slip sätze

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Slip sätze (in englisch)

  1. I slip into his aura.
  2. As I slip it around.
  3. The slip of our core.
  4. It was a slip of mine.
  5. She tried to slip left.

  6. I have let things slip.
  7. A thin rolled slip of.
  8. She reached for the slip.
  9. Ah! The hours slip away.
  10. Is this a Freudian slip?
  11. Roman opened the call slip.
  12. Multar, and slip out again.
  13. He had given him the slip.
  14. He has given them the slip.
  15. One slip and shes a goner.

  16. Does nothing slip by him?
  17. I slip out of the dormitory.
  18. He watched the sky slip away.
  19. Not a thing did she let slip.
  20. Slip the coil out of the rod.
  21. It was a slip of the tongue.
  22. That was a slip of the tongue.
  23. But be careful and don't slip.
  24. Or will you slip more?
  25. He let it slip out of his hand.

  26. But if you slip on this bridge.
  27. I felt his arms slip around me.
  28. A slip of the tongue, naturally.
  29. He started to slip on his shoes.
  30. Did we slip up? he pleaded.
  31. I shake more than the wheels slip.
  32. Here's the deposit slip and the.
  33. Slip along, mortals; don't marry.
  34. She tried to slip out underneath.
  35. Consciousness began to slip away.
  36. Wow, I did it! I didn’t slip up.
  37. He handed her a confirmation slip.
  38. Rykus let her slip out of his arms.
  39. All she had on was this pink slip.
  40. Which caused me to slip out of her.
  41. She would slip him Acid, go for a.
  42. I slip them on, and he grins at me.
  43. Somehow I managed to slip as I went.
  44. He had given the detective the slip.
  45. It'll all slip through his fingers.
  46. Adj, slip the loop over the end.
  47. Airplanes slip in and out of clouds.
  48. They slip into the crowd and vanish.
  49. I could always slip you a mickey.
  50. And then they gave me the slip!.
  51. It wouldn't slip if I had to use it.
  52. Minutes had begun to slip into hours.
  53. Sometimes the thing would slip out.
  54. One slip and he will need a new hip.
  55. Slip the reigns and the top of the.
  56. I wasn’t supposed to let that slip.
  57. If he was to slip to his death, how.
  58. He hadn't meant to let that slip out.
  59. The slip fielders hooted and yelled.
  60. I picked up on his slip straight away.
  61. His ss's were beginning to slip again.
  62. I pull out the slip and show it to him.
  63. Small cutters couldn’t slip through.
  64. Even his secretary let something slip.
  65. You have to fill out the deposit slip.
  66. Whitton showed him the credit card slip.
  67. You are letting things slip away, all.
  68. I let Driscoll slip away from the ship.
  69. But having let this chance slip I was.
  70. I pulled out the slip with the address.
  71. He began to scribble on a slip of paper.
  72. Prevent being handed the Pink Slip?
  73. Mori handed him a slip of folded paper.
  74. I slip my hand into hers and hold tight.
  75. My slip on loafers and belt were black.
  76. The same slip from yesterday is on top.
  77. Let us slip out and see what we can see.
  78. I slip into the purity of Aaron’s beam.
  79. It was the check-in slip my dad signed.
  80. Then in the middle you slip in what you.
  81. Stacey lifted his arm to slip on the coat.
  82. There is too big a risk he might slip up.
  83. That was not a slip of the tongue!.
  84. George let the phone slip into its cradle.
  85. He certainly didn't let anything slip by.
  86. Like Atlas about to slip into the traces.
  87. It reminded Manda of an old lady’s slip.
  88. I figure we can slip through here and.
  89. TC had gone, probably to get a chalan slip.
  90. Yes, it was a slip of the tongue, Larry.
  91. But he gave us the slip by some fox-trick.
  92. Okay, I can handle a slip of the tongue.
  93. Give me a pencil and that slip of paper.
  94. I slip and slide back into the ditch again.
  95. Can she slip past him and into the street?
  96. I held the little printed slip to the light.
  97. If she knew anything, she let nothing slip.
  98. Eyes turn inward, and I can slip past them.
  99. Written on the slip were the names of the.
  100. It was simply a matter of a slip of speech.
  1. The day was slipping by.
  2. It was weak, and slipping.
  3. Slipping into her room she.
  4. She is slipping into a coma.
  5. Doubts: slipping in like eels.
  6. I'm not slipping you a trick.
  7. He was still slipping, sliding.
  8. An hour later, slipping into.
  9. Now that is a lot of slipping.
  10. The case was slipping away from him.
  11. You were slipping through my hands.
  12. He felt his hands slipping sweatily.
  13. He felt his energy slipping away as.
  14. Hee! his sense is slipping out of him.
  15. I didn’t count on my wheel slipping.
  16. Katie felt Chadwick’s hand slipping.
  17. The sun was slipping below the horizon.
  18. He ducked aside, slipping on the walkway.
  19. It was like slipping into another skin.
  20. Slipping capsules into his coffee was a.
