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    1. To use technology able to neutralise radiation seemed like the philosophic equivalent of creating a temperate biosphere for ice-age cavemen

    2. Identify the threat, find the threat and neutralise the threat

    3. Our task is to locate the source of the problem and neutralise it,

    4. Con handcuffed Reins to a wall bracket, assisted Rex to neutralise his nurse, then ran out in search of Farzdbuk

    5. With a bit of luck between them they could neutralise the risks

    6. All attempts to neutralise the force-field had failed, there

    7. It was airpower, and to achieve air superiority the Luftwaffe would have to neutralise the RAF

    8. Combined with massive Stuka attacks, they were planned to neutralise British coastal defences and prevent the Royal Navy from attacking German troop transports

    9. They neutralise gravity

    10. “So the third stage,” replied Algar, “must be to empty their bank accounts and neutralise their paymasters so that they have no cash with which to re-arm when we deal with their stockpiles

    11. There was an army of people out there trying desperately to get hold of the cause of the situation and neutralise it with as little attention as possible

    12. Being in orbit has to neutralise

    13. Being in orbit has to neutralise the pulling and then

    14. orbit has to neutralise the pulling and then cancel the pulling concept that also became culture

    15. Being in orbit has to neutralise the pulling and

    16. These use 2 filters: a grease filter to remove air born cooking residues and a carbon filter to neutralise smells

    17. To neutralise this adaptation we use advanced variations of asanas

    18. Option market makers use the option delta to delta-hedge, which means to neutralise the risk associated with the spot market moves

    19. Many will exclaim that these several causes are amply sufficient to neutralise the power of natural selection

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    neutralise neutralize negate nullify do in knock off liquidate waste