avoid sätze

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Avoid sätze (in englisch)

  1. Avoid it at al costs.
  2. We have to avoid her.
  3. To avoid this kind of.
  4. And try avoid all crime.
  5. No, I could not avoid.
  6. One to avoid: soy milk.
  7. She kept low to avoid.
  8. He also wants to avoid.
  9. It was a place to avoid.
  10. Firstly I try to avoid.
  11. I�d like to avoid that.
  12. Not if I could avoid it.
  13. I want to avoid them.
  14. How do you avoid it?
  15. I’d like to avoid that.
  16. Try to avoid catnip stems.
  17. He did not want to avoid.
  18. M: You cannot avoid action.
  19. He was unable to avoid it.
  20. Girls avoid the pimply lot.
  21. As a general rule, avoid.
  22. When she dodged to avoid.
  23. You find ways to avoid it.
  24. Avoid soy products for now.
  25. I avoid them, when I can.
  26. Was there no way to avoid.
  27. I avoid the bars we visited.
  28. You cannot avoid this fact.
  29. They wanted to avoid Brad.
  30. It will avoid the pain of.
  31. We must avoid this mistake.
  32. Avoid joints in the wiring.
  33. We also want to avoid the.
  34. To avoid the setting up of.
  35. The doc says to avoid booze.
  36. That is why you must avoid.
  37. To avoid this, we tell our.
  38. It is best to either avoid.
  39. We must avoid job pollution.
  40. Instead of trying to avoid.
  41. Avoid milk chocolate as well.
  42. This will help you to avoid.
  43. You must avoid all thoughts.
  44. My own opinion? Avoid this!.
  45. But the devout will avoid it.
  46. I always told myself to avoid.
  47. I was hoping to avoid that.
  48. Avoid anything with pork or.
  49. So to avoid getting off the.
  50. I can't avoid this any longer.
  51. Will they ever learn to avoid.
  52. He knows the pitfalls to avoid.
  53. How to Avoid the SEO Quagmire.
  54. I hug myself to avoid his hand.
  55. Avoid these costly delays by.
  56. Avoid power struggles in love.
  57. I decided to avoid an argument.
  58. He could not avoid a list of.
  59. Its a way to avoid all those.
  60. But we can’t avoid this one.
  61. Avoid the hot tub after a race.
  62. They avoid other living things.
  63. Avoid standing for long periods.
  64. Thus, it is best to avoid them.
  65. You cannot avoid it any longer.
  66. Not if I can possibly avoid it.
  67. Maybe he's trying to avoid me.
  68. This helps teams avoid finger.
  69. Avoid one-way flows into this.
  70. That way you avoid any friction.
  71. But the wretched will avoid it.
  72. I managed to avoid her, though.
  73. You want to avoid this at all.
  74. Avoid this stuff at all cost!.
  75. You can avoid asking questions.
  76. But I did try to avoid the new.
  77. As for drinks, avoid the sodas.
  78. Maybe they could avoid that row.
  79. Avoid loud and aggressive per-.
  80. I avoid her piercing green eyes.
  81. Avoid using your nails as tools.
  82. Man should avoid drug addiction.
  83. But avoid giving half knowledge.
  84. Avoid negatives like the plague.
  85. I couldn’t avoid hearing them.
  86. Avoid alcohol on your cheat day.
  87. Thus, the analyst should avoid.
  88. Avoid Slow Pay/No Pay Customers.
  89. Avoid the latter where possible.
  90. Joseph did his best to avoid her.
  91. Avoid the woman on top position.
  92. Use common sense, and avoid abuse.
  93. You should avoid them completely.
  94. I’ll make a note to avoid it.
  95. To avoid this heavy amassing of.
  96. Avoid the eyes of our fellow man.
  97. Avoid using soap in the anal area.
  98. Avoid wide open spaces and tall.
  99. Avoid contact with corded phones.
  100. They did this in order to avoid.
  1. On Avoiding the Big Loss.
  2. I think he's avoiding me.
  3. I have been avoiding him.
  4. He's avoiding it, as always.
  5. He seemed to be avoiding me.
  6. She was probably avoiding him.
  7. She found herself avoiding eyes.
  8. Seems like you been avoiding us.
  9. I turned away, avoiding his gaze.
  10. After three days of avoiding the.
  11. There was no avoiding the meeting.
  12. He said she had been avoiding you.
