zilch sätze

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Zilch sätze (in englisch)

  1. It was zilch.
  2. Nothing, nada, zilch.
  3. The bombing had achieved zilch.
  4. I would say our chances are zilch.
  5. It just went to show he knew zilch.

  6. What commitment had Alex made? Zilch.
  7. Zilch for you, you fuckin’ strumpet!.
  8. The zilch conclusion had grown over three years.
  9. Nothing said you’re zilch to me as a little butt-swagger.
  10. Then, she looked up, at her mom, still zilch of words, and floating.
  11. Of course, what were the odds that she would ever get down to Houston? Zilch.
  12. More than an hour had passed since the high-noon deadline and the result was zilch.
  13. She’d gone through CAL, the Chronicle’s on-line archives, and come back with zilch.
  14. As I think the history of the Vietnam War shows, Nixon’s zilch memo was accurate.
  15. It is significant to see what happened after Nixon declared that the bombing had achieved zilch.

  16. In an entry for Saturday, January 1, 1972—two days before the Zilch memo—Haldeman wrote:.
  17. But for many other members of online dating sites, it seems that getting a chance for a date is zilch.
  18. Apparently my lost weekend had zilch to do with my being laid off with 10k others, two years later.
  19. With all respect, being a copper in Manchester or wherever for twenty years, counts for zilch in our mean streets.
  20. Wow! What are the infinitesimal chances of finding myself right here on this patch of real estate? I mean, the odds must be virtually zilch.
  21. It appeared that she condoned that kind of behavior, and when after all that I was referred to as „nutjob, Mum just stood there and did zilch.
  22. The commander-in-chief who had directed the bombing in Southeast Asia for nearly three years was declaring that the result was zilch and a failure.
  23. Kissinger wrote Laird that as a result of a National Security Council meeting on February 2, a month after the Zilch memo, Nixon had made the following decisions.
  24. Suppose, I asked Butterfield, that a reporter for The Washington Post in January 1972 had obtained a copy of the memo with Nixon’s declaration of zilch and failure.
  25. Though not aware of Nixon’s Zilch memo, Ken Hughes, a researcher at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, and an expert on Nixon’s tapes, has found significant new evidence about Nixon’s actions in the Vietnam War.

  26. They were the ones who Chloe thought zilch of, he was the one with relevance to her and after all this time he thought that wouldn’t matter, but in a detached unimportant way it still represented as something to think about and hold onto.
  27. In the president’s own handwriting he makes an unambiguous declaration that a major and controversial part of his strategy—the intensive bombing for the first three years of his presidency and previous four years by Johnson—had achieved zilch and was a failure.

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