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    1. There was a big empty hole in his lap

    2. • Stop using poisons that can harm your pets and hole! A king snake is also a natural enemy of the rattlesnake

    3. He had been among the first to leave the Kassikan and the city and hole up in the Chaparral of the Gengee

    4. She stole dad's toolbox and flashlight and started knocking out a crawlspace hole to search for mermaids in the walls

    5. Johnny started to dig a hole through his clothes, placing the Super Chip in the center of the hole

    6. Peter had some money in his coat pocket all of a sudden, though the change had fallen through the hole at the bottom and had spilled out all over the sidewalk

    7. Whoever was banging on the front door of my house sounded as though they wanted to bash a hole in it

    8. "So that's what I am?" Glenelle asked, "A backup?" An empty hole opened in her gut over that

    9. ” He slips through the hole in the fence, snapping pictures as he walks

    10. John looks over his shoulder in the direction of the firing, takes off his wedding ring slowly, studies it sadly for a moment, digs out a small hole in the ground with his hand, buries it, puts a rock on top

    11. After calculating the price I remembered that in addition to their value as collectors' items that the Hammerli Lenzburg could also put a hole in my head the size of an egg or shatter a knee-cap into irreparable splinters

    12. One of them was sitting back in his chair at the rear entrance to the building, with a hole the size of a human fist through his throat

    13. The Al-Harron's main section appeared to be a thousand-foot chunk of heavy rock with a hundred foot hole bored thru it that twinkled with containment fields

    14. Other than the hole of the reactor core, it was like any other small asteroid inhabited by Angels, in this case members of Paradis, the Angelic section of the aging theocracy called Talstan

    15. Knowing that I was sitting in a hole in the ground seemed to me to be an alien construct, something half remembered from another world, another time, another me

    16. I tried to pick at the frame of the grill so that I could steal a stray beam of light from the bulb in the corridor, but all that I did was aggravate the pin prick wound in my finger from the bullet hole in the trunk of the car that had brought me here

    17. At times we’d ride the bikes down the slope of Wavering Down there, seeing who would hit a rabbit hole first

    18. Where before I was alone in my silence, down in the hole, here in the apartment there was a difference

    19. After a few moments passed, a few moments in which I felt all of that confusion that came with my feelings for Jamie down in the rabbit hole, he continued, “It’s okay, Marwan

    20. Meanwhile, Son had just dug a hole in which he planned to burry his

    21. It was wrapped in a leather bag and concealed in a hole in some rotten panelling

    22. ground or jutting into a hole

    23. He eventually found the leese's bolt hole and reached in there as far as he could

    24. It might be dead, in which case someone was poaching his territory, or it might be too gorged from a kill to fit thru it's bolt hole

    25. She tried to squeeze any blood and dirt out of the hole and then keep it a little closed

    26. There was one shard of the frying pan big enough to cover the hole in the bottom so he put that in

    27. closer to heaven with a hole in his shoe

    28. and bullet hole blood

    29. The East Pole looked like a hole from the outside, but inside it went way back and had three levels, so that it was the size of a normal concert hall while still keeping the atmosphere of a hole

    30. The old man disappeared into the hole in the stage amid a shower of sparks and curses

    31. A very small hole was cut into the canvas so Collin could see

    32. ‘There is a hole in the hull, the barge will sink – you need to get all your belongings and swim for it

    33. The only idea he had was to try and make a hole thru the security from Thom’s instruments and allow signals to come in from Ava’s instance so the remote veron execution protocol could complete

    34. "What is hole space?"