  13. Try avoiding it as much as you can.
  14. There was no avoiding violence now.
  15. There was no avoiding the voice now.
  16. Spent the day avoiding Tommy Carter.
  17. But there you are, also avoiding me.
  18. She had always been a pro at avoiding.
  19. But he was avoiding contact with her.
  20. Who you were supposed to be avoiding.
  21. His avoiding her was quite at an end.
  22. Jung; moreover, it enables avoiding.
  23. She's been avoiding me the whole night.
  24. Thus, by avoiding the offense of the.
  25. Avoiding their pursuers, the company.
  26. The next day, Ash was still avoiding me.
  27. Avoiding the pitfalls of the prophetic.
  28. Usually they are avoiding other people.
  29. Or should we possibly be avoiding many.
  30. We were purposely avoiding the hospital.
  31. There’s something I’ve been avoiding.
  32. This time there was no avoiding Vronsky.
  33. Were they avoiding an easier resolution.
  34. I think you’re avoiding the question.
  35. Passing the dull while avoiding the void.
  36. She was avoiding this part of the hospital.
  37. He noticed she wad avoiding the broccoli.
  38. She bit her lip, her eyes avoiding Ben’s.
  39. I got really good at avoiding the reprimand.
  40. Some doctors suggest avoiding eggs, either.
  41. He stroked Blaze’s head, avoiding my stare.
  42. Mostly, it has to do about avoiding enemies.
  43. He stayed on the highway, avoiding the Strip.
  44. Perhaps you should stop avoiding the classes.
  45. The second country that I’ve been avoiding.
  46. She had been avoiding the question until now.
  47. Instead of avoiding challenges, jump into them.
  48. She nodded, knowing he was avoiding her question.
  49. Porphyrius withdrew, avoiding Raskolnikoff's eye.
  50. You have been avoiding the problem for too long.
  51. Avoiding the colossal trees, full of wonder, he.
  52. They have tried to find ways of avoiding boredom.
  53. You’re avoiding my question, she snapped.
  54. Avoiding the mirror, he turned all the lights on.
  55. Anne groaned to herself, avoiding Eloise’s gaze.
  56. Avoiding Deception Other ways to keep on the path.
  57. I’ve been avoiding coffee…’ he said quietly.
  58. Avoiding rancid oils is one of the keys to health.
  59. So far, the soldiers seemed to be avoiding trouble.
  60. I ended by avoiding meeting her as far as possible.
  61. Avoiding procrastination means you don’t have to.
  62. I was beginning to think you were avoiding me, Mr.
  63. I ran my hands over the wal s avoiding the symbols.
  64. He was avoiding looking at the victim, wasn’t he?
  65. It was obvious both he and Scott were avoiding eye.
  66. We helped in avoiding oblivion, so the memory of.
  67. Our greatest strength will lie in avoiding detection.
  68. There is no excuse for avoiding this responsibility.
  69. He backed away, ears retreating, eyes avoiding Laura.
  70. Moderation simply means avoiding any gross imbalance.
  71. We thought we were avoiding a hunt, but it seems not.
  72. Well, I wouldn’t call it avoiding, I protested.
  73. I stopped avoiding people and ignoring people in the.
  74. In these cases, avoiding the offending supplement or.
  75. Carrie knew her days of avoiding it would soon be over.
  76. You maneuver yourself under him avoiding kicking legs.
  77. We stood silently in the congested bar avoiding each.
  78. Even when one succeeds in avoiding the dangers of the.
  79. Smoke can be seen and there is a chance of avoiding it.
  80. The bike ascended abruptly, barely avoiding a collision.
  81. Petra sat across from him, carefully avoiding his boot.
  82. He knew the waitress was avoiding cleaning their table.
  83. She stood, avoiding his eyes, and headed for the kitchen.
  84. He added that avoiding these feelings creates emotional.
  85. He mumbled something about avoiding a follow-on, which.
  86. Alex turned toward the stairs, avoiding the front office.
  87. Or maybe he had ruined it by forever avoiding commitment.
  88. I’m sorry, he added, avoiding her pleading stare.
  89. But in effect I was also avoiding the problem, so it was.