  21. He felt he was slipping out of the saddle.
  22. She turned, slipping her arms around him.
  23. The window always open, the wind slipping.
  24. It fell, slipping over the foot of the bed.
  25. Melissa was slowly slipping away from them.
  26. The sky and slipping thorough smoked clouds.
  27. You’re slipping, Russell, Pooh jeered.
  28. William could feel it slipping from his grip.
  29. She was standing up and slipping on her robe.
  30. The rider was obviously slipping off his horse.
  31. Eventually, sensations started slipping through.
  32. It isn’t too hard slipping over tangled limbs.
  33. If you can think of any way of slipping out of.
  34. It isn’t the slipping that hurts them so much.
  35. She helped him by slipping them down her thighs.
  36. The stones in turn prevent the cord slipping off.
  37. Notch the poles to prevent the ropes slipping off.
  38. Slipping the crotch of my panties to one side, he.
  39. Joe was out of his seat slipping on his sheepskins.
  40. The floor was slightly rougher to prevent slipping.
  41. He stroked her roughly, his finger slipping inside.
  42. I do, she said, her arms slipping around him.
  43. How the hell does he keep slipping away? I said.
  44. He’s still slipping in and out of consciousness.
  45. With only the wind for music, slipping through canvas.
  46. The younger man nodded, tears slipping down his cheeks.
  47. But still they struggled on, slipping and tripping so.
  48. Slipping, pushing, shoving, he scrambled up the slope.
  49. The beasts were slipping away, frightened and cowering.
  50. They all funned and ran around, slipping, in the steam.
  51. She could feel herself slipping into that demented hole.
  52. Wow, this is great, he said, slipping off his coat.
  53. I stepped up beside him slipping my arm around his waist.
  54. I grabbed a terry robe off a nearby hook, slipping it on.
  55. Ashi had been watching the ice and snow slipping further.
  56. He wanted somebody and she was slipping out of his hands.
  57. Paul was slipping a heavy rain cape over his accumulated.
  58. Where are we? she asked, slipping on her sunglasses.
  59. Mackeller could feel the power of the rotors slipping away.
  60. Small intimations of guilt began slipping from her tongue.
  61. Although still highly profitable, EMC was already slipping.
  62. Slipping his hand into hers he quickly placed it in his lap.
  63. Horror filled Dane as he felt Athens’ connection slipping.
  64. Within moments of me slipping into the covers I was asleep.
  65. She felt as though she was slipping into a catatonic state.
  66. After a few seconds, he felt himself slipping from reality.
  67. It’s weird when you feel your dream slipping away from you.
  68. He does the same for me, slipping on my gloves, tightening.
  69. Her eyes cut to the doorway to see Mink slipping out of the.
  70. In the last few minutes before slipping into sleep he would.
  71. The Southwest kept a grasp but a slipping grasp on localness.
  72. Slipping without sound across the room, Cloud backed against.
  73. Life was slipping away from her; he would have to act quickly.
  74. He kept mysteriously slipping in and out of his role as Mr.
  75. Here, Angie, said, slipping a bottle into Manda’s hand.
  76. He feels everything slipping away, every turn a wrong one….
  77. Slipping off the shoe, she asked, Did that help at all?
  78. Couldn’t they sense the inevitable slipping up behind them?
  79. Now you are, he said, slipping the ring onto her finger.
  80. She bolted to the doors, nearly slipping on the polished floors.
  81. Rosamond, slipping her hand into Betty's as they left the table.
  82. Almost to the minute, as he was slipping into the water, Helga.
  83. After slipping them on, I walked back into my bedroom and froze.
  84. The afternoon was slipping by; the party was whirling about her.
  85. Gardening had tired the doctor, and he soon dozed off , slipping.
  86. The sun had set and the afternoon twilight was slipping into dusk.
  87. But you don’t feel your sanity slipping away if you miss Oprah.
  88. They began after the man, slipping stealthily through the crowds.
  89. He speaks before she can, the words slipping out in a tangled rush.
  90. Tears were slipping down Maria’s face as she asked, How?
  91. Slipping an inhaler from her cardigan, she took a couple of puffs.
  92. Maria left Lily’s dressing room, slipping into the adjoining one.
  93. He had a momentary sensation as if she were slipping away from him.
  94. Still, every time I saw Melody I felt like slipping her fifty quid.
  95. I think really he preferred slipping off quietly in the end,' said.
  96. The world is slipping steadily towards the confluence of multiple.
  97. Slipping the glasses into the pocket of his suit jacket, he folded.
  98. They were slipping our entries with no reason even in slow markets.
  99. Slipping in at the door he found that everything had been ransacked.
  100. Barrow, folding up his eyeglasses and slipping them into his pocket.
