lock sätze

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Lock sätze (in englisch)

  1. I aimed at the lock.
  2. It was a simple lock.
  3. The lock at Sault Ste.
  4. A crappy lock at that.
  5. The lock on the gate.

  6. Go on, and lock me in.
  7. With a lock on the door.
  8. Come in, lock the door.
  9. I thought I had a lock.
  10. I too was at Lock Core.
  11. Every lock has its key.
  12. I heard the lock click.
  13. She hit the lock button.
  14. Like tumblers in a lock.
  15. A lock of that red hair.

  16. I heard a key in a lock.
  17. We lock palms and fingers.
  18. Let's lock the world out.
  19. I reach out and lock my.
  20. Lock on to the Away Team.
  21. A key turned in the lock.
  22. Gabriel shot the lock to.
  23. The lock had been changed.
  24. The key turns in the lock.
  25. No response from the lock.

  26. Whilst held in a head lock.
  27. Say, don't lock the door.
  28. The key in my lock turned.
  29. He didn’t lock the door.
  30. It was a simple door lock.
  31. She bolted the French lock.
  32. The key twists in the lock.
  33. This door has a magic lock.
  34. He put the key in the lock.
  35. And the Lock lets in boats.
  36. Lock him up at the station.
  37. Mitch turned the lock pick.
  38. Should I release the lock?
  39. Put your key in the lock.
  40. They couldn’t lock him up.
  41. There was a lock on the box.
  42. Bob left his key in the lock.
  43. I checked that lock myself.
  44. Suddenly, the lock slid out.
  45. Release the lock as soon as.
  46. They then hear the door lock.
  47. He’ll get a new lock later.
  48. He turned the key in the lock.
  49. He inserts the key in the lock.
  50. The city of Lock Core was vast.
  51. Father’s key was in the lock.
  52. Sir, I have a lock on Tammas.
  53. Upon her lock up in Orial, Ms.
  54. He heard the lock in the door.
  55. I heard the sound of the lock.
  56. He waits as Rico turns the lock.
  57. I was just about to lock up.
  58. Then a key rattled in the lock.
  59. He is trying to lock himself up.
  60. He couldn’t get a good lock!.
  61. There was no longer a lock on it.
  62. He shook the key into the lock.
  63. In this world I lock out all my.
  64. Use this…it opens any lock.
  65. Look how beat up this lock is.
  66. Let’s lock and load, people.
  67. A key on a chain was in the lock.
  68. There is no way to lock the door.
  69. He shut but did not lock the door.
  70. If our eyes met would they lock?
  71. A lock button prevents the tape.
  72. The Yale lock had changed colour.
  73. Lock the door and come to bed.
  74. Can you lock on my position?
  75. I can lock up when you’re ready.
  76. You can shut the lock gates again.
  77. Find someplace to lock them up.
  78. She waves the key before the lock.
  79. The lock gave way and I issued out.
  80. I forgot this had a lock on it.
  81. He sold his house lock stock and.
  82. When did you manage to lock it?
  83. A key was placed in the lock and.
  84. Click Here Immediately To Lock In.
  85. They just lose heart and lock down.
  86. By lock that is named consciousness.
  87. Silence, then the click of the lock.
  88. The lock just wouldn’t cooperate.
  89. Find a drill and bore out the lock.
  90. All Golden Arrows are on lock down.
  91. Life Lock has taken every measure.
  92. Shut it after me but don't lock it.
  93. The lock snapped loudly into place.
  94. Quadrant Echo had gone on lock down.
  95. He did not trouble to lock the door.
  96. Cry through the rusted lock of love.
  97. Then they heard then come to a lock.
  98. As he laid his hand on the lock of.
  99. I lock myself out of my car a lot.
  100. The bloody prick broke the lock off.
  1. Locking the door will not.
  2. Locking pins held it in place.
  3. I’m locking the bridge down.
  4. Then locking the door from the.
  5. Both their eyes locking before.
  6. That man deserves locking up.
  7. Barret, his eyes locking with Cloud’s.
  8. Locking the door behind him he turned.
  9. Mom was locking the garage as I arrived.
  10. The teachers finally began locking the.
  11. Mike fingered the mouse, locking in on.
  12. Yet he remembered the black man locking it.
  13. The professor grinned, locking his long lips.
  14. There was some sort of locking device inside.
  15. He was out the door in an instant, locking it.
  16. It wasn’t the locking up that was worrying me.
  17. After locking up his office, Marcus walked out.
  18. Not a thing, he said, eyes locking on hers.
  19. Or better yet not locking me in a room by myself.
  20. He’d been locking up when everything went dark.
  21. The sound of that locking door, left little doubt.
  22. You children come inside, I’m locking you up.
  23. I’m usually a fanatic about locking my car door.
  24. It still used a system of locking doors that were.