  90. No of course not, he said while avoiding eye contact.
  91. Instead of avoiding the fear, turn 180° and go towards it.
  92. Yes, it’s wise in the sense that avoiding that double-.
  93. I went 540 kilometers due south while avoiding that storm.
  94. Avoiding the pitfalls of the prophetic PROPHETIC PROTOCOL.
  95. Late for what? asked Jacob, avoiding his bother’s.
  96. There is no way of avoiding the inevitable recriminations.
  97. Cador turned pale as the truth he’d been avoiding sank in.
  98. Avoiding indigestible carbohydrates and excessive fiber (e.
  99. Count and a few other friends of hers were now avoiding her.
  100. However, there has been success in avoiding full scale war.
  1. He had avoided the C4.
  2. Many have avoided the Null.
  3. He could be easily avoided.
  4. I wish it could be avoided.
  5. Well, we avoided the rally.
  6. And they still avoided her.
  7. They were avoided by people.
  8. The aforesaid avoided my eyes.
  9. Once you feel you're avoided.
  10. Sao Paulo could not be avoided.
  11. She had completely avoided me.
  12. They both avoided eye contact.
  13. We have carefully avoided, Mr.
  14. But this stress can be avoided.
  15. This situation can be avoided.
  16. Your questions will be avoided.
  17. At first I avoided eye contact.
  18. I always avoided it if I could.
  19. It seemed his eyes avoided ours.
  20. Could we have avoided all this?
  21. But it couldn’t be avoided.
  22. Caris nodded and avoided her eye.
  23. The old general avoided his eyes.
  24. Trans fats should also be avoided.
  25. But Polk avoided war with Britain.
  26. He avoided her gaze and she knew.
  27. However, they should be avoided.
  28. We have avoided that problem here.
  29. At least I avoided the snappy end.
  30. Tobias avoided thinking about that.
  31. I think even the mailman avoided.
  32. I had avoided Deitus the last two.
  33. They studiously avoided each other.
  34. The College Hospital to be avoided.
  35. He neither sought nor avoided Anne.
  36. Even the other outcasts avoided me.
  37. We avoided one another, and waited.
  38. That is to be avoided at all costs.
  39. At least you avoided the handcuffs.
  40. Jealousy should be avoided at all.
  41. Alcohol and drugs should be avoided.
  42. The whole day I had avoided Augus-.
  43. He avoided me for an hour, but just.
  44. The other slaves avoided both groups.
  45. I always avoided you—you know that.
  46. Avoided Wars with Britain and France.
  47. Lanson avoided looking at the white.
  48. They avoided her street from that day.
  49. Flat tones and hard edges are avoided.
  50. But you avoided the topic of Saturday.
  51. Perhaps he could have avoided all of.
  52. Speculations are best avoided as well.
  53. I avoided the sheer craziness of the.
  54. She avoided it incessantly’, he said.
  55. Yes, I don't suppose it can be avoided.
  56. Both avoided any allusion to the future.
  57. It always happens: it is never avoided.
  58. All of this could have been avoided.
  59. He was shifty-eyed and avoided my gaze.
  60. And bands of any size were best avoided.
  61. He once again avoided Punk's bat as he.
  62. The railway official avoided controversy.
  63. Even the doomsday followers avoided him.
  64. This was a practice I generally avoided.
  65. But needless conflict should be avoided.
  66. He probably avoided being alone with her.
  67. These days, I avoided my parents, as well.
  68. Both lessons have been avoided by humans.
  69. We avoided our designed purpose on Earth.
  70. He avoided looking at the woman directly.
  71. Andrew avoided eye contact with the rats.
  72. This can be avoided by use of probiotics.
  73. He was also avoided, not because of his.
  74. Kerala avoided his eyes and shook her head.
  75. Fights with other cats should be avoided.
  76. After being avoided and taunted by their.
  77. No wonder my mother avoided coming in here.
  78. Elowen noticed how he avoided making eye.
  79. The Titans have avoided spreading the word.
