linger sätze

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Linger sätze (in englisch)

  1. But one cannot linger on.
  2. He did not dare to linger.
  3. The stuff could linger in.
  4. But he didn't linger there.
  5. Linger and hesitate no more.

  6. Yes, but I didn’t linger.
  7. I didn’t have time to linger.
  8. I did not linger on that problem.
  9. She let her lips linger over his.
  10. Well, I will not linger over that.
  11. But some dirt is destined to linger.
  12. He smiles, but his eyes linger on me.
  13. And linger watching things themselves.
  14. We let the silence linger for a while.
  15. Within the Darkness Shall Evil Linger.

  16. Sacrifices linger to stretch the moment.
  17. Visitors were not encouraged to linger.
  18. Rapp didn’t allow his eyes to linger.
  19. He looked, and seemed inclined to linger.
  20. There was no time to linger on the past.
  21. They tended to linger over some vowels.
  22. Studies have shown that customers linger.
  23. She can’t let it linger on much longer.
  24. When night falls do not linger near this.
  25. Either way, it did not inspire one to linger.

  26. Chris coughed as the silence started to linger.
  27. Fish didn't linger in these imprisoned waters.
  28. I shut the door and my eyes linger on the bed.
  29. Afterwards, neither party had wished to linger.
  30. But Edmund was not a man to linger over the past.
  31. He did his best not to let his words linger long.
  32. Despite that pleasurable image, he did not linger.
  33. Superstitions linger longest on these heavy soils.
  34. But this at least he knows, not safe to linger here.
  35. Granted, they never wanted to linger on the details.
  36. He let his mouth linger on hers, partly because it.
  37. Donna took another sip and let it linger in her mouth.
  38. It was too hard for me to linger, so I left with him.
  39. The bells come down from heaven and the echoes linger.
  40. But memories still linger, though you are old and bent.
  41. She went over to it and let her fingers linger on the.
  42. Jeff and Grady chose to linger in the Craig Hall lounge.
  43. I even found things I had to buy to make myself linger.
  44. However, we dared not linger too long for fear of sunburn.
  45. Your words are very touching to me and linger with me all.
  46. I'll linger here beneath the Sun, because my land is best!.
  47. Only the echoes and the memory remain; but they will linger.
  48. She didn’t linger, someone was already hollering her name.
  49. Leaving the entity behind, it did not linger there for long.
  50. Now start again, but linger over the crepes, Betsy said.
  51. Remember this pain has been huge so it may linger for a while.
  52. Subjectively, the daisy is a theme upon which we love to linger.
  53. Why linger to add to the number of the victims of our merciless.
  54. I had such a restful night, there was no need to linger in bed.
  55. The longer we linger, the longer the Dark has to prepare for war.
  56. He remembered his amazement as he saw the Egyptians only linger.
  57. I felt his thoughts, his mind did linger in my ears and in my head.
  58. Besides he wasn't quite inclined to linger any longer in the shop.
  59. I was the only one interested in it so we couldn’t linger there.
  60. It took every ounce of willpower for his eyes not to linger on her.
  61. Another bird did not linger, but rose behind Levin without the dog.
  62. But I don't suppose that any of that ancient breed linger here now.
  63. Unfortunately, I was not permitted to linger long over my new fears.
  64. I doubted it as the aura of evil seemed to linger yet in this place.
  65. She felt a prickly kind of tingle linger where his hand had touched.
  66. Gould let his eyes linger on Rapp, but the man was impossible to read.
  67. A few months earlier, Joseph would have been more than happy to linger.
  68. Their unkind and suspicious gazes seemed to linger on us as we passed.
  69. You linger to see his back, and the back of his neck and shoulder-side.
  70. Norah didn’t let herself linger in the hall trying to gauge the mood.
  71. You linger, your frame’s concerned with keeping your feet on the ground.
  72. My mom used to work here, I told Rand, forcing him to linger with me.
  73. Alas for Boromir the brave! The young perish and the old linger, withering.
  74. The taste and smell of him would always linger in the landscape of my mind.
  75. It's difficult to predict how long the effects of identity theft may linger.
  76. He was tempted to allow his mind to linger and watch the reunion, but the.
  77. He let the silence linger for several seconds, then grunted in satisfaction.
  78. Stay while the rose and the song are one, linger with Love for a day!.
  79. But I had no time to linger, since this mill was obviously a bad hiding-place.
  80. I scan the expressions of Jeff, Sean, Clarence, and Mack, and linger on Marie.
