn leash expeditions to familiarize her with our property that got us into trouble

    12. And cat leash walking, well, if it can be done, we’re not the ones to teach it

    13. Amaranthe spun out some thread and tied the jars together, leaving a long leash dangling

    14. She clutched the thread leash in one hand and rested the canister next to her thigh, where it could not be seen from the gate

    15. But Teig put the leash on his tongue, and never stirred till he heard

    16. Teig's legs took to trembling, and fear put the leash on his tongue;

    17. Mistress Prism handed Mistress Twig a leash, and Twig snapped it onto Ivonia’s collar

    18. cart every day, and attached Baby Blue’s leash so that she could fol ow him as he drove

    19. Behind her, also sweaty and in riding gear, Señor Ruiz, the alcalde of Puriscal, entered on hands and knees with a dog collar strapped around his neck and a leash clamped between his teeth

    20. noted that Cal had fastened Lobo with a leash and collar, both

    21. He parked the car and dropped the leash over the hound’s head

    22. He watched a morning TV show without taking any of it in, washed out his cup and began the task of clearing the house of Mia: her bed, her food and drinking bowls, her supply of chews, her leash, her toys

    23. The key is to leave the pinch collar on whenever you are around your dog and have a short leash attached to it

    24. At the moment your dog jumps, give a short sharp snap downwards on the leash

    25. Never pull on the leash for more than a second or two, and never hurt your dog

    26. On leash walks, a run at the park with other dogs and some obedience training will all ensure your dog is happy and stimulated

    27. “Excuse me, who do you think your talking to?” he would have slapped her had she not been so close to the house and them still on a tight leash

    28. He had packed enough clothes, prepared his favourite suits on the hanger for the outward journey and by the time the driver arrived he was positively pulling at the leash to spring into action for the bank and drum up some lucrative deals for his salesman to follow up with later

    29. ” He attached her favorite red leash to her collar and said,

    30. Trixie picked up the handle of the leash and carried it in her

    31. (4) Dogs kept most of the time on a leash shall be provided with 5 meters of wire


    33. His leash was still wound around his dead handler's wrist so that the dog flipped upside down from the momentum of his lunge

    34. “They’re getting used to you, Miss Lorna,” Johnny said as he handed her the leash

    35. She was soon warmed up though and she decided to let the dog off the leash

    36. “You’re such a lovely thing,” she said as she rubbed behind his ears, put the leash back on and started back to the house

    37. But like a animal constrained to leash, he was

    38. Calvin really didn't know how to keep his crew on a leash

    39. Tarmissa ran to her supplier unaware of the odd dog on a leash

    40. I had my M9 in the hand opposite of the one holding the leash

    41. He sat before me with the leash falling limp

    42. right hand, along with the leash that Bubba began chewing on

    43. I dropped the leash and cupped the other side of the gun

    44. If you’re walking a dog on a really long leash and it runs out into the road and it’s

    45. I grabbed Bubba and clipped on his leash

    46. ” I put Bubba’s leash

    47. I closed the hand that had Bubba’s leash

    48. as a kid snickered holding the leash

    49. Blossom strained at his leash, which Edwin noted was now only a few feet long and tethered to a post inside the kennel

    50. Luckily for Dawes and Katya, Blossom’s leash ran out before he could lay a tooth on them

    1. The dog handlers had their respective fighters leashed now

    2. Turning from the putative commander, Samson ambled to his truck, leashed JY and walked to the front of the main entrance near the spot where the ―spy‖ entered the cornfield

    3. ’ The leopard was leashed to his

    4. Runs Like Cheetah leashed the two cheetahs, I picked up a wildly grinning Ghost Hunter, gestured to Baby Man and Bright Hands to join us, and we all hopped off the raft and followed the green-eyed leader into her village

    5. ” Miney leashed DoGuru the hound with a psychIT trick she learned in week two from Pandoradox

    6. directed himself at Ralf, whose stare was leashed to Nuluv

    7. or excited by the leashed power suggested in his smal est

    8. “I was never leashed in the first place

    9. The world leaders that destroyed millions before me also were never leashed

    10. Hitler was never leashed in any real sense

    11. If they had leashed him then millions would have lived

    12. It was actually kind of exciting feeling his power, as well as his barely leashed control over himself

    13. Believe you think them leashed

    14. about his movements the same pagan freedom and leashed power Scarlett had noted Rhett rose to his feet and threw his half-smoked cigar into the spittoon

    15. He sat easily, carelessly but she felt that he leashed power straining beneath his calm that made her draw back, a little frightened

    16. I leashed Martha, summoned a smile for the children, waved good-bye, and found a bench at the edge of the park

    17. Kabir Gadai strolled casually along the gravel walkway, led by a leashed Labrador retriever puppy

    1. Chain leashes and collars secured the necks of the slaves, who trundled forward with slumped shoulders and downcast eyes

    2. It was always a sight to see when a young female constable walked around with ten Alsatian puppies on leashes in a shopping mall

    3. The machine seemed to be encountering some difficulty, bobbing up and down erratically, frantically rotating and skewing its body as if it was trying to free itself of invisible leashes, it’s voice crackling with a slow and heavy stutter as if it had been somehow damaged:

    4. leashes, some resorting to kicking the less tame of the canines in

    5. With a curse at the growing task, she moved into the stables drawing her dagger as she began to work her way behind the unsettled animal’s cutting all the leashes that she could find

    6. I put their food, the leashes and a large pair of pruning

    7. secured the leashes one by one

    8. ” He gives a tug at the leashes and turns toward his wing of the house

    9. Dozens of young heads snapped at once towards him, with a fair number of children then running to him, eyeing the puppy and the dogs held on leashes by Lynn and Régis

    10. The two dogs were still held on leashes, attempting to pull away

    11. I have had a large rock placed there to hold their leashes

    12. He reached outside and loosened the leashes

    13. The two cheetahs in the lead dugout caught Antelope Hunter‘s scent and began to strain furiously at their leashes

    14. If the crocodiles got too close, the terrified cheetahs would begin clawing and straining against their leashes because they were tied down and couldn’t escape

    15. He took off their leashes and started singing to the cheetahs and they raced off into the jungle

    16. No leashes allowed in this house

    17. From the corridor came the sound of barking and a moment later a handler came into the office with two large German shepherds on leashes

    18. The only difference is that their leashes are thick steel chains

    19. The victors ate the roast dogs and put leashes onto the fools who brought them their food… and brought them to the public square and slaughtered them before the eyes of the entire crowd of Roman vanquished citizens… And after that: they walked around, casually slaughtering members of the Roman crowd while the entire crowd of Romans who outnumbered the invaders by a hundred-to-one, could have easily overcome their killers

    20. He held tightly to his dogs’ leashes

    21. Seven o’clock was some kind of citywide dogwalking hour, when hordes of ostensibly autonomous individuals, still in permutations of professional attire, rushed out of their co-ops tugged by leashes taut as waterskiers’ ropes, at the other end of which, straining like hairy engines, were spaniels, shih tzus, bichons frises

    22. Jenny would just as soon have waited until later, avoided the butt-sniffing do-si-do that followed each time Claggart encountered another animal, the entanglement of leashes and compulsory good cheer, the conspicuousness with which she then had to hover over him with a baggie as he choosily chose a place to evacuate, so that no one would mistake her for one of them, the vast negligent army of dog-owners who left every sidewalk a mound of desiccated doo

    23. ‘A splendid wife, children, a good pack of hounds, a dozen leashes of smart borzois, agriculture, neighbors, service by election

    24. “A splendid wife, children, a good pack of hounds, a dozen leashes of smart borzois, agriculture, neighbors, service by election

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