  80. She had avoided the language as much as Don.
  81. Second-hand smoke should be avoided as well.
  82. Whenever there is any truth: it is avoided.
  83. They avoided her eyes, and began to shift.
  84. Cheese too should be avoided or kept at a.
  85. He avoided my eyes and walked right past me.
  86. Extremes of heat and cold should be avoided.
  87. You knew that, when you avoided the coroner.
  88. They have withstood or avoided or repelled.
  89. More than once he narrowly avoided bumping.
  90. To think that she could have avoided this!.
  91. Historically, the Apache avidly avoided the.
  92. In almost all cases, they should be avoided.
  93. They can be mitigated but not fully avoided.
  94. During Dieter’s stay, she avoided him as.
  95. In truth, wars can really be ended or avoided.
  96. Then he often avoided her and went with Edgar.
  97. I had avoided it at every share group so far.
  98. But the islands were few, and easily avoided.
  99. He avoided the worst of the heat by keeping.
  100. She avoided looking at him, avoided his gaze.
  1. She no longer avoids anything.
  2. This avoids any burn-out of any.
  3. Henry Wallace Avoids the Cold War.
  5. This avoids a whole heap of pitfalls.
  6. Finally, it lacks system that avoids.
  7. The officer longs to admire it, but avoids it.
  8. Luke avoids using the word soul in Luke 12:4-5.
  9. Science avoids admitting what it doesn’t know.
  10. It is no wonder why she hates you and avoids you.
  11. The tourism industry also avoids mentioning the.
  12. The person commonly avoids thoughts of the event.
  13. No wonder Warren Buffett avoids technology stocks.
  14. Yes, it avoids almost all the impact of the jump.
  15. He avoids two of the hardest decisions in investing.
  16. It avoids duplication of the same page in more than.
  17. If he still avoids you then just don't deal with him.
  18. I cannot plot a course that avoids detection by JORN.
  19. Luke avoids using the word psukee (soul) in Luke 12:4-5.
  20. This avoids the plants growing during peak summer months.
  21. I believe that Jesus avoids the road leading to Decapolis.
  22. Human civilization avoids all living positive bio-feedback.
  23. With this it avoids the improper use of the offered income.
  24. Heathcliff purposely avoids me: I have hardly seen him at all.
  25. He avoids touching her very inviting body in the wrong places.
  26. Why do stars die? Because the core of a star avoids penetration.
  27. This has not yet happened because energy avoids experiencing itself.
  28. By temporarily occupying the body of a pupil, the Adept avoids these.
  29. It also avoids emotional wear and tear on your psyche and stomach lining.
  30. With that, it avoids the mass production and it preserves the environment.
  31. The city avoids this place, which means that other people have claimed this territory.
  32. An investor needs to do very few things right as long as he or she avoids big mistakes.
  33. This avoids having to cross your legs over each other, which can make you lose balance.
  34. It avoids hitting the atom by intelligently going around it instead of crashing into it.
  35. Through this Light it avoids evils and keeps itself away from all what is bad and harmful.
  36. She avoids Connie for weeks until Brink calls a meeting in the parlor one Saturday morning.
  37. He avoids the building when he can, choosing to spend his time with the FBI agents instead.
  38. That avoids a messy dispute with the IRS like the one that plagues the estate of publisher S.
  39. There are far greater issues that science avoids than the fact of landing on the moon or not.
  40. Isn't it incredible? I also love that cheeky sound with which he avoids prospective accidents.
  41. At the same time it avoids the total care function that is provided in the nursing home.
  42. You must avoid risking more than 2 percent on a trade the way a recovering alcoholic avoids bars.
  43. This setting avoids most of the whip saw effect and false signals that a fast indicator would give.