  81. You do not wish to linger and in any case, as I said, there are many chambers.
  82. Don’t linger on what is gone but concentrate on what is still around you.
  83. Occasionally I would linger about so I could catch a few strands of that music.
  84. Some souls linger longer than others, and we do not want to take any chances.
  85. He continues his journey, stopping for seconds to linger on distinct parts of her.
  86. Only that small remnant continued to linger, still refusing to believe that the.
  87. Karl let his mind linger slightly on Colin, and veered off back to the new tenant.
  88. I looked away, not wanting to linger over teeth marks on the body's arms and legs.
  89. He let that linger awhile, then answered, Why you seemed reluctant to come here.
  90. I thought it might have been one of her friends and they have a tendency to linger.
  91. But I didn’t want to linger any longer on the broken recollections of Fern Haven.
  92. Pillsbury would linger on his cot in Samoa, hoping that he would one day walk again.
  93. I smile faintly when Lor’s gaze repeatedly sweeps the many clubs, to linger on Jo.
  94. Holly saw his eyes linger on Jo as she walked past, can't believe I turned that down.
  95. To practice my religion, linger with Luray the next time you wake her for shift change.
  96. Let him linger on the thought – let him think how it would affect him on a long-term.
  97. She felt their gazes linger on her in a familiar way as she moved deeper into the foyer.
  98. The door was open, and I saw his eyes go over Rocinante and linger on the license plate.
  99. Not wishing to linger, they spurred their horses up the incline and away from the scene.
  100. The intense feelings of the dream still linger around me, I can’t shake them off of me.
  1. But we have lingering doubts.
  2. Every lingering hope was gone.
  3. He dies a slow lingering death.
  4. Budgy was lingering by the door.
  5. With all these images lingering.
  6. No lingering end for the old lady.
  7. My body throbs with lingering pain.
  8. Nobody still lingering on the steps.
  9. His scent is lingering in the air.
  10. I have no opinion of a lingering death.
  11. James felt it lingering about, felt the.
  12. I stroked his cheek with a lingering hand.
  13. The lingering days and stretching nights.
  14. Damien glanced at her, his eyes lingering.
  15. The question had been lingering in my mind.
  16. They are aimed at establishing a lingering.
  17. I could smell her lingering blood scent too.
  18. Repelled-they will have a lingering torment.
  19. There was some lingering burning in his chest.
  20. The girl watched them all, lingering on Jasper.
  21. They stared at each other for a lingering minute.
  22. Ann saw that I was lingering too long by his side.
  23. They glanced his way, took a lingering look, and.
  24. His lips were warm and inviting, lingering on hers.
  25. The lingering kiss was interrupted by someone yelling.
  26. She loved Munich at this time of year, the lingering.
  27. She quickly cleared her mind of any lingering thoughts.
  28. All this was torture to me—refined, lingering torture.
  29. In Miranda’s case, three lingering emotions had been.
  30. While in this stage he has to throw off any lingering.
  31. For that terrible, lingering moment he stared right at.
  32. Their lingering doubts of Jesus' divinity were banished.
  33. A smoky red sunset came on slowly, painfully, lingering.
  34. Now it’s your song, I said, addressing a lingering void.
  35. Her lingering doubts were blitzed away at the first touch.
  36. He told her that the house was free of lingering pressmen.
  37. This is far better than lingering on with nothing settled.
  38. He grabbed her playfully and gave her a big, lingering kiss.
  39. Jillian had some lingering doubts that Jimmy was the killer.
  40. Then there's a faint scent of perfume lingering in the air.
  41. I have borne it for twenty years and it is still lingering.
  42. With these thoughts still lingering, I searched for an area.
  43. That light touch of his hands, lingering again, for a moment.
  44. In the cafeteria, there was a lingering smell of burnt coffee.
  45. I still smell his lingering scent and yet my heart has frozen.
  46. With the awkward silence lingering, Ben led us to a side room.
  47. Lingering doubts and resurfacing fears can haunt our memories.
  48. A long, lingering, colossal sigh followed, and his heart broke.
  49. Dollard and Cowley still urged the lingering singer out with it.
  50. There was a lingering hope that the singing tree had been real.
  51. Have lightning hit me already, she thought, lingering in shock.
  52. She was mesmerized by the lingering purple in the tropical dusk.
  53. With a lingering glance, he cornered a woman and asked directions.
  54. He took a second look, his eyes lingering longer than he knew he.
  55. It is but a relic, a vestige, an emblem, a lingering trace of the.
