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Mentality sätze (in englisch)

  1. Some have a herd mentality.
  2. They all had the same mentality.
  3. This is also the mentality that.
  4. Stay away from the herd mentality.
  5. They are almost the same mentality.

  6. The destructive mentality was there.
  7. Kings don't have a victim mentality.
  8. This is the same mentality for bonds.
  9. The pack mentality had always won out.
  10. They are all products of low mentality.
  11. I have suffered from the same mentality.
  12. The mentality of the Greeks is added and.
  13. Lose the ―See What Happens‖ mentality.
  14. He was at somewhat neutral mentality now.
  15. The Middle Class has a lottery mentality.

  16. It destroys their entire worship mentality.
  17. We are prisoners of the Bush Nazi mentality.
  18. Her mother gave her that mentality very young.
  19. It was the usual Adam control freak mentality.
  20. As a group, why the herd mentality, groups vs.
  21. They are just a holdover from the mentality of.
  22. The siege mentality of ego-fear-advantage rules.
  23. Basically, Josie, you've the mentality of a tramp.
  24. Stalin was also handicapped by a fighting mentality.
  25. They still had the earthly kingdom mentality, they.

  26. Elevate yourself above the survivor mentality.
  27. This often can lead to a can’t lose mentality.
  28. Did I need to adopt the mentality and confidence of a.
  29. The AFH has an inherent pack mentality, therefore it is.
  30. His mentality twirls with the invaluable compendium of B.
  31. Team sports foster dangerous pack mentality in young men.
  32. Jesus’ life speaks the exact opposite of this mentality.
  33. It was something that was in the mentality of the emigrant.
  34. You are educating me, my friend, in the female mentality.
  35. By contrast, an abundance mentality produces opposite results.
  36. If you have the mentality of both, it aids you in each field.
  37. I’ve heard of the accountant mentality, how you guys do.
  38. That's just another sign of being caught up in mass mentality.
  39. If you have a victim - we've been on victim mentality recently.
  40. It drew him back to the mentality that existed at his time in St.
  41. So, it’s not just a hillbilly mentality that spawns this evil.
  42. And he of all men was in full accord with that type of mentality.
  43. Zechariah mentions the same mentality of raping the woman, will be.
  44. Do you see the altogether twisted mentality expressed in the above.
  45. You can see reptile-bird mentality infecting human culture on TV….
  46. Th e cult mentality of company employees that is formed on ba-.
  47. A very definite them versus us mentality exists which can be exploited.
  48. She had been a weak woman with normal mentality programmed in her mind.
  49. But in actuality it is the Matrix that keeps us slaves to our mentality.
  50. This type of price actions has to take its toll on the bullish mentality.
  51. I could marvel at the works, but not admire the mentality of the builders.
  52. Dubner, Riding the Herd Mentality, Freakonomics Radio, June 21, 2012.
  53. The entire concept of the game has the mentality and perspective of a bird.
  54. A lack mentality will accept the statement of "money doesn't grow on trees".
  55. I guess that’s the advantage of a hive mentality, Erin said as she.
  56. Bird mentality is based upon the avoidance of direct resistance to everything.
  57. Court decision validates the fact that evil men with an Arab tribal mentality.
  58. But I disagree with this victim mentality and its ceaseless stream of excuses.
  59. Earlier in this course I talked about people who have a lottery mentality.
  60. Also, consider that most people are followers and believe in the herd mentality.
  61. Bring that mentality into the church: What can I get? How can you get me ahead?
  62. Killer mentality and somewhere there has to be a reward for my diligence and her.
  63. It exacerbates racial tension, and treats Blacks as having a childlike mentality.
  64. The point is: demanding to have a ‘job’ is pure slave mentality to begin with.
  65. On the side note, when you employ this mentality in your business, your customers.
  66. Eyes and consciousness unite in money mentality by not investigating the right way.
  67. I speak the tongue of a race the acme of whose mentality is the maxim: time is money.
  68. If you focus on the things you don’t or can’t have, you have a scarcity mentality.
  69. I often heard the phrase small-town mentality; somebody had this town in mind.
  70. Unfortunately the Western sun mentality is needed to achieve the need for such defence.
  71. But we simply cannot succeed in trading with a get-rich-quick mentality or any short cut.
  72. Now I know within me resides the mentality of a warrior that is needed to lead my people.
  73. Why is there a need to use such a tool when it only seems to emphasize our TV mentality?
  74. We'll you're in good company -- Komadze's gang of KGB thugs have the same bloody mentality.
  75. He had been very lucky so far in his life and he had the, „I"m All Right Jack" mentality.
  76. Yet, the middle-class mentality makes man seek monies to enjoy the false sense of security.
  77. Moses was without progress in a path of life that had killing, pharaohs and psychic mentality.
  78. This observation of his conversation will give us an idea of his mentality, nature & character.
  79. Chance had always possessed an all or nothing mentality; never giving in, unless told otherwise.
  80. Pirates counted on the it couldn’t happen to me mentality providing the prey they needed.
  81. To the civilized mentality: all industrialized duplication (mass production) is considered normal.
  82. The why and the how about gravity is finally explained and the dark ages mentality we have on the.
  83. He has the mentality of an infant, lacking any purpose beyond the gratification of his primary need.
  84. When it comes to extraterrestrial life, science is diametrically opposed to the evolutionary mentality.
  85. The same mentality that would send three companies of redcoats to subdue twenty thousand screaming Zulus.
  86. Thus any shooting could end up in the death of the attacker even without a shoot to kill mentality.
  87. For it is quite different to stop the ‘eye for an eye’ mentality and prevent it from being perpetuated.
  88. Why not? Once again we come back to the prevailing racist mentality that the white man always knows better.
  89. The 'retire at 65' mentality is for the lost and poverty-stricken - the digits on the counter - not for you.
  90. You don't give God your second-hands and your leftovers, but you see there's a mentality that gets like that.
  91. God wants us to move from that mentality into the mentality, the freedom, the liberty of being a child of God.
  92. There was this weird Lord of the Flies mentality among the upperclassmen, especially when someone new arrived.
  93. Thru the 1990’s there was this kind of mentality in this country that all needed to keep up with the Jones’.
  94. I assumed that one’s mentality and artistic nature influence which class of honoi they used, said Lezura.
  95. As soon as I let go of the diet mentality and all the things associated with it, I actually lost over 40 pounds.
  96. This was still a society with the serfdom mentality; the super rich viewed poor folk as nothing more than cattle.
  97. In contrast, people with an inflexible right and wrong mentality demand to be influential in social arrangements.
  98. It even includes sports, which are described here as having the effect of creating an "us-against-them" mentality.
  99. When thinking through risks, adopt an insurance underwriter’s mentality instead of relying on subjective measures.
  100. Only such a victim, with such a mentality, makes excuses and says, Do not blame me; blame the environment around me.

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