  44. This avoids hasty decisions based on disappointing performance over a few short quarters or a year.
  45. Also, the process avoids the existence of the inflation, deflation, financial speculation or storage.
  46. This usage of the print statement makes writing output extremely easy and avoids lot of string manip-.
  47. Solution-focused therapy avoids the pitfalls noted above by redefining the aims of the helping process.
  48. And the conspiracy carries on as long as it avoids reality and is void of constructive argumentative.
  49. The important thing about Key seems to be that management avoids the mistakes it made in the early 2000s.
  50. With this, it also avoids the multiplication of departments or secretariats in thousands of organizations.
  51. The other agrees to come visit but subconsciously knows their friend is dying and so avoids actually visiting.
  52. Science carefully avoids explaining; that all of the scientific discoveries which prove this… must also include us.
  53. He also avoids bad friends who may guide him to evil that their effect will be severe on him due to the Anger of God.
  54. He put a little food and water in the jar with it and it shrank back from its breakfast the way that a slug avoids salt.
  55. This avoids stocks that have a one-day high-volume event but which on average are too thinly traded to suit our purposes.
  56. Is there in this world a man so noble that he ever avoids all blame, even as a noble horse avoids the touch of the whip?
  57. This avoids survivorship bias, which occurs when failed companies are excluded from studies because they no longer exist.
  58. Also, it stops being convertible wealth in goods or products, as well as it avoids its possession as definitive property.
  59. This is sufficient to cover the current requirement and avoids the need to place an order for a new supply of RM1 material.
  60. This is sufficient to cover the current requirement and avoids the need to place an order for a new supply of RM3 material.
  61. This is sufficient to cover the current requirement and avoids the need to place an order for a new supply of RM2 material.
  62. It represented the snaky-sneaky way the human mind works as it avoids all straightforward truth and straightforward honesty.
  63. Thus, the main dependence is on the communication with God by which man acquires science of certainty and avoids all kind of evil.
  64. The unique task avoids the repetitions of cadastral registers, catalogs, documentations and thousands of other identical reproductions.
  65. Occasionally, he avoids the Oval Office altogether, spending hours during the day watching television reruns in the upstairs residence.
  66. This dilutes the very objective of the debate, and the ‘liberal’ thus avoids the necessity of proposing positive ideas and discussion.
  67. Even if you are a trader who avoids markets in trading ranges, be aware that there may be opportunities in those markets on other time frames.
  68. This happens as the tortoise stumbles on some particularly effective way to apply the best previous work, or simply avoids standard calamities.
  69. While this phrasing avoids reference to any deity of any religion, the Jew would say that he turns his life and will over to the care of Hashem.
  70. This entry also avoids the volatility of the actual breakout area, and the uncertainty inherent in positions established in the prebreakout base.
  71. This avoids the black box situation of overfitting data where data is fit to predict the past but has little to no predictive value on the future.
  72. The first act, hanging on to winners, requires the trader to possess a state of mind that is comfortable with success and that avoids self-sabotage.
  73. It avoids the transfer of the money between the people or socioeconomic agents; it also avoids its conversion for any type of existent physical coin.
  74. But overall, hemorrhoids are less likely to recur after banding as long as one doesn�t get constipated and avoids straining during bowel movements.