  25. I went in and relieved myself, not locking the door.
  26. Locking people into shame prohibits transformation.
  27. We have succeeded in locking the crazies in with us.
  28. He grinned before closing the door, locking it, and.
  29. You’re locking Americans into concentration camps.
  30. A faces B, locking fingers under shoulders and hips.
  31. You can see that gravity is locking in heat just by.
  32. Locking herself in her study, Nathalie called Sabrina.
  33. We could add a transceiver to the locking mechanism.
  34. Names Kate, she said locking the door behind her.
  35. I let myself into the house, locking the door behind me.
  36. They departed as they had come, this time locking the.
  37. One minute they’re locking me up in a cell with that.
  38. Locking the door, he set off toward the transit station.
  39. It was about digging in the garden and locking the door.
  40. Good, Perkins replied, locking the door behind him.
  41. Loading their bags and locking the cubicle, Kifter turned.
  42. But I had to do something to stop him from locking you up.
  43. He looked down at her, his eyes locking hers, You are.
  44. They talked about locking up the merchandise in the library.
  45. That was locking the stable door after the horse was stolen.
  46. Without even locking the car, he made his way to the entrance.
  47. I slid to a stop, the rear brake locking up as I stood on it.
  48. Trespassers are prosecuted, she said locking her thighs.
  49. He closed it behind me, locking me into yet another passageway.
  50. What kind of deviant locking device is this!? she asked.
  51. After locking the door behind them, she offered him some drugs.
  52. The nerve they had, locking the door on me in the first place.
  53. She removed the key and let herself out, locking it behind her.
  54. They closed their ranks, locking up the gaps made by the fallen.
  55. This will loosen the locking wedge inside the fork steerer tube.
  56. And she might have sabotaged the cell door locking software too.
  57. Sorry, he said, closing and locking it, and speaking from.
  58. She nodded and ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.
  59. She then heard the noise of a locking bolt being pulled in place.
  60. His fingers found the locking mechanism on both sides and pressed.
  61. I tried locking it up, but I found I couldn't rest without it in.
  62. I’m sure he smiled at me before closing and then locking the door.
  63. He left the room with Luanne moaning to Nick about locking his door.
  64. Rykus stared at Hagan, a locking bolt sliding into place in his mind.
  65. Roman looked back at him, his mouth locking away secrets in his head.
  66. Stop, Garcia said, interrupting her, locking his eyes with her.
  67. He considered locking the door for a quick one when the phone beeped.
  68. Heather scampered down the hallway to her room, shutting and locking.
  69. Sometimes, even after using the locking method, the vibration of the.
  70. Harry Morgan was able to increase his velocity by locking the Cygnus.
  71. Of course, sex credits, Locke mused, his legs locking up then relaxing.
  72. The witches were locking up their doors, except for several night shops.
  73. Locking in losses makes it very difficult to ever recover those losses.
  74. While the warden was locking the door, Menshov looked through the hole.
  75. Maybe the noise was someone’s car alarm locking or unlocking outside.
  76. The short version is that Mars is pissed with us for locking him up.
  77. In other words, the adjustment was made only to avoid locking in a loss.
  78. They were pushed inside the library and the door closed locking them in.
  79. The other was a rectangular block of wood with a locking doorknob in it.
  80. Off you go and finish up in the kitchen before locking up for the night.
  81. The whole problem with locking her up was it gave her a safe place to be.
  82. He then slipped quietly from the room, locking the inner door behind him.
  83. What he didnt bank on was Kyle figuring it out so early and locking him.
  84. Something about locking you up at the first opportunity, I think it was.
  85. Back at his old position he again ducked behind the fallen tree, locking.
  86. Locking in a 10% loss didn’t seem as appealing as locking in a 25% gain.
  87. Shaking her head at Torren he excused the guard locking the door behind him.
  88. The pair stepped out into the night, Trevannion locking the door behind him.
  89. Amaranthe turned, locking the expression of an eager merchant onto her face.
  90. The professor packed up her things and left her office, locking it behind her.
  91. They had no scanners! Consequently, they had no way of locking onto a person.
