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    1. sister, they share the same father but different mothers

    2. "Because you have two clone mothers

    3. For all the Troll might of arms, the telling factor over time had been the tiny babies produced by Elven woman so that almost all mothers survived, instead of the average Troll woman's chance in those days, dying in her fourth or fifth childbirth

    4. Few women randomly chose to be single mothers in the Highlands, even here in the Gengee, so he doubted that any of his casual encounters were fertile

    5. knot of grim faced mothers

    6. In spite of the perfection of Paradis, and the certainty that every setting on every houri in his palace was a far greater symbol of delight than any of them, he missed the mothers of his children

    7. In these quarters, his life was so empty without the mothers of his children, no matter how delightful the scents of these gardens or exciting the challenges of his adventure parks or voluptuous the sculpture of his houris

    8. He would have no children without their mothers, it had to come from that

    9. The side of the ship where the mothers of his children should be languishing in the universe of their desires with castrated servants who delighted in moving furniture hither and yon

    10. There are mothers to be born in our hold, I have five daughters aboard

    1. Gen: 20:12: And yet indeed she is my sister; she is the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother;

    2. Deut: 33:9: Who said unto his father and to his mother, I have not seen him; neither did he acknowledge his

    3. ” He giggled and ran off while the mother read a magazine

    4. Hermann’s mother always said she had a terrible childhood growing up with Grandma

    5. Even so, she told Hermann that she still loved her mother and they should all love her and take care of her because she’s family

    6. She stared straight at the liquor on the shelves as if the Jager had insulted her mother

    7. His mother answered the phone

    8. Mom told me that she had a terrible childhood growing up with Grandma, though she said she loved her mother all the same and we should all love her and take care of her because she’s family

    9. Her mother thought Violet was the most adorable thing in the world, even more adorable than three white kittens fighting over jelly beans

    10. Violet’s mother thought that, given a pony, Violet would brush its hair and sing it songs and ride around while butterflies danced across their path

    1. Mothering themselves by the fire, hands firm

    2. But he responds to mothering

    3. analysis of the crucial role of mothering by women

    4. described? Does such a gender difference hold as a function of women mothering, and

    5. lt further lacks a sociocultural analysis of the nature of mothering and

    6. patriarchal context in which mothering occurs

    7. women's embeddedness in relationship a virtue, one fails to consider fully the source of this relatedness, which is not simply the mothering arrangement

    8. In the absence of mothering, these

    9. " Does this mean that it is fathering, not mothering, that is responsible for daughters developing these traits? I do not want to

    10. slice up experience in this way, but instead to consider sorne of the particular details of mothering and of fathering, along with their interaction, as they are performed in, and

    1. Kaitlyn mothered her, read to her, fetched and cleaned her, dressed and bathed her until at last Yolanda was inured to the constant motion of shipboard life

    2. Why do you think he needs to be mothered?”

    3. them, as well as to be mothered

    4. respected, but where women still mothered, would these notions still prevail? What if

    5. lt is clear that women are actively directed and guided toward a life of relatedness and caring, and not only as a result of being mothered in a nuclear family

    6. The man who raised her and who she had mothered in his alcoholic stupor, cleaning up after him, making excuses for him to friends, family, and employers for his irresponsibility, saving his butt time after time from being fired and losing relationships

    7. Nonetheless, his place in the Indian history should be secure as the founding father of its democracy, though he could have become the Caesar, and what is more, besides diligently nursing it in its infancy, he meticulously guided it into its adulthood; if Gandhi got freedom to India then Nehru mothered it into a democracy, which later his daughter Indira had set on a dynastic course

    8. So fathered by their hatred for the Jews and mothered by the delusions of ‘the hereafter’, both brought up by the Quran, the child of the Islamic terror was born in the womb of Palestine to the joy of the Musalmans

    9. and Leah Merrifield, who were co-workers that mothered me when my mother was

    10. Even though Katherine was only twelve years her junior, Irma mothered her as well

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    parent ma matriarch mama mom mommy

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    mother female parent beget bring forth engender father generate get sire fuss overprotect parent ma matriarch mama mom mommy