  75. His experience in the secular state of California imbued him with a practical political strategy, so he mostly avoids the emotional issue of religion.
  76. This avoids getting the cart before the horse, or working on portions of the plan that cannot be implemented without other components also being in place.
  77. Zarr starts to run again with these flesh-eaters dangling off him, until he trips over an elevated ridge that barely avoids breaking the lake’s surface.
  78. And on the international dance floor America should be neither a shut-in that avoids contact with others, or the reckless showman agitating for attention.
  79. Not only does this avoid confusion with the word "gnu," the name of the African antelope, Connochaetes gnou , it also avoids confusion with the adjective "new.
  80. I look at Gregory, hoping to see something in his face that won't confirm what I my fear, but he avoids my eye as he stands up and goes into the kitchen himself.
  81. Every so often, an insect lands on the water's surface—and if it is lucky, it avoids becoming lunch for one of the voracious little fish patrolling underneath.
  82. This allows you to stay in a partial position should the first stop be taken out and avoids whipsaws or news events that may take you out of your entire position.
  83. Over the last 30 years, positive selections have outperformed avoids more than 307 to 1, and the positive picks over 30 years outran the S&P 500 stocks more than 41-fold.
  84. It avoids economic retaliations or conflicts of interests among the country-members, as well as it puts an end to contraband, robbery, tax, import quota and wash of the money.
  85. Also, having your own car means you don't have to worry about your safety; your date won't know where you live and this avoids a date turning into some bad stalking nightmare.
  86. After ten years he stopped his daily shot of whiskey; now he still loathes frequent fried foods and avoids long stays in the mountains, though he would love even to live on them.
  87. The Project with its actuation form avoids that 80% of the resources get lost in the means (processes) and it guarantees that these resources are utilized fully in its ends (result).
  88. In a separate incident, he narrowly avoids being scalded when someone in the food court unthinkingly spins abruptly around, arm extended and hand bearing a hot take-out cup of coffee.
  89. But surely there are other forms of misconduct which the wise doctor avoids? Consorting with a prostitute, for instance? Linda might have thought he was a suitable subject for blackmail.
  90. By choosing a customer base that is more fragmented and discerning, Paccar avoids selling its trucks at a lower price, which allows it to earn higher profits compared to its competitors.
  91. It belongs to the new Computational Monetary System and it avoids the loss of the wealth with burning of billion dollars for maintenance of the parity of the coin and its purchasing power.
  92. I spent close to 15 hours studying and preparing for my time with Ray, combing over every resource I could get my hands on (which was tough, because he typically avoids media and publicity).
  93. Let a man avoid the dangers of evil even as a merchant carrying much wealth, but with a small escort, avoids the dangers of the road, or as a man who loves his life avoids the drinking of poison.
  94. It causes the international involvement with immediate action, it solves global problems, it generates conditions for the payment of the foreign debt and it avoids the isolation of the countries.
  95. Observe that the methodology puts an end to the anonymous circulation of the physical money, it eliminates the anonymous exchange of merchandises, and it avoids issue of securities or physical coins.
  96. The national and world benefits will be incalculable, because they put an end to the socioeconomic conflicts and it avoids Planet Earth’s destruction, without damaging its organizations and the people.
  97. While our intentions to help a person may be loving, we need wisdom to know whether our help will interfere with the results of their karma, and whereby the person then avoids resolving their personal issues.
  98. Why is human civilization exclusively based and built upon the principle of the 4-sided square? Because it is the only sided structure that avoids reflecting back what is inside it inwardly back to its origin.
  99. It is a form of Creationism and a contemporary adaptation of the traditional theological argument for the existence of God, but one, which deliberately avoids specifying the nature or identity of the designer.
  100. Swensen’s position on liquidity has also been called revolutionary—he avoids rather than chases liquidity, arguing that it leads to lower returns on assets that could otherwise be invested more efficiently.

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