lounge sätze

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Lounge sätze (in englisch)

I went into the lounge.
Aiden sat on a lounge.
I returned to the lounge.
He looked about the lounge.
Look at that lounge suite.
Twice I went to the lounge.
She led him to the lounge.

They moved into the lounge.
He took it into the lounge.
They moved to a lounge area.
The lounge was still closed.
So I walked into the lounge.
There's booze in the lounge.
Davros came out of the lounge.
Smiling Denver left the lounge.
I waited at the airport lounge.
There’s a light in the lounge.
I can hear voices in the lounge.
She had it placed in the lounge.
Sheah backed towards the lounge.
Come, let us go into the lounge.
She found Chinedu in the lounge.
She found the lounge door closed.
I dragged her through the lounge.
He took his beer into the lounge.
Then Carr stepped into the lounge.
These barflies were lounge lizards.
She’s in the teachers’ lounge.
Empress Lounge, top of the stairs.
Her helpers took tea to the lounge.
We herded them into a nearby lounge.
Then the panels in the lounge closed.
She had seen him in the hotel lounge.
Behind the lounge was a kitchen, pure.
Miriam’s arrival in the lounge 487.
I sat in the lounge on the first floor.
He nodded, following her into the lounge.
Just then the captain entered the lounge.
There was a lounge with a sunken floor.
I wanted to see the lounge one last time.
This was Albert's favorite lounging place.
They found a diner, lounging a deep corner.
There was a surly hobbit lounging over the.
That way, lounging lazily on your pool deck.
A green man was lounging on one of the couches.
Kate began to yell for Alan, still lounging in bed.
James was lounging in a chair, legs over the side.
Jezzie opened the door and saw him lounging on the couch.
They both spent the evening lounging on the beds in their.
They were guarded by lounging security staff who appeared.
See, lounging through the shops and fields of the States, me.
She’d honed in on an American couple lounging not far from.
I’ve been lounging about for the last three days, 507 of 967.
By the time Sathyam returned, she was still lounging in the hall.
Desa was lounging in the arms of the guy she had spurned earlier.
The resort is dead except for a few women lounging by the pool.
They waited in the road, lounging around on a pile of old blankets.
It was close to midnight and the girls were lounging on the couches.
On the sides of the room were lounging areas with couches and chairs.
Court Bannister spotted the two Green Berets lounging against the wall.
He was lounging back in a bath the size of a stadium while sipping the.
Alex was lounging on the couch, reading a book when she entered the house.
She was lounging out on the back porch when he returned a half hour later.
Students were casually traversing crosswalks, lounging and reading on benches.
All through the tense ship the spiderwebs were filled with lounging, lazy men.
Daveda had been lounging on the couch, bored after having spent the good many.
Mitzi was fond of lounging in a canvas-slung folding chair on our front porch.
Under other most circumstances this would have been an enjoyable lounging area.
He stood, half turned from the prisoner, lounging with his elbow against the bar.
She was no doubt lounging about by the river again as she seemed so inclined to do.
He found the gang in a clearing not too far from Two-Crows, lounging around a fire.
Sparky was elegantly lounging in one chair with a chilled glass of wine in his hand.
When I left the office, I walked right by three young men lounging in the parking lot.
The clusters of lounging men came closer into sight and Anne prepared to impress them.
Jack arrived at five-thirty and was surprised to find Midge dressed in a lounging robe.
There are some who have decided to get another job instead of lounging around at home.
They all drank it merrily, and began the experiment by lounging for the rest of the day.
I've been lounging about for the last three days, and I've seen them, or they've seen me.
She was lounging happily in front of the TV with her coffee when she caught a news update.
So, what's the big scandal, Gabby? Zac was lounging back on the sofa, clearly annoyed.
Spock and Stu still lounged poolside.
They seemingly lounged before me in.
Men lounged about both inside and out.
Then I kind of lounged around for a while.
Carton had lounged in, but he made only Two.
Dayne lounged in a wingback chair in the den.
We ate breakfast and lounged around the house.
So saying, he lounged to the fire, and sat down.
At Nice, Laurie had lounged and Amy had scolded.
Some strolled or lounged on benches, others flew.
She sat on Laino’s lap and Ebira lounged on Hevent.
The vampire brothers lounged in the afternoon sunlight.
He lounged to a chair and sitting down, tilted it back.
A dandy who had lost his way and who lounged past the end.
My friends lounged on their sofas having conversations—.
She lounged in her seat looking completely at ease in my company.
The Gila Monster lounged in his office, not in the least perturbed.
I lounged back on the corner unit and stared at the unlit Christmas tree.
Wisdom kicked off his sneakers as he lounged on the couch in the living room.
At the stern one man or woman lounged while they were rowed to their destination.
These were sphinxes, again, the same as lounged on the sides of the Alexandrian Serapeum.
Derrick lounged in the room he shared with Cam and Griffin, throwing a soccer ball up and down.
Trevor had discovered the food tray and lounged with his feet on the desk and food in his hands.
Arianell pointed to her home and we began the descent to the cliff ridge where her house lounged.
Bernheim lounged back in his chair, smoking a cigar, and looked out to sea with a bored expression.
Hadaen lounged against the pillows as he stretched his full length along the blankets of the makeshift bed.
Ben called to the men who lounged against various pieces of furniture and quickly brought them up to speed.
Alan, who looked to be in his mid twenties, lounged on the sofa, stared rudely over my shoulder, and yawned.
They had lounged away in a poverty-stricken, purposeless, accidental manner, quite natural and unimpeachable.
Thorne lounged in a high-backed armchair with one ankle hooked over his knee, balancing a thin laptop on his leg.
He was going out of his way to hurt and humiliate her He lounged toward the door, one eyebrow raised quizzically.