  1. I slipped on the ice.
  2. I slipped out of bed.
  3. He slipped out of bed.
  4. He slipped from the car.
  5. But a tear slipped out.
  6. I slipped mine into it.
  7. He slipped on his shoes.
  8. The cup slipped out of.
  9. It had just slipped out.
  10. He slipped into his coat.
  11. Yet, since I slipped by.
  12. He must have slipped out.
  13. He slipped a bill to the.
  14. She slipped into the water.
  15. I slipped it over my head.
  16. The bit slipped about at.
  17. She slipped in beside him.
  18. The grasp had slipped away.
  19. Fury slipped under her skin.
  20. Hazel slipped off his shoes.
  21. I slipped my hand into his.
  22. The year slipped by quickly.
  23. She slipped her hand into.
  24. Jared slipped into the bed.
  25. Brooke slipped into my room.
  26. He slipped through the door.
  27. I, so to speak, slipped out.
  28. I slipped in the bathroom.
  29. He slipped away up the steps.
  30. The doctor has slipped here.
  31. I slipped over to where the.
  32. I slipped my hand down from.
  33. It slipped open with a creak.
  34. Sophia slipped out of the car.
  35. Norah slipped her hand in his.
  36. His foot slipped off the gas.
  37. They slipped the rucksacks on.
  38. The days slipped away swiftly.
  39. The pistol slipped from his.
  40. Oopsies sorry my arm slipped.
  41. They slipped in quickly and.
  42. He slipped his arm round her.
  43. A tear slipped down her cheek.
  44. His eyes slipped on past and.
  45. Jesus slipped in Josephs arms.
  46. I think that is why I slipped.
  47. Then he slipped into his coat.
  48. Ashi shook her head, slipped.
  49. But I slipped through the door.
  50. But she never slipped for long.
  51. I rose up, slipped the bucket.
  52. They slipped in the studio door.
  53. Slowly she slipped off the top.
  54. Norah slipped her hand into his.
  55. Mitch slipped the collar over J.
  56. So Tom slipped away soundlessly.
  57. Rug slipped on the hall stairs.
  58. They had slipped into the past.
  59. Zem slipped it on as the back.
  60. I just slipped into the pew be.
  61. He slowly and silently slipped.
  62. Jeremiah slipped out of the room.
  63. She slipped out from under the.
  64. His arms slipped from her waist.
  65. He nodded and slipped it back on.
  66. He slipped his binoculars into.
  67. A little stream slipped through.
  68. He could easily have slipped out.
  69. Her cloak had slipped behind her.
  70. It’s too bad Wolfe slipped away.
  71. Drapaku slipped up to Shiva and.
  72. They both slipped off their shoes.
  73. Erin slipped on her goggles and.
  74. Seth slipped it into his backpack.
  75. His hand slipped round her waist.
  76. Skiddles must have slipped down.
  77. Mary slipped her hand into Theo's.
  78. But alas, he slipped from me too.
  79. He slipped out of the pool area.
  80. His gaze slipped to the partying.
  81. Nicolas slipped his hand into hers.
  82. Her husband slipped and he slided.
  83. He came back and slipped into bed.
  84. My steps had well nigh slipped.
  85. N'elent had slipped behind Rojan.
  86. He watched as she slipped them off.
  87. She slipped him a five dollar note.
  88. Quietly, he slipped into the water.
  89. He strained and the wrench slipped.
  90. It had completely slipped her mind.
  91. Tears slipped from Carolee’s eyes.
  92. A sharp gasp slipped from my mouth.
  93. He slipped the ring back into his.
  94. The telephone slipped from his hand.
  95. He slipped it back into his pocket.
  96. A tear slipped down Steve’s face.
  97. Donovan silently slipped into the.
  98. At that point my focus had slipped.
  99. He slipped on his shades and took.
  100. I dozed off instead and slipped.
  1. His smirk slips a bit.
  2. He cries out and slips.
  3. And with you slips away.
  4. He slips and rolls down.
  5. Aaron slips on his gloves.
  6. No more slips or it's over.
  7. If she slips again, I will.
  8. I have the withdrawal slips.
  9. He slips quietly into the flat.
  10. Dizzy, he slips onto all fours.
  11. Al’s hand slips from my mouth.
  12. Slips on the meat puppet glove.
  13. Looks around as he slips them on.
  14. That was a lot of rejection slips.
  15. The proof was in three long slips.
  16. Slips the house inside her pocket.
  17. Cold air slips across my bare skin.
  18. The door opens and Tobias slips in.
  19. The boy slips through the iron gates.
  20. It propagates from cuttings or slips.
  21. Corey slips on his winter denim jacket.
  22. The tide slips away, then climbs back up.
  23. B) Slips and falls, caught on projections.
  24. The amount columns on the slips are blank.
  25. The pen slips from their numbed hand and.
  26. The hostess walked away with our order slips.
  27. He turns his back to me and slips into his.
  28. But, sir, such wanton, wild and usual slips.
  29. You won’t be saying that when it slips out.
  30. He slips as he tries to step over the puddle.
  31. She twists, and coils, and crawls, slips out.
