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    1. your mouth’s confession, but only if do not nullify it with the words of

    2. Debra was only needed in a small way to nullify that power

    3. These tastes nullify the effect of sweets and purify the blood

    4. There is technology which can nullify the natural decay process

    5. I find it quite troubling whenever an (activist) judge eagerly concedes the legal ―rights‖ of a terrorist (at the risk of endangering the lives of law-abiding citizens) who would otherwise nullify, without pause, the very laws that he or she conveniently utilizes for his or her own (legal) advantage

    6. Because science, suffering through the wounded pride of the non-acceptance of its well-intended discoveries, has built battlements of intellect with which to nullify the answers of old, and with which some of its participants attempt to seek to discharge their senior partner with the cry of obsolescence, we have a fratricide, reminiscent of the biblical Cain and Abel, that could lead to the unintended demise of one or both

    7. To take everything scripture teaches regarding this subject and nullify it on the basis that some graves have been pillaged is the same as saying: “My child stole a cookie, therefore I amputated his hands”

    8. You can not dilute and nullify the Word of God with silly and stupid, but politically and socially correct arguments to nullify his statutes, laws and the perfect examples He gave us!

    9. This means: If you have a number of versus which portrays a certain teaching throughout scripture, you cannot take one verse, completely out of context, to nullify or wipe out all the preceding verses

    10. Aware of his dissertation’s controversial nature, he made a conscientious effort to prove every issue to nullify possible attacks even before he was called to defend it in May of 1976

    1. Using a future-sent technology that would once have been deemed illegal by the Temporal Directive, Zolla was able to scan each ship’s computer systems, one of which contained a database for an experimental nullifying agent; a program had been running to find an adequate formula – a suitable molecular structure

    2. Each assault was moving in its own way toward bypassing and eventually nullifying constitutional restrictions on power

    3. After subverting the First Amendment, they are well on their way to imposing tyranny upon us by nullifying those of the remaining freedoms that stand in their way

    4. Cities force people to travel in crossing patterns… they force people to be at cross-purpose to each other, they force All human energies to be in a continual state of conflicting cross-purposes because all of their goals, all of their motivations, all of their destinations, where they want to go are at cross-intents, cross purposes to each other until you get gridlock… until you get all human energy nullifying itself into an insulated frenzy of meaningless useless activity with no good end results

    5. He rose above all human imperfections potentially nullifying their effect in relation to their spiritual disparity between the Perfect and the imperfect, between the Creator and the created, between the divine and the human

    6. But he had just heard something from Standish which, while it justified these surmises about Will, offered a means of nullifying all danger with regard to Dorothea

    7. The thought immediately occurred to him that his promise to Prince Andrew was of no account, because before he gave it he had already promised Prince Anatole to come to his gathering; “besides,” thought he, “all such ‘words of honor’ are conventional things with no definite meaning, especially if one considers that by tomorrow one may be dead, or something so extraordinary may happen to one that honor and dishonor will be all the same!” Pierre often indulged in reflections of this sort, nullifying all his decisions and intentions

    1. Once a woman conceives a child, however, self-rationalization that seeks its (own) moral comfort level is (necessarily) nullified inasmuch as another human life (fetus) is equally entitled to the same legal rights and privileges that that woman claims for herself

    2. On the other hand, some of the best of the scholars of theology, having at first set out to verify and sanctify their faith through the studious investigation and correlation of the answers of old, have stumbled over an exception that they believe has nullified the basis of the faith that they once had

    3. Louis Lochner owned a bakery affected by the new regulations and sued in federal court to have the New York law nullified, claiming that it violated his Liberty of Contract

    4. There the court declared the Negro to be of an inferior race, and nullified congressional efforts to reach a compromise over slavery on the eve of the War Between the States

    5. However, he soon learned that Candace, responding to complaints by her subjects, had secretly nullified some of his directives, thereby pounding another nail in the coffin of their marriage

    6. field When the fields were nullified, the cells positioned themselves ran-

    7. The night was cold to the bone, but the Orderrans had an internal heating organ that vibrated to produce heat and nullified the cold

    8. One of the pillars, along with most of the solar-powered engines, were sent to the northern states of Parslo and Leoj, were the cold that wrecked the land was nullified by the heat absorbed by the pillars in the summer, and spread throughout the lands in massive channels dug across the states, increasing crop production

    9. The Germans generally had a higher level of combat experience in Normandy and the terrain vastly favoured the defender and somewhat nullified the benefits of Allied air superiority

    10. It achieved a considerable measure of success, but the effect was nullified by the failure of the left pincer

    1. Also it nullifies agreements

    2. Christianity, Islam and Judaism) faith is emphasised in the face of conflicting information which nullifies ‘useful’ information

    3. “We’re assuming that whatever property of tasrac nullifies explosives, also causes the power drain that we’ve observed

    4. Be very observant of body talk gestures or tics that really complements, justifies or nullifies what is being said

    5. applies, that statement nullifies Newton’s claim of mass that attract mass and put to question the reliability

    6. Just by calling the circle motion in terms of what applies, that statement nullifies Newton’s claim

    7. of what applies, that statement nullifies Newton’s claim of mass that attract mass and put to question the

    8. But God nullifies what Satan interjects, and God affirms His revelations

    9. In speculative situations, those “on the inside” often have an advantage of this kind which nullifies the premise that good and bad changes in the picture should offset each other, and which loads the dice against the analyst working with some of the facts concealed from him

    10. The general military conscription nullifies all those advantages of social life which it is expected to protect

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