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    1. May we all show courage in the face of the beast’s black maw and the darkness beyond

    2. He continued to carve water into the great grey maw of the tunnel

    3. weighed upon her shoulders as if she was walking into the maw of a deeply black and

    4. After two weeks of endless chatter and subtle revelation, after the constant highs produced by this new and wonderful friendship, I drifted down into the maw of the beast

    5. The sky weighed upon her shoulders as if she was walking into the maw of a deeply black and ebonised catafalque

    6. Vapors drifted from it's maw

    7. Every inch of their bodies were hidden within a layer of glistening steel, their heads covered in fanged helms that resembled the gaping maw of a wolf as it tore into its prey

    8. Regardless, they were definitely unwilling, eyeing LeCynic's black mailed guards with as much fear as they did the Rift, which hovered before them waiting to swallow them within its pulsing, black maw

    9. Ironbristles just smiled and put his hands on his waist, beaming proudly, “Yep, me maw told me I was the smartest one of the brood! Why, let me tell you, little girl, when I was a wee sprat, I was gonna—”

    10. Its open maw grew level with her knees

    11. "Get this thing off me!" Detective Inspector Grunt screamed as the last of his clothing disappeared into the maw of the whirring machinery

    12. For one terrifying moment he thought he was falling - falling into that big, jagged maw

    13. The smell from the creatures pouting maw was making him dizzy and Fin turned his head aside, gaze still locked on the wicked looking tongue

    14. It hesitated a moment, then lowered the upper part of its body, opening its great maw

    15. The Syclers maw opened further and descended towards her head

    16. Only later did I learn one could have come up underneath or beside our little craft and demolished it with one snap of its giant maw, or overturned us into that river of crocodiles

    17. Without further ceremony, the expedition marched into the wide-open maw of the storm

    18. Maw told me ta run over here an� gitcha ta help

    19. Regarding the money for MAW, Liz called and said that some people have already

    20. “Yeep!” I cried, looking into the rancid maw of

    21. The monstrous, winged Demigod spewed acid flame from his maw

    22. Thoth opened his sharp-toothed maw and released a bolt of green flame

    23. Before Jai could finish, before Ceder could remind him that he did not even have his knife with him, the lion stirred; the roar that emanated from his gaping maw blasted Jai onto his back in the soft sand and filled the entire room with spine-tickling reverberations

    24. Joe Billie saw his indomitable Stump locked in the croc‘s deadly maw, still tearing at its face

    25. ‖ Can spoke quietly as he focused on the crude shelter reflecting shadows from its gaping entrance like the maw of a giant fish

    26. help ma maw run that sorry preacher off from the church!”

    27. believed in, then it fell off and dropped straight into the gaping maw that had

    28. Perhaps one hundred of those fishbone needle teeth filled that maw

    29. Then comes Final Jeopardy and Alex has huge bat wings and tusks jutting out of his dripping maw and the audience is a choir of demons and the word “jeopardy” starts to echo in my head with such ferocity that I can barely make out the question

    30. Schmoozeglutton, as he came upon the first dead car, could see its glassy eyes, the maw of its grilled mouth, and its tough carapace

    31. Perhaps they were baiting the trolls into doing something stupid, into getting too close, only to be snapped apart by a big metal-toothed maw

    32. It choked as the stone landed in its gaping maw, stopping the acid from being projected

    33. That was ripped from the sword that had threatened his maw,

    34. out to meet in the middle of her inhuman maw

    35. monster"s maw opened wide and called for the revenge of its

    36. The serpent"s huge maw of white razors snapped an inch from

    37. Blue"s maw darted out of the water and snapped at his

    38. razor-filled maw belted out another war cry

    39. The beast turned its maw for

    40. And then, just as suddenly, the huge wave slowly withdrew, pulling the dead bodies of humans and animals with it, leaving them on the mud like dead fish and then, just as suddenly another giant wave hit, picking up everything once again and sweeping up everything in its hungry maw

    41. She was headed right into what appeared to be the dark maw of a gigantic sea creature

    42. just that huge maw

    43. maw into which they were swallowed

    44. Zem said, “Yer right Maw

    45. grin widened as I said, “You mean you wouldn’t mind being a Maw and me

    46. Sue said, “I wouldn’t mind being a Maw if it meant being with you

    47. Maw had her arms crossed over her chest with a

    48. Maw with his little shotgun

    49. Paw was stand next to Maw with a stern look

    50. I could just make out his fanged maw twisting with rage

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