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    1. preventing the onrush of hyperthermia amid winter’s close called icy tendrils

    2. Great in the bar, so long as you remembered to bend the knees when sitting, but of little use in preventing the onrush of hyperthermia amid winter’s close called icy tendrils

    3. Then a moaning whistle echoed through the valley ahead of them as the trees bent before the onrush of air that blasted through and over them on its way back toward where they had come

    4. The onrush of

    5. From all parts of the empire legions were recalled to resist the onrush, while from the wilderness horde after horde swarmed forth, in apparently inexhaustible supply

    6. She felt the onrush of lightheadedness as her mind went spinning into space, stopping when she was thirteen and tied to a clothesline post in her backyard by her seventeen year old stepbrother

    7. the vibration of my quiet neighborhood being violated by the onrush

    8. One by one the great bastions of white supremacy and white prestige fell before the Japanese onrush

    9. nod is all I can give beneath the onrush of emotion

    10. to carry him offhis feet by the onrush of his passions and sentiments

    11. The onrush of the enemy stumbled somewhat at the sounding of the horns in fear of what new terror they might be heralding

    12. They forsook an orderly occupation of the city in favor of a tumultuous onrush of jubilation at being the first foreign force to successfully step foot on sacred Valley Lander soil in over five hundred years

    13. And behold, when he saw the onrush of the approaching multitude, he neither lifted his hand nor held

    14. On a panicked indrawn breath she watched both of his hands come to the sides of her head and abruptly she felt the onrush of his thoughts into her consciousness

    15. At which moment, Clarence, his back turned, having listened to the laughter and the onrush of words, turned slowly to regard the pair

    16. In 1965, the onrush of the Vietnam War, which was to cost $20 billion or more, created solid demand for electronics used in military applications and defense during the war

    17. In his onrush he ran past me, but he turned around and rushed against me with his whole breast

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    attack onrush onset onslaught