  56. Aaron disappears into the lingering crowd of students before I can.
  57. He kisses my stomach, lingering at my belly button with his tongue.
  58. It wasn't Adrian's blood, but left a familiar lingering after-taste.
  59. The sun lit the lingering darkness into a golden, shimmering mosaic.
  60. I had taken the time to shower, lingering under the hot water longer.
  61. Although the air remained calm, Tony could still sense the lingering.
  62. I still had Lizzie's smell lingering faintly on my clothing and body.
  63. I held her hand to my lips some lingering moments, and so I left her.
  64. What was the point in speaking? I simply replied with a lingering kiss.
  65. He spends time in here—I can smell his cologne lingering in the air.
  66. Norma Jeane looked at her, a startled expression lingering on her face.
  67. And when you have eaten, disperse, without lingering for conversation.
  68. I skim the lingering shower water from the back of my neck with my palm.
  69. City? he asked, a question that had been lingering on all their lips.
  70. My mother passed away when we were young, after a lingering disease.
  71. After a long lingering kiss she said, Phew it’s a lot to take in.
  72. It was also the lingering after effects of years of Nitrous Oxide abuse.
  73. Maria could feel his gaze lingering on her before he finally turned away.
  74. She was a woman who had taken her decisions and had no lingering doubts.
  75. He carefully inhaled before going to Hope and Rose, who were lingering.
  76. A lingering problem, she had considered whether to send him as well for.
  77. Nga took out the contents of the box out and took another lingering sniff.
  78. Not while there was so much lingering anger between himself and his wife.
  79. He also noticed an earthy, dried blood smell lingering from another room.
  80. They were lingering over their work, and conversing with an acquaintance.
  81. Which meant she’d suffered no lingering effects from the swan’s rape.
  82. I told him I had seen his lingering eyes, and heard his tipsy flirtations.
  83. He had to excuse himself and wipe off any lingering tears before returning.
  84. This failure is a result of the lingering human thought patterns within me.
  85. He was turning the pages, lingering on certain ones as if he had favourites.
  86. Enrique had been carrying a gun, and others could still be lingering nearby.
  87. Her lingering smile vanished and the light went out in her bright blue eyes.
  88. It was still full of a sweet, faint, haunting perfume, like lingering love.
  89. He settled for a lingering look, hoping to convey with his gaze what he felt.
  90. That whiff of covered brew, that tang of blended herbs lingering in the air.
  91. Then she started to feel Mick’s gaze lingering on her and once, when she.
  92. Only occasionally, when I still need to process some lingering layer of ego.
  93. The orderrans could still smell the scent of the aliens lingering in the air.
  94. Blake could still hear the doctor’s reassuring words lingering in the back.
  95. Mine? he asked again, lingering in the hollow at the base of her throat.
  96. Better a quick painless sword-stroke than the lingering agony that faced him.
  97. A little lingering sun sensitivity—heck, acne medications could cause that.
  98. The Mole ran quickly to comfort the little animal; but Rat, lingering, looked.
  99. In my conscience, I doubt very much whether I had any lingering intention left.
  100. He was in charge—he could help, some lingering part of Tara’s brain thought.
  1. She lingered for a week.
  2. She lingered for a moment.
  3. They lingered a little while.
  4. Old deeds and words lingered.
  5. A few people lingered in the.
  6. They lingered long enough for.
  7. His lips lingered longer than.
  8. His lips gently lingered on mine.
  9. His axe lingered on his shoulder.
  10. Yet, his reluctance lingered on.
  11. In the back of my mind lingered.
  12. The memory of her lingered with.
  13. Already she has lingered too long.
  14. He lingered in Paris for two weeks.
  15. But a taste of blood lingered in.
  16. Still, the nagging doubt lingered.
  17. This time, a few lingered, gleeful.
  18. She lingered just a bit, and I was.
  19. I lingered silently, paying attention.
  20. They lingered a moment above my head.
  21. The two men browsed and lingered for.
  22. Her fingers lingered long on the door.
  23. A half-smile lingered around her mouth.
  24. The two of them lingered after the class.
  25. He lingered on the wife and mother, Bea.
  26. Minutes passed as Anne lingered in the.
  27. At the centre of the blaze lingered an.
  28. The sweet scent of smoke still lingered.
  29. Cook, and Libuse lingered near the door.
  30. But the memory of Roberto still lingered.
  31. The notes just lingered, not quite alive.
  32. Especially her gaze lingered on her feet.
  33. John's presence still lingered in the air.