    35. "And not only about hole space linkage

    36. Alexis dug the hole, wrapped him in his cardigan and put him in a cardboard box in the hole then covered it with flowers and soil

    37. The hole has been fixed and your studies will not be affected

    38. Think about it! With modern technology and a few million Euros this place could knock every other playground into a black hole and my dear little Kaliantikos Foundation will provide the bungs

    39. Everyone said so, everyone that is who didn’t know or cared not to know about the gaping hole at the heart of their relationship

    40. Even those close friends and relatives who knew about the hole were amazed at the couple’s loving resilience in the face of such deep shadow, and unlike so many people who find that their strength and union is built on sand rather than on firm foundations, Ken and Eileen simply wouldn’t let the darkness at the heart of their marriage tear their relationship apart, choosing instead to face their enemy in a committed search for the one thing that could complete the turn of the seasons in their lives

    41. Man and wife tended their plants, made sure that their supporting canes were securely tied, weeded and hoed beds, watered and pricked out, and through their horticultural therapy they began the process of contemplation, of imagining their lives lived forever in the shadow of the hole

    42. The next Sunday evening, with both of the Roach boys quite worn out by the wheeling of barrow loads of hardcore into the brick curtained hole where the new patio was taking shape, Helen Roach suggested her husband go down to the pub for a couple of beers

    43. Together we all go round to the back garden where Rob is digging a hole under the tree in the back corner

    44. The old man disappeared into the hole in the

    45. tree and found the hole, she passed the shopping trolley up to him

    46. Placement When a square cube will not fit into a circular hole then find

    47. “What did you do?” Ava asked, trying not to show the cold hole that had opened up in her vitals

    48. Mya placed the housing over the hole and welded it to the ship

    49. gaping hole at the heart of their relationship

    50. friends and relatives who knew about the hole were amazed at the

    1. “He’s split up with Ava, Ava’s been holed up since she made me that time, except when she went over to Kulai’s?”

    2. ‘He’ll be holed up with a sore head for days,’ he

    3. Maybe I had wasted my time holed up in that neighborhood so long

    4. Ignar’s Den, oddly, seemed to repel the fire, and it was there that Jeslin was holed up with Ayrim during the battle, and it was there that she now cared for the child and his father

    5. ‘Well, I’ve been holed up in this place for the last five years; the only time I can go out is with a B’tari escort

    6. “The abductors were holed up in a shack near the edge of town, but had spies skulking around, all to learn when the ransom would be paid

    7. A friend of mine says that he and some other bad people are holed up north of town on

    8. Willis and I are holed up in the top of a house

    9. I had been briefed in hurriedly on what the current tactical situation was: Eileen was holed up around the gateway on the after-world’s end

    10. Holed up in a safe house

    11. Rocky holed up with a chick

    12. It’s where Gino’s holed up

    13. The bank, and one armed guard holed

    14. he was holed up in prison

    15. Evelyn is holed up in Erudite headquarters with her factionless supporters, leaning over a map of the city

    16. holed up within the house

    17. Legend has it that “he holed up in a watchtower to get an unobstructed view of the sea

    18. been holed up in the Moscow hotel for almost a month

    19. it for something to do while we were holed up the past couple a

    20. across a small town where about twenty people had holed up in an

    21. If the worst happens, and the ship fills with water because she has foundered or been holed, the ballast stones will automatically be dumped by Translocation, and if necessary much of the cargo as well, until it has been freed of enough weight that the wood of her material is sufficient to keep her afloat

    22. “We’re wasting valuable time! We know that all the conspirators and criminals are holed up in Venak, and that King Renem’s a murderous bastard who’s in it up to his neck! We should blast that barrier down and arrest or kill every damn one of them! They know we’ll be coming for them sooner or later, and with every second that passes before we do, they’ll be that much more prepared for us! We have the power of this great military alliance, but Kevim and the rulers refuse to use it now, while it’s still likely to be effective! Our soldiers will end up paying for this indecision with their blood!”

