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    1. The tingle engendered by thoughts of the

    2. Hair - long, tangled, dark, hardly showing the dried blood staining it - wafted across the nearside rail, one moment draping the black-grey smoothness with deep brown tendrils, the next flying back whence it came, its roots firmly attached to the scalp that engendered it

    3. The tingle engendered by thoughts of the boy in the bar remained with her, stronger now, so much so that the strange compulsion to return home positively engulfed her

    4. She trotted over to the Professor and the three of them stared at it with the same sort of disbelief and wonder that would be engendered by the sight of the Pope juggling live piranhas whilst balancing on a flaming tightrope

    5. prospects…have engendered uncertain working environments in recent years while lowering expectations…habits are hard to

    6. Television has engendered a generation of Americans lacking imagination or (creative resourcefulness)

    7. freedom fighters during the Bay of Pigs invasion that not only failed to liberate the island at a most opportune time in history but subsequently engendered a domino effect of neighboring Marxist Dictatorships in our own hemisphere!

    8. Liberalism‘s gradual departure from traditional conventions and quasi/moderate viewpoints coupled with its uncanny fascination with centralized authority has engendered an utopic, foolishly optimistic worldview based on imaginary global assumptions rather than practical means

    9. Whatever the so-called political or social ―realities‖ that engendered this ill-fated decision by the present Administration and its congressional allies, notwithstanding the program‘s perceived failings, this bill sets a troubling precedent for other (established) laws that might otherwise be ignored in the manner of ―break it now, fix it later‖ approach to law ―enforcement

    10. Such viewpoints are oftentimes engendered by the perception of ―partial justice‖ as it seems to apply to a particular racial or ethnic group, influencing the (collective) mindset of that group seeking justice within narrower limits that typically define that group‘s self interests rather than the interests of society

    1. As children grow and experience success at each stage, their confidence grows, and they willingly take risks to develop new skills; engendering confidence and positive self-esteem

    2. How could the virus spread without contact? And how had it altered to a virus that killed, rather than just engendering feelings of intense rage in the subject?

    3. A depleted treasury must find creative ways of raising revenue however dry the well in order to pacify the demands of its citizens; engendering more spending promoting a vicious cycle of tax and spending policies sapping the energies and moral vitality of its productive citizens who grow increasingly cynical while the Rabble grows more demanding and the government more obliging

    4. We have reached a stage in our ―evolution‖ where, as a society, we are no longer willing or able to (either) appreciate or acknowledge the legitimacy of anything or any idea extending beyond our own immediate interests thereby engendering a Ptolemaic mindset where Man has become the center of his own universe

    5. They project to the masses an androgynous figure and enhance it by engendering the adoration of nudity and all things "natural" - or by strongly repressing these feelings

    6. By raising a culture of privacy pirates, we are engendering a generation with the expectation, entitlement and right 210

    7. Engendering a sense of powerlessness, while training one in the prowess of problem solving by eliminating the competition that hinders your innate, god given, and right granted exceptionalism, is a Tipping Point Therapy controlled and coaxed path to produce and direct a collective, that is systematically thwarted, to will violence

    8. Culture creates sustainable criminality by engendering futility and the maintenance of a guilty caste

    9. If games were like this, wouldn't they be played differently, purchased differently, teach us differently? It might be true that gamers prefer the dopamine thrill of uncertain rewards, but does this mean we are getting conditioned to being rewarded by uncertainty? Do we really want our paychecks to be a chance at double or nothing, or our retirement options nazi or nigger? Are we engendering a gameworld hedonism: all acts must be games, and all games must be rewarded? Is this the truth we are creating, just like we did with the Myth of Altruism, that there is no unrewarded or ungamed interaction?

    10. and endosymbiosis without engendering adverse effects

    1. In fact, to engender fear in as many people as possible had been the whole point of the US strategy

    2. Attacks on a society‘s culture engender far-reaching ramifications whose transformations, having taken on a (systematic) life of its own, are oftentimes difficult to perceive or reverse, for that matter, unlike the destruction of that society‘s formal (or physical) institutions that are much easier to perceive

    3. The former seek to provide an effective foundation (moral and spiritual as well as material), essential to their future well-being while the latter (unwittingly) engender a paralysis of will that stunts their children‘s emotional and intellectual development

    4. The belief in a Divine Being must necessarily engender conflicting loyalties between God and the self-appointed guardians of Historical Determinism whose (moral) authority must go unchallenged

    5. denials adopted by industrialized nations, (there is plenty of blame to go around), is setting the stage where the prospect for economic gain must inevitably engender our mutual destruction

    6. At least the name ‘von Brechtsler’ was not on the papers, which would be certain to engender questions

    7. Indeed they are inseparable from each other and inseparable from the vicious cycle that they engender

    8. These notions are commonplace in Irish society and in many other societies and engender enormous amounts of shame and guilt around sexual matters

    9. Only then did he discover that Amaranta Úrsula was not his sister but his aunt, and that Sir Francis Drake had attacked Riohacha only so that they could seek each other through the most intricate labyrinths of blood until they would engender the mythological animal that was to bring the line to an end

    10. through history have worked to engender democracy; they have tended

    1. The unsettling (perception) of being beholden to other people oftentimes engenders troubling notions of an individual‘s private failings that seeks its own outlet by projecting that individual‘s sense of frustration (and shame) on his or her ―benefactor‖ whether it be a family member, a close friend or someone more abstract like (the) taxpayer

    2. The confidence which we have in ourselves engenders the greatest part of that which we have in others

    3. "Now you see, Lahzhl, what lack of dignity and good sense the hotter southern clime engenders in this heedless folk

    4. “Truth (Satya) implies love, and Firmness (Āgraha) engenders and therefore serves as a synonym for force

    5. Deficient unification weakens the moral nature and engenders unhappiness

    6. The power of God engenders fear in the heart of man, but the nobility and righteousness of his personality beget reverence, love, and willing worship

    7. The flexibility that the CAPM engenders, however, may have led to some

    8. So, while sin is that which engenders bodies, acts of piety enable a man to realize the indestructible, eternal essence after which the Soul is freed from the compul-

    9. Ceaseless change, however, creates confusion; and interminable, irresolvable, confusion engenders apathy

    10. Thus, infinite options engenders a sense of choicelessness: “It doesn't matter what I choose, in the end they're all the same

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    get produce bring about create raise excite give rise to beget breed generate

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    beget bring forth engender father generate get mother sire breed spawn produce bring about create raise excite give rise to