  34. An echo of the music lingered in the room.
  35. Elfric and Godwyn left, but Thomas lingered.
  36. My gaze lingered there for a while before.
  37. Louie lingered in his bunk, fading, praying.
  38. Of the brightest hue while it lingered here.
  39. The heat lingered on my skin from his touch.
  40. I lingered a while longer and dressed slowly.
  41. Glowing wine on his palate lingered swallowed.
  42. His touch still lingered on her father's hand.
  43. There he lingered for a few moments while he.
  44. A sweet aroma lingered in the air and Travis.
  45. A strong smell of tobacco lingered in the air.
  46. His gaze lingered above Sicarius’s eyebrows.
  47. His eyes lingered on Tony for a moment, then.
  48. Caris and Merthin usually lingered for a while.
  49. The fresh scent of rain still lingered in the.
  50. At least that was the thought that lingered in.
  51. He lingered, scrutinizing, wondering what it was.
  52. His eyes lingered on my face as he turned severe.
  53. Still he lingered, not wanting to leave, know-.
  54. Her green eyes lingered on Rob in a way he liked.
  55. But amidst this contentment lingered the weight.
  56. His hand lingered on her shoulder after his kiss.
  57. She lingered there, looking happily into his face.
  58. Reverberations lingered in their teeth and marrow.
  59. Fred lingered; there was still something to be said.
  60. Leanna lingered a moment before the shadows in the.
  61. After she had gone he lingered in the familiar room.
  62. I lingered there with him an instant ever so kindly.
  63. Reverberations lingered in their teeth and marrows.
  64. The smell of lemon tea lingered in the air and one.
  65. And always when they got to her feet they lingered.
  66. It lingered for a few seconds, and then he shrugged.
  67. Franco with quick hugs, but his eyes lingered on me.
  68. One lady lingered with a concerned look on her face.
  69. Darkness still lingered there, waiting, threatening.
  70. Toria’s gaze lingered on Sebastian and his brother.
  71. Looking around the circle my eyes lingered on Evver.
  72. Hot breath, reeking of alcohol, lingered in the air.
  73. Instead, darkness from the night before had lingered.
  74. I lingered for a while, ruminating on the coming year.
  75. Out by the gym’s entrance, Greg lingered by the door.
  76. The aroma of fine Italian leather lingered in the air.
  77. She lingered in the room with the inkstand in her hand.
  78. Daylight lingered in the sky as he drove home in a taxi.
  79. We walked to class, and Simon lingered close this time.
  80. I smiled as his lips lingered on the corner of my mouth.
  81. The effects it had on both of us lingered on painfully.
  82. I lingered, hoping he would reveal more, but he didn’t.
  83. The last scents of cocoa butter and aloe still lingered.
  84. There was a revolting odor that lingered in the darkness.
  85. Her hot breath, reeking of alcohol, lingered in the air.
  86. Her lips were warm and they lingered there for a moment.
  87. It lingered over his lips and Smith had to pull it away.
  88. His eyes lingered on her, but it was an honest appraisal.
  89. When we weren’t together, he still lingered in my head.
  90. There was a silence that lingered for a while before the.
  91. I hope…’ He lingered by the entrance of the cave, as.
  92. But something occurred to him, and he lingered considering.
  93. For a pleasurable moment, he lingered, observing the fabric.
  94. Other thoughts, other images, lingered: the death face of.
  95. Zoe’s gaze cut to the corral and lingered on the stallion.
  96. His hand lingered on mine, and I felt a jolt of electricity.
  97. My mind lingered on the face of the man with the broken leg.
  98. While I lingered at the window listening to this, I saw Mrs.
  99. I lingered with Rhea for a moment to let my arousal subside.
  100. A presence stirred, one that lingered over the waters there.
  1. The shadow lingers.
  2. That the smoke lingers.
  3. Mom’s scent lingers in the fibers.
  4. I watch the hand that often lingers over.
  5. Oh then! the fiery touch of his lingers.
  6. When cheers are all gone, what lingers on.
  7. Peter lingers behind her, his arms crossed.
  8. What’s in it for me? lingers in the.
  9. Titan magic—what's left of it—still lingers.
  10. A certain grace still lingers round a dead feast.
  11. Hair's fragrance, and the musty reek that lingers.
  12. Mohammed lingers at the serving cart in the shadows.
  13. The pre-independence mindset probably still lingers.
  14. Now, as he lingers in the doorway, she approaches the casket.
  15. Even when you’re not in the same room, the scent lingers.
  16. But without eyesight lingers a different living and looks curiously.
  17. When Jes returns home the sweet smell of gas still lingers in the room.
  18. Ellen is filling the audience in on my story; my photo lingers on the screen.