    23. However, it appears doubtful that they will succeed before the Wards are holed

    24. He told Correlli about how Shawn's untrained eye mistook the holed hull of the M113 command vehicle for a bus and the VC in the open as the passengers

    25. Each crew chief let them know he was mightily pissed that his airplane was holed without causing any hurt on the bad guys

    26. While I’d been holed up in my bedroom

    27. Another forty minutes later she was holed up in the bathroom, nauseous and

    28. With Jan holed away in his ‘pimped out’ room, my evenings before the television are

    29. usually spent with Chantal, when she isn’t holed up in the office behind one of her computers

    30. knowledge, he’d been holed up at a local university campus

    31. ―I wouldn‘t expect you to know this, sir, but since you‘ve been holed up in this place, a

    32. After the season’s work he tramped to the nearest settlement and holed up for the winter drinking to his last coin

    33. “The last of the scientists and their families are holed up in some kind of vaults buried in the lowest levels

    34. "He must have holed up for the night, someplace

    35. meandered off in the direction of her grandmother holed up in her mother’s ship

    36. For a man like him, holed up in written reality, those stormy sessions that began in the bookstore and ended at dawn in the brothels were a revelation

    37. “Now that we’re all holed up in this place we need to think

    38. After several seconds of complete silence with absolutely no indication of movement from within, Feltus knocked again only more forcefully as if to give Underwood an impression of urgency, but still there was no response from the young man, the murderer, who was apparently holed up inside and very unwilling to admit his visitor

    39. � Yet, there was not a single trace of blood on either the vest or the equally holed shirt now resting on the bed

    40. “Shouldn’t we be moving on the Clevedon property? Someone may have her holed up there, or about?”

    41. Do you know where these guys are holed up?”

    42. The unfortunate crewmembers present in the holed compartments were brutally sucked towards the holes in the hulls, where they were either shred to pieces while their bodies squeezed through the breaches or they were themselves vaporized by the continuous laser beams

    43. This time, the bridge itself was holed to vacuum, while fragments flew all around, cutting and ripping through spacesuits and flesh

    44. Garcia felt immediate relief when he saw through Brittany’s eyes the people who had holed

    45. I knew that Bob was holed up near Needless and I was going to have to find a way into there or die trying

    46. Find out where they’re all holed up, and you’ll have a small fortune

    47. She is outside Camp David where certain members of Congress, the President’s Cabinet, and the President himself, have been holed up since 9:00 a

    48. The hull was holed in dozens

    49. All these detailed information have surfed since the instructions of the prescribed pattern had been followed out correctly, as otherwise the objective would been changed into studying the ingredients of a clock or on the other hand looking at the stars out from a holed spot relating out whatever had been staged out before

    50. ‘This is the famed pilgrimage of Balayogi,’ said Raja Rao as they reached Mummidivaram, ‘the saint who’s said to have been holed up in penance round the year

    1. No passenger ships had sailed since noonmeal, the next packet out was the Jemson's Luuker and she was ready to cast off so he had time for only the most cursory look but he did not find Venna or anyone answering her description on board, nor did he find her in any of the watering holes along the docks were someone would wait for a vessel's departure

    2. It’s bleeding from several bullet holes

    3. They fit in the ground and when set properly, will have their entrance holes at ground level

    4. 'Yes, he's desperately trying to remember the last time he saw it in there, but you know what these glory holes are like

    5. Even the walls weren’t safe as they blasted them with laser guns and searched the holes for any trace of the technological wonder that Ackers had clutched tightly in his hand

    6. His device was one of the new 3D ones with the seed pod with holes in it connected to a pair of spectacles by a piece of tough monofilament

    7. Their whale research seemed to involve puncturing the whale with several more holes than before

    8. dig the holes everywhere

    9. You can see it thru the vent holes," doostEr told him

    10. squinted in the bursting light, rubbed the black holes at the heart of his consciousness

    11. Those extroverts who tried it never lasted long and Rosy was left to cover the holes in the schedule, rehire and retrain the next warm body for the job

    12. ‘But, laughing aside, look at those holes there

    13. ’ He said, pointing out the holes which are now appearing in the hedge

    14. Christmas has made big holes in my stores of food and household items pretty well

    15. The keyboard was a little wooden plank with some holes drilled in it and an optical fiber coming out

    16. He had even accepted the fact that a phone here has a small crystal ball stuck in the end of a long seed pod with holes in it

