nonentity sätze

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Nonentity sätze (in englisch)

  1. She was a nonentity.
  2. Gay Marriage —An oxymoron, and a nonentity.
  3. He clearly counted the latter as a nonentity.
  4. He was as close as one could come to being a nonentity.
  5. What universal binomial denominations would be his as entity and nonentity?

  6. How ironic it was, Kate thought, that her terrible punishment had come from the meek little nonentity she married.
  7. You will see, of course, in this idea nothing but insolence, violence, the triumph of the nonentity over the talented.
  8. Harry Truman, a virtual nonentity unknown to most Americans before his nomination as Vice President, became President after Roosevelt's death.
  9. He reckoned that if only they could pull it off for a nonentity against all odds, then that would take Global to the top of the lobbying world.
  10. A drab, nonentity: a fictional character: who wears an overcoat, carries a hidden gun of hate, and wears a hat: going into dark alleyways, into the secret lives of the rich: uncovering their corrupt evil, gloating over it.
  11. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d murdered fellow vicars to make a point, and the public execution of the only two members of the Group of Four willing to confront him would make him, not the nonentity sitting on the Grand Vicar’s throne, the unchallenged dictator of Mother Church.
  12. Our marriage has been nothing but your proving to me all the time, every hour, that I am a nonentity, a fool, and even a rascal, and I have been all the time, every hour, forced in a degrading way to prove to you that I am not a nonentity, not a fool at all, and that I impress every one with my honourable character.
  13. Do you know, I gave her the most delicate instructions, so to speak, for inviting that lady and her daughter, you understand of whom I am speaking? It needed the utmost delicacy, the greatest nicety, but she has managed things so that that fool, that conceited baggage, that provincial nonentity, simply because she is the widow of a major, and has come to try and get a pension and to fray out her skirts in the government offices, because at fifty she paints her face (everybody knows it).

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