  92. The Mechanic returned a moment later, shutting and locking the door behind him.
  93. At that moment the door slammed shut and he heard the sound of a locking bolt.
  94. Asmodeus leaned forth and sniffed my flesh before locking his eyes with my own.
  95. The doors had big locking bolts on the outside, making their use quite obvious.
  96. With the lid locking in moisture, steam forms and speeds up the cooking process.
  97. The door of my mother's room closed and I could hear it locking from the inside.
  98. He then goes inside his apartment and closes the door, locking it behind himself.
  99. They left a hopeful Ted, locking the door behind them, Shepherd exploded at Lewis.
  100. The sounds ceased with the locking up of the truck’s tires on the old pavement.
  1. He had locked her out.
  2. He locked the CDC lab.
  3. I know it was locked.
  4. He locked it in place.
  5. His mind had locked up.
  6. I locked eyes with Mr.
  7. The scamp is locked up.
  8. God, that has locked it.
  9. My eyes locked with Mr.
  10. All eyes locked on him.
  11. He locked the room in.
  12. His lips locked on hers.
  13. His eyes locked on hers.
  14. Of course it was locked.
  15. I want her locked up.
  16. The area is locked down.
  17. As she locked the door.
  18. The two men locked gazes.
  19. This time, he locked it.
  20. He locked me in the house.
  21. He had locked himself in.
  22. I can’t be locked away.
  23. She locked eyes with her.
  24. He locked them in the pen.
  25. I locked the back brake.
  26. Ethan locked eyes with Adu.
  27. Finally he locked in the.
  28. He shut and locked it also.
  29. The door was never locked.
  30. Maybe the doors are locked.
  31. The door was still locked.
  32. The door closed and locked.
  33. Locked in to One Customer.
  34. All the doors were locked.
  35. He closed and locked the.
  36. I can’t be locked up.
  37. The kitchen door was locked.
  38. Their eyes were locked now.
  39. The cellar door was locked.
  40. But the door was not locked.
  41. It’s the only locked one.
  42. Her eyes locked on Cassius.
  43. One hand still locked, he.
  44. Donna locked her eyes on his.
  45. The door to this was locked.
  46. The bathroom door was locked.
  47. He had been locked away on.
  48. He locked eyes with his wife.
  49. And I always locked my door.
  50. Of the not pad locked doors.
  51. When I get up it’s locked.
  52. And then he locked the door.
  53. They will be left locked out.
  54. Their eyes locked for an 88.
  55. It was closed but not locked.
  56. His eyes locked on that face.
  57. They watched as he locked it.
  58. Even when he was locked away.
  59. She shut and locked the door.
  60. She found the book was locked.
  61. They are locked in somewhere.
  62. Her eyes stayed locked on his.
  63. Donna locked her eyes with his.
  64. It’s closed, but not locked.
  65. The door wasn’t even locked.
  66. I left him locked in there.
  67. It locked me into my suffering.
  68. Steve locked the brakes again.
  69. This time the door was locked.
  70. It was locked from the inside.
  71. It’s always dark and locked.
  72. We closed and locked the door.
  73. It was locked up and deserted.
  74. She locked herself in her room.
  75. Thank heaven he’d locked it.
  76. I shut the door and locked it.
  77. Notice that door, it's locked.
  78. A door slammed shut and locked.
  79. The door closed, and was locked.
  80. Door and windows are locked.
  81. It was locked from the outside.
  82. Doc never locked the laboratory.
  83. But they were certainly locked.
  84. I locked the door before I left.
  85. You should all be locked up.
  86. These gates stay locked today.
  87. It wasn’t locked last time.
  88. The doors were locked and the.
  89. And locked the gorillas in cages.
  90. The Knight too locked his heart.
  91. They have me here locked up.
  92. That remains the locked up cell.
  93. I think he’s locked it!.
  94. Ish shut the door and locked it.
  95. There are a lot of locked doors.
  96. The motor omnibuses were locked.
  97. And, God, it was really locked!.
  98. Her gaze was locked in Mevarn's.
  99. She locked in on Alice’s eyes.
  100. They visited every locked room.
  1. I do locks and alarms.
  2. He locks my hand in his.
  3. The Soo Locks at Sault Ste.
  4. I found the locks changed.
  5. She undid the locks deftly.
  6. Onyx locks the mech in place.
  7. I cut the locks with my sword.
  8. The locks multiply on their.
  9. Then locks securely in place.
  10. Change the locks as soon as.
  11. There were two deadbolt locks.
  12. The dread locks turning point.
  13. The locks opened with a click.
  14. In that case, change the locks.
  15. Miles locks stares with TK’s.
  16. They would not fit in the locks.
  17. With a loud hiss the door locks.