    17. Some holes are keys, some are the speaker and mic

    18. he fussed and apologized impatiently, desperate for pot holes,

    19. across the turf, the lumps and bumps and mud filled holes,

    20. wearing a jumper whose holes are connected

    21. If he carefully packed big stuff over the holes it might work a little

    22. He had his full pack on once again, such as it was now with tent and blanket stuffed strategically to stop up the holes

    23. He pauses once more, his eyes virtually drilling holes in the deck he is gazing at it so emphatically

    24. Once there, Jerry cut air holes around the top, and they placed seats in it like a bus

    25. It has little plastic dots bulging out of the holes

    26. He fetched one of his gardening books from an alcove shelf in the living room and leafed through the sections that showed keen gardeners how to build walls and fill holes with hardcore, and as he read the hints, tips and instructions, Ken realised that his weary bones ached for a change

    27. And this has been going on how long? Fifty thousand years, a hundred thousand? God is at least as long as the big bang til all the black holes evaporate, but myself, I think he’s eternity before and after, and sees all time as one

    28. and, in fact, black holes may return again a star

    29. plugging the security holes, there are other less effective methods that you can

    30. build walls and fill holes with hardcore, and as he read the hints,

    31. earns wages to put it into a bag with holes

    32. boring holes through his soul

    33. As he paused, Poly said in a voice of resignation, “I suppose Tani and I will be using 'spoons' to dig the two and a half foot deep post holes

    34. Harry followed behind them setting and plumbing the poles in their excavated holes

    35. George came from the house after the project had advanced sufficiently and mixed concrete to fill the remaining spaces of the posts' holes as Harry moved on to the remaining ones opened up by the twins

    36. holes, through which the Thane stabbed and

    37. He looked down at the holes

    38. These four timbers,” he pointed, “will be sunk in holes here,” and he walked over to the levee break and indicated a place with his boot, then stepped to the next, “here, here, and here

    39. “Here is how you are to dig the holes

    40. “These holes need to be at least three feet deep

    41. ' More post holes were dug for several piers beside the kitchen/dining room exterior wall, with more concrete and squaring

    42. Wind blew through countless holes in the barn

    43. the crumbling roof and gaping holes in the walls

    44. She’d actually measured performance by holes in the sole of shoes

    45. She heaved the sack over the fence just as she was about to lose it, then checked her foot for holes

    46. blood began to seep through the pin-sized holes in his cheeks

    47. At the bottom of all four walls were circular holes the size

    48. from the holes you see at the bottom of the walls, until it has filled the room up to

    49. Would they find any holes in it?

    50. The key forger followed the structure of the master maps, searching for holes where the circle access might be

    1. Holing up with local strippers,

    2. banker, from the bank where there was an account holing credit, in the depositor’s

    3. “That’s gotta be where he’s holing up,” Randy said, pointing toward

    4. Now, when I take my poets up with into the forest, and sit on one of those dusky pine-grown slopes where the light is subdued to a mysterious gray-green and the world is quieted into a listening silence, and far away below the roofs of Jena glisten in the sun, and the white butterflies, like white flowers come to life, flutter after each other across the blue curtain of heat that hangs beyond the trees, now when I open them and begin to read the noble, familiar words, will not those other words, those anecdotes, those personal descriptions, those suggestions, those button holing, leer at me between the lines? Shall I, straining my ears after the music, not be shown now for ever only the instrument, and how pitifully the ivory has come off the keys? Shall I, hungering after my spiritual food, not have pushed upon my notice, so that I am forced to look, the saucepan, tarnished and not quite clean, in which it was cooked? Please don't tell me you can't understand

    5. Holing up at the Peninsula Hotel on Fifth Avenue we began preparations for the weekend event as well as the next day’s full slate of appointments we had scheduled with several O’Neil institutional clients with offices in the city

    6. While he was holing this position, the options moved from far OTM to almost ATM and increased in value from $0

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