  19. The elevator attendant lingers on a landing, panting, but Pulaski prods him along.
  20. He glances at each of the Pioneers, but his gaze lingers an extra half-second on me.
  21. It cannot be the music we heard that nightThat still lingers in the chambers of memory.
  22. He sort of knows this is one of those generational divides, but the basic prejudice lingers.
  23. Billy rises from the chair, lingers a moment holding his daughter's hand and then steps back.
  24. To dream that you have grown a tail represents an aspect of the past that still lingers with you.
  25. I continue to hold on to Anthony's hand a little longer and our gaze lingers safely in each other's.
  26. What an erotic time he gave me! How it lingers on in my memory! I’m not the one to let go this man.
  27. All that lingers in the classroom is the fact that I have offended Maureen by mentioning her son's name.
  28. And instead of sitting next to me, he lingers at the foot of my bed, his fingers fumbling over the hem of his shirt.
  29. I’m electrified, and moisture floods my mouth as he lingers just above my lips, his right hand moving to my wet hair.
  30. Can it be possible that modesty still lingers in your breast? I’m I didn’t think you could be so shocked, Scarlett.
  31. Everyone except Teresa, who lingers on her mat as if terrified at the prospect of being left on her own with time on her hands.
  32. Like the ancient mariner, Louie and Phil had found the doldrums, the eerie pause of wind and water that lingers around the equator.
  33. In the complexion of a third still lingers a tropic tawn, but slightly bleached withal; HE doubtless has tarried whole weeks ashore.
  34. France actually came very close to declaring war on Britain and bitterness lingers amongst the French to this day regarding this incident.
  35. He lingers over images of Marie-Laure—her hands, her hair—even as he worries that to concentrate on them too long is to risk wearing them out.
  36. The effort of creating becomes burdensome when we realize that we also share in the creation of all the suffering that lingers deep inside each of us.
  37. The spectre of death already lingers in the rooms of the house, yet neurotic aunt Despina moves around with a liveliness I have never seen on her before.
  38. Such moments of first experience in love making especially with a life partner lingers in a woman’s mind till she is old enough to remember only few things.
  39. If not, and some of it still lingers, and Alilia ever has another child, that child will be in danger from me, as I will be protected from her child by our curse.
  40. It is a delight to him to dream that there still lingers behind him something of that which he beheld when he was in his own country, and that all has not vanished.
  41. Her children are probably grandparents themselves today and her memory of me has long faded, but each day I feel a little of the pain I must have caused her - the pain which still lingers in me.
  42. In this sepulchre-hell, what did they do? What man can do in a sepulchre, they went through the agonies of death, and what can man do in hell, they sang; for song lingers where there is no longer any hope.
  43. What we feel most after finishing his volume, what seems to us most characteristic of his poetry, is loveliness—the tender loveliness that lingers in the mind after we have seen the sun-set of a quiet summer evening, or after we have heard music on a dreamy summer night.
  44. Oh then! the fiery touch of his lingers determines me, and my fears melting away before the glowing intolerable heat, my thighs disclose of themselves, and yield all liberty to his hand: and now, a favourable movement giving my petticoats a toss, the avenue lay too fair, too open to be missed.
  45. The aftermath gloom lingers for centuries and those who directly suffered the consequences may not be people, who were anyway connected with the war, or maybe they were much against any kind of violence and war, but since their countries were locked horn into it, they had to bear the brunt anyway.
  46. The delicious smell of wood smoke was the first thing I became aware of those early Sophian mornings and I used to think it came with the perfume from the wisteria that lingers around the charcoal soot-streaked ovens near our villa, but after talking with Theo I began to associate it with his recollection of the blaze in the forest on the mountainside.
  47. For I have no friend but yourself upon earth, who am neglected and forgotten by my father, harassed and persecuted by my mother-in-law, and left to the sole companionship of a paralyzed and speechless old man, whose withered hand can no longer press mine, and who can speak to me with the eye alone, although there still lingers in his heart the warmest tenderness for his poor grandchild.
  48. The pain still lingers to this day,.
  49. The love we shared still lingers on,.

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