  18. I am quite good at picking locks.
  19. The lights flashed as the locks.
  20. She locks the car and follows him.
  21. There's better locks out that way.
  22. Miraflores Locks to end the crossing.
  23. He unlocked the power locks and saw.
  24. The front door then locks behind Dana.
  25. Thy knotted and combined locks to part.
  26. A cool breeze tossed her tousled locks.
  27. Christian’s gravity seal locks that.
  28. The locks on the restraints popped free.
  29. Silver locks radiate maturity and wisdom.
  30. The doers shot out the locks and entered.
  31. Undoing the locks, the three slipped out.
  32. They entered the air locks on their ships.
  33. On others cages, the locks were very old.
  34. I always check the locks, she told him.
  35. The Watcher was good with combination locks.
  36. The locks on some of the cages were new and.
  37. Elena went over and checked both wrist locks.
  38. Both of the Peli locks on the case are missing.
  39. The prototype bot locks onto Raiden with its.
  40. Her father's dark brown locks, his kind smile.
  41. The helmet locks in place and he releases his.
  42. Ben had considered using Em's ability with locks.
  43. Refrigerator? Freezer? One was laden with locks.
  44. On the other side were doors secured with locks.
  45. Money does not open hearts, it locks warehouses.
  46. The locks changed with a notice on the door any.
  47. So, that locks in a guaranteed negative feedback.
  48. I see their white locks streaming in the wind—.
  49. The front door then closes and locks behind Dana.
  50. His braided locks were decorated with gold beads.
  51. Slowly she closes the drawer until it locks shut.
  52. He locks himself in the deepest room of the bunker.
  53. He says he can get into anything, cars locks etc.
  54. After a while he heard sound of locks being open.
  55. This locks the flow of semen and stops ejaculation.
  56. His body locks up, all the joints cemented in place.
  57. He examined the stone for any traps or locks that.
  58. Noah shakes his head and locks eyes with the jurors.
  59. Out in the hallway, the bedroom door suddenly locks.
  60. Top-quality locks may have only one key combination.
  61. I appreciate you changing the locks on the house.
  62. Janelle ignored her and pulled locks across the door.
  63. Cass slams the bulkhead door, and then locks it shut.
  64. Those same yellow eyes and amber locks framing them.
  65. We did a little run-through on how to blow locks off.
  66. The wind toys with his hair, whipping it into locks.
  67. One was carrying two sets of magnetic coupling locks.
  68. By then her mother had changed the locks to her house.
  69. Everyone held their breath as the locks snapped into.
  70. The dancer rested her head of long curly locks on his.
  71. We can try out your new locks on the way out the door.
  72. Stacey locks all the locks and runs into the basement.
  73. Punk had picked all the locks, sluiced out into the grid.
  74. An instant's fumbling with the huge locks and he was free.
  75. Gritting her teeth, she struggled to tame her wild locks.
  76. She has long locks of hair that seems almost translucent.
  77. I heard the locks turn, and the door slowly cracked open.
  78. Zipping her jacket up Suzy shuts and locks her front door.
  79. Pushes him back through the gate and locks it behind them.
  80. She locks herself into her room and reads and researches.
  81. File cabinets had dummy locks, or locks for dummies.
  82. Think of the little blond heads; think of the white locks.
  83. The room had a series of locks that Hitler carefully undid.
  84. Wool, Seven Horns, Strength, Lamb, Seven Locks of his Head.
  85. We did a little run-through on how to blow locks off.
  86. But this beauty had an eye for locks since she was a child.
  87. He said for me to change the locks when things cooled down.
  88. After unlocking all the bolts and locks, he led her inside.
  89. Nevertheless, locks are only used to keep your friends away.
  90. In the meantime, I’ve had all the locks and codes changed.
  91. He turned to watch Terwilliger snap the locks on a briefcase.
  92. BLAU FIDDLED WITH the gates and the keys and the double locks.
  93. Are you sure it’s that simple? What about the locks and.
  94. On the one hand was a sacred grave, on the other hoary locks.
  95. I almost slip free, but one strong arm locks around my waist.
  96. Marriage, of course, he said brushing a few stray locks.
  97. Lylas’ long hair as she washed the blood from his long locks.
  98. But what if it does? What if this weather locks us in?
  99. By this time the pirates had established targeting radar locks.
  100. She was more relieved for the new locks than she cared to admit.

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