  32. All of the call slips were coming out of the.
  33. Jacob slips out too, leaving the beer untouched.
  34. She was holding a hat filled with slips of paper.
  35. Evil slips inside the healthy condition of moving.
  36. Inside the envelope were two folded slips of paper.
  37. She slips the can into the bucket and lets it fill.
  38. The battleship portion was a few slips beyond that.
  39. Amy slips the key from the ignition and watches him.
  40. We watch as a loved one slips further away from us.
  41. He closes the door behind us and slips off his shoes.
  42. It deals with columns of figures and slips of paper.
  43. Denny’s polo shirt slips off the chair to the floor.
  44. He slips down the side of the house, checking windows.
  45. Jeff Deutsch has had more than his share of pink slips.
  46. Cherrie moves back to the bed and slips under the covers.
  47. Shaun slips out and this time he does take the rear exit.
  48. Things like betting slips, beer, and soft-porn magazines.
  49. The pistol slips a millimetre, dragging against his skin.
  50. Inside are small slips of paper—just construction paper.
  51. He grabs a banana off the counter and slips up the stairs.
  52. Included are fifty withdrawal slips signed by Judy Withers.
  53. He slips around back, sliding in through the staff entrance.
  54. He took from his pocket the various slips of the dancing men.
  55. Devon whirls and Daniel turns so quickly that he nearly slips.
  56. That's twice I forgot to take slips from the library counter.
  57. He slips on a shirt that was in the pile of towels and sheets.
  58. Darling, you’re crying, he says as he slips out of me.
  59. Diedie immediately slips a sandwich and a cup of coffee to me.
  60. The president slips between the sheets, Betty Ford at his side.
  61. Oh, it's a long story, but let's just say that Oleg slips up.
  62. After a while, he slips apart, kisses her cheek and on her neck.
  63. His hands glide down her body and his left slips in to her jeans.
  64. She counts to three and slips the piece of paper into her mouth.
  65. Time moves, and expands and slips away before he answers softly.
  66. She takes out another one of the slips of paper and stares at it.
  67. One day the knife slips off the plate, he never notices—.
  68. The bookmarks were old slips of memo paper, folded once, lengthwise.
  69. Butler’s eyes lit up when he heard about the forged deposit slips.
  70. Teachers turn in their used permission slips for recycled aluminum.
  71. At the first opportunity, Gerard slips the guy a drug laced mickey.
  72. He slips away and chases the girl, leaving me with no one to talk to.
  73. Father started out toward the dock slips at the far end of the room.
  74. Yes, not much slips by her, why? he asked, and looked over the.
  75. The original hospital portion was in dry dock a couple of slips over.
  76. Although the scents and smells revealed other slips for a later time.
  77. When you open your mouth and something totally off the wall slips out.
  78. The Soul is rendered feeble by maladies when it slips into the fissures.
  79. However, occasionally something slips through that is quite interesting.
  80. He goes to his knapsack, pulls out his book and slips it into his pocket.
  81. D) Clothing caught on control levers or other projections, slips and falls.
  82. Cold slips over my skin and around my heart and into the pit of my stomach.
  83. He slips the medicine bottle into his pocket before answering my question.
  84. He holds up the condom, then puts it on the floor, and slips on his jeans.
  85. I ran the accounts and sorted the cash and filled out the deposit slips.
  86. Be sure to destroy the slips after the trick, so that no one may see them.
  87. Her eyes widen in surprise – an expression that easily slips into a grin.
  88. She slips it onto her index finger, where it catches on the second knuckle.
  89. He opens a chest of drawers and pulls out a t-shirt and quickly slips it on.
  90. She grins and slips away - not too far, but he misses the feel of her anyway.
  91. His finger slips through the fine lace and slowly circles around me – there.
  92. He slips half way and slides downward, but stops himself and continues walking.
  93. But all the other days, the boy slips through the gate and comes around the back.
  94. Her face slips into a pout as he guides her to her feet, then across to the door.
  95. A small hand slips into his, and he looks down to see Rapunzel following his gaze.
  96. He lifts his head and slips his fingers through my hair, tucking it behind my ear.
  97. Heat swells behind my eyes as I think of home, and when I blink, a tear slips out.
  98. Taking advantage of their lack of attention, Amy slips a piece of cheese to Fenrir.
  99. The recipes are printed on gummed slips [5×3] for easy pasting in your cook book.
  100. With shaking fingers, he picks up the ID card and slips the lanyard around his neck.

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