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    1. Despite the warmth of my feelings for The Kid I started to become emotionally numb, existing only when the wavelength of light changed or my nerves pinched my soul under Smiler’s latest onslaught

    2. They told me that The Kid even sat with me during the dark hours, watching blood pound through the artery in my thin skinned neck as my body fought for oxygen under the onslaught of fever and infection

    3. before the onslaught of a nickel sea

    4. The majority of overweight people suffer from chronic constipation, so one of your very first tasks is to turn back to chapter five, re-read all I have written, and vow to make an immediate onslaught on your sluggish bowels, as this complaint is very fattening as well as uncomfortable

    5. Before my eyes I saw it roll and swoop and buck and cow-kick at the onslaught of the storm as if the tempest gathered vitality from the sea itself

    6. As for their parents, when their voices became weary of directing their daughters' defense, they simply watched and Harry redoubled his onslaught in leaps and spins which at times seemed to defy gravity in their height and duration

    7. and Alistair were a little taken aback by this unanticipated onslaught

    8. too weak to withstand their onslaught, and took the

    9. Currently he had dozens of mages, some of which actually had rankings within the Order, and now the Red Mage spent a great deal of his time training those he found, hoping to hone their skills and prepare them to face the coming onslaught of undead

    10. Penelope was certain that he could not handle another onslaught, and prayed that they would find a clear path out

    11. The onslaught of the corsairs and criminals’

    12. ” The icy waves that so fascinated him threatened to send up a new onslaught of vivid recollections, of shadows and specters of years gone by

    13. Unlike the previous attempt, the shield for now was holding against the onslaught of megagravitons, emanating from a single point

    14. “How are your parents, Mary?” Ruth asked, looking around the room to see that everything was in readiness for the next onslaught of customers

    15. Raven yelped with agony and pulled his leg back to protect it from further onslaught

    16. As he predicted, the onslaught did not cease

    17. Her feet literally inches from the floor, she could do nothing but endure his onslaught

    18. The shields absorbed and diverted much of the onslaught, but even still, some of the energy from

    19. A projected message to the occupants of the compound to leave or face the onslaught of their weapons

    20. But the Darangi team resisted the onslaught, at first without even retaliating

    21. Gates leading into the next compound could be seen in cardinal positions, making any onslaught a difficult feat

    22. Indeed, it had been harrowing to stand amidst the onslaught of bears, something that would give them all nightmares for years to come

    23. Such an onslaught would have proved disastrous to our advance

    24. At sword point, officers drove their men to form outposts to check the expected onslaught

    25. At that time the American troops realised the inability of their line to withstand combined onslaught of the enemy

    26. onslaught of mind flaying impressions was as greedy, as Ute and Carroll, the village whores

    27. They were surrounded by a multitude of baying enemies, forced to stand their ground, bunched tightly together, waiting for the final onslaught

    28. The German infantry, snug in their holes, must wonder if they faced a fresh onslaught, yet another in a long series

    29. Edgar had been there often enough to brace himself against the sensual onslaught, but he hadn’t prepared himself for what else he saw when his eyes grew accustomed to the gloom

    30. The remaining Badgers dug pits, holes and tunnels to prepare for the oncoming onslaught

    31. He had hoped for the best, but he couldn’t see how that stupid shepherd could have survived such an onslaught

    32. Then I was falling, my mind obliterated in a sudden onslaught, all my thoughts torn from me, I had no mouth with which to scream, I was nothing, heaved out of existence, my mind casting desperate tendrils towards my body, which fell and twitched helplessly on the marble floor

    33. Shouldering its way through the mountain that shrank before this devastating onslaught, it thundered its way down, pouring an avalanche of mud, rock and salt water into the lake far below

    34. Eyeing the onslaught, he took flight and soared over the battlefield, evidently

    35. sparks of crackling electricity in every direction as the onslaught

    36. the slashes with the Buster Sword, twisting to meet the onslaught

    37. futile onslaught, the flames retreating at last to its gaping mouth

    38. She sat in the back of the boat and looked up, unmoved, while her face met the onslaught of the rain without fear

    39. Which are tired by the unceasing onslaught of fate

    40. The media were convinced, the presses rolled, the TV anchors rose up in indignation, the birds were sanctified, and the anti-DDT onslaught swept all before it until the political pressure became too great to be resisted

    41. But the Dred Scott case, a clear and unequivocal attack on the legislative powers of Congress, proved to be only a warning shot by the Court majority of a judicial onslaught to come

    42. As this dual onslaught advanced it became apparent that the two insurgencies were relying upon similar emotions, ideals, and tactics

    43. I was overpowered, not ready for his onslaught; the assault was almost unbearably pleasurable, and I realised what I had been missing out on for all these years, I had never made out with a vampire before

    44. These schools and the teachers they graduate are dedicated to subjecting the nation to the onslaught of these particularly tenacious brigades of the Civil War

    45. brings on an onslaught of terror

    46. onslaught of the fluids

    47. by the onslaught of meaning to the point of

    48. onslaught of tears can learn to control their emotions through the

    49. exquisitely sensitive organism will be overwhelmed by the onslaught of meaning to the point of

    50. But he heeded her not, and then he was kissing her fully upon her mouth, and his hands were insistently caressing her, and all thought in her mind fled before an overwhelming onslaught of emotion and sensation

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    attack onrush onset onslaught barrage bombardment outpouring raid invasion assault offensive combat storming