Fenced crops extended about five hundred yards from the village and quite a few kedas lounged about in the shade.
The two of them were lounged across a comfortable sofa, a tub of popcorn on the ground and two cokes opened on the table.
Josh and Derrick lounged in the living room of their house when a moving truck pulled into the house next door's driveway.
The chauffer of one, dressed so fine, lounged against the bonnet, his cap at an angle, a cigarette drooping from his lips.
With conspicuous nonchalance Verhovensky lounged in the chair at the upper end of the table, almost without greeting anyone.
Seamen on shore leave rubbed their puffed eyes and looked into the sky for weather signs as they lounged against the walls.
When I lounged around the house in socks and no shoes, Amadeus attacked my toes, for where there was motion, there were monsters.
The colonel's hat, sword, and revolver lay between them, and a couple of his more trusty officers lounged gloomily against the table.
Here lounged the watch, when not otherwise employed, looking into the red heat of the fire, till their eyes felt scorched in their heads.
This includes those waiting in airport lounges as well.
It offers you access on international lounges and airports.
Spacious lounges will allow men to gather and socialize over.
There were many sofas, lounges, settees, big and little tables.
Corey lounges in a chair next to him and he doesn’t look much better.
Grady and Paul haunted the study lounges while Scott spent evenings in his.
He entered large halls where the carpets were of silk, the lounges and sofas.
Arrange your lounges or armchairs to face each other, rather than the television.
He lounges against the warehouse’s wall, his arms crossed and a slight smile on his lips.
Think faculty club lounges at almost any college or university today with liberal percentages in the high nineties.
She changed the subject by complimenting his superb lounge, which they later found out, was one of 5 guest lounges.
Derek lounges against the side of the fireplace, his feet stretched out before him and his arms crossed over his chest.
It was facing the main door to this study in a larger open part of the floor where he didn't have as many desks and lounges.
I try to navigate through the city with a broken and bloodstained windshield while he lounges back and chats about days gone by.
The sunlight shone down on their corpse into their vast hollows that were once business offices, entertainment lounges and schools.
She walked down hallways, through lounges and halls, up and down stairs and the further, she walked, the more apparent it became that she was lost.
In one of his preceding lounges he had noticed there an old garden haunted by an old man and an old woman, and in that garden, a passable apple-tree.
The two lads went outside the coasters restaurant and lay down on two sun lounges and ordered two beers that were bought over by a pleasant young lady.
Or at a bar in one of the lounges strike up a conversation with whoever looked loneliest, and not a word from his mouth would have weight, nor would it matter.
The statesman received us with that old-fashioned courtesy for which he is remarkable, and seated us on the two luxuriant lounges on either side of the fireplace.
Reveille was marked by the switching on of the main lights and the shouts of the instructors, as there were no windows in the lounges to see outside if dawn had come.
I couldn’t really see much of anything, I was sinking into the sofa and trying to tell if he noticed me over there and he paused and crumpled onto one of the further lounges.
He is an honorable idler who lounges, who practises country jaunts, who cultivates the grisette, who pays court to the fair sex, who is at this very moment, perhaps, with my mistress.
Still following Barrot, she quickly visited two mid-sized lounges, each with a fireplace, before returning in the communications hallway and going back to the reception lounge in the west wing.
They went up a flight of stairs just aft of the middle mast and into a wide hallway with a nice kitchen in the middle, between two large tables, a few lounges with bookcases and candlelanterns nearby.
One of the lounges on the top floor of the house is given over to the taking of opium and other drugs, and I have heard much talk of a new drug that is becoming increasingly popular in certain circles.
The second Emir lounges about the rigging awhile, and then slightly shaking the main brace, to see whether it will be all right with that important rope, he likewise takes up the old burden, and with a rapid Dinner, Mr.
In the First Class lounges and the ship’s ballroom, the band played a combination of light classics and sentimental melodies that would have sat well with Pat’s love of strict tempo, consonance, and adherence to the printed music.
As I advance in years (I prefer that to ‘get older’) I enjoy more relaxed evenings to those of yesteryear when some of us were just a little crazy from time to time! Whether you like music, dancing, pubs, nightclubs, concerts, lounges, karaoke bars or just restaurants it’s all here in abundance.
I’d spent the previous two years in a lot of tight spots: station wagons, shaky airplanes, smoke-filled tour bus lounges, diner booths, airless clubs, charmless dance halls, one drumhead court-martial, and a string of motel and hotel rooms so similar that I’d have to look at the stationery in the desk to find out what city I was in.
She weighs seventeen tons, comfortably holds six occupants with form-fitting lounges, has state of the art Alliance communications and weaponry with sentient override, ablative and solar/atomic shields, a personal communicator with telepathic activation, a galley with life support for 23 Station cycles, space and terra safety gear for six, and her system is programmed for language recognition and translation.
Tou even tried to sell his property but he set such an unreasonable price that no buyer appeared, and he was, moreover, unwilling to leave all the treasures he had accumulated there—the sculptured wainscotting, the polished panels, like mirrors, the transparent windows, the gilded lattice-work, the bamboo lounges, the vases of rare porcelain, the red and black lacquered cabinets, and the cases full of books